The Sins of the Fathers Ch. 08


***** Writer’s note: This incorporates the editing suggestions several of you have made. Hopefully, the changes do indeed make the reading more pleasurable and remove the occasional, distracting, WTF moments a couple of you suffered. Thanks for the suggestions.


The last five days had been real nut-busters. Spencer and Jack both ended the workweek, suffering from total burn-out. Neither partner made any progress on the new case, leaving them frustrated and cranky-as-hell with hair-trigger tempers.

Spencer spent most of his days researching the uses of ‘asset forfeiture’ in Oregon Courts. He hated that particular brand of tedium; but, it was his job to figure out what a pretrial motion to release assets—specifically, enough to cover costs for a legal defense–might look like. Hitting nothing but dead ends, Spence was getting antsy.

Even though Jack’s right, the client’s got a right to a defense; we’ve got a right to get paid. No joy there! I can’t find any Oregon case law that suggests an attorney had a right to get paid. Although everyone seems to agree that the accused had a right to a defense.

As for Jack, he spent countless hours pouring over the public records listing information on their new client. The guy’s name was Paul Traynor. An Internet search confirmed he was the principal of a local high school and had been there for almost twenty-years. Traynor had no criminal history. A LEDS search had provided no outstanding warrants. Hell, the guy hadn’t even gotten a parking ticket in the last twenty years.

LinkedIn made him sound like the replete workaholic with almost nothing but professional contacts. He had authored several professional articles on Public School Administration, mostly in the area of keeping bright but dissatisfied students in school long enough to graduate.

His Facebook page featured a picture of him, one of Chelsea in a bright summer dress, and one of his wife Wendy. There was also a family picture of the three of them, about a year old. No pets, no hobbies listed, and the only non-professional interest listed was what Traynor described as ‘high fidelity flight simulations’ on a PC.

All-in-all, their client appeared to be Mr. Squeaky Clean. That was the good news, great news for the accused and the firm defending him. Paul Traynor public persona was exemplary, the perfect model of a devoted husband, father, and educator. A red, white, and blue flag-waving American solid citizen—except for one small snafu: the existence of a rather damning video tape in the possession of the Lincoln County District Attorney’s Office. Other than that, the man’s a saint. Boringly uninteresting!

Jennifer Grant hadn’t called them back this week, which was fine. The Practice wouldn’t do much with her firm until the first real meeting with the client or clients, depending on how it went. That was still a week away.

Last but not least, Jack had finished up his workload by reviewing the video again.

TGIF! It’s finally Friday and the office is finally fucking closed; thank god for small favors.

Jack glanced at his watch, Almost seven in the evening.

He was parked across the street from the Aikido Dojo where Nikki and MacKenzie practiced. His tie was off hanging on the Jeep’s mirror, and his shirt was opened two buttons. Leaning back against the headrest with his eyes closed, he sat there listening to the soundtrack from Top Gun.

Jack’s fingers tapped the wheel absentmindedly. He wasn’t really absent, merely lost in thought. Reviewing in his mind’s-eye the new client’s tape, Jack was unsettled by how much seeing the evidence tape had disturbed him again. Is it sex with a child? ‘Young Woman’, he corrected himself. Sex with a daughter or sex with someone on the internet watching? He couldn’t shake the images and his cock had never really gone totally soft. Even now, it lay heavily down one pant leg, thick with need. He ran his fingers gently down its length. Damn!

More than most men, Jack enjoyed an erection. Men like the feeling of it, the heaviness of the flesh, the sense of maleness. Jack liked the fact that when he had an erection his mind seemed to shut the fuck up. Still, I don’t like why it’s happening to me right now. It’s because of the damn tape.

The evidence tape stirs something in me. It seems to arouse something in everyone who views it. Whispers to something old, primal, secret and hidden…suppressed. It isn’t a particularly nice something. That tape is some kind of incitement to act. It’s like watching an incantation of a spell. You need desperately to stop watching before the words end.

The problem is that my brain has no fucking OFF switch! There’s no ‘delete file’ button. Evidently, there’s not even a PAUSE switch.

Fortunately, he wasn’t so distracted that he missed Nikki and Mac exiting the large Japanese-style double doors of the Dojo. As soon as he spotted them, Jack beeped the gaziantep escort bayan reklamları horn; turning, they waved, running the Jeep laughing and out of breath, their white, traditional Aikido ‘dogi’ shirts and black practice-pants flapping in the evening coastal breeze.

“Hi, Uncle Jack,” Mac panted, sliding into the seat next to him. A blond flury of elbows and knees, Nikki clambored past them into the rear seat.

“Hi, Mac; how was your day, guys?” he asked. “Or should I say ladies or ‘young ladies’?”

“It was great!” Mac answered excitedly. “We watched Sensei fight a woman. It was a lesson. She’s short and fast; he’s tall, strong and, a lot larger than her. But, that doesn’t matter in Aikido.”

Jack was intrigued, Now, that’s a hell of an answer for an eighteen-year-old.

“Oh…what does matter, Mac?”

Mac’s eyes took on a dreamy look for a moment. “Purity of heart,” she breathed the words, reverently. Suddenly, her tone became passionate. “Purity of action!” The fervor in her voice made the hairs on his arms stand on end.

“What exactly does that mean for an attorney? Put it into non-Aikido words, please?” He’d meant it as a tease, but he was actually curious.

The focus in her eyes returned, her answer calm and assured. “Pure intention, pure action, purity of heart and mind. Stillness, while everything about you moves. You find your center, your hara, place of stillness.”

“It almost sounds like ballet. Or some form of dance,” he thought out loud.

Mac glanced over at him, appraising him intently. The intensity of her examination faded into a smile. “It is, Uncle Jack! They’re all the same, sorta. In Aikido, we have practice forms called ‘kata’. Ballet is concerned with forms as well; yet, the movement is always the same. The intention is perfection. Another form of dance, at least modern dance, is also about movement; but, pure movement without anticipation and without regret. There is no intention.”

Patiently, MacKenzie continued, as if she were a sensei instructing a novice student. “In Aikido, you simply breathe into the movement. The movement is called ‘kokyu ryoku’. Breath and movement become one. Aikido is a kind of a secret knowledge and, based on the knowledge, is a way of doing. That ‘way of doing’ is movement in combat.”

Introspective, she paused for several seconds. “But, some sensei teach there is one other level; it is ‘movement in non-combat’. Once you’re good enough, you leave the knowledge behind and only the doing remains. That’s pure Aikido. The pure movement. The pure doing. Mastery.”

“‘Mushin nagara’. Having no mind, you simply flow! Like water.” MacKenzie finished her thought.

Nikki broke in, enthusiastically, “Oh, Daddy, you should see Mac dance; you really should! When MacKenzie dances, it’s like watching her practice Aikido. It’s really hard to explain, except no one gets thrown around the room. I mean, all she does is laugh and move. Same thing happens with Aikido, but different. MacKenzie keeps laughing and moving, but everyone else ends up sprawled on the floor.”

In the silence that followed, the moment had vanished; the mood broken. Jack sensed it immediately and asked, “Ready to go home, Mac?”

Her faraway look fading, MacKenzie Dawn Phillips looked at her feet. “No, I don’t have a home tonight.” She glanced over at Jack, “Can I stay at your house, Uncle Jack?” I know you don’t understand but let me stay with Nikki tonight.

He reached out, and playfully rubbed her head. Then he lifted her chin to see her face, nodding his head. Ah, Daddy must have a guest for a sleep over of his own! Spencer, you are such a horndog. Do you ever sleep alone?

Mac wouldn’t meet Jack’s eyes, “Sorry for the short notice. Daddy’s latest friend with benefits, Hooter’s Girl, is suddenly free for the evening,” she almost hissed.

“So you know who your dad’s dating, Mac?” Jack tread carefully into the minefield of father-daughter domestic relations.

“I didn’t say date; I said friend with benefits,” Mac corrected him. “It’s not like he ever takes her anywhere, he just brings her home and climbs on.”

“Ouch,” Jack teased. Spencer, old buddy, she knows you better than you think she does.

Mac turned a little, letting her small breasts touch Jack’s arm.; she put a hand on his arm. It felt hot. Staring up at him, she said, “Oh yeah, tonight he’s with Tammy. She’s the one from Hooter’s. You know, the restaurant?” I already know my dad likes small white girls, dancers mostly, but basically anything with tits.

Jack shook his head, Yes, but his concentration was really focused on the spot where her breast lay against his arm. I’m pretty sure she isn’t wearing a bra from how that feels. Please God, I don’t need to know that they fight in those things with nothing underneath.

It didn’t help matters when, at the next stoplight, she turned a gaziantep bayan escort reklamları little more and looked up at him, her hand now resting high on his thigh just above the growing embarrassment inside his trousers. He stole a glance at her as she talked about Tammy, the Hooter’s girl. God, you are beautiful! You don’t even know it. Unselfconscious!

Mac was indeed stunning. Light chocolate skin, almost almond eyes like her mother, full lips, brown eyes, and a very cute little nose. She had high cheekbones and kept her hair very short like a boy, but straight and cut funny so it had spikes and cowlicks. He didn’t know how it was possible, but the effect ended up cute. Jack’s eyes drifted down. No one will ever mistake you for a boy, MacKenzie Dawn Phillips.

“Uncle Jack…?” No answer. Mac upped the ante, giving him a quick little pinch. “Earth calling Jack!” What are you looking at, Uncle Jack? Am I distracting you?

“Huh?!” Instantly refocusing, he found himself looking back into a pair of eyes twinkling with mischief. Busted!

She gestured towards the intersection. “The light’s green, Uncle Jack.” He felt her small determined fingers creeping downward, practically into his lap. “You think maybe you’d better concentrate on the road?” Cocking an eyebrow, her bold little eyes took in his discomfort. You were checking me out. Weren’t you?

Jesus, what the hell’s going on? Are they both suddenly little nymphets? He moved his arm forward, shifting the jeep’s stick. Firm nipples trailed along the length of his forearm. She didn’t pull back.

“Hey! What are you guys talking about?” They both jumped at Nikki’s voice. Jack turned his head towards his daughter: but, not before MacKenzie’s hand found his half erection, felt the length and firmness of his dick, and quickly moved her palm across its head as she also turned back around to Nikki. It almost felt like an accident; but, Jack couldn’t be quite sure. Christ, did you just check out my package?

“I was just telling him that one of the ‘kohai’…. you know, the new student at the dojo? Anyway, that boy got a hard-on while he was practicing with me.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Rapid-fire questions tumbled from the back seat. “Wow, you could actually see it through his pants?! Did he get embarrassed? Was there a lump? Oh come on, Mac, don’t just sit there…. How big was it?”

MacKenzie said simply, “It wasn’t as big as my dad’s.”

All of Jack’s alarms went off. He physically blanched at the words, WTF?! It’s not as big as my dad’s!

“How big is your Dad’s?”

Nikki’s eyes widened in disbelief as Mac held moved her hands about nine inches apart. As if she were an older and world-wise woman of the world, Mac elaborated in conspiratorial whisper, “That’s when it is all soft and dangly.” It gets even bigger!

Nikki’s mouth dropped open. “Have you really seen your dad like that? I mean with no clothes on?”

MacKenzie peeked over at Jack; he was sweating. She shrugged, “Yeah sure, when he goes to the bathroom to get ‘protection’.”

Way too much info, Mac, and it’s gotta stop. Right now! Jack whipped the jeep’s wheels over to the side of the road, rolling to a stop under a tall tree with shade. He cut off the engine. How to say this?

“What happened?!” both girls squealed in stereo. “Is something wrong with the car, Daddy?” Nikki asked anxiously.

“Nope. Nothing’s wrong with the jeep.” His answer was quiet and deadly serious.

Instantly, Nikki recognized the tone in his voice. Something’s up…. he isn’t mad; but, when he pulls the jeep to the side of the road like that, it means I need to deal with something ‘right this fucking minute’. And I bet I know what it is.

“Oh come on, Daddy,” she ventured, “They taught us what protection is in ‘sex education’; so, we already know what it’s for.” Both girls looked at each other like co-conspirators and burst out laughing. “We even practiced putting a condom on with bananas.” Nikki spit out. “Mac ate our banana after we finished practicing. Everyone was grossed out. It was very, very cool.”

Now, that is an image that will occupy my dreams for days to come!

Jack frowned at that image as he considered about Mac’s remark about Spencer’s ‘package’. I need to say something, but, carefully. So how do I approach this?

“Young ladies, I’m saying this as your dad and your godfather.’ He pointed first to Nicole then to MacKenzie. “I’m know I speak for Spencer, as well. Think what would happen if someone overheard, “My dad’s is bigger!”

Mac blurted out, “But, it is!”

Reaching over, Jack took her hands in his, “Mac, think for a minute what someone who doesn’t know you might think. An eighteen year-old girl talking about her dad’s big dick. What does that sound like to someone? Especially, a teacher. escort gaziantep bayan reklamları What would your sensei do?”

Nikki snorted then got quiet, “It does sound a lot worse than it is.” But, what is wrong with knowing how big my dad’s dick is? It’s no big deal! My dad has a big dick! Every one who dates him knows it!

“Spence and I are both attorneys. What would he and I would do if we heard a young girl say, ‘My dad’s dick is this big?'” He held out his hands like Mac had done.

She only had to think for a split-second. “You’re the good guys. You’d have him arrested to protect her because you are attorneys.” I guess, maybe, it sounds weird when a daughter says ‘my dad has a big dick!’

“That’s right, we’re the good guys; we’d have to do something.” Jesus, if only it was that simple.

Jack restarted the Jeep, pulling back onto the highway, heading along the river towards home. The girls’ thoughtful silence lasted almost two whole minutes before Nikki broke it, “Can she still spend the night?”

Jack reached up to the visor, pulling down the cell phone he kept there, handing it to Mac. “Call your dad.”

After pitching the plan to her dad, Mac said ‘Okay’ a few times, then handed Jack the phone. “He wants to talk to you, Uncle Jack.”

“Hey, Spencer. No, it’s okay. I don’t have a sex life, remember?” The girls were now talking in whispers to each other. They both lifted their heads, giggling when Jack described his lack of a sex life. “They’re pretty jazzed about it. Overnight isn’t a problem.”

He looked over at MacKenzie; raising his volume a bit to make she sure heard the rest of it. “Sure, Spence, I got it! Just treat her like she’s my own daughter. Whatever I say, she better do. Oh yeah, do you want me to bring her back ‘early’ in the morning or ‘late’?” Jack listened a few moments, then he laughed. “Late’ it is. No, really it’s fine, Spencer. Look, it’s only sixteen hours, give-or-take; I’m pretty sure I can hold out against their youthful energy and enthusiasm for that long. Besides, they’re all tired from Aikido and I’m rested. I have the advantage.”

He handed MacKenzie the phone. A few ‘Yes’ answers were followed by a short silence. “I’ll just pretend he’s you, Daddy.” She looked Jack over, adding, “And do anything he tells me to, like you said. Okay?” Anything! Uncle Jack, you’re toast!

Ten minutes later, he parked the jeep in his front driveway, letting the girls scramble from the vehicle. They clutched each other in a cute little girl-hug, celebrating their success. Yippee! A sleepover—a whole night of girl fun.

For just a moment, they both forgot they were now ‘young women’.

Jack had to smile as he opened the front door. Being elbowed out of the way as they passed him, all he heard was, “Last one in the sauna has to kiss your dad!” Followed by someone squealing, “No wayyyyyy! Giggling and whooping, they roared down the hall. Wayyyy….yuck!”

Leaning into the door frame, Jack reached down to pat his cock. He closed the door, walking over the bar and poured a stiff drink. I wonder which one of them I should root for…. A kiss from MacKenzie! A kiss from Nikki! Win-win! Maybe it will be a draw!

His phone rang. It was Jennifer. 7:30 pm, on a Friday night; you’re working a bit late, too. Why aren’t you home with Samantha?

“It’s me. Sam and I have decided to take your client’s daughter’s representation, Jack. You’ll have to tell her ‘daddy’ that she needs an attorney. She’s eighteen; but, I’m not sure she is emancipated in a strict legal sense. Before we do anything, I want to make sure that is not an issue. I expect he’ll grouse about it. If you can get him to let us meet with her, we’re good to go from there.”

“Okay, I’ll talk with him.”

“And, Jack, there’s no charge. Dr. Sam and I have a foundation that will cover costs. They work with us on cases like this.”

“Talk to you early next week. Have a good weekend, Jenn. Tell Sam, ‘Hi’, from me.” He closed the phone. Christ, what a day! And, to top off my week of abstention, I get to wish my ex-wife and her lesbian lover a great weekend. My life is bizarre!

Drink in-hand he started up the stairs, heading for his bedroom. On the top step, Jack turned, staring down the hallway; its floor was a mess, littered with some of the girls’ things. Damn! Guess they really were in a rush to get in the sauna. Oh well, give them a break; it’s their special sleepover.

As he made his way down the hall, he started picking up the clutter. First, two small backpacks; then a white cotton Aikido school ‘dogi’ top, a pair of black practice pants, and a single pair of sneakers–pink low top all-stars. Next, another white practice shirt and a single bra. He looked around, just the shirt, some socks and a single pair of panties. He stopped, dead in his tracks; they were white cotton boy-boxers.

His turned, slowly looking around, Only one bra and one pair of panties?

He laid them out on Nikki’s bed, finally holding just the panties. After a little deliberation, he brought them to his face. These smell like clean, dry cotton with a hint of peaches. They’ve got to be Nikki’s. He compared them by scent to the pair of black practice pants. The pair of black pants smelled different, clean, dry cotton again but subtly different. He tried to identify it. Christ, he identified a scent he hadn’t smelled in years, bubblegum!

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