Helping Out


This story, as is all stories, isn’t written for everyone. If you enjoyed it, thank you very much and you’re welcome. If not, thank you for visiting.


My dad is a carpenter. He spent years building houses and sort of retired when he was 39 with a lower back problem. He put together his own workshop at home, with a lot of equipment he already had. He does light-weight specialized carpenter work for whomever. He loves the work. Mom enjoys having him home more.

We get along normally which makes this whole thing a little off the wall. Dad and I were off on a Saturday buying some wood. I go along when I can to help load and unload. His back problem in mind. We were in the parking lot and he stopped and leaned against a post. I thought he was resting for a moment.

He said, “Bess.” He was pausing, thinking. He stretched out the ‘Bess’ some. I was patient. “Could you buy me one of those, well, I would pay for it of course, things that you have. A different type of course. One of those vibrators. For men.”

He wasn’t looking at me. I stood there with my mouth open. I said, “Sure dad.”

“Ok, good,” he said. Then he got off the pole and started for the store. Then he stopped and said, “We can talk about it. You know, later.” And we went on to the store. He didn’t bring it up again that whole day or the next.

Never in my whole life has dad ever said anything to me about sex or anything to do with sex. It was always mom. I’ve never even seen dad in his underwear. I’ve only seen him in pjs a couple of times, ever. When he was in the hospital with his back and I went he was covered with a blanket, all over.

Mom doesn’t even know I have vibrators. A spy could search our house and not find my vibrators. How does dad know I have vibrators and does he know what kind and how many. I’ve never told anybody. It would be a crisis in our family. Sex is a word doctor’s use. I waited three days and he didn’t say another word about it.

I went out to his shop out back. Mom was busy in the house. I smiled, he smiled and I said, “I would need to know something about the design. What you might be thinking.”

He looked at the piece he was working on and said, “I don’t really know what’s available. What they, uh.” He got hung up there.

I said, “I can help. How about sometimes when mom isn’t home I find some on the internet and, you know, leave the room and you can look at them. I’ll show you how to do that on the computer. It’s very easy, it won’t be a problem.” Dad does not know the slightest thing about computers. He’s never even had a cell phone.

He nodded his head a couple of times and said, “Ok. Thanks.” He went back to working on his piece. I waited a moment and went around the table and bent over to look at what he was working on. I said, “I love the color of the stain. I like it dark.” He looked up and smiled. I wanted him to know I was ok with want he wanted and everything was fine and went back to the house.

Mom went somewhere for lunch with a friend the next day so I cranked up the computer and got a clothing site on and got dad. I showed him how to scroll up and down the screen and how to go to the next screen or backwards and how to add to the cart. I said when he finished adding to the cart to leave everything as it is and let me know. He turned away and I got the male vibrators on the screen and left the room.

He came through the kitchen, a quick smile, and went out to his shop. He added two to the cart. I perused the male vibrators earlier and added one more and ordered, having them sent to another address so mom wouldn’t know. A friend of mine. She helped me get mine.

A few days later she brought them to work. I took them out to the shop in a bag and sat them on the counter. We talked about a project he was working on. We were looking at a difficult wood joint he did and not at each other and I said, “I understand they work just fine when using a condom. Two of them are also waterproof.” I could see him nodding out of the corner of my eye. We looked at the joint some more and I went back to the house. All this had to be very difficult for him.

That evening I changed to pjs early and we watched a movie in the den together. The pjs were very short and my top was very casual, flowing, with a sleep bra. I left my shoes off so my feet were bare and stretched out with my legs on a soft ottoman. My midriff was showing a few inches.

I’m 19, 5ft6 and I could be a petite. I guess mom and dad could call me dressed for bed this way risqué. I was absolutely unashamedly giving dad a jump start. I planned to do the same until I thought it had an effect.

When I got back from work the next day mom smiled and nodded her head at me. She knew. She said, “Thanks Bess.”

“Mom, you know about everything?” I said. “Dad didn’t say.”

“Oh yes,” she said. “I’m afraid I’m the one that told your dad about your vibrators. I said he should ask. I’m glad he did. He needs them.”

“How do you know about my vibrators?” I said.

“Dear,” she said. samsun escort “Dad thinks you’re snoring. I can tell when a woman is in heat. I accidentally ran across them when searching every nook and cranny in your bedroom. I was curious. I wanted to see what they were like up close. Sorry for breaching your trust and privacy. Now I’m glad I did.”

I couldn’t resist. I said, “Did you try one?”

“No,” she said. “Well, just on the outside of my panties. It did take longer to test it than I thought it would. Now that you’ve got your dad some maybe you might could do the same for me.”

“Sure, be glad to.” I said. “Mom, would you want to tell me what the problem is.”

“I guess it would be ok at this point,” she said. “It’s your dad’s lower back. He’s unable to do his part. With his hips. It flexes his lower back too much. Too painful. I tried it on top. I couldn’t hold myself up long enough and if I settled on his hips it flexed his lower back too much. By himself it wasn’t all that comfortable to do, strained him a little, reaching down and flexing his lower back, that way. Not real painful. All of a sudden we were both cut off.”

Mom had an early life injury to her left leg and it was weak when the knee was folded. Normally it was never a problem. She could play tennis easily. On top of dad it would be a problem. It wouldn’t hold her up. Her right leg filled in when she had to get up out of a chair or something. For sex it didn’t.

I said, “Thanks mom. Should I stop dressing for bed in the evenings? He might not approve.”

“If you’re comfortable it’s ok with me,” she said. “See if he objects or says something. I’ll dress a little like that. He might actually be appreciating it but not saying. Time will tell I guess.”

When I had the chance I went out to the shop again. Dad was carving a design by hand on a hardwood board. I sat off to the side and watched. I said, “Dad, I’m dressing skimpy in the evenings for you. Mom doesn’t mind. She might too. I’m comfortable with you looking. I may seem erotic sometimes. Enjoy yourself. If it isn’t to your liking let me know.”

He nodded a couple of times. I looked closely at the carving and commented on it. We talked and smiled at each other. The next day mom said she mentioned to dad she thought I was dressing so he had some enjoyment from me and it was nice I cared and she thought she would get some pjs like mine. Dad seemed happier and more lively and talkative. I think dad found a way to get some personal satisfaction again.

I ordered mom some vibrators including a pair of panties with a thin silver bullet vibrator. Remote controlled. She was shocked. Now I had to find a way for dad to have actual sex. Mom too.

Two days later mom went to a nearby city shopping. It was about eleven in the morning. I went and found dad and took him by the hand and went in the house. I took him to the bathroom and sat him on a short comfortable stool. I looked at him and said, “Dad, do not say a single word. Don’t leave. Promise me.”

I don’t think he knew what was going on but he said, “Ok, I promise.”

I said, “Remember you promised.” I went reasonably slow. The bathroom lights were on bright. It was a fairly large bathroom. I slipped my shoes off and bent each foot up and took off my short socks. I didn’t look at Dad. I undid the top buttons on my knit top and took it off. I unbuttoned my thigh length shorts and unzipped the front and slid them down.

Looking away from dad I bent over and slipped them off my feet, one foot at a time and hung them up. I had my feet open so he had a fantastic view up my thighs from the back. I tried the panties like that earlier and when I bent over they stretched tight up underneath. It was my silky panties that showed a lot of buns.

I slipped my hands behind my back and undid my bra. I was going to get dad to unhook it but I wasn’t sure he would commit himself to that. I was still facing away. I took it off and hung it up and turned around. I didn’t look at dad but in the sink mirror I could tell he was watching. I hooked each side of my panties and slid them down to just above my knees, my legs out some to keep them up.

One step turned me around and I pushed them on down and bent over. Knee out and foot up I took one side off and the same on the other and hung them up next to the bra, near dad. He had an unfettered view of my butt crack fully open when I bent over and my folds sticking out backwards. I don’t think I was open enough to see down in but it was close. Maybe he saw my clit.

I turned the water on in the shower, right in front of dad. One of those with no doors and bright lights. I got the soap and took a normal shower washing everything including full hands on boobs and nipples and, bending over away from dad, my butt crack then my front with a leg up on a bench.

I actually had a great time rinsing off. With my legs out I tilted my middle forward, towards dad, and rinsed all down in thoroughly. I hated to stop. My hair escort samsun was just above my shoulders so I seldom used a cap. I turned the water off and stepped out on the mat and started to dry off. That was an event in itself. I did the best erotic show I could do without looking too obvious. I put on fresh underwear and fresh shorts and top.

When I was done I looked at him and said, “I wanted you to know what was underneath my clothes. I wanted you to have those images and enjoy them. Thank you very much for keeping your promise dad.” He got up, smiled brightly and gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek and left. He had a really big hardon.

The next evening mom came in the den with short light weight knit bottoms on and a soft silky top with no bra at all. A lot of her stomach was showing. She got an ottoman and slid it over next to dads then slid one on the other side and sat down on his right, close. I was at the door watching.

I figured the other ottoman was for me so I sat down on his left, close. Mom leaned in and he put an arm around her shoulder so I did the same and he put an arm around me. There was a movie on. Dad had on short pjs, about mid-thigh. They were very loose. Outlandish exhibition for dad.

About ten minutes later mom put her hand on his thigh then curled it down inside. It was up from his knee more than halfway. I saw dad look down then back to the tv. It wasn’t long before mom’s hand was up under his pjs moving around. I put my hand on his thigh about the same distance up that mom did and in a few minutes was up as far as mom was.

I had absolutely no idea where this was going or how far dad would let us go. There was no doubt that mom had her fingers playing with his balls. His penis was up and he couldn’t hide it. I didn’t know whether to go for it or not. This was direct sexual play between dad and daughter, well mom too but she was entitled.

I was circling my fingers and I felt his balls sack and stopped moving. I took a deep breath. He didn’t do anything. Mom was there so it was ok with her. Expecting an immediate bolt of lightning from dad I went ahead. My fingers ran along the edge down under and back up. I did it again and ran into mom’s fingers. We touched and fiddled fingers together and parted.

I ran slowly up the side and felt the side of his shaft at the top. I hadn’t meant to do that. I felt mom’s fingers and we fiddled fingers again. I kept my finger there and rubbed his shaft across about an inch and back, slowly. It was a first for me. I was absolutely enthralled and my breathing was getting labored.

I felt mom’s finger come around and touch me and then they disappeared. Then her finger was above mine, she had wrapped his shaft and moved up some. Dad said, “What are you two doing?”

I thought, ‘oh no, here it comes.’, but mom said, “We’re taking care of our man and we’re having some fun. Whichever one you don’t like we can stop doing. The other one we’d like to keep going. Are you enjoying the movie? I kind of like it.”

He didn’t answer but his penis moved upward enough to notice then came back. I wrapped my hand around the shaft below moms. I felt her pull him up then back and touch my hand. A couple of times like that and I went with her. It took three times until we got in rhythm. Not fast but enough to be enjoyable for dad. Not painful on his lower back.

It must have dawned on mom this was my first time. She put her hand around below mine and pushed my hand up. Soon I felt his ridge and foreskin and then his head at the top. I lifted my thumb up softly and rubbed it around. It was sticky and I felt the opening. I ran my pointing finger around the ridge some. It was lumpy and irregular and a little sticky too. Mom might have done that.

We kept it up for about a half hour. After a while mom went to bed and then I did. I sneaked back and peeked in the door of the den and could hear the soft sound of a vibrator. I went to bed.

Dad was friendlier with me and we touched more and chatted more. Mom noticed it too. She said, “Bess, do you think if I put two firm pillows on either side of your dad for my knees I could hold myself up?”

My mom was asking me about a better way to have sex with my dad. Well, heck, if we could play with his penis together we could work on that together. I said, “Let me think about it mom. I need to check on some things.”

I went shopping. I found a sitting up pillow with two arms out at the sides. They called it a compatibility pillow. I got one. I stopped at a medical supply store. They had backboards, for injuries, with straps for the chest, stomach, and thighs. I got one of the shorter ones, for localized areas. It would keep dads lower back from flexing hardly at all. I went to a sex store that had everything you can image. I got lots of ideas but didn’t buy anything. That was a fun store. I had to bring mom. Not dad.

If we put a small short pillow against the back of the sofa and the arm pillow against it and dad against that samsun escort bayan he would be stretched down in the sofa and supported. Mom would be above his thighs and if she dropped down it wouldn’t flex his lower back. Sofa sex.

If dad strapped the short backboard under him on the bed and mom got on top and dropped down it shouldn’t allow his lower back to flex. Board sex.

So mom would be on top all the time. Who said guys could have the dominant position. We can do it too. Orgasms galore. A new way and a new day. We could call it sofa board sex and we could improve on it as we went.

I explained it all to mom and we went in the den and bedroom and went through it. She was a lot of smiles. Getting dad involved was another whole problem in itself. Mom and I did play with his penis so it wasn’t like the subject hasn’t been broached. In fact we did that three times. One time mom got out of his shorts and let me do that all by myself but she watched and had a great time smiling and kissing dad.

It had dawned on me mom was slowly grooming me to have sex with dad because she couldn’t hold herself up enough. I understood and let her keep going. Maybe this would turn that around. I actually wasn’t totally against what mom was doing.

Two nights later mom and I were beside dad on the sofa. Hands in his pants, playing. Dad was enjoying it, getting used to us. Mom said, “Bess may have found a way to help us get more back to normal.” She paused but we kept our hands in his pants. She said, “She has a couple of things to try, one here on the sofa and one in bed.” She paused again for a few moments. “With her strong legs she can try them without you hurting your back.”

She paused again. I looked at her. She was looking at me, pleading. She said, “She can make any adjustments needed for us. It’s important you let her know if there is any pain. Any at all. She’ll let you know when she’s ready. I’ll sleep in her room.”

We were all quiet. Mom and I kept caressing dad in his pants for another twenty minutes or so. Dad didn’t say a word. I couldn’t imagine what was going through his mind. It had to be horrible, and pleasant, and erotic, maybe necessary. When I went to bed he said, “Goodnight Bess.” He never said it like that before, using my name.

Mom and I thought we would wait until Saturday night. On Friday night we both changed after supper and went to the den. Dad was already there. Once he got settled he normally stayed there until bed. Both mom and I had on very small sexy sleep bras, a more open knit, and small silky panties. Almost nude and lots of skin.

After about a half hour we went over to the sofa and very slowly put our ottomans in place and sat down. We had our legs open enough for show. Dad automatically got his arms around our shoulders. Mom got his shorts and slid them down to his thighs without him having to lift up. He took a rather large breath at that.

Then his penis jumped from a little up to full up like one of those tall advertising air people in front of stores that bob way up and way down. I almost moved back. It was the first time I think I’ve seen a real penis in the raw for myself. I kept staring at it and finally looked at mom. She was watching me with a happy head smile. She was introducing me to my task.

Dad was sitting down but it was still way up in the air. It seemed like it was way longer than between my thumb and first finger spread out and it was a long way around. It didn’t seem that big when mom and I were in his pants. I made a circle with my thumb and first finger and opened the gap a little and looked at it. Mom was watching and smiling. A lot. I felt like a dumb kid.

Mom and I played with dad shamelessly and I leaned over close and looked at everything. It was a marvelous piece of machinery. Of course I was thinking of how it would mesh with a female. In a vagina. In my vagina. I was squeezing and moving my hips a little. Looking at dad’s penis it final dawned on me fully that mom needed me to do what she does with it.

Saturday evening I said to mom, “You can sleep in your own bedroom tonight. I thought I would try the sofa pillow.”

“No,” she said. “I would like you to stay with your dad until you finish up with everything. Sleeping together will get him more settled with this and you might find more things to help. I’m going to bed in about an hour or so. Thank you Bess. I know you know what this means.” I just nodded at mom.


Mom turned out the lights when she left. The tv was still on and gave plenty of light and it danced around and with different colors. Actually a great mood booster. The sound wasn’t that loud.

I got the pillow and arm pillow and placed them in the middle of the sofa, plenty of room on either side. Dad got up and was going to sit down. I held his arm a moment and he stopped. I took off his top and his shorts and underwear and he sat down and slid back slightly. He was angled downward with good back support. Just what I thought.

I stood in front and took off my sleep bra. Dad was already up. He had his eyes all over me. I slipped my panties down and bent over to get them off my feet. He got a great view of my breasts hanging down a little. Nipples hard. I walked over to one of the side tables and got a tube of lube. I lifted a leg up on the sofa and lubed myself, looking at dad and smiling.

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