TGIF: The Department Dinner

This story is the third story of a series following a professor and his TA. Though I would love it if you read those stories as well, I’ve attempted to write this one so that it might work as a stand alone story or as the third in a series.

Like “My First Day of Class” and “Releasing the Professor” before it, “TGIF: The Department Dinner and Aftermath” is dedicated to and inspired my dear Josie, a friend I met right here on Literotica. She has brought out a part of me that has been yearning to be released for many years. Thank you Josie.

If you would like to read my previous works, they are published under the account name WhimsicalEroticist, an account I ‘m no longer able to access. Thanks for reading and comments are welcome on this and previous stories.

“Oh my, yes Letty, just like that. Oh jeez that feels so good.”

Letty is my twenty year old TA and she was straddling me on the love seat in my university office, my pants pulled down to my ankles, her panties strewn on the arm of the love seat, my penis deep inside her, her perky and wondrous breasts bouncing in my face as she rode me up and down.

Now before you go judging me as a pervy ol’ professor, you need to know two things. First, Letty is almost 21 so it’s not all that bad (ok, maybe it is bad for a professor to be doing his TA who is also a student in one of his classes). And second, she has been the aggressor, not me. In fact, she pretty has had me under some sort of spell for the first three weeks of the semester. But interestingly, she somehow made it seem like I was in control of the situation.

“Oh God Professor Nickerson,” Letty said between her heavy breaths, “fill your TA. She is totally yours and only wants to take care of your needs. Release that tension.”

The first day of school she had lured me with her guiles and enticed me into infidelity from my wife for the first time in over 32 years together. Since then, this couch had been our regular meeting spot – with her on top of my lap our regular meeting position.

“Now professor, I want you to cum with me today,” she said to me breathing really heavy now. “And I am really close.”

“Oh Letty, you’re driving me mad. I don’t think I can wait any longer,” I said.

“I will count us down,” she replied. “Just hold on a little longer sir. Here we go… Five… now remember to wait until we get to blast off,” she said as she gave me a kiss.

“Four… O Professor, you make me feel so wonderful, Three… yes, just like that, you’re bringing me up the mountain professor…”

“Dear girl, please cum for your professor, he so wants to please you,” I said.

“Two… oh my God professor, I’m almost there… One… and here we go… Blast off!”

Just as she begins the word blast, she squeezes her vagina just a bit tighter on my cock, causing the dam to burst and my semen to literally blast off from the head of my penis into her waiting uterus.

“O God, yes… yess… yessss…” we both said, not in unison but plenty loud. Each of our bodies shook as we held each other like the other might escape. When my penis was drained and her shaking subsided, we continued to hold one another as we alternately experienced small spasms – aftershocks from our mutual climax.

“Oh professor,” Letty said to me. “That was incredible. We came at the same time! It seems like you liked the countdown sir.”

“First of all Letty,” I said to her, “I’ve told you 13 billion times not to call me sir. And second of all… wow! Yes that was incredible. I can’t believe you can get me to do whatever you say. I didn’t think I could wait two seconds after you unzipped my pants I was so excited today. But you were able to keep me grounded until all systems were go.”

Letty smiled. “That’s pretty good professor… all systems go. I think we should continue to make sure all systems are a go on a daily basis, don’t you?”

Daily for us meant Monday thru Thursday, as Friday I was obligated to leave early to meet my wife for our weekly date and Letty joined the other women on her dorm floor for their weekly TGIF party. And then I was off campus until Monday morning.

“Speaking of daily meetings, you haven’t forgotten that we have an extra day of work this week, have you dear TA?”

“No sir, I haven’t forgotten. I’ve got my outfit all picked out for the department dinner tomorrow night,” Letty said.

Each year, a few weeks into the semester, the history department holds a fancy dinner for the professors, their spouses and their TA’s. Each year, the department chair makes the joke about how this dinner gives the spouses a chance to meet the people (the TA’s) who would be spending more time with their wife/husband than they would.

It is a bad joke. In all the years as a professor, I have never spent more than a few hours a week with my TA. It’s often just giving them papers to grade and going over a few talking points for the discussion groups they were leading.

That was the case until this year. I still spend those same hours with Letty. But we also spend a lot of time with gorukle escort other activities. So much time that I am often getting home just on time, or even late for dinner.

But strangely, it made home life much better. Normally, I experienced a huge amount of sexual tension when at home. You see, my wife for quite some time now has adhered to sex twice a year – New Years and my birthday – whether I wanted it or not (that was never been a problem – I’ve always wanted it). So the tension came from my frustration and her sexual apathy.

But now, I was coming home incredibly satisfied and the tension on my part was gone. In turn, whether she identified the reason behind it or not, my wife’s tension was reduced. We no longer snapped at each other during our dinner conversations. We spent many of our nights sitting on the couch together rather than me in my recliner. I even went to bed at the same time as her, as my new found sexual satisfaction did not leave me frustrated when a kiss good night and the words “I love you” were the only sex I would get for months on end.

“You also remember that you’re welcome to bring a date with you if you’d like,” I said to Letty.

“Oh, I didn’t forget Professor,” she said. “But are you sure it is ok with you if I’m there with someone else?”

“I can hardly say no, Letty. After all, my wife will be there.”

“Well then, let me ask you this,” Letty said. “Will the history department be ok if my date is another woman?”

Letty loved to try to shock me. But this one was not going to get me at all. I’d been teaching college students way too long to be shocked to find them attracted to members of the same gender, the opposite gender, or both.

“That’ll be fine Letty, no one will bat an eye,” I said with a straight face and no sign of surprise.

“Good,” she said. “I’m going to bring this woman I met at a party last week. She’s down for it. It should be fun.”


When Friday came along. The dinner was at a local restaurant. The idea was to provide a fancy event for the TAs as most of them had trouble scraping enough money together for a Friday night pizza, let alone enough to go out for a nice dinner. Though it was never stated outright, it was assumed that it was a formal affair. Those poor students – they had to politely complement a bunch of stuffy history nerds on their decades old fashion choices.

The logistics that night were a bit confusing. I was on campus having put in a full day of teaching. My wife, who teaches part time in the physical therapy department at a nearby school, was also working that day. So we agreed to meet at the restaurant. I offered to give Letty and her date a ride as she lived on campus, but she said they would just grab an Uber.

My wife texted me and said she would be ten minutes late. I planned on showing up about 15 minutes ahead of time hoping to grab a drink to calm my nerves for what could be a very awkward evening. I was the first to arrive – or so I thought.

Being a chilly fall evening, I took my coat to the coat check. The man who took it from me said, “Excuse me, are you Professor Nickerson?”

“Why yes,” I said. “Why do you ask.”

He stretched out his hand which held a small envelope. “I have a note for you,” he said and then disappeared into the coat room with my over coat.

A little surprised, I opened the note. In it there was a small card with pink hearts that said, “Open immediately.” I opened the card to find a one sentence handwritten message: “Go down the hallway and knock lightly two times on the third door.”

I recognized the handwriting as that of my TA. Looking around, making sure my wife had not somehow arrived early instead of late, I tried to be nonchalant as I went down the hall. Arriving at the third door, I knocked lightly just as instructed.

Immediately after the second knock, the door cracked open, a petite hand shot forth from the room grabbing my neck tie, and with surprising force I was pulled inside. Before I could even say a word, my back was up against the door and Letty had her arms wrapped tightly around my neck, her lips glued to mine, and her tongue leading me in an exotic and erotic dance.

The room was a woman’s powder room. The restaurant, which was a popular spot for events, especially weddings, had a series of powder rooms for women. This particular room had a Victorian chair upholstered in red velvet along one wall. The opposite wall held a mirror along its length with a solid wood counter below it. Positioned neatly under the counter were three stools upholstered with the same red velvet that donned the chair.

When our lips finally parted, I started to say, “Letty, do you think we ought to…”

But before I could get another word out, she put her right index finger over my lips. “Shh, be quiet now. We don’t have much time. Professor, I never get to spend time with you on Fridays,” she said as she had already unbuckled my belt and was working on the buttons of my pants.

“I am not going to let this opportunity altıparmak eskort bayan pass me by,” she continued as she fell to her knees, pulling my pants down to my ankles at the same time. “Now just relax and enjoy,” she said before she leaned forward and slid my fully erect penis deep into her mouth.

I leaned my head back against the door, closed my eyes, and lost myself in the ecstasy this petite and sexy woman was sending through my body. “Ohhhh yesss,” I whispered quietly as she worked her magic.

Sensing I would not last very long, Letty pulled her mouth back holding just the tip of my cock between her lip Swirling her tongue all around the head as if to say, “Nice to see you, I’ll see you later,” she then released my penis from her lips, letting my cock spring straight up as if it were a soldier at attention.

“Now professor,” she said as she took me by the hands and guided to one of the stools. “For the last few weeks since I don’t get to see you until Monday, I’ve been saying DIIF – that is Damn it, it’s Friday. Tonight, I want you to make me say TGIF.”

With that she sat me down on the stool and stood in front of me. For the first time, I was able to take in her outfit – a form fitting black dress that perfectly accentuated her perfectly proportioned breasts on her five foot two inch frame. It fit snugly around her nicely rounded bum – what she liked to call her juicy booty.

But I didn’t get to see it for too long. Before I could compliment her on the dress, she had pulled the skirt up and was sliding her thong underwear down her well toned short little legs. I was speechless, my mouth agape and my eyes following her hands as she slid her panties to her ankles before stepping out of them.

“Now professor,” she said as she stood up, lifting her leg over me to straddle my lap, her panties in her left hand and her right hand on my shoulder for balance, “I want you to make this the best Friday ever.”

Instinctively I put my hands around her waist and held her so that her pussy could hover just at the top of my penis, allowing her wetness to lubricate the head. And then with an impatience I didn’t expect, in one motion she sat down and engulfed my cock deep inside her.

As I entered her womanhood, I heard a sound out of Letty I’d never heard before. In a very high pitch, she vocalized a word that seemed to be a combination of “ooh” and “ugh” and “aah” all globbed together. It wasn’t a long sound. In fact, it was rather short and succinct. Just as the full length of me was in her, she held her breath for a couple seconds and squeezed me with all the strength she had in her arms.

Letting out her breath, she began to speak to me in a whisper. “Oh professor,” she said as she began to began to rock up and down on my lap. “That’s it. Oh God, you feel so good. I want you to fill me professor. I want to feel your seed in me all night long. That’s it professor. Cum for me.”

She raised herself up to the point my penis almost came out of her vagina. But then she thrust down and said, “Cum in your TA now professor.”

It was so fast and I had absolutely no control. I grunted and released a load of cum. I grunted again and again, each time releasing more of my semen into my TA. Every time a spurt shot from my penis, I could hear Letty say, “Oh yessss,” or “That’s it professor.” It was so fast, but it was oh so explosive.

When I was finished, both of us let out a deep breath and all tension rushed out of our bodies. Holding her on my lap, we just sat there for a minute or two relishing the moment. But we didn’t have very long.

“Oh professor, I’ve never had that happen before,” Letty said to me as we began to stir from our state of euphoria.

“Had what happen?” I said, truly confused.

“Cum in that way,” she said.

“Wait, you cam?” I said truly shocked. I couldn’t believe it. I think I was probably only inside her for a minute, two at tops, before I cam. “It was so short Letty, how could you have.”

“Didn’t you hear it silly?” she said. “I cam right as you entered me.”

“Ohh, that’s what that sound was?” I replied. “I thought you were hurt or something. You really cam?”

“Yes,” she said. “I’ve never felt anything quite like that. And I’ve never cum so quickly. I guess I was pretty excited to be with you tonight professor.”

“I… uhhh… I…” I said, not sure what words to say at that point.

Once again, Letty shushed me, “Shh, you don’t need to say anything.” Then she leaned in and gave me a deep and passionate and sensuous kiss.

Finally, Letty proved to be the responsible one in the room. Getting off my lap she said, “Speaking of quick, we better get out of here so that you can meet your wife and I can go pick up my date.”

“You have to pick up your date still?” I said a bit shocked.

“O don’t worry,” she said as she pulled her dress down and straightened it out. “She’s waiting at a nearby bar with some friends. She thinks I just went to the bathroom and that I’m touching up my makeup.”

“You nilüfer eskort bayan sneaky little thing,” I said with a grin on my face.

“Oh, I’ve been thinking about how to make this happen for a long time,” she said as she bent over and picked up her thong from the floor. “I hope I’ve given you something to think about, professor,” she said winking at me as she reached to the inside breast pocket of my jacket and inserted the silky little piece of fabric inside.

She definitely gave me something to think about. There was not much else I could think about the remainder of the evening.


With the help of Letty, I escaped from the powder room undetected. She went off to get her date and I went to the dining room to scope out our table.

It was a bit awkward as I waited, sitting at my table all alone while all the other professors were escorting their spouses and TA’s to their seats. The servers were wandering around getting drink orders, but looking right past me as there was no one else at our table.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, my wife Abigail arrived. “Hello honey,” she said surprising me as she had walked up from behind, preventing me from detecting her entry. She leaned over and gave me a peck on the cheek. “What’s the matter?” she said, noticing the three empty seats at my table, “Doesn’t anyone like you?”

“Ha, ha,” I retorted. “Very funny. If some of you would not be such work-a-holics, maybe I wouldn’t look like such a lonesome loser.”

“You’re one to talk dear,” she jabbed back at me, “you’ve been putting in quite the long hours these days.”

I tried not to blush, feeling a twinge of both guilt and excitement regarding those long hours, seeing as they were on account of my TA who doubled as my mistress.

“So where is your TA,” she asked, changing the subject. “She isn’t standing you up, is she?”

I held back a smile, remembering the powder room incident. “No,” I said. “Letty called and said she would be a little late. She had to pick up her date.”

“Oh, she’s bringing her boyfriend?” Abby asked.

“No,” I said, “actually her date is another woman.”

“Oh,” my wife said, apparently not sure how to respond to that.

Abigail, who I’ve been married to for over three decades, was never sure how to react to people who are outside the norm. Never having been a terribly sexual or affectionate person, it often threw her for a loop when she saw two men or two women together, especially when they showed any sort of PDA.

Based on her appearance, it is rather ironic that Abby has such a low sex drive. Standing at five foot seven inches tall, she has maintained an appearance that can command a room, drawing everyone’s glances and even stares. She has mastered the art of wearing the exact right amount of make up to compliment her looks, while at the same time appearing as if she isn’t wearing any makeup at all. Whether she is wearing a business suit, a sun dress, sweat pants, or jeans and a tee shirt, her outfits are never slutty but they just about always emphasize her wondrous figure, enticing the viewer to want to see more. Her breasts, which I would describe as exactly between medium and large, fit her body perfectly. Her waist slims down nicely before her hips expand to appear symmetrical with her chest.

I’ve often wondered how many men have a stirring in their pants when they see her. Hell, I used to get that all the time – probably still would if I thought there were an opportunity for any sort of activity when those clothes came off at night. One would think that someone who pays such close attention to her appearance would be sensual in the bedroom as well. But that has never seemed to be the case with Abby.

Oh well, it is the lack of sexual attention on her part which made me susceptible to the extra curricular activity that I now enjoyed with Letty. And that in turn has led to this very awkward meal where I would be eating with my wife, my lover, my lover’s girlfriend, a room full of my colleagues, their spouses, and their TAs.

Speaking of TAs, my head turned as I caught movement at the main entrance of the dining room. There walking through the door was Letty with her date. I don’t know if my jaw literally fell to the floor, but it might as well have. If my eyes were not so transfixed on watching her in her little black dress as she crossed the dining room smiling and waving at me, I may have noticed that many of the other party guests had their gazes fixed on this short and sexy Latina goddess. Newly dyed magenta hair hung to her shoulders, large loops dangled from her ears, and a gold beaded necklace led one’s gaze down toward the vee on her chest to imagine what lie beneath her form fitting dress. And that dress, oh my. It was incredible.

If the party guests weren’t mesmerized by Letty, they were probably ogling her date. Holding her hand ever so lightly, Letty was guiding a very tall, very thin woman who looked to be in her mid twenties. In her heels, the woman must have reached to six feet. Looking at her smile and eyes, one might swear they were meeting Anne Hathaway, but her long straight blonde hair, her small chest, and long narrow fashion model style body, not to mention some very colorful and prominent tattoos up and down her arms, gave her a distinct and alluring look.

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