A Few Weeks Later….

Between Breasts

The last few weeks of term passed by quickly for Tom and Jess, they were too close friends for the game to bring any awkwardness between them but they had both decided it should be their little secret. After term had ended they both headed home. Jess started seeing more of her ex again before discovering that he was sleeping with another girl. The night she found out she rang Tom and arranged for a chat on MSN in the evening.

They chatted happily for a couple of hours, sorting each other’s problems out and discussing plans for next term. For the first time in a couple of weeks Tom found himself thinking about their game again and he gradually brought the conversation round to how much fun it had been. He hadn’t been with a girl in the intervening time and had found himself fantasising more and more about Jess.

As they laughed together about that morning, he sneaked in a suggestion that they should play again sometime and was amazed when Jess replied that she would love to! Her next message amazed him even more as she suggested playing right there right then via their webcams. Tom couldn’t believe his luck but had one more idea up his sleeve.

“How about a strip game then truth or dare?” he suggested hopefully.

“How would that work??” Jess asked, she was getting interested by this idea, after her ex had messed her around she was without a bloke again and seriously horny.

“Well if we play tic-tac-toe and the looser has to strip off an item….” Tom suggested.

“Ok sounds good to me, I kick ass at that game!” she teased “I’ll be getting you naked preeeettty quickly, and don’t think I’ll be holding back on the dares front either!”

“Bring it on looser!” Tom replied “the last game was a draw; I definitely want to beat you this time!!”

The next few minutes were spent setting the game up, their webcams went on, tic-tac-toe was up and running and they had both settled on 6 items of clothing each to start off with.

Tom started off the first game and managed to catch Jess out with an impossible situation to win, he laughed as she made a big deal of sexily removing one of her socks.

“Less confident now??” he teased, Jess just stuck her tongue out, but then her face furrowed in concentration.

Try as they might though neither of them could get a win and the next two rounds were frustrating draws, after the second they both realised that this could go on for some time. Jess suggested that to keep things moving they both lost an item for draws and the intensity of the game jumped up a notch.

They didn’t need the new rule straight away though as somehow Jess managed to win two in a row, catching Tom not concentrating in the 1st game and then setting up an unlikely impossible situation in the second to win again. Tom was forced to peel off both of his socks, leaving him one down on Jess with only 4 items left.

Luck didn’t go Toms way for the next couple of rounds after that either. The first was a draw and he lost his hoodie as Jess took off her 2nd sock. Then there was another draw, “yessssssssss!!” Jess typed happily “skin time, get that T-Shirt off Mr!!”

As Tom resignedly reached down and pulled his top over his head, Jess could already feel her excitement building. She had loved her unhindered viewing of Tom’s great body a couple of weeks before and now checking out his muscular arms and shoulders via the webcam were giving her a whole new thrill. Surprisingly she had never used her webcam for fun with any of her ex-boyfriends, she hadn’t even thought of it, but now she found there was something of a thrill to be 100s of miles away from someone and still be so intimate.

“Oi!” Tom wrote suddenly “aren’t you forgetting something Jess… your turn now, off with that top!!”

Jess grinned at him “fair one…” she typed back and she stood up. Teasingly she began to undo the buttons of her top one by one swaying backwards and forwards https://bursali.org a little then turned her back to take it off. Finally she spun back round giving Tom a heavenly glimpse of her gorgeous breasts encased in a blue lacy bra before she sat back down and they just about disappeared from view!

“Amazing…” Tom said the word out loud as well as typing it, he was rock hard inside his jeans after that display and couldn’t resist gently rubbing himself through the denim as they started the next game.

Once again the game ended with a stalemate “loose the jeans: D!” Jess typed leaning forward with anticipation.

“I went first last time…” Tom replied “you lose yours… unless you are taking your bra off!”

“Oh alright, you big wimp!” she typed and stood up again, she had really enjoyed giving him a little teasing dance when she took her top off and was determined to make this show even better. Facing the camera she seductively unbuckled her belt, swaying her hips as she did so, then she popped the buttons of the fly one at a time showing off just a tiny bit of blue underwear and lace as she did so. She could see the excitement on his face as he leant into the screen taking in every second. As she began to wriggle the jeans off her hips she spun around giving him an incredible show of the back of the thong she was wearing sliding into view along with her toned bum. Once the jeans were to her thighs she sat back down to slide them the rest of the way off and typed “right boy, strip, this is getting me way too excited!”

“You’re telling me!!” Tom replied “I think how excited I am might be obvious… Sorry I can’t put on quite as good a show as you though!” With that he stood up and unbuckled his belt, he had been dying to free his erection from the confines of his jeans anyway and as he unzipped his fly and slid the trousers off it sprung up and away from his body making an obvious tent in his boxers.

There was a huge grin on Jess’s face as he sat back down “its ok!” she wrote “I don’t need anything special when I have a view like that to admire…”

“Yeh right!” Tom said, smiling back “come on let’s play, I can’t wait to see more of you again!!”

“What you think you are going to win do you?? :P” she wrote back, “you think you’re going to get a show of these lovelies do you??” she added sitting up so her boobs came fully into the camera screen and squeezing them together so they almost burst out of the bra!

“Stop it!!!” Tom complained “you are distracting me…” but clearly it wasn’t too bad as he did indeed manage to win the game.

“Damn it!!” Jess immediately wrote, “I was looking forward to getting a glimpse at what was under those shorts this round!!”

“Not just yet…” Tom teased “now what are you loosing Jessy??”

But Jess was one step ahead of him, she had already reached up behind her back, feeling the thrill as she thought about exposing herself too him again. She unsnapped the bra but carefully kept held on with her other hand as she slid each arm out of its strap. Then she slipped her hand underneath covering both her nipples and let the bra fall away. “There…” she said “happy now??” and stuck her tongue out.

“Oh so are we not showing??” Tom asked looking disappointed.

“Naaaaaah not yet… I’d rather wait for dares!!” she said already with a head full of ideas to try and make Tom chicken out “Right, the big game, let’s play!!”

This time they both concentrated hard but by this point they both knew all the moves to catch each other out and inevitably the result was another draw.

“Who’s up first?” Tom asked.

“Well as we are hiding it doesn’t really matter…” Jess replied and being careful to keep her boobs below the camera level wriggled out of her thong and held it up to prove her nudity. Tom quickly did the same, now fully releasing his boner, and made sure to show her his boxers were bursa escort kız off.

Jess suggested that they just take it in turns with the truth or dare to which Tom quickly agreed and fired the question straight at her. The first 2 games started as they had the other night with both of them taking truths. Jess was forced to admit that she had tried anal and kind of liked it every now and then and that she had once fooled around a little with a girl but it hadn’t really turned her on much. She didn’t get as much juicy information back from Tom though as he had never tried anal, but did embarrass him by discovering that he had fantasised about her several times in the time since their last game.

Tom wanted to know if she had too but Jess was in a teasing mood and so chose to take her first dare of the game. This left Tom a bit stuck, he didn’t have a huge number of ideas for dares, other than seeing Jess get herself off again, and although he was hoping that was where this was headed he had to come up with some original stuff first. Thinking hard he spotted her bed in the background and a wicked little idea filled his mind.

“Ok…” he said “iv got one for you… every guys fantasy because it’s always happening in the movies!! “I dare you to go and bounce on your bed as you are now!!”

Jess burst out laughing “brilliant!!! :D” she quickly replied “where did that idea coming from, that’s going to be so embarrassing… fiiiiiiiiiiiine!” and wishing that her webcam wasn’t a new pretty hi-definition one she spun her chair around, standing up with her back to the camera she realised that she could still have a little fun with him. Stepping carefully up onto the bed she covered her boobs with her hand and arm again then placed her other hand so it hid her pussy completely, then she turned back around and gave a couple of bounces on the bed before scooting back to her seat.

“Was that good enough?” she asked sticking her tongue out.

“No that was definitely cheating…” Tom replied quickly. Although really the view of her bouncing on her bed had still been amazing!

“Well you should have been more specific!” she said laughing at his unimpressed face “Truth or dare looser: P??”

“Ill get you back!” he warned “dare please!” he typed without a moments hesitation.

“Haha we’ll see about that, hmmmmmmmm what to dare??” Jess’ head was full of ideas she just wasn’t sure where to start. “Ok since most of my dares go on from there I dare you to get hard!”

“Butttttt what if I already am??” Tom had slipped a hand out of view and was gently stroking himself below the camera level already.

“Well are you??” Jess asked feeling herself twitch inside just at the thought.

“That seems more like a truth to me, I asked for a dare…”

“Fine well that’s easily solved; I dare you to stand up for 10 seconds so I can see for myself!” Jess too had now discretely slipped a hand into her lap and began to slowly finger herself, amazed at how turned on she was from just thinking about Tom again.

Tom looked thoughtful for a moment “fine!” he wrote back, “but you should have been specific…” and he stood up, but as he did so he carefully raised the webcam height so it never showed far beneath the top of his abs. Dutifully he stood there for 10 seconds with a smile on his face then sat back down and rearranged the camera so it faced him again.

“Very funny!” Jess had already written, “I guess I deserve that, I’ll take a dare, and let’s forget about these specifics and just go with it ;)!!”

“Thank god for that!” Tom was properly grinning now “go and bounce on the bed naked then and just to be sure NO COVERING!!!”

Jess laughed aloud “Ok Mr. Enjoy…” she wrote, and stood up from her chair, as she saw her boobs come into view on the screen she felt a rush inside her and couldn’t resist cupping them together giving him an amazing bursa anal yapan escort show. She turned her back then and walked over to the bed, slightly swaying her tight bum, purposefully teasing him. Still facing away she climbed onto the bed, and then slowly turned around. She had shaved only that morning and new she looked clean and beautiful down below, though she hoped he couldn’t see how wet she was already. With a deep breath she began to bounce up and down on the bed, feeling her boobs bounce and the rush of air against the damp skin between her legs.

Tom was entranced, this was definitely one of his best ideas ever, and when Jess finally got down off the bed he was incredibly turned on and couldn’t wait to play on. “Amazing :D, I’ll have a dare too…” he quickly typed.

“Haha it felt pretty good for me too!!” she replied once she had sat back down, “right what to dare you… “

“Mmm anything you like after that display!!” Tom wrote back, smiling at her through the camera.

“Well I’m dying to see that big cock again!!” Jess typed already picturing it in her mind “lower your cam down for 30 seconds and get yourself hard!”

“I don’t think there is any need for the second part of that…” Tom replied and slowly lowered his webcam until it was pointing straight at his massive erection.

Jess stared at her screen, taking in every inch of his beautiful cock; she could feel herself getting wetter and squeezed her thighs together around the heat of her pussy. “That’s one good looking dick Tom!! :P!!” she wrote and stuck her tongue out at him.

Tom moved the camera back up, “thanks Jess…” he wrote, “I guess it’s not bad… it has its uses!!”

“Yeh I can imagine…” Jess wrote back, “can’t wait to see for myself again…”

“Well maybe we should get on with the game then!!” Tom sent back.

“Or maybe we should just skip ahead a bit???” Jess asked grinning.

“Well I guess we could do, I think we both know where this is heading…” Tom grinned back, “I had some great ideas for dares but I guess we could save them for another time!!”

“Oh you reckon there will be another time after this??” Jess teased.

“Well id certainly be interested…” Toms grin broadened across his handsome face as he wrote.

“Ok ok…” Jess wrote back “we can play again… now can we get on with this I’m so horny!!”

“Direct away :D!!” Tom wrote.

“Well drop that camera back down and stroke that big cock for me!! ;)!!” Jess quickly responded.

“You’re on 😀 drop yours down too and show me how you make yourself cum!!” Tom wrote back before doing as she had said.

Soon they were both entranced, Tom was sat in a big leather computer chair and as he worked his right hand up and down his shaft the leather felt cool on his buttocks, his left hand was gently fondling his balls and he stared intently at the fantastic images coming to him on the screen.

Jess meanwhile had both of her legs up on her computer desk and her camera pointing straight at herself, one of her hands was playing with her nipples, tugging and squeezing at them, the other was buried deep between her legs, her long fingers working her clit and thrusting in to penetrate herself.

“Fuck this is hot…” she took a break to type “I’m so close already!!”

“Me too…” Tom wrote back, “You are fucking incredible Jess!!”

“Go on, cum…” she wrote, “I loved watching you last time, do it for me now!!”

With that Tom doubled his efforts picking up the speed and taking himself to the brink, Jess meanwhile had her fingers almost in a blur as she frigged herself, enjoying the absolute ecstasy and the fantastic show her old friend was putting on for her.

Suddenly Tom reached out “NOWWWWWW!!!!!” he typed quickly and sat back again as his cock jerked in his hand and the first jet of cum fell on his abs, Jess was already Cumming too stifling her gasps as the waves of pleasure rolled through her, her chair beneath her bum wet with her juices and her face a picture of delight.

Thirty seconds later it was done, they had both cleaned themselves up and were about to sign off.

“Same time next week…” Tom wrote.

“You bet :D!!” Jess replied…

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