A Graduate Student Birthday

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The house was magnificent. Three stores, all stone on the exterior and heavily paneled solid wood for most of the interior. Peter, and probably the other grad students, had already recognized that they were unlikely to ever live in such as beautiful place after they had a real jobs. The house was rented from a Doctor who was spending a year in Israel.

Peter and the other occupants were preparing a good dinner – Peter’s favorite of roast beef with roast potatoes. Mary had discovered that it was his birthday and had a small chocolate cake with a single candle hidden in a closet. Laura and Patty set the table and speculated about what kind of present Peter would really appreciate.

Peter and Mary were both doing a Ph.D. in Computer Science. Laura studied chemistry and Patty researched Art History. They all enjoyed their work and appreciated the easy comfort of the shared house. However it took a lot of work to keep it clean and keep the kitchen stocked. They all had their own rooms but had to share bathrooms.

Mary brought out the cake after dinner amid an out-of-tune rendition of ‘happy birthday’. Peter was surprised and pleased.

Laura turned to the other girls and said: “I’ve got it! … I know what we should give Peter for his birthday.”

The others girls just looked at her blankly. She went on ..

“Well, Patty and I are always talking about our fantasy of having a party where all the men are nude and the women are dressed to the nines. The Men serve our slightest needs. Peter is male, so he must have a fantasy about being fondled by numerous beautiful women. Why don’t we give Peter a present he won’t forget and also live out a little of our fantasy?”

She went on quickly, seeing the scare in the women’s eyes. “We would be in control, we can stop if it gets too uncomfortable for anybody. What about it?”

Peter was glowing, enthralled by the suggestion but still not really sure what exactly Laura was suggesting. He decided he should just keep silent.

Mary and Patty looked at each other and back at Laura. Finally, Mary asked: “What do you have in mind? Peter takes his clothes off and fetches us drinks?”

“Yes, we can start with that. I have some ideas on how we can teach Peter about how women are often treated. But, despite educating Peter, to be fair, we will eventually have to take our clothes off. We might do more than that. It might loosen up the environment in the house”

Mary was probably the prude of the group, she did not have much sexual experience. But she was curious and was quite attracted to Peter. Patty had more experience, both with men and women, but had done nothing like this.

Patty said: “I am game, but only if Mary will do it too.”

The onus was now on Mary, she said: “Sure, lets try it.”

Laura looked to Peter. “Are you ready to put yourself at our mercy and carry out our merest whim?”

Peters mouth was dry, he managed to croak out “Sure!”

Laura gave the orders: “First, since it is Peter’s birthday, we will strip him to his underwear.”

They led Peter into the living room. He looked pleased but also scared by the attention. He stood in the center of the room, while Laura started by pulling off his blue sweater. Mary took off his shoes and socks, Patty went straight for his khaki pants, unbuckling his belt and pulling them down, Laura took off his red shirt.

Peter was now on display with his bright blue, bikini briefs. There was a bulge beginning to show.

“Now, if this was a bar scene, there would be a row of women wearing tight tee-shirts on stage and the men would be ogling those bulges.” declared Laura.

Laura was rather handsome, tall brunette, with a good figure and large breasts. She would score well in any wet tee-shirt contest. So it was not sour grapes.

She produced a squirt bottle from the kitchen which she had filled with ice water.

“OK girls, I want so see how much bulge we can get while we cool him down with this.”

Laura shocked the other women by reaching kuşadası escort out and vigorously squeezing Peter’s cock though the thin cotton of his briefs. The cock grew immediately but Laura quickly soaked his briefs with cold water and his display subsided. His pubic hair and penis were now transparently visible though the dripping cotton. His balls were more visible than boobs in a wet tee-shirt contest.

“That was very brazen”, said Patti, with a laugh. “I would give Peter about a seven for artistic effect.” She then took both hands to gently hold Peter’s shrinking cock. It started growing again. She held it for a few moments as it grew more. Then, following Laura’s lead she re-soaked the inoffensive organ.

“Mary, it is your turn.”

Even with her boy friends, May had never held a man’s penis. However, she did not want to be chicken or a party pooper. Mary tentatively put out one hand and using just her finger and thumb, gently squeezed the tip of Peter’s unit through the sodden underwear. Even this gained a reaction from Peter. Emboldened, she used her full hand to squeeze under his balls and then squirted with the ice water.

“All right”, said Laura, “I think we may have squeezed as much out of this as we want for now.”

There was a chorus of groans. Peter followed up with “Perhaps, but more squeezing will definitely get fluid out these rocks”

Laura pulled down Peter’s briefs, releasing his John Toby from its confines. It sprung straight out, like one of those hideous tourist figures from the Pacific Islands that shot out on a spring when the barrel was removed. However, the cold water and the embarrassment of the situation soon restrained his erection. Laura gave him a towel to dry off.

“Mary, keep this squirt bottle, if it looks like he is getting too full of himself, cool him down. We need to preserve his oil for when it pleases us!”

Peter was dispatched to the kitchen to fulfill Laura’s and Patti’s fantasy. He returned carrying an elegant silver platter with snacks and four drinks. He had also donned a brief apron. Peter served the refreshments silently.

“Peter, thank you for the goodies! But, I am afraid the apron does not fit into my fantasy. Women sex slaves are always portrayed entirely naked, sometimes with a loin cloth. You must not hide your manhood.”

With this statement, Laura stuck her finger into his exposed crack, slid it up, and pulled the apron strings undone. The apron slipped off and Peter’s cock rose higher. Mary quickly squirted him.

They made him do a little dance on the coffee table, strutting his stuff. Then Laura said: “Bend over.” He bent obediently, his bottom high in the air. “Spread those cheeks.” Peter, rather awkwardly, used his hands to open his butt for intimate perusal.

Laura, with a giggle to the other women, took a round cracker and generously covered both sides with soft cheese. She pushed the cracker deep into his crack and said: “Now, make sure that stays in while you refill the drinks. Thus Peter had to strain his muscles to hold tight to the cracker while walking about to carefully pour more wine.

After a few more minutes of sipping wine, Laura announced: “Girls, our turn has come, we must let Peter see our some of our delights.”

Laura, without apparent shame, started undressing. She pulled off her tee-shirt and let her jeans drop to the floor. Her black underwear made a strong contrast with her light skin. She motioned to Peter to complete her exposure, by unhooking her bra and then pulling down her panties.

Patti was a little slower to follow suit. She slipped off her shoes and jeans. Then, looking around for a little reassurance, she unbuttoned her loose fitting top. This exposed her pert breasts and white panties. Peter, who was starting to enjoy this birthday present, gently kissed each nipple as he pulled down her panties. Peter’s cock must have shown some signs of his delight, since Patti responded immediately with a long hard spray to his genitals for his impertinence.

Mary was more hesitant. She was not used to undressing in front of other women, let alone in front of a man who was not her boy friend. She slowly unbuttoned her blouse, took it off and carefully folded it on the table. This revealed very large breasts protected by a large stiff, lacy bra. She unhooked her skirt and carefully removed it, again folding it carefully.

She had matching frilly white panties. Peter saw for the first time what a great body she had. She had a narrow waist and well proportioned legs. Her skin was quite pale, showing her stomach was rarely exposed to the sun.

Mary stood silently, as all three watched her. Peter was admiring her body and waiting to see if he would be invited to remove her underwear. Mary looked at the other defiantly and quickly removed her own bra and then her panties.

Laura took charge again. “Peter, bring out some more wine and the body oil from my bathroom. Also, you probably should bring some towels and sheets to protect the floor.!”

Mary was the first victim. She lay on her stomach as Peter massaged her back. Peter got her relaxed by focusing on her neck and shoulder blades. Patti and Laura each took an arm. Peter then moved on to run oil all the way down her back, over her buttocks and down to her toes. He moved upwards from the toes with gentle strokes.

He gently rubbed her buttocks and only got a stirring of unease from Mary. She was in bliss, she had forgotten about the weird situation and was relaxed enough to just enjoy the feeling of hands on her skin. Prompted by signs from Laura, Peter more aggressively explored her twin cheeks, running his fingers down to gently oil her hole. He got a moan of pleasure coupled with a tightening of her buttocks to discourage his liberties. He gently put one hand between her legs to feel her bush. He did not explore, just planted the flag to claim title for later occupation.

Peter rolled her onto her back. This exposed all her vital, feminine parts. Her breasts were large and round, her crotch was small and neat, with a strong growth of black hair. Peter knelt next to her and began with her flat stomach and quickly moved to gently massage her breasts. Laura and Patti took some more oil and began working on her legs.

By gently massing all around her nipples, Peter got them to stand erect. When he took them between his fingers, Mary sighed and writhed her body. Peter took this as an invitation to become more familiar. He massaged lower with one hand and started feeling for her clit. With two fingers he exposed her fully engorged clit while maintaining his pleasurable massage of her breasts. With his fingers liberally coated in oil he slowing began to rub her clit. Mary emotionally and physically desperately desired this additional, so purely sexual, stimulation. But, intellectually she was surprised and scared of this new stage of intimacy with a Man she though of as no more than a casual friend and of being so aroused in front of the women. Yet, she merely moaned louder and completely surrendered to the pleasure of the situation.

Laura had never seen another women aroused before. This was part of her fantasy for the evening. Patti had had experiences with women., But she had never been in such a voyeuristic situation. Both paused in their attentions to Mary’s legs to watch this normally intimate state of arousal. Laura motioned Patti to leave Mary’s leg and move to her left breast, while Laura took the right one. Peter was directed to get between Mary’s legs.

Peter had expected to bring Mary off with his fingers. But, Laura — ever encouraging more explicitly action — pushed his face deep into Mary’s tush. Peter, having no other option, used his tongue to find her clit and began to suck and lick. Mary moaned loudly. She was barely aware of the women sucking on her nipples. She felt Peter strongly as he raised her legs and sucked more of her body into his mouth. As he licked and sucked, he got his hands onto her buttocks and felt for the sensitive area around her rear opening. Mary bucked wildly and came with a loud cry. Peter kept sucking and the women kept massaging. Mary quickly came a second time.

Peter gave Mary a few moments to recover as he gently massaged her stomach and legs. Then, using his fingers, he began again on her clit. Soon she was again moaning, completely under Peter’s control. He led her up the hill and then with a final additional vigor from his hand, she came yet again.

Laura looked to Patti. Underneath her usually loose clothing she had a taught, muscular body with boobs a little smaller than her own. Patti shook her head.

“I am not ready for this, he can look but not touch.”

Laura smiled, and moved forward to lie backwards on the coffee table.

“Start at the top!”

Despite orchestrating this quick devolution from a staid spontaneous birthday dinner, Laura felt totally exposed both physically and emotionally. Her body was totally exposed on the coffee table and her legs were wide open. She had never exposed herself naked to other women like this before. They could see every possible even minor flaw in her body. Worse they could see how much she was aroused from the flush to her skin and the growing lubrication in her crotch.

Peter began with pouring the slightly warmed oil liberally on her bosom. He gently massaged her top and circled her nipples. They grew absolutely hard and her body arched. He moved deliberately towards her forest. He was about to oil her there when Laura grabbed his face and forced his head down on her pussy.

Peter understood the message, he moved around to kneel between her legs. Her cunt was already dripping. Laura was a little ashamed to be so aroused in front of her friends. Again she pulled his face directly down between her legs to both regain a little modesty and to move the moment closer to the crisis. As Peter licked and sucked, Laura moaned.

Patti moved hesitantly, still entirely naked but not aroused like the others. She knelt next to Laura and brought her lips down to delightful, firm breast. She quickly looked up to see Laura’s reaction. Laura was mostly responding to Peter licking her clit but she smiled and slightly nodded her head. Patty went on full bore to caress Laura’s upper body while Peter did his work at the lower end.

Laura’s pleasure was heightened by being at the center of attention of her friends and the unexpected ardor of Patti using her tongue to suck her nipples. She came with a shout, which immediately embarrassed her further, and writhed.

Peter stood up. He was acutely erect.

Laura was spent but found her chosen place on the coffee table too uncomfortable now that she had had release. She got up and moved to the couch.

Mary had now recovered a little from her first ever public sex. She could see Peter’s frustration.

“I think it is time to take care of Peter.”

She laid Peter on the sheet which protected the carpet. Laura got on one side and Mary on the other. With lots of oil they caressed his stomach Laura moved to lubricate his shaft. Mary reach out her hand to hold his balls and caress between his legs.

Patti looked on, she was now very aroused. Not by Peter but by seeing Mary and Laura naked and having Laura respond to her. Laura beckoned her over to kneel between Peter’s legs. Laura indicated for her to take over massage of his balls and cock. This was a first time for Patti. As Peter moaned, she suddenly realized the power that she had over this man. When she stopped moving her hand, he stiffened his body pushing up begging for more stimulation. She sensed his pain if she squeezed hard on his balls.

May and Laura worked on his upper body, kissing and caressing him. Patti kept her distance while still teasing his cock. When he came, she laughed and pointed the member back toward the other girls. She still held on hard and pumped all she could from his cock.

Peter now felt humiliated after his release. He lay there fully exposed with his penis flax – stared at by three women.

Laura, the ring leader, had learned something about herself from this all too brief episode of group sex. She stood up and led Patti away to the privacy of her own bedroom. Mary, left with Peter, pulled him up and then led him by his soft cock off to her bedroom.

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