Claire’s Journey Ch. 03


Claire awoke in the midst of the night with her glorious bronze body of perfection lying naked on top of her blankets. To her surprise, the young mother realized she was sweaty and she was breathing hard. Her body felt soar and she was moving, rhythmically, in the darkness of the night. She was dizzy, hangover, but most importantly, she wasn’t alone.

It took her awhile before she realized that a cock was thrusting into her and that hands were mauling at her tits and sucking on her neck. At first, she didn’t react to the hard grip on her tits and the deep and powerful thrusts which entered her pussy and slammed against her ass, but then she did so with one thought present on her mind.

It was her grandfather, he had come back for her, to love her like she had begged of him and the fact that he took such a risk to love her meant the world to her. Her heart began beating faster and her breathing followed suite when she felt an orgasm approaching.

Claire wanted him so much that she met his thrusts and in desperation to be underneath him, she tried to twist her body around so that her tits could mash against his chest, but such a feat was impossible when they were spooning. However, she managed to twist enough for his lips to smash against hers. Their love for one another was so great and so beautiful that Claire cried tears while her tongue danced with his.

When she came, her lover muffled her cries of pleasure with his mouth and her lover consumed her when he moved them so that she was on her stomach with his thrusting body on top of her. Claire felt crushed and she had missed it when he fucked her like this. Not that she hated riding his cock, but she loved being the one underneath and it had been missing for so long. Except, here her grandfather was, crushing her beneath him and thrusting fast and hard into her pussy while his mouth sucked on her earlobe.

Claire wanted to scream when he reached a spot he had never reached within her before, but his hand on her mouth made her cries muffled again. Never had he fucked her this deep and her head was flailing as if an earthquake was happening around her when he fucked her wildly. It was much rougher than usual, but so incredibly better that Claire felt an orgasm seize dominion over her senses yet again.

It felt so good and Claire could feel the tingling sensations resound through her body with each thrust. Within her, she could feel her inner walls grip and milk his cock on its way to uncharted depths and she felt so alive and so happy that she smiled so blissfully while the love of her life continued to fuck her like it was the first time they fucked.

Claire could feel his cock stretch her and stab at her with a wildness she didn’t recognize. The love of her life kissed all over her neck and shoulders while drilling her harder than ever before, but then he withdrew from her.

When his cock pulled out, she felt wrong and so weird. Claire wanted it inside of her again and she tried to wiggle her way backwards to perhaps slide back onto its enormous size, but she found nothing.

Then she felt hands worm their way under her body and with two firm grips on her squashed tits, she was raised up to her knees. Suddenly, Claire’s mind kicked in with worry. Instantly she thought of his poor knees, but when he spread her legs and gathered her hair in a fist behind her, then she knew he wanted to take her doggy despite of his knees.

Claire arched her head when he pulled it back and then he thrusted back into her.

Claire’s hands tried to give her the support she needed to remain in this position while he hammered into her pussy with an energy she had never experienced before.

Claire’s breasts thrashed around with every thrust, her body was drenched in sweat and her mouth hang open while orgasms sent her juices raining.

The pleasure was insane and when he began smacking her ass like he loved to do, then she began meeting his thrusts as best as she could.

“Ahhh! Ahhhhh! Oh My GO…mmmhphfff” Claire was seconds away from screaming the house down while he jackhammered his cock into the deepest region of her pussy, but then he thrusted into her so hard he bottomed out within her and the next thing she felt was a massive body lying on top of her back with hands clamping her mouth shut.

Claire’s body trembled and shook with pleasure, sparkles of sensations and with so much love for her grandpa that it turned her mad.

Within this position, her grandpa fucked her and fucked her while choking her. Claire’s moans and muffled screams turned into incoherent babbling moans of pleasure as the biggest cock of her life thundered into what felt like her womb.

Claire didn’t have a single thought in her mind, it was just pure pleasure and her entire body trashed around because of the madness of her lover’s jack-hammering.

Claire felt him roll her around so that her big tits faced the ceiling and while he thrusted up into her stretched pussy that gripped and milked his cock on its journey within her, Claire felt him slap her tits.

“AHHHHHHH!!!! Bycasino FUCK ME!!!!! AHHHHHHHH! RUIN ME!!!!!!” Claire screamed while the arms seized around her to keep her locked in place when the hammering into her pussy reached Usain Bolt levels in pace.

Thrust after thrust sent her mind into disarray and she had been fucked for so long the sunlight began touching the house. The madness of the fucking reached new heights when her lover lifted her petite and ravished body up into the air and the next she knew was that her head was arched backwards in the darkness and her back glued itself to his torso, all the while he pounded her with nothing held back.

Hands covered her eyes as he walked around while pounding the living daylights out of her. Claire felt lifeless and yet she had never been more alive. The orgasms rocked her world, one after another, uncontrollably and it blinded her from the simple truth that this lover was destroying her in ways that her grandpa had never done.

Claire was fucked the hell out of on her way to the shower and then she felt herself be thrown into the shower and instantly she knew what her lover wanted.

Claire had a short glimpse of her lover when her eyes accustomed to the automatic light in the bathroom, but then hot water hit her face and the glimpse vanished, but although the short glimpse should’ve told her that the strong man wasn’t her grandpa, Claire had been too distracted to see it. Because what caught Claire’s entire focus was his enormous and fat cock that pointed at her.

Claire felt herself be pushed down onto her knees and the surprise made her gasp, which opened her mouth. Instantly, the enormous cock thrusted into her sweet mouth and hands held her blonde head in place. The hot water hit her face as her lover began fucking her face like he had done her drenched pussy.

Claire felt it stab at the back of her throat and salvia was all over her lips as it poured past the tiny space left by the enormous cock hammering into her mouth.

Claire gagged and cried tears because it felt like it was killing her, but despite her tears, she wanted that glorious cock even deeper down her throat and she could feel her juices raining because of the way her lover was using her.

Claire couldn’t suck him or do anything but let him fuck the innocence out of her face and replace it with the naughtiest expression she had ever made.

When he finally let go of her head and pulled out of her abused mouth, Claire’s breathing was frantic and she collapsed down in the puddle of water, but she had barely a moment to breathe before he lifted her up and slammed her against the shower glass.

Claire’s sexy legs wrapped around him and his nails dug into her thunder thighs as he slammed into her pussy like a madman. It felt predatorial the way he was fucking her and she felt like he was owning her more and more with every thrust.

The water soaked her face and kept her eyes shut from seeing the truth and her white manicured nails clawed at his back as he sent her to places of devilish lust and fire.

“OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!! FUCK ME!!!!! HARDER!!! FUCK ME HARDER!!!!!” Claire screamed and her lover listened.

The madman fucked her so hard and slammed her big and round bubble butt into the glass so hard it began forming scratches. The deep animal grunts he made while slamming her conscience out of her made the sex so insane she felt herself orgasm again.

“AHHHHHH!!!!!! I’M CUMMING!!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!! YES!!!!!” Claire screamed so hard she felt her voice breaking and the pleasure from her orgasm was insane. Never had she felt like this and she couldn’t even think about her grandpa anymore.

The pleasure was seismic and it rocked her like an earthquake shattering the land beneath her. Claire then felt the water leave her face as the water was shut off and then she was carried, no, bounced like a toy on the cock that now owned her. The glass wall of the shower was nearly smashed and she managed to get a glimpse of it in the bathroom mirror before she was slammed down into her own bed within the darkness.

Claire had never been or felt wetter and never had she believed it possible to be fucked this much and this savagely. But she was on fire and even if his massive body crushed her underneath him, she used her thunder thighs of perfection to wrestle her mad grandpa on his back.

Claire never allowed his cock an escape from her gripping pussy and once she was straddled on his cock, Claire began riding him like crazy while crashing her big 38D’s into his chest as she kissed him hungrily.

Hands smacked her ass when she began bouncing it as fast as she could and it only enticed her to bounce it faster. Claire ground her ass down hard on his cock and she was so in love with the feeling of the cock stretching her deepest depths that she felt another orgasm approaching.

Claire was unhinged, unlocked and wild while her lover thrusted up into her. Their lips smashed and their tongues danced, but she never once questioned his muscular build or the strong chest Bycasino giriş which mashed against her tits.

The bed was rocking now and her hair was all over the place. Claire had never felt better and never felt so connected with her lover. It was as if he knew her mind and her body like the back of his hand. That cock reached so far it felt like it stabbed against her cervix and when she slammed herself down on his base, Claire climaxed.

Claire grew limp and it felt like the wings of an angel was lifting her torso up from her lover to allow her juices to soak his cock like it deserved. While taking her hair and lightly bouncing on top of his glorious cock, she felt hands squeeze and play with her big tits. It felt so good and he was kneading her tits so roughly she couldn’t think straight.

The pleasure had jolted into her mind and taken over her, which is why she never noticed that he had slammed her down into the mattress with him covering her entire body.

When Claire came back to the moment, she felt her tits being crushed by his weight and her legs wrapped around him to try and take him even deeper, but his lips, they devoured hers.

Claire had barely a second to breathe between their kisses before he smashed their lips together again, but the entire experience nearly felt claustrophobic since he was literally covering and controlling her entire world.

Then the first rays of sunlight peered into the room through the window, but the room was still too dark for her to see what should’ve been apparent and thus she lost in herself in pleasure.

Claire felt like she was being consumed as an item by how madly he fucked her and while she closed her eyes in bliss, then she felt his lips smash with hers.

Claire’s body climaxed again and the pleasure was so great she had to get him off of her to prevent her from losing her mind. Claire tried to do whatever she could to get him off of her, but he just kept on thrusting into her like a madman and kissing her long and hard. The worst part was that the pleasure only amped itself up by him now sucking on her neck and flattening her into the mattress.

The insane thrusting never stopped and even though she’d managed just recently to move him, she found that she couldn’t move him with her legs that still remained wrapped around him because they only pushed him deeper.

Her grandpa was fucking her, making her juices rain even when she wanted a pause and she could hardly breathe while enduring the cataclysmic pleasure she was receiving. Claire’s orgasms rocked through her without ever giving her a chance to gather herself and thus she tried to scream the house down whilst he thundered his cock in and out of her like nobody else had ever done, but his hand on her mouth kept her from doing so.

His cock felt so good she wanted to feel it even deeper inside of her, but he had reached his limits and Claire wasn’t even fucking him back, she was just lying there, her curvaceous body of perfection was his to enjoy and in his madness for her beauty, he was sending her to places no passport could ever take her to.

Claire was so in love with her grandpa that she pictured their wedding ceremony while he was pounding into her soar and drenched pussy like a caveman claiming his woman. Then he picked up the pace and when his lips left hers, Claire screamed without a care in the world for the potential consequences.

“Ahhhh!!!! You’re fucking me so fucking GOOD!!! AHHhhhhhh! Feel so good! So fucking good! AHHHHH! MY GOD!!! I’M CUMMING!!! AHHHH!! CUM IN ME!!! KNOCK ME UP!!! AHHHHHH!!!!” Claire screamed and his lips finally found hers to try and shut her up before she awoke the house, but he answered her pleas by fucking her so hard and rough that she felt herself climax uncontrollably on his cock whilst the room around her turned pitch-black despite the light that now illuminated it.

When Claire awoke from her blackout, she was surprised that her grandpa was gone from her bed. Claire closed her eyes while basking in the heavenly pleasure of her grandpa fucking the life out of her and she knew then what had happened.

“It was a dream…My God Claire! You have to stop having dreams like these!” Claire spoke to herself not believing how addicted she had become to sex, but that is when she realized something strange.

It wasn’t the sweat, nor the dishevelled hair draping all over the pillow, her shoulders and even some of chest, but the cum that leaked out of her soar pussy and the cum that was all over her face, chest and even on her stomach.

Claire’s world froze and she now felt the soar nature of her nipples join in on waking her the hell up. Claire looked at the sheets of the bed and they were messy and soaked in sweat, water and juices. Her entire left thigh was covered in juices and lots of cum, but she couldn’t believe she was clad in this much cum.

Claire felt hickeys on her throat and her lips were swollen and stained with cum and salvia when she touched them to check.

Claire couldn’t even get up from the bed, she was Bycasino güncel giriş completely drained and ruined…but her grandpa had never been able to cum this much and thus she wondered…if it had even been her grandpa at all.

While she recovered, which took about an hour, the memories of the wild sex flashed through her mind like a series of broken pictures and she realized that the mystery man had an entirely different physique than her grandpa.

That realization of how strong the man had been and how wild for her he had been, stuck with her when she finally managed to get to her trembling feet, but once she was standing, Claire fell straight down on her bubbly ass.

Claire wanted to throw up by the truth of what had happened and because of the reeking smell of the intercourse which filled her bedroom to the point where it suffocated her.

Not even caring for the fact that she was blissfully naked and covered in so much cum it looked like a football team had gangbanged her, Claire opened the door to her bedroom and stumbled towards the room with her baby boy with even more cum leaking down her ravaged bronze body.

To her luck, it was open and nobody was inside to witness her, but to her disappointment, it was an empty room and to her surprise, it didn’t even look used. It was as if her mother hadn’t even slept here to watch over little Stephen, but since she couldn’t find comfort in her little boy, Claire turned and walked back to her own bedroom where she would quickly jump into the shower.

The thoughts of the mystery man fucking her better than anyone had ever done remained with her when she showered. Underneath the hot water she tried to drench the stains away and remove any visible proof of her ravishment, but sadly for her, there was a nearly smashed glass wall staring right at her with the truth of her ravishment.

The mystery man had been fucking her for a long time after she blacked out, she was sure of it, but she knew not who he was. That was the worst part, the absolute worst, someone she had believed to be her beloved grandpa had ravished her throughout the entire night and she had enjoyed it more than anything in the entire world.

Claire threw up the moment she stepped out of the shower and luckily, she managed to reach the toilet in time. Once she had emptied what felt like her entire stomach, she jumped into the shower again to try and clean off the memory of her betrayal, but the memories of her gagging on his cock came back to her.

It felt like it was the shame she was trying to wash away. The shame over having felt satisfied; for having enjoyed it; for having been so into it; for having done so little to prevent him from ravishing her; from having believed the massive man of pure muscles could be her grandfather and for having loved it so much she found herself wishing for more even now when she tried to forget about his massive cock.

“Ah, what a cock…” Claire said dreamily to herself without being able to stop herself.

Once out of the shower and once she was dried, Claire could hardly get dressed because even walking felt impossible, but she put on a ton of makeup to hide all evidence of the insane fucking.

When Claire stumbled down the stairs with her iPhone in hand and her wide hips barely contained in her blue booty shorts, which rode up into the crack of her massive bubble butt and in a matching blue sports bra that pushed her bust into one mighty fine cleavage, Claire began preparing herself for the meeting of the possible man who had done with her as he wanted.

Even when she was in the hallway she could hear their voices and the moment she heard them, flashes of the mystery man on top of her came back and it filled her with nerves, but she moved nonetheless towards the kitchen and her long blonde hair cascaded down her chest and down her back in heavenly waves.

“Good morning Claire!!!” Her entire family sang out to her when she stepped timidly into the kitchen and the level of restraint it took not to stare judgingly at the men of her family was unheard of. However, Claire knew how she had to react as to not reveal that something was wrong since they all treated her like the centre point of the family.

Forcing herself to act, Claire beamed and smiled so beautifully and so adorably at them that her brothers and her daddy gripped the counter while letting out a gasp and her little sisters ran to her whilst she waved adorably at them.

“We love you!!!” Her beautiful little sisters cried out in love and admiration before they jumped into her voluptuous body. Claire loved her little sisters immensely and thus she hugged around them harder than ever before whilst they hugged around her.

Cassidy and Cynthia grabbed around Claire as if she was a teddy bear whose entire purpose was to be cuddled. Claire loved them so much and without knowing it they shielded her from the three men who stared at her from the table. It was one of the three, either her daddy, or her big brother or her twin brother, but she had no idea who it was. Claire felt her little sister grab around her so hard and so desperately she couldn’t help but giggle and shine for their enjoyment. They had been worried, Claire could feel it by how much they tried to entwine with her body and she promised herself never to drink that badly again.

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