Tears Of A Vamp Chapter Two


Once upon a time there was a dark and stormy night.Yea, what a lame beginning. Yet, in my case, it is entirely appropriate. It was a dark and stormy night when she changed my life forever by killing me. Let me cut to the beginning…Chapter One…All day the hot August sun had baked Lexington, Kentucky. A couple of hours before work ended, clouds began to appear from the West. Appearing, gathering together and climbing high into the stratosphere. Nothing out of the ordinary during the Dog Days of Summer. Evening thunderstorms… Torrential rain blown into horizontal sheets… Lightning strobing the streets while thunder cracked directly over your head… Nothing out of the norm.I was finishing a delicious country steak at a small family restaurant near my house. Outside the large plate glass window I was sitting beside, the clouds were a fast-moving mix of dark greys and blacks. Wind was whipping tree limbs about and thunder rumbled off in the near distance. Sipping my drink, I watched as cars and pedestrians rushed to reach home and shelter before the storm began. Streetlights began to come on as thick clouds and a setting sun closed out the day. That’s when, in the blink of an eye, the rain started. Rain that skipped drizzle, shower and rain and went straight to downpour. Street gutters overflowed in seconds.In storms like this, the first half hour is usually the worst. Then the wind, lightning and rain usually dies down some. I was content to wait it out before making a dash for my house. I patted my large stomach and amended ‘dash’ to ‘slow waddle’. I looked to make sure no one was waiting for a table. I wouldn’t just sit here and deprive my waitress, Brenda, her chance for more tipping customers. That’s just the kind’a guy I am. The place was crowded, but there were still two empty tables in the back. No one was making a dash for the restaurant’s door. A particularly heavy wind blast rattled the window and when I returned my attention to the storm, I saw her.Yea, it was her! The fucking bitch that would kill me and change my life forever. Of course, I didn’t know this was her at the time nor did I know that I had one hour of living my life as I’d planned left. Nope, I knew none of that… What I saw was a very wet, very pretty, very pissed-off young lady who’d been caught in a thunderstorm.She was standing on the sidewalk across the street waiting for the light to change so she could cross. Shoulders hunched and hands curled into fists ready to strike out at the offending storm, but you can’t fight the rain. I looked at her and I swear she was looking right at me. I even turned Sex hikayeleri to see if there was another person nearby she could have been looking at, but no one else seemed to have noticed her.Finally, the light changed and she made a dash for the awning over the restaurant’s door. She waited several moments before entering. Once inside, she remained standing by the door, taming her long, wet hair to lie down her back and swiping water off her arms as best she could. I don’t know what you’d call what she had on. A sheath dress? It may have been loose on her when dry, but wet? It fit her like a glove, clinging to every curve. Whatever you’d call it, the dress was white and not very substantial. It was also… Did I mention it was wet? Very wet. I, and everybody else in the restaurant, suddenly had front row seats to the best, impromptu Wet T-Shirt Contest ever. She was slender which just made her very nice breasts look even larger. The darker aureoles around erect, hard nipples were even visible.Wives and girlfriends were hitting husbands and boyfriends to get their attention away from this vision of loveliness when she walked to my table and sat down without so much as a howdy-do. Not that I minded as I watched her use handfuls of paper napkins to dry her face…”Hey! Perv! My face is up here.””Ahh, sorry…”With a dismissive flick of her hand, she waved my apology away. “Don’t worry about it. I’ve shown my tits to a lot more people than are in here. A bunch of us go to Mardi Gras every year. I get lots of beads.”She emptied the napkin dispenser, drying her arms, and wiping the occasional rivulet of water that ran from her hairline. Sticking her hand out across the table, she waited for me to take it in mine. Her grip was surprisingly strong. “I’m Alex…” She waited. “This is usually when you tell me your name.””Oh, I’m Chuck. Charles.””Hello, Chuck Charles. Hope you don’t mind but I don’t like sitting alone. I’m a people person. Damn! Look at that rain,” Alex said while looking out the window. “I was going to the club down the street for something to eat when this happened!””I didn’t know they served food at the club. Just drinks.””There’s food. You just have to hunt for it,” Alex laughed. “Shit, that plans busted though. By the time I dry out it’ll be too late.””Well, this is a restaurant. Would you like something to eat? My treat,” I added since she didn’t have a purse.Alex fixed me with her eyes and grinned, “No, thanks. I think I know exactly what I want to eat later.”Alex’s grin grew wider and she sat back in her chair with her arms out to the sides, “Oh, go ahead Sikiş hikayeleri and look, Chuck. If you hold your head any stiffer you’ll get whiplash or something.” She looked down and picked at the still-wet material over her chest, then let it loose to cling to her breasts again. “I’m not huge or anything but I think my boobs are just the right size. They only look bigger than they are because I’m thin. What do you think?””I think they’re perfect,” I said, looking.Alex leaned forwards again and, shivering, rubbed her hands over her arms, “Brrr! Why do they keep it so cold in here. Or is it just because I’m sitting in a wet dress? Do you think they’ll mind if I just sit here for a while? I don’t want to make the long walk back to where I stayed today in the rain. Maybe the rain will stop later.””I don’t think they’ll mind. No one’s having to wait for a table,” I said and made up my mind to at least offer, “But look, I’m not really a perv. And I’ll understand if you say no. You don’t know me, after all. But my house is just a short walk away. I have a clothes dryer… And a robe you can wear while your dress dries,” I hastened to add. “I just don’t want to leave you sitting here cold and wet without at least offering. I can drive you home after… No, I can drive you home now. You don’t need to wait for dry clothes. I can even go home and drive back here…”Alex laughed and stopped my babbling, “No, I’d like to go to your house. If it’s not far, we can go now even in the rain. It’s not like I’m going to get any wetter.””It’s pretty much just down the street,” I replied while signaling Brenda for the check.Outside the restaurant, where she’d once walked as if she’d wanted to fight the rain, now Alex danced between the raindrops and splashed in the fast-flowing water in the gutters. “In the place I was born, you could smell the stench of our town from a mile away. We would hope for a storm like this to wash our streets clean. Afterwards, the air would smell so much fresher for a day or two.””Where was your town,” I asked.”Oh, it was… Is, very far here,” Alex replied, then stopped and pointed at the street sign on my corner. “Are you fucking kidding me,” Alex screamed at either me or the rain. “You live on a fucking street named Transylvania?””Uhh, yea. I guess maybe it was named by the same guy who founded Transylvania University. It’s only a couple of miles from here. I ride my Moped there when the weather is nice. It’s much easier than trying to find a parking spot for a car.”Alex stared at me. “You live on a street named Transylvania. You go to a university named Erotik hikaye Transylvania. Fucking shit,” she said in a thoughtful tone. “I don’t usually put much stock in portents and omens, but… Shit! When they sucker punch you in the gut, you gotta believe.”I unlocked the door to my utility room and found the light switch. “I’ll get you the robe or I can drive you home now if…” I said while locking the door and turning around. I could have saved my breath. Alex was already pulling her dress over her head.”Why wait? Hell, you’ve already seen all of me. I would like a towel, though,” Alex said as she opened the door to the dryer and tossed her dress in.Wow. Just, wow… It had been a lot of months since I’d seen a naked woman as drop-dead gorgeous as Alex. Who was I kidding? It had been a lot of months since I’d seen a naked woman of any type.Alex slipped her thong panties down and added them to her dress. Looking at me, she asked, “Well?””Well? Umm…””Well, get out of your wet clothes before you catch pneumonia or something.”Yea, this is where I usually wake up from my wet dreams. The moment I have to take off my clothes. See, my body is no way as perfect as Alex’s. I’m fat. I’m rotund. I leave my t-shirt on at public pools for a reason. I draw the line at describing myself as obese, but I have definite body image problems.More than body image problems though, I knew I just… Wasn’t… This… Lucky. I looked around for the camera. For where my cousin Ron was hiding, waiting to jump out and yell, Gotcha! Something was wrong here. Girls who looked like Alex don’t ask guys who look like me to take off our clothes. I took a step back.”Okay, what’s going on,” I asked Alex. “Did Ron put you up to this? You’re supposed to take naked pictures of me so he can post them on the internet or something?”Ron was my cousin. Blond, handsome and athletic. Class President all four years of high school. Captain of the basketball team. Taken all together, the worst prick I’ve ever met. He’d gone out of his way to make high school a living hell for me. All because my dad had money and his didn’t.”Just go back and tell Ron you really jerked me around, pulled my leg, whatever. Then the two of you can…””Who the fuck is Ron,” Alex interrupted me to ask. “And I don’t go around jerking off… Okay, I have jerked off strangers. But when I pull on a leg, I usually let go once the knee pops. At least, sometimes.””You don’t know my cousin?””No. I don’t know your cousin and I’m not here to jerk you around or off. I wanted more tonight than to just give you a damned hand-job.”If I had any more problems, Alex sure didn’t. After waiting for me to move, she took matters, and my shirt, into her own hands. She was much stronger and faster than I thought possible. My clothes were tossed into the dryer quickly and then Alex was pressed against me while we kissed.

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