Car Problems… or Opportunities?

Big Tits

This is a work of fiction. Even so, it could have taken place and I’m sure somewhere, someplace, someone has had a similar experience. It involves interracial sex and a bit of cuckolding. If that interests you read on. If not, well…


I’ve always been a woman best described as “curvy”; wide at the hips and butt, narrow waist and a pair of 36DD breasts. When it came to swimsuits, my chest was big enough that I usually just went the safe one-piece suit route. That prompted complaints from my husband that I never wore anything that showed off my big tits. So, I had gone all-in on a new bathing suit, a black string two-piece.

“What do you think?” I asked him.

I didn’t really need to ask him, I already knew what he thought. I was modeling the bikini I had bought for my husband and it was racier than anything I had ever purchased before. Watching him now as I asked the question, I could tell he approved.

“Wow!” he said as he got up off the bed.

It was the first string bikini I had ever owned. When I saw it at the store I figured I’d give Bill a treat. “That looks fucking great on you,” he said as he came over to touch me. “I’m just glad we’re going a place where no one knows us!”

It was just a little mini vacation for us. We were going to take a trip up the coast and hit one of the beaches off the beaten track. We wanted some place far away from all the tourist bullshit where we could relax. If we were going to be at a place like that I figured I might as well let my hair down.

A short beach excursion was the most that we could currently afford, and even that would be stretching the budget. As long as we made it a day trip, for that was the only thing we could afford.

Bill already had his hands on my tits, and the bulge in his pants was signaling his approval of my new swimsuit. His one hand went to my back and a second later I felt my tits swinging free. He had them in his hands and was kissing them, but that wasn’t what I wanted at the moment. I had felt sexy standing there in that two piece suit, and when I felt sexy there was always something I like to do to him.

I pushed him onto the bed and started unbuckling his jeans. He was still playing with my tits but, by the time I had his jeans pulled off his body, he relented somewhat and leaned his head back. When I lowered my mouth on him he moaned and I felt his hands on my head.

Bill and I had been married for eight years and during that time I had never really interested in sucking his cock. Something in me had changed in the last year, much to my husband’s delight. I started to relish how sexy I felt and how I could control the tempo – I started to love sucking on his cock.

He moaned and twisted his hips as he made another attempt at grabbing my tits. I pushed his hands away and wrapped my hand around his cock and started to pump him slowly. He moaned again and his hands dropped to his side. I knew once I started pumping his shaft it would settle him down.

I loved the taste of my husband in my mouth. I loved feeling his body as he got ready to cum on me. Maybe it was a power thing, but my pussy was wet now just thinking about it.

I took him out of my mouth and stroked him fast – three, four, five times. His back arched and I watched with delight as his cock shot his warm sperm all over my face and neck. After licking and swallowing all of his jism, I propped myself on one elbow and looked at him. He was laying there spent as I traced my fingers over him. “So I guess this means you like my new bikini?” I coyly asked him.


We got to the beach early and spent most of the morning there. It was warm, but not yet too hot, and there were not too many people out. We found a spot that afforded us relative privacy. Bill was more than willing to rub sun tan lotion on my body and took every opportunity he could to get his fingers under my suit. But by the time lunch time came the heat was starting to get unbearable.

There were some other guys on the beach and I knew they would watch me as I went down to the water. Bill had remarked on it too and counted it as a sign of how good I looked. By 2:00 we decided to call it quits because eskişehir escort the heat had become stifling. We packed our things into the car and left for home.

The car was acting funny on the way up to the beach, but it was an old car with a list of issues so we didn’t pay it much mind. On the way home the car started sounding worse. When we heard the pop come from the engine the car stopped running and coasted to a stop. We were in an unfamiliar town but were within sight of an auto garage so Bill took a walk to their office.

I stayed with the car and it was only about fifteen minutes until Bill returned with a mechanic who offered us a tow. A good-looking black guy, he pulled our dead car to his garage to have a look at it. It was still insufferably hot outside and he told us we could sit in their waiting room while he had a look. I noticed two other men in the garage, also black, when Bill and I got in their lounge and I took a seat.

I was pretty sure they noticed me first. I saw the one who had brought us in speaking to the other two and then watched all six eyes fall on me. I was still a little self-conscious wearing only the new bikini. I crossed my arms across my chest while the three black men continued to look, alternately at our car and at me.

They worked on our car for well over two hours. The afternoon was slipping past us and the sun was starting to go down outside. The guy that gave us the tow came into the lounge and introduced himself as Tony, the garage owner. He had a smudge of grease on his strong chin that would have given himself away as a mechanic if I had met him on the street.

“It’s going to be about $700” Tony told us. “We’ve got most of it done but have one more part we need to get in. I’ve got it on the lift now, and am hoping to have it done before dark.”

I could feel Tony’s eyes on my chest and I crossed my arms again. Bill and I looked at each other. We certainly didn’t have $700 that we could give them. We were essentially screwed if we needed to leave there with our broken car on Tony’s lift.

“We can’t afford that,” Bill told him. “We don’t have that kind of money.”

“What are you talking about?” Tony snapped back at him. “You came in here with your pretty wife and said you needed your car fixed. I thought we were doing you a favor.”

The tone of voice was getting louder and I could see the other two guys stopping their work and watching us from inside the garage.

“Why don’t you just get our car off the lift and we’ll get out of here,” Bill said.

“Who’s going to pay for my labor?” Tony said. “Not to mention I’ve already got new parts in your car.”

It was starting to get ugly, and the other two black men were standing outside the glass lounge window watching us now.

“Maybe we can work out a payment option,” Tony said, looking at me. “I’ll bet your wife has a way to settle the bill.”

Bill was taken aback; I saw him get ready to say something ugly back to Tony. That’s when I knew I needed to step in.

“What exactly is it you want?” I said to Tony.

“Well”, he said, “How about you take those sweet lips and put them around my cock.”

“A blowjob?” I said to Tony. “Is that all you want, a blowjob?”

Bill was speechless and I could feel his eyes on me, and I watched as Tony looked at Bill before speaking to me.

“For each of us,” he said. “We’ve each worked on your car. You blow each one of us and we’ll fix it for free. Hell, I’ll even change the oil before we take it off the lift.”

I felt my husband’s hand on my arm as he pulled me away from Tony into the corner of the waiting area.

“You guys talk it over,” Tony said and he stepped into the garage to talk to the other two men.

“Are you fucking out of your mind?” Bill asked me. “What the fuck are you thinking?”

“I’ll tell you what I’m thinking,” I told him. “I’ll get these three clowns off in under ten minutes and we save ourselves $700. I know it sounds crazy but we don’t have much of a choice do we? Even if they let us leave here, with the car fucked up what do we do then?”

“Are you sure about this?” he said.

“Yeah, no problem. We tell them I do it right here. escort eskişehir What’s the worst that could happen?” I told him, trying not to think too hard about the answer to that question.

The three of them were on the other side of the glass watching us. I didn’t even give Bill a chance to give me his official blessing. I wanted to be able to take responsibility for what I was about to do without him feeling guilty. So I looked at the three of them and nodded, and watched them come back into the waiting area.

“It’s a deal,” I blurted out.

“Yeah, yeah, that’s fine,” Tony said. “Blow Frank first, he’s the one who has done most of the work on your car.”

I looked at Frank; He was the smallest of the three of them, no problem. I walked over and got on my knees in front of Frank. I unzipped his pants and gave them a hard tug, bringing them to the floor in one shot. I knew that the other two men were probably shocked at my forwardness, but I had been giving my husband head like a pro for the previous twelve months. I looked at Frank’s cock and thought I could get him off in five minutes or less.

I took him in my mouth and felt him start to harden. I started swirling my tongue around him and wrapped my hand around his cock to stroke him. I thought I heard him moan and I took my other hand and started to massage his balls. He was instantly hard now and I smiled inside knowing I was that much closer to scratching the first cock off my list.

I felt hands on my back and turned to see Tony had started to untie my bikini top.

“Wait a minute, here,” Bill said, stopping Tony in his tracks. “Just one at a time.”

I took Frank’s cock out of my mouth long enough to say to Bill,”It’s okay,” and then started sucking on Frank’s cock again.

I knew Bill wasn’t happy, but in my head it was all part of my strategy. If they were looking at my tits they would get more excited and I would be able to get them off quicker. I felt Tony finish untying my bikini top and lift it off me.

I could feel Frank’s cock throbbing in my mouth again after I felt the tug on my bikini top. I could hear the men excitedly laughing with each other as my tits bobbed free. I felt Tony’s hands on my tits as I continued sucking Frank’s cock. I knew his breathing was getting faster and thought I had him almost there. I gripped him with my one hand and started to pump him faster.

I felt his body twitch and I listened to him groan right before he came. His cock opened up and a thick jet of sperm filled my mouth. I kept stroking him through two or three more jets of sperm until he finished. The other guys cheered in celebration and then I felt hands on my ass.

Tony was at the tie on my bottoms before I had a chance to stop him. He gave them a quick tug and easily got them undone. Before I had a chance to grab them the he reached down to pick me up.

“It’s my turn now,” he said, “But I think we should move to the office.”

The office was hot. I didn’t remember it being quite so hot when they brought me back there, but now it felt like it was sweltering. My body had a thin sheen of sweat on it, and my stomach was still sticky from where Frank had cum on me. There hadn’t been any time to clean it up, because Tony had picked me up and carried me back here.

My husband had come back too. He said he wanted to make sure I was safe, but I know now that he didn’t want to leave because he was getting off watching me do these things. I had originally suspected it when I saw the bulge in his pants, but now I knew for sure. His eyes were glued to us and he had his bare, hard cock in his hands.

I didn’t have a whole lot of time to look at my husband. Tony was picking me up again and spinning me around. I knew what he wanted. I reached up and grabbed his hard cock and put it in my mouth. If they would just stop touching me maybe I could get Tony off before I had an orgasm.

And I knew from my husband’s vantage point he was looking directly at my naked pussy. I knew it would be obvious to him how excited this was all making me. My pussy was dripping wet and he would be looking right at it.

I felt the third black man, Ray, touching me and knew that meant eskişehir escort bayan good news and bad news. The good news is he was now blocking my husband’s view, so he couldn’t know how wet I was. The bad news is I was getting ready to be fucked, which meant potentially having an orgasm before getting Tony off.

I started sucking Tony harder. I felt his knees buckle a little and I brought a hand up to stroke him while I went to work feverishly. I was in a race against time now. I wanted to get him to come first before Ray started fucking me. I could feel his cock against me now though so I felt like it was a race I was losing.

I thought about that fucking car. The thing had been giving us problems for months now. We had talked about trading it in but we need at least two more paychecks to have enough for a down payment. We never should have taken this trip if we didn’t think the car would make it.

I wanted to get Tony to cum so I could end this. I had the talent to do it, I knew I did. But he had me at such an odd angle I was having difficulty. And his damn hands wouldn’t stop touching me.

His hands were on my tits, then on my mouth, then rubbing my ass. He would put his fingers in my mouth to wet them and then would pinch my nipples with them. I kept trying to concentrate on his cock but I realized it was a fight I was losing – I was getting closer to an orgasm than he was. And then I felt Ray touching my pussy.

I had assumed it was his hands at first. I thought if it had been anything else Bill would have said something. A second later I knew whatever it was couldn’t possibly be a finger, it was too damn big.

Was that his cock?

I lifted my head long enough from Tony to turn and look behind me. I saw Ray on his knees with his huge cock in his hand. He already had the tip in my pussy and was just starting to push it in. I looked at Bill, wondering why he had said nothing, and saw him stroking his own, hard cock.

“Go ahead Ray,” Tony said and I felt Ray push into me. I gasped as I felt it and I tried to steady my already shaky limbs. He pushed again and got himself a few inches further. By the time he got the whole thing in, I realized exactly how excited I had been.

“Good girl,” Tony said, and he brought my mouth back down to his cock.

I tried to finish what I had started and tried to suck him harder. I took my hand and wrapped it around him in a futile effort to get him off. And then I felt Ray dragging his delicious, fat cock back out of me.

“No, don’t stop now,” I moaned as I lifted my head off of Tony.

Tony laughed and pushed my mouth back down to his cock. “I think this white wife likes black cock, Ray,” he said as he leaned over me and started playing with my tits again. He was right – I loved that fat black cock.

I felt Ray’s big cock come nearly all the way out. He paused for a moment and slowly pushed it back in. I felt every ridge and bump on that big cock as it traveled back into my pussy. When he bumped me to let me know he had filled me I practically came on the spot.

I could feel my throbbing pussy stretched around him as I badly tried to finish Tony off. I knew he was closer now – he had slowed down playing with my tits and had his head back moaning. I felt Ray bump me again as I started pumping Tony harder. Tony finally grunted and rewarded me with a thick splash of warm semen in my mouth from his cock.

Ray took the cue that his boss was finished and latched his big hands on to my hips. He picked me up and placed me exactly how he wanted as he started to hammer into me full throttle. I felt hands on my tits and realized that Tony was still in front of me. I tried to speak to tell Ray to fuck me harder but no words came out.

My pussy was already stretched around his fat, black cock. He lowered his hand to my clit and started to rub it while fucking me. I felt my pussy clamping down hard on him as I came. He drilled me in earnest for a few more minutes before I felt his strong pulse and then his warm explosion of cum inside of me. I had been fucked like never before, and collapsed in the lounge, spent.

I awoke ten minutes later to see the three of them were back in the garage working on our car. I looked at my body and saw that I had dried semen all over me. I put the bikini back on and waited. Our car was fixed within an hour and we drove home.

Not a word passed between Bill and me until we were ten minutes from our home. I broke the silence, saying, “Maybe we should keep this old car. But, it may need some more work, you know, “repairs”. Bill just smiled at me.

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