A Very Good Morning


Ted sat at his desk in the spare bedroom trying to get some work done. He had been working from home for the past six months. Glancing at the clock he saw that it was already 9:15, he had been at work since 4:00 AM.

There was a soft knock at the door, “Come in baby,” he tells his wife Patti.

“Am I bothering you?” she said walking in the room with a hot cup of coffee in her hand. She hated to disturb him when he was working.

“Oh no babe, not at all.” he said pushing his chair back from the desk, he noticed her hair was damp she must have just taken a shower. “Oh is that for me?” he asked when she walked over to him and handed him the steaming cup of coffee.

“Yep all for you honey, you know I don’t drink coffee silly.”

“Thank you honey,” he comments taking a sip of the hot coffee, “mmm, perfect, just the way that I like it.”

“You’re welcome, well I’ll let you get back to work.” she said leaning down to give him a kiss.

“Ummm,” he kissed her back, he could smell the raspberry scented shampoo that she used, wrapping his left arm around her waist he pulled her closer to him. “You smell so good,” he felt his cock jerk in his sweat pants, she was wearing a robe and probably not much else. “I uh think I can take a break, been at this since 4:00 AM.”

“Awww my husband works so hard,” she tells him, ” I could make you some breakfast.”

“That would be nice but right now I’m in the mood for something else.” he admitted slipping his hand inside of her robe, reaching for her left tit.

“Oh?” she asked feeling his hand on her tit, gently pinching her hardening nipple, “and what are you in the mood for baby?”

“My wife to get naked and down on her knees.” he tells her tugging the belt loose from her robe. Her robe falls open and she is naked under it. He pulls her down and takes her nipple into his mouth gently sucking on it, flicking his tongue across it. He felt his cock jerk and start to swell. He continued to suck her left nipple and pinching her right one.

“You are frisky this morning aren’t you?” she said liking the way he was sucking on her nipple, flicking his tongue across it. She tugs her bathrobe off letting it drop to the floor at her feet. “Aww oh yes bite my nipple daddy.” she moans feeling the slight pain go all the way to her pussy when he bites her nipple.

“You shaved this morning,” he tells her looking up at her. He takes his one hand and slips it between her thighs, rubbing her shaved, slick pussy mound.

“Such a hot, wet pussy,” he tells her rubbing his hand across her already damp pussy. He wouldn’t be surprised if she hadn’t already played in the shower earlier. She did love the detachable shower head with the 6 different settings. He had lost count how many times she had played with it bringing herself off.

Patti spread her legs a bit more she wanted to feel his fingers in her pussy, “I shaved daddy, ahhh.” she moaned when she felt him push one kuşadası escort finger inside of her pussy. “Yes, yes,” she whispered putting her hands on his shoulders for support.

“You’re already wet baby.” he tells her adding one then two fingers inside of her hole, “did you play in the shower?”

“Yes I did.”

Ted finger fucked her tight pussy for several minutes, listening to her moans and sighs of pleasure, making her feel good made his cock throb in his pants.

“Feels so good,” she looked him in his eyes, wanting him to continue what he was doing.

“Down on your knees wife.” he tells her pulling his hand away from her pussy, he stands up and tugs his sweat pants and undies down. His cock was already getting hard. “Good girl,” he comments, helping her go to her knees on the floor. She used her robe to cushion her knees on the carpet.

“I’m always Daddy’s good girl.”

“Mmmm yes you are,” he puts his hand under her chin making her look up at him, “my good wife-slut.”

“I love being your wife-slut.”

Ted puts both hands in her wet hair, looking down at her, “Service your husbands cock, now.”

Patti looks at him licking her lips, she reaches up and strokes his balls in her hand. She loves the way that they feel in her hand, hot, full of cum. Sticking her tongue out she leans in and licks his balls, one after the other, being a tease, taking her time.

Glancing up at him, she gently sucks the skin of his ball sac into her mouth being careful not to hurt him. She knows how sensitive his balls are, moaning, licking getting his balls soaked with her wet mouth she was in heaven.

“Yes, yes suck my balls baby,” he tells her watching her enjoying what she was doing. He had never known another woman who loved sucking and licking his cock the way that she did. “Fuck, so good.” Ted heard his work phone ringing but he decided to ignore it, his wife was sucking his cock and he wasn’t going to make her stop.

Patti reaches up and takes his hardening cock in her hand, stroking him, feeling his cock swell in her hand. This makes him groan, he tightens his hands on her head, holding her down.

“Hmmm oh yeah I like that,” he tells her watching her making love to him. “Suck my cock good.”

She can feel his cock throb in her hand, looking up at him she licks his cock from the base to the tip, nibbling,kissing his cock her hot, wet tongue all over his cock. Nibbling right on the underside of the head of his cock, she feels him tighten his hands in her long hair.

“Oh fuck! Yes baby yes, right there.” he groans trying to push his cock into her mouth, “Open your mouth my slut, mmm take my dick.” he whispers feeling her mouth enclose over the head of his dick. “Suck me, suck me.” he pushes his cock deep into her mouth.

Patti takes both of her hands and reaches around and grasps his ass cheeks, needing to hold on to him. “Ummm,mmmm,” she moans around his cock in her mouth, feeling him holding her head tightly, fucking her mouth. She felt her pussy getting even more damp than it already was.

“Oh yeah suck my dick, you are the best cock sucker,” he tells her looking down and watching her taking his cock in and out of her mouth. “Ummm suck my cock just the way you did the very first time baby.”

Patti sucked his cock as if she had never had one before, she pulled away from his cock, felt it slide out of her mouth. She looked up at him, then she very slowly licked his cock again from base to tip, nibbling, sucking deeply but not enough for it to hurt. “Mmmm,mmm,” she moaned around his cock, teasing him with just the tip of her tongue. She could suck his cock every day and never get tired of making love with him, pleasing him.

“I bet your pussy is soaked isn’t it baby girl,hmmm?”

She just nods, going back to making love to him, reaching with one hand and cupping his heavy balls in her hand, caressing them.

Leaning down she takes his ball sac into her mouth, gently sucking on the sensitive skin, feeling him gripping her head tighter. Flicking her tongue over his balls.

Ted was in heaven with his wife sucking his balls into her mouth, feeling her nibbling his ball sac. His dick was rock hard, he was so fucking horny. “Ahh, yeah, do it lick Daddy’s balls.” he tells her, he tugs on her hair making her look up at him, “I love you my wife-slut, you belong to me and nobody else ever.”

She nods again and licks precum dripping from the head of his hard throbbing dick. “Mmmm,” she moans before swallowing his precum. “I love sucking your cock, feeling your cum in my mouth, swallowing it.”

Ted couldn’t decide if he wanted to cum in her mouth or put her up on his desk and fuck her, making her take his cock. Filling her pussy with his cum. Fuck, he thought his cock felt like it was on fire. He thought back to the first time she had ever sucked his cock, on their first date all those years ago. One thing was for sure she had gotten better sucking his dick as the years passed. She had always been good but he felt like his dick was going to explode.

“Make me cum,” he tells her grasping her head between his hands again and forcing her mouth down on his dick, watching her take every inch down her throat. He leaned back against the desk for leverage, pounding her mouth with his cock.

His breathing is getting heavier, he can hear the sounds she makes while sucking his dick. In and out he fucks her mouth, showing her no mercy. He didn’t mean to be so rough with her but he needed to cum, fill her mouth with his cum. He knew she loved when he would get a bit rough with her, she got very turned on and very wet.

Patti needed to get some air, but she kept sucking his cock in and out of her mouth. She could hear him gasping and moaning the deeper she sucked him into her throat. She felt spit dripping from the sides of her mouth. She felt his throbbing cock and it made her pussy throb knowing she was making him feel so good. She finally had to pull away from his cock, getting some much needed air into her lungs. “Ahh,” she gasped, holding onto his hips for balance.

He pushed her long hair from her face and made her look up at him, “You make me feel so good, oh please don’t stop.” he said, “I want to feed you my cum baby please.”

Patti didn’t say a word she reached for his cock and stroked his rock hard dick. She felt it throb in her hand, with a soft moan she took his cock back into her mouth. In and out she made love to his cock, fucking his dick with her mouth. Putting more pressure on his cock, sucking him hard and deep in her mouth.

Precum was pouring out of his dick, coating her tongue, she savored the taste before swallowing it. Releasing his cock she looked at him, licking her lips she smiled up at him. She licked the head of his dick, teasing his pee hole with her tongue, tasting more precum.

“Fuck, oh baby please make me cum, I need it.” he was almost begging her to finish him off, his cock was so hard it was almost painful. “Suck the cum out of my dick, now.”Ted almost begged her pushing his cock back into her mouth, fucking her mouth so hard she almost gagged on his dick.

He had no warning, suddenly his cock got even harder in her mouth, he knew he was ready to cum. “Mmm, awww fuck so good, yes,yes,aww…cumminggg.” he moaned loudly feeling his cum explode into her mouth, 1,2,3,4 strong spurts of cum filled her mouth. Ted held her down so that she couldn’t move, he watched her swallow every drop of his cum. “Uggg, fuck take it all,” he groaned feeling her still sucking his cock.

Patti finally let his spent cock slip from her mouth, she was gasping for air, she looked up at him. She licked her lips making sure she got every drop of his cum. She took his cock back into her hand and licked his cock clean.

“Damn, that was so fucking good baby girl.” he reached down and pulled his undies and sweat pants back up. “I’m sorry I didn’t make love with you, I, I just needed to cum honey.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it,” she said reaching for his hand and he helped her up, he reached for her robe and helped her put it back on, “I enjoyed it too.” she said standing on tip toe and kissing him.

“Ummm, I can taste my cum on your mouth.” he told her tying her robe closed and kissing her back. He sat down still trying to catch his breath from the fantastic blow job she had just given him.

“Well, I’ll let you get back to work baby.” she said “I know you’re busy.” she said walking to the door.

“Oh you have no idea, how busy.”

“Oh what would you like for lunch?” she asked turning back to him.

“Mmmm, my wife for starters, something nice and tight, wet and slick.” he tells her with a wink.

“I think I can manage that baby.”

“I know, I owe you one,” he said with a chuckle, thinking about making love to her.

“Oh yes you do, yes you do.” she said with a smile before walking out and closing the door behind her.

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