The Healer Ch. 04

Female Ejaculation

They showered long and hot until the steam was everywhere. They giggled and played like children. Esme soaped him all over taking especially good care of his cock and balls, telling him naughty things until he was again half erect.

He soaped her, rubbing gently against the welts she had accumulated from their adventures so far. He really got to study a woman and knelt when soaping her pussy, rubbing her clit and hearing her moan again. He was curious and told her to turn around and put her hands against the tile wall. Her legs were strong and stable now, though her back was still bowed and she winced a little whenever he touched her there.

He ran a soapy finger gently across her little anal pucker and heard her gasp, He flicked it with his fingernail and then rinsed it off and leaned in and kissed it. Then he licked it. She was telling him something but the running water made it incomprehensible.

He put his tongue in and poked it in and out like a little cock and she squirmed in appreciation. He leaned back and took a large glob of liquid soap and put it there and pushed it in lovingly with his index finger. She oozed. He started working it in and out and felt her start to move with him. Finally, he had it in all the way to the knuckle. He withdrew and grabbed for more soap, and then entered two fingers until they were all the way in, and then withdrew and tried three.

It took a little but finally, they too were in and he understood it could be done. She reached back and pulled his wrist and made him withdraw.

“In a little while, not now.” she said.

They rinsed and dried each other in a business like way, their skin hydrated and glowing. She grabbed a pink robe, put it on and belted it, ran a brush through her hair and walked out. He followed. She tossed him a dark blue robe and he put it on. It was a little large for him, but felt good.

“My brother’s robe.” she said.

They went and sat at the kitchen table again with fresh drinks. She lit a cigarette and began to tell him.

“You will do much good, Malcolm. But there are things you must know.”

“Esme, how do you know all this?”

The Romany know of these things, and I am of Gypsy blood, though I did not always know that. I was born in a small village on the coast of Spain, in the North. My father, or the man I called my father was a healer. I never knew my real father but this man, Carlos lived with my mother for as long as I could remember. He was a pig, and treated her terribly, but she stayed with him. She was not very smart and she was always afraid. All my life I had been crippled. The people would wince when I would go by. I could hear them ‘Beautiful child, and so mangled.’

My mother left when I was about 12. I often wonder if he didn’t kill her in one of his rages and toss her in the ocean. I stayed because there was nowhere for a child like me to go. And he made a good income from his healing. Word spreads and women from the city would occasionally come. He drank most of it up. He had no friends.

He called my his little helper and I would have to go with him on his healings. Many times he would make me stay in the room with his and his patron. I think he liked it in a perverse way. If the women objected, he would threaten to leave and let them remain in whatever state they were in. They all complied. He would fuck them and make them beg and abuse them to his delight. He was an awful man.

When I was fourteen, he noticed me. One night he was drunk and came into my bedroom. And he took me. He was strangely loving, telling me how beautiful I was and how I was growing into a lush woman. He took me in all the ways. It hurt, but as with healing cum, the orgasms were intense and I found myself liking it in spite of myself. The next morning I was cured. It was truly a miracle. I was straight and limber and like all the other girls. But he couldn’t stop. For three days the village marveled at my transformation and looked at my father with disgust, because they knew what he had done. Then he fucked me again and it all reversed. This is what you must know. The healing settles in over time, maybe a day. Whatever change is permanent unless another dose is given and it seems to dissolve whatever effect has happened. I was a cripple görükle escort again, and nothing could undo it. Only another healer could change it and the odds against that were astronomical. And today I found you.”

“What happened after that?” I asked.

“My father was killed. Brutally murdered by a woman whose sister he had healed. He treated her grotesquely. Oh, I can’t tell you the things he did and made her do. I think he went totally mad at this point. He made her beg, he beat her, he pissed on her. But she took it for the healing. And she told her sister, who was a woman of money and influence. She came to him posing as a client, and got him into a room and told him she wanted to tie him down. He objected and she offered him a great sum of money, and showed it to him. So he agreed. She revealed to him who she was and then showed him the knife. She made him suffer as he had made so many suffer and took a long time with it. Isabella came out and told me what she had done and why and told me to go with her, she would take me to her home. It was a wonderful thing. I had clean clothes and a nice home. She was kind. I went to school for the first time and they were amazed at how smart I was. They sent me to Barcelona to be tested and put me in a special school. My whole life had changed, but the doctors could do nothing for my physical condition or help with the nightmares.

Isabella sent me here to the states to college and to live with relatives.

Gypsies have large, extended families and I was welcomed. I was supposed to become a lawyer and help the family, but my interests were elsewhere. I wanted to help people, and found my love with psychiatry and counseling. Well, the family didn’t like that. I fought them and they pulled the financing and I had to come home. Working the circuit, telling fortunes would be my punishment. And here I am.

But not tomorrow. When my healing is complete, I shall go on my own, being strong and do what I feel I must. Thanks to you, Malcolm. And tomorrow your new life begins too, eh?”

“Oh, I don’t know.” I said. “How would I make a living at this? I’m not even sure I want to do it. It’s all new and……”

“Stop. Malcolm. Please. and listen. You can do whatever you want, but you have a gift and you must use it. Go build bridges is you want, but share the gift and make the world a better place. Besides, it’s not so terrible so far, is it?” She gave me a pixie devilish smile and sat down on the floor next to me, rested her cheek on my leg and stroked my calf.

“I will send you clients that need you, and spread the word among the rom. You can pick as you like. After a while you will be suprised at how word will spread and women will contact you. What you have is special and needed and they will seek you and find you.”

“If I build it they will come?” I said.

Esme laughed and reached under my robe and fondled me. “Speaking of come, big boy. We don’t have forever. Remember, once you cure someone, you cannot go back. You will undue all the healing. And now, for the first time you will have a woman this way, and my healing will be complete. And you will be on your way to a new life, a life filled with beautiful women coming to you with their legs open and you will make them whole and they will never forget you for it.”

She turned and spread my knees apart as her robe fell open. She was magnificent. She leaned in while reaching for my belt and untied it and my robe fell open as her mouth surrounded the head of my cock, semi-erect. She went down slowly and purposefully until she had taken it all in and she held it deep and shook her head. I could feel myself growing and she slowly came back up, her lips stretched tight around cock flesh until I could see her withdraw with a smile.

She reached out with her left hand and wrapped her hand around it, well almost all the way around, and leaned turning her head at an angle, still smiling and I heard her gasp a little painfully when her back pivoted, but she leaned under, jet black, wet hair trailing to the floor, and I felt her lips touch my balls.

She stroked me slowly and worked her tongue over my hairy sacs sending tendrils of shivers all through me. I was stone hard and I focused on “thinner” and as my bursa sınırsız escort bayan cock narrowed, I heard her laugh as she closed her hand around it. She sat up and tugged my cock and we both stood up. Her robe had opened and she saw me eying her now hard-tipped breasts, and she held the robe all the way open and said: “How about them apples?”

I tossed off my robe and reached over and tugged hers down her shoulder until it dropped at her feet. We were both naked and I had never felt more desirous or tender towards anyone in my life. I reached around her waist and drew her in and kissed her, soft and brief a few times, gazing into those deep, almost black eyes and then I probed her with my tongue and she parried right back with the grace of a dreamily-lost daggerweilder and for a moment I couldn’t tell where I left off and she began, but I could feel those pesky little points pressing into my chest.

I leaned back and smiled and moved her dance-like near the bed and tossed her back on to it. I lay between her lewdly spayed legs, heels now on the edge of the mattress, her sweet hair-pie exposed and pink with a slight glistening of something liquid moistening the center. So, I tasted it and heard her moan. She tasted of the softest of woman flesh, pink and red and yeilding. She tasted clean from the shower but the more I licked and sucked, she got wetter and the succulence of her began to dominate and it was good. So good.

I spread her juice with my tongue, over clit and down over lips now drenched, I coated her puckered anus with it and as the flow got more copious, I worked it in and out with my tongue, working her with my fingers. Her breath was shortening and her body began to rock to my ministrations. I put one finger in her sopping pussy, then two, and three with my pinkie going in and out of her sphincter ring and sucked and licked her clit.

It wasn’t long before she was making sounds like a tortured animal and swearing like a dock whore, I could tell she was ready to orgasm and I picked up my pace and she went off like firecrackers, little jolts of fire every few seconds or so and she spasmed and kept thrusting.

When the orgasm subsided a little, I pulled back and stood, pulled her roughly towards the edge of the bed with her legs up and put my cock in her pussy and slowly, but purposefully buried it and pulled it out coated with her froth. I felt her relax but she tensed again when I placed the tip against her ass and drove it home.

I was still thin and long and went about halfway on the first stroke. Oh, she was so tight. I went a little easier, moving just a fraction of an inch on each stroke. I heard her bark a command. “Fuck me!” I looked at her face and she was intent and looked a bit crazy “Fuck me, little boy, or can’t you do a man’s job!”

“What?” I cried “I’m trying to go easy. You’re in pain”.

“Fuck me, wimpy American boy. As hard as you want. Do whatever you want. You’re in my ass. Make it hurt, I want it to hurt. I want to remember this pain. The last of it.” And then her voice got louder and she screamed “Do it, you fuck!”

Something in her words ingnited my anger, and I slammed into her and heard her make a sound like the air going out of something. She relaxed and in two hard strokes I was buried in her. “Make it bigger” she asked.

I pulled out of her and roughly grabbed her and dragged her around. “Get on your knees bitch! I am going to fuck you until you cry. Little boy, hah?”

She was on her knees know, face pressed to the mattress and that delectable ass pointing towards the ceiling. I crouched behind her and grabbing her hips and pulling drove all the way in, feeling the most incredible pressure around my cock. I began to stroke and seeing her ass with my cock buried in it excited me and I started pounding her. I could tell she was in pain and with each stroke her ass and her back must have been near the critical pain threshold, she was openly crying and making little yelps with each agonizing piercing and thrust.

I didn’t care. Her tears turned me on for some strange reason and I decided to give her more than she bargained for. I focussed on bigger and could feel myself growing and getting wider. She was bursa otele gelen escort bayan so tight I could barely still stroke. “Yes.” she hissed. I made it as big as it would go. I was in so tight the only movement was the head of my shaft going back and forth inside the foreskin. I was unyieldingly locked.

Her pain turned into something else all of a sudden but a thing just as powerful and she started thrusting back, almost violently and I pounded away and our skin slapped with the sound of rifle shots. She was working her fingers in her pussy now and she started to come. She bucked and bolted but could not go anywhere, pinioned on my cock. She tensed and moaned long and low and as a thousand tiny bees stung the head of my cock, I began to squirt inside her. The cum had it’s effect on her immediately and she began to scream as if she were being tortured by my cock. But the squeals were joyous and I knew them for what they were.

The sensation I felt was almost unbearable, excruciatingly sharp as I emptied into her and I heard my own voice as if it were someone else’s, with each stab releasing sounds in syncopation with each blast. I focused on thinner and now there was room in that soppy wonderland for the cum to escape. It half squirted from the tight channel and the rest ran down, opalescent white, out of her ass down over and into her pussy, onto her clit where her hand was still stroking vigorously, down her fingers, across her wrist and forearm, to be flung off when it dripped down off her elbow.

It felt like it went on for minutes and we both started slowing down our spasms and our motion. I pulled my cock out and looked down and it was weakly still spurting. She moved around and put her mouth on it and sucked the last few dribbles deep into her mouth. She licked my cock clean and then my balls delightfully. We finally flopped on the bed, laying down on our backs with our heads on the pillows and gasped for air. She leaned one leg between mine and put her arms around me and her head on my shoulder.

There was no need for words. I could feel her pussy, still hot and wet on my thigh. She was still dripping cum. I felt very good about myself and quite proud. Her breath was measured now and warm against my neck. This is how we fell asleep.

The next morning we both looked like we had been through a war zone. Except we had these ear-to-ear smiles. I awoke and she was out of bed. I walked into the kitchen and, still naked, she turned, smiled and said “Look.” and did a ballerina twirl and then a cartwheel. At the end of the cartwheel, however, her heel slipped on something and she unceremoniously plopped onto that sweet ass with a look of surprise on her face. I laughed and so did she, and she got up.

“Cum. Jesus, you drenched the place.” she said.

“We…drenched the place.” I said.

She was walking gingerly, though straight. I asked “Did you hurt yourself?”

She laughed. “My back and my tush are fine. My ass is sore, stupid, or don’t you remember reaming me?”

“Oh, I remember” I responded and couldn’t help but leering a little.

“But that will go away, and it feels very right. Totally feminine and totally fucked. And healed. Thank you.” She turned and gave directions.

“Coffee is ready. I’ll shower first and then you can while I fix breakfast. I’m famished. And then goodbyes.”

We did and finally dressed again, it was time. “I want to give you an address and a phone number in Cambridge” she said. “I want you to stay in touch and tell me about the ones I send to you.”

“I will give them the very best service, madame.” I answered.

She gave me a tender, caring look and said “I know. You will.” Then she bent over the table, writing and I couldn’t resist. I put my palm on the curve of her ass. “Too late?” I wondered. “She turned, looking back up at me with the saddest eyes I had ever seen and said “Yes. It is.”

“Esme, you have given me as much as I have given you. Thanks. Hey, why don’t meet once a year? I’ve been thinking about it. Christmas is too hectic and our lives will be different. How about September, this month. Every year, for a few days. We can meet somewhere.”

“Yes. I would like that Malcolm. Very much.”

“But we can’t…….” I let it trail.

“So?” she said “You’ll probably need a rest from it, anyway and if I have any luck….next October it is. It will be good. Now kiss me and go, quickly.” I did.

On the way by the window, I peeked back in. She was packing a suitcase. And she was singing.

I walked away thinking, I am a man now. And a healer.

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