Sex was the last thing on her mind as Julie walked into the Safeway that afternoon. It had been a good day at work, with a number of chores accomplished by early afternoon that she thought would take much longer. As a result, she had indulged herself, leaving the office an hour or so early and stopping at the Safeway to pick up a couple of things she needed to fix dinner tonight.

Realizing that she only needed two or three items, she grabbed a basket rather than her customary push cart. Her first stop was at the dairy cooler where she picked up a pint of cream. Then down a grocery isle, for a carton of salt—the cupboard was running low. Next stop was the vegetable department—strawberries to go with the cream.

She stood for a moment running through the list of ingredients she needed to cook dinner. Dinner would be simple tonight—just a salad. Her husband of fifteen years, Ed, was out of town at a meeting at the home office of a major client—trying to sell them additional services beyond his firm’s regular audit work. They both had jobs, his in an accounting firm, and hers in a bank, that generally got them home on a regular basis so they frequently shared the cooking duties, but Julie was on her own tonight.

“A cucumber. Yes, that’s the other thing I need. I love a few cucumber slices in the salad,” she told herself. Walking the few steps to a rack of cucumbers, she stood looking at them. They all looked about the same, she thought. She picked one from the shelf and then replaced, it. Too soft. Cucumbers should be firm.

Later she wondered if her focus on the firmness of the cucumber was her subconscious pushing her to pick a vegetable suitable for a much lewder use than for slicing in a salad. But in her conscious mind, there just wasn’t any trace of sex. She and Ed had made love the night before he left town—or was it two nights before? Even if she had been thinking about it she probably couldn’t have remembered which night it was. The sex had been satisfactory, but nothing spectacular. The whole subject of sex just wasn’t present in her conscious mind as she selected a nice firm cucumber for the evening’s dinner salad.

“Find one the right size?” It was a deep masculine voice coming from right behind her. Later she would remember it was also an incredibly sexy voice. Not that she could define the criteria for a sexy voice. A few of them were, and the rest just weren’t. This was one of the very sexy voices. But that thought didn’t come along until later.

“Oh. I’m sorry. Was I in your way?”

“No, not at all. I was just noticing how carefully you were selecting your cucumber. Did you get one the right size? I suppose size matters with cucumbers.”

Whoa. What had he said? Was he implying that she was buying a cucumber to masturbate with?

“Excuse me?” she asked, using the tone of voice one uses to tell someone his comment was out of line. But as she spoke she noticed that in addition to having a sexy voice (now she had noticed it) he was also strikingly handsome—several inches taller than her, with broad shoulders and a trim waist, neatly trimmed hair and sparkling blue eyes that were staring down at her.

Her challenge had been a mistake. It let him know that she thought he was talking about using the cucumber for sex, even though there could have been numerous other reasons for focusing on its size.

He smiled a slow soft smile and then, letting those piercing blue eyes look straight into her, he said, “Oh I meant for whatever you were going to do with it—like cucumber sandwiches for instance. I always want the cucumber to match the bread rounds. It doesn’t work if it’s too big.”

“Oh. Of course.” Now she was embarrassed. She also realized that she was suddenly horny. How had that happened? She hadn’t thought about sex all day. Now suddenly she could feel that itch in her pussy that told her she was going to have to get some relief or it was just going to fester and distract her from thinking about anything but sex.

“What did you think I meant?” he asked. Then without waiting for an answer, he said, “Oh . . . that.” followed by a chuckle. He even managed to blush a little.

Now she was embarrassed. He obviously knew what she had been thinking. Also, she was suddenly a great deal hornier. In just a brief exchange of a few sentences with a total stranger, she had gone from sexually oblivious, to as horny as she had felt in weeks. How could this happen?

“I . . . well . . . I mean. I just . . . well . . .” she was incapable of speaking. “I’m sorry.” Why was she apologizing when he was the one that had made the lewd comment?

He laughed. “No need to apologize. People make that mistake all the time. Everyone knows that cucumbers are at least as popular for that as they are for salads.”

He didn’t say what “that” was but Julie was very sure she knew what he meant.

“Oh, is that so?”

“Um Hm.” He nodded his head as he spoke.

Now Julie was getting a little irritated with this guy. He was clearly intending to pursue the subject. Casibom But she was also still horny as hell. She knew she should just take her cucumber and walk away, but . . . somehow, she couldn’t quite do that. She was also remembering a time a few months ago, when Ed was out of town at another convention and she had had thought about using a cucumber in just the way this guy was suggesting. She hadn’t, but she had seriously considered it.

“And where do you get your data on that?” It was one of Julie’s boss’ favorite questions.

He chuckled. “Oh here and there. I admit, I’ve never done a survey. Mostly from dirty stories I read on the net.”

Oh my. Another line crossed. “You read dirty stories on the web?” she asked with a tone of outrage.

“Sure. Everyone does. Don’t you?”

“No. Never.” That was a blatant lie of course. Julie and Ed both loved to read porn on the web. Sometimes one of them would read a story aloud and they would watch each other masturbate to the story. They liked to fuck, but they always enjoyed mutual masturbation too. There was just something so nasty about it.

“You’re here carefully picking out just the right sized cucumber, and now you tell me you don’t read dirty stories on the web?”

“I was trying to find a firm one. A lot of these are soft.”

“Ah. I hadn’t thought of that. Well that’s a guy for you. Assuming size matters, when the really critical criteria is hardness. I guess a limp cucumber would be a drag wouldn’t it?”

That was when Julie lost it, laughing in spite of herself. All she could think of was an image of trying to stuff a limp cucumber into her pussy. Ed never had that problem, but she had been with men that did and a limp dick was a real disappointment.

She noticed that he had been staring at her breasts—not all the time, but just as frequently as he thought he could get away with, like most men. She looked down and saw to her horror that her nipples had become engorged and were obvious notwithstanding the bra and blouse she wore. She was still clutching the cucumber and she wanted more than almost anything else to drag its firm surface across one of her engorged nipples. Where the fuck had that thought come from? How can this guy make me so horny she thought?

When she looked up, she knew she was busted. He had seen her looking at her nipples. “Are you sure you wanted that cucumber for sandwiches? You look pretty aroused for someone planning a tea party.”


“Now don’t get upset. I can see how this conversation could be arousing. It is for me.” He flicked his eyes down and Julie followed them until she saw the tent in his trousers. She couldn’t pull her eyes away. He’s fucking huge, she thought.

“This has to stop,” she said. “I’m not going to stand here in the Safeway vegetable department having a conversation like this with a stranger. So now I’m going to take my cucumber, for my salad, put it in my basket, and walk away, and you can go home and read pervy stories.” She realized when she said it that pervy was a poor choice of words, but she turned and began to walk away. Pervy implied all sorts of things about her attitudes toward sex and porn and her current state of arousal that she didn’t want to admit to.

“Wait. For just a moment. I have a suggestion. Just let me make it and then I’ll leave you alone.”

“Okay,” she said as she turned back to him. “Make it quick. I have a salad to fix.”

He smirked a little in response to her statement about a salad, implying he didn’t believe her. Then he stepped up to her, closer than normal speaking distance but not indecent. He reached out and picked up the cucumber out of her basket, and then made a truly indecent proposal.

He held the cucumber up in one hand and briefly stroked it with his other hand.

He’s stroking that like he would masturbate the shaft of his cock, she thought. God, where were these lewd thoughts coming from?

“Yes,” he said. “I can see why you chose this one. It’s just the right size I think, and it’s nice and firm—hard really.”

Julie started to speak but he interrupted, “Wait. Let me finish.” He placed the cucumber back in her basket and said, “Now you can use that cucumber for a salad or even cucumber sandwiches if you want, but that would be a waste of a really fine cucumber. In the back of this store there is a rest room. I think you should take this cucumber back there, lock yourself in the rest room and then use the cucumber to masturbate yourself to a climax. Try it. You’ll love it.”

“Oh, and one more thing. If you like the cucumber, send me a photo of it in use—to this cell number,” he finished, handing her a card.

“Julie narrowed her eyes and looked at him, trying her best to generate the rage needed to overcome the lust coursing through her system. Finally, she said, “Fuck you!”

He laughed, then turned and walked away. As he walked toward the front of the store she threw the card away, not realizing it fell into her basket of groceries, landing neatly alongside Casibom Giriş the cucumber.

For several long moments Julie stood, shocked by the audacity of the stranger’s suggestion. She came to life when he disappeared from the vegetable department, retreating to the back of the store, and then stepping quickly and carefully down a grocery isle until she saw him walk through the doors at the front of the store. Whew! He’s gone. Her first thought was to checkout with her groceries and leave. But wait, she thought. What if he is still in the parking lot. Better to stay here for a while. I can always get help here.

To her surprise she began to laugh, no giggle uncontrollably, at the absurdity of her conversation with the stranger in the vegetable department. “Really?” she said to herself. “A man walks up to me in the vegetable department and tells me I should use the cucumber I’m holding to fuck myself in the lavatory at the back of the grocery store. And now I’m trapped here in the store with nothing to do until I am sure he has left the parking lot.” Putting it in such an absurd light caused her to break out laughing again. “And another thing,” she said continuing to speak silently. “I’m horny as hell. How could that happen?”

She decided that she couldn’t just wander around the grocery store for half an hour, so she went to a Starbucks franchise outlet near the back of the store, bought herself an iced mocha, and took a seat at one of the small tables adjacent to the kiosk. As she sat slowly sipping her coffee she replayed the whole event in her mind—and the more she thought about it the hornier she got. “This is absurd,” she told herself. “Thirty-eight-year-old women do not go to a grocery store, buy a cucumber, and then take it to the lavatory to masturbate.”

That was when she realized that the entrance to the lady’s room was on the back wall of the store immediately next to the seating area. That was also when she remembered something she had done the summer after she got out of high school. And yes, it had been right here in this very store and in that very rest room.

She had masturbated in that rest room. It had been a dare. It was late in the evening and she was in the parking lot with a couple of her girlfriends drinking beer. One of her friends challenged the others to a round of truth or dare. The question had been, “Who have you had sex with in the last ten days.” There was no way Julie was going to answer that question truthfully because she had been screwing one of the girls’ boyfriend. My god, she thought as she remembered that summer. I really was a bit of a slut then. She and Ed had a good sex life now, but it was just the two of them. Nothing like she had done that summer when she first discovered just how good sex could be.

The dare she faced when she declined the truth was to go into the supermarket and masturbate in the lavatory. Being only 18, it never occurred to her that she could lie about either one and get away with it. No, she had declined to answer, thereby making her girlfriends suspicious, and she had actually masturbated in the restroom.

Julie smiled as she took another sip of her coffee and let memories of that evening flood back. She had been scared to death she would get caught but she was horny enough to want to do it, so she had walked to the back of the store, looked around to make sure no one was watching and slipped into the restroom locking the door behind her. Then she stripped off her clothes and sat naked on the toilet. “Why did I take all my clothes off?” she asked herself as she sat, 20 years later, in the coffee lounge area of the Safeway. She couldn’t remember. Maybe it was part of the dare, she wondered. In any case she hadn’t wasted any time about it. She had quickly rubbed herself to a weak orgasm, jumped back into her clothes, and hurried back to the car.

It was later that Julie learned that masturbation could be so much better if you took your time at it,—letting your arousal build to the edge of a climax and then holding back and repeating that cycle as long as you could until you finally lost complete control and came in a mind-blowing orgasm. Yes, that’s the right way to do it she told herself as she sipped her coffee.

Her rage at the inept fool who had accosted her in the vegetable department, the “Perv,” had faded away. Now she was sitting at the Formica table next to the Starbucks kiosk in the Safeway thinking about not much of anything beyond how much she liked to masturbate and how horny she was. As she thought about it she kept looking over her shoulder at the door to the lady’s room. “What a waste that night was,” she told herself. “I could do that so much better now. Hmmmm.”

“Well are you going to?” she asked herself. “The cucumber is right there in the basket. No, I couldn’t do that. Not now. I’m an Assistant Vice President of Wells Fargo. I can’t go around masturbating in Safeway restrooms.”

“I could of course. I did once . . . and I could do it so much better now.” She looked over her shoulder Casibom Yeni Giriş at the door to the washroom again.

“No, you can’t do that,” she told herself.

“Actually, you can,” she responded. “and no one ever needs to know.”

“Unless you get caught.”

“Not likely,” she said carrying on her internal conversation.


“Fuck it. I’m horny. This is going to be really hot.”

Decision made, she rose slowly to her feet picking up her shopping basket and her purse and entered the restroom. Before she opened the door, she looked to both sides and back over her shoulder. There was no one in sight except for the barista who seemed to be focused intently on her exotically finished finger nails. Julie opened the door and quickly entered the restroom.

* * * * * *

An hour and a half later Julie was at home, having finished her business in the Safeway ladies room, paid for her groceries (including a somewhat badly abused cucumber), and driven home. There was no sign of the Perv in the parking lot. She had showered and was now standing in her kitchen wearing nothing but a light weight robe that stopped well short of her knees (or perhaps better described as just below her cute little ass. That is how Ed would have put it). She had just finished putting together a cucumber salad (yes-that cucumber) and as she stared at it she had a thought, a very nasty thought. Sure, why not?

She walked to the living room to retrieve her cell phone and the card with the Perv’s cell phone number, enjoying as she walked, the jiggling of her breasts and the delicious friction of her nipples against the soft fabric of her robe. When she returned to the kitchen she took a picture of the salad, making sure that the diced cucumber was well shown along with a very large chefs knife lying next to the salad bowl. She retrieved the little card the Perv had given her, which had somehow made its way from her grocery basket into the sack containing her purchases, following her home like a bad penny, and set up an instant message to the phone number printed on the card. The message read, “The cucumber was just the right size!” Her next task was to select a picture to attach to the message. There were two choices. Either picture would work with the message she had set up.

There was the picture of the cucumber salad. The previously triumphant cucumber which had so ravaged her cunt in the first picture was now reduced to tiny slices by the sharp chefs knife lying beside the bowl.

And then there was a selfie she had taken in the Safeway lavatory. She was sitting on the toilet seat, her dress hiked above her waist, panties pushed down so they were snagged on the heel of one shoe, her blouse and her bra lying by her feet so her large, round breasts, with their dark, swollen nipples, were exposed for all to see. Her knees were spread wide and she was leaning back against the toilet tank. The hand not occupied with the cell phone had a firm grip on the cucumber and was forcing it into her cunt. Her hair was tangled and her make-up a mess. Her chest was flushed and her smile was positively lascivious.

There really was no decision. She had already used the selfie, sending it to her husband before she ever left the market. The message had simply said, “Shopping for cucumbers at Safeway.”

A second concern with reusing the selfie was that the Perv might post it to the internet. As the Manager of a Wells Fargo branch she couldn’t have that, so without further thought she clipped the salad picture to the message and sent it off to the Perv.

Ed’s response to her message with first picture had been a classic of brevity, “WTF?” Not a completely unreasonable response, she thought.

“You like.”

“I’m in a meeting. Can’t talk about it now.”

“OK. Face time tonight?

“Yes, but go away now before someone sees the porn you are sending me. I’ll call at 9:00 your time if I can avoid having dinner with these guys.”

“Okay, we’ll drink wine and masturbate.”

“Yes, but stop sending that stuff to me. This my office phone.”

She responded with a smiley face.

By the time Ed called at 9:00 Julie had eaten half the cucumber salad and consumed a good deal of White Burgundy. Even though she had climaxed twice in the Safeway lav, and a third time in the shower at home, she was very horny in anticipation of their planned Face Time. Mutual masturbation via Face Time was something Ed and Julie engaged in regularly. Ed had to make do with his lap top which he usually set up on a desk with the camera pointing at his body from the top of his legs to his face. Julie would drag an arm chair from their living room into their den, where they had a big Apple computer. She would watch Ed jerk off on the big screen while he watched her, slouched naked in the arm chair and joyfully masturbating.

It was a few minutes after 9:00 when Ed called. Julie was beginning to worry that he had been shanghaied for a business dinner. She was wearing the same robe she had been wearing when she made the salad and was laying back in the arm chair with one leg thrown over an arm of the chair. The robe was still loosely belted at the waist and even though her posture was showing a lot of leg, nothing important was really exposed yet.

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