Parents teach their Daughter Pt. 22


Relaxing in the afterglow, Samantha purred, “Ummm, Maddi, you virtually ate me alive! I didn’t know you could lick pussy so well!”

Maddi blushed, but she smiled at the compliment.

This sounded like it could reveal something interesting about her, and I asked, “So Maddi, would you like to tell us how you learned to lick pussy?”

Maddi paused for a moment, I wondered if she was too hesitant to tell us, then she seemed to shrug off any hesitation.

“Well, since I’ve just been in a 3 way fuck and suck, why not?” she said, with a giggle.

That broke the ice, and we joined in with our laughter, letting it die down, then Maddi told us the sizzling hot story of how she learned…

“…I was excited, being pledged to the Omicron Delta Lambda sorority, the most exclusive sorority on campus. Membership was highly selective, and the sisters could not be bought off to sneak in a non-selected pledge, the pledges were reviewed by the President, and the council, and any kind of trickery like that meant instant expulsion from the sorority.”

“Pledge week had been pretty soft, we had a day where we had to wear lingerie all day, no shaving of any kind for the week, having non-permanent tattoos of the Greek letters of the sorority placed on our asses, and an exercise where we had to move a bowling ball across the floor using just our tongues, and I breezed through it, I was determined to become one of the sisters. It was the last day of pledge week, and the president, Ashley Martindale, gathered the pledges together, and told us that we were about to face the last and most challenging task.”

“Okay pledges, this is the last hurdle. It’s also the most important, and if you flunk this one, you’re out, no exceptions. Follow me.”

“She led us downstairs, and told us to face her.”

“Okay ladies, strip!”

“At our startled looks, she repeated in a louder voice, ‘Strip! As in get your ass naked! Did you all just lose your command of the English language?’ “

“That tone would brook no dissent, and we did as we were told. I wasn’t wild about being naked around other girls, the only times I’d been around naked girls before was in the showers after gym class. Even then, I’d averted my eyes not because I was embarrassed, but the idea of all those nude bodies around me had started to get me hot and bothered.”

“Once we were all naked, I couldn’t help it, I peeked around. I saw Gail Flowers, the tall blond, to my left, and Jayne Rasmus, a short brunette, on my right side. Oh what a time, I could feel myself getting hot and bothered again, having never even made out with a girl before, I was curious as all hell about it.”

“Okay ladies, perfect. Now, we have two doors here for you to choose to walk through. Door number one, if you choose this door, you will do something for your senior sisters. If you choose door number two, the sisters who were last year’s pledges will do something to you. Your choice.”

“I decided that I’d rather do something for the senior sisters, the idea of last year’s pledges doing something to me sounded köle escort somewhat ominous. I quickly stood in front of door one. Gail Flowers and Jayne Rasmus lined up behind me, while the other three pledges, the tall redhead, Paige Marmen, the tall black-haired one, Betty Parsons, and the short blonde, Aimee Smith, lined up at door number two.”

“The doors opened, and I stepped through my door, while Paige Marmen stepped through her door. The door closed behind me, and I was standing in what appeared to be a bedroom-sized space, bare of furniture. One of the senior sisters, Jennifer Gormley, who was blond, strikingly beautiful, and had a lush, curvy body, stood before me, wearing a floor-length red robe.”

“She smiled warmly, and said to me, ‘Welcome Maddi, to your last task. Are you curious about the door you didn’t choose, what might have happened to you? Would you like to see?’ “

“Curiosity could be my middle name, and I nodded, I had to see. Jennifer led me through a door, and we were standing in a closet-sized space, that had a large, one-way mirror. Since we were standing in the darkness, I could see into the other room, while anyone on the other side of the glass would just see their own reflection.”

“The room was lit by candlelight, I saw six sisters standing in the dim glow, they were wearing the same red robes, and one of the sisters was holding a paddle. I could see Paige Marmen, naked and sexy, looking like a deer in the headlights as sister Julia barked out the orders.”

“Pledge, bend over, grab your ankles and brace yourself, you are going to get paddled! And after each whack, you are going to thank us, and ask for another! Do you understand?”

“Paige muttered ‘Yes, sister Julia’ and she did as she was ordered.”

“The scene was incredible, Paige’s naked body bent over, gripping her ankles tightly, her snowy expanse of bare ass raised for the paddle. Julia stepped up, swung her arm back, then brought it forward, it made a resounding WHACK, and Paige let out a shriek as her ass took the paddle strike.”

“Paige gasped out, ‘Thank you, sister Julia, may I have another please?’ “

“Julia was only too happy to oblige, and Paige let out another pain-filled howl as her ass was again paddled hard.”

“Paige’s ass must have been throbbing, but she grunted, ‘Thank you, sister Julia, may I have another please?’ “

“Julia handed the paddle over to Liz, and said, ‘Now sister Liz is going to give you two good whacks, remember to thank her, and request another strike.’ “

“I watched, open-mouthed, as the sisters paddled Paige, to her credit, she made it through all twelve strokes, and although her voice at times was barely above a pained whimper, she requested each sister to paddle her again, and thanked each sister for paddling her.”

“Seeing the results of twelve strokes of the paddle, her snowy white cheeks now glowing with the bright crimson of her paddling, I felt butterflies in my stomach, for some reason, my pussy was warm and slick, and I couldn’t help köle escort bayan thinking about myself bent over like that, and getting my ass paddled.”

“Jennifer led me back into the room, and said, ‘Paige is now our newest sister, she will be led out to the other pledges, and be introduced as sister Paige Marmen. We wanted you to see what the pledges who choose door number 2 had to endure. If you complete your challenge, and you see the new sisters who make it through that door walking gingerly, and having a hard time sitting down tomorrow, be kind, and act like you don’t notice, okay?’ “

“I nodded, and Jennifer said, ‘Now, your challenge is waiting for you, behind that door. I am going to go through that door, and then you follow me a minute later. Take this IPad mini, and read it when you go through that door. No talking, no asking questions, once you commit yourself to the task.’ “

“I was feeling the butterflies, my mind was racing, what was I going to have to do? I forced myself to wait the minute, counting out the seconds, then I took a deep breath, opened the door, and stepped into the adjoining room. The light was dim, and I could see shapes in the shadows. I looked at the screen, and it became clear what I had to do.”

“Pledge, welcome to your last challenge. Since you have selected this door, we must see, and feel, how well you can take care of your sisters. You must commit to licking each one of your senior sister’s pussy, and you must make sure that all your senior sisters enjoy a juicy, shuddering orgasm. We are a real sisterhood, and we believe that it is up to the sisters to take care of their other sisters, in every way, including sexually. Take a look around, then continue reading.”

My eyes had adjusted to the low light conditions, and I took a good look. The six senior sisters were standing before me in a semi-circle, a few feet away. They were wearing red robes, a red hood to hide their hair, and each sister was wearing a mask, the type you might see at a masquerade ball.

Each one was holding open their robes at waist level, and I saw 6 smooth, waxed pussies awaiting my ministrations. My mind spun, my heart was hammering, oh god, never even a make-out session with a girl, and now I was going to plunge into the deep end. I looked back to the IPad screen.”

“Pledge, it is your choice. If you feel you cannot do this, please say you can’t commit. Of course, your chance to join the sorority will be over. If you can, say ‘I commit,’ no further talking, no questions after you commit, then step forward, and service us.”

“Looking at those bare, smooth mounds, all hairless for me, started my mind going. The idea started to excite me, and I was ready to do what was necessary, to become a sorority sister.”

“I said softly, ‘I commit.’ “

“I put down the IPad and stepped over. The first sister was before me, I could see her eyes gleaming as she moved her feet farther apart, then I sank to my knees. I ran my fingers over her mound, excited by the bare smoothness, escort köle listening to a low moan of pleasure from the senior sister. She put her hands on her hips, pinning the robe between, keeping the lower part of her robe open for me.”

“I moved my body in between the spread of her legs and smelled the rich scent rising to my nose. It made my mind reel, the scent was so heady, so erotic, and I started to kiss at the opening, then my tongue came out, and I was licking the first pussy ever.”

“I felt the robe being closed around me, and I was in darkness, surrounded by the spicy, erotic scent, with nothing but a throbbing, horny pussy to concentrate on. Being a novice, I did what I thought would feel good, as I drove my tongue into her tunnel, my tongue scooping up all her juices, the taste had my tastebuds tingling. I felt her hands reach down, guiding my head.”

“As my tongue swept over the rock-hard bump of her excited clit, I heard her soft voice whisper, ‘There Pledge, oh god yes, lick me there, right there ooooohhhh.’ “

“The sister I was licking disguised her voice, it was obvious that I was not to know whose pussy I was servicing at any one time. It started me going, it felt kinky as all hell, and it really turned me on. “

I licked at that steamy cunt wildly, listening to the nonstop moans and growls of pleasure, the sister I was licking started to grunt and slowly rotate her hips, pushing her hot wet cleft tightly against my face for maximum contact. I could feel the flutterings of her pink folds, then she let out a wordless cry of pleasure, and I felt her juices flood out, gushing on my face, her body shaking as she rode her orgasmic crest.”

“I had five other sisters who were eager for me, and I licked them all in turn. Being a first timer, I was amazed at the fact that they all had their own distinct taste, light, and tart, spicy and musky, sweet and strong, licking them one by one.”

“I learned to love the taste, the feel of a hot, wet, juicy pussy against my lips, and thanks to the first sister, I knew how to go after their hard clits, and make them all cum hard, god, even now, remembering it makes me horny as hell.”

“After I had brought off the last sister, she helped me to my feet, and led me back into the first room, and gestured for me to stay. My mind was whirling, my god, I’d done something so kinky, and I’d enjoyed every lick I’d given, every cry of joy that I brought forth from my sisters, every drop of girl cum that my sisters had sprayed my face with.”

“After a minute, the senior sisters stepped in, and they had removed their masks, and closed their robes. Ummm, my mind wondered which one I’d been licking, and in what order I’d taken them in. They smiled at me and Ashley Martindale stepped forward and held out a red robe.”

“Maddi Williston, you are no longer a pledge, you are now a sister of the Omicron Eta Pi sorority. Welcome sister, please don the red robe of our sorority.”

“I was led out to the pledges waiting their turn and was introduced as sister Maddi Williston. The girls cheered me on, and I encouraged them to stick with it, as I was hoping to see all of them join myself and Paige as the new sisters.”

“Paige was there, smiling, and I couldn’t help wondering, what it felt like, her ass had to still be so red, still throbbing with that paddling she took. How did it feel?”

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