At the Cabin


It was time. Lyn packed a few bags, grabbed her keys and drove off to the cabin. Getting a motel room would have been easier but the cabin offered more privacy. From the way He sounded the last time they spoke on the phone, privacy would be much more important than luxury and convenience.

She stopped at the office to pick up the cabin key and drove down the dirt road, far back into the woods. The cabin looked small from the outside and once she opened the door, she realized it was just one tiny room with a closet sized bathroom. No matter; it had a bed and some other sparse furnishings which would more than accommodate them tonight.

Rummaging through her bags Lyn found the sheet she had packed and spread it across the bed. She quickly scurried through another bag to find a bottle of myrrh scented soap. She padded to the tiny bathroom, turned on the water in the shower and crinkled her nose at the smell of well water. He might not be pleased about that but she had no time to worry now. Lyn bathed hurriedly, keeping her hair dry. She toweled off just as quickly and went back to her bags. Black eyeliner, dark lipstick and a short black satin and lace chemise would be her attire for now. She found the toys she had packed and carefully set them out on the dresser for Him to see. She wasn’t sure what He had in mind. The important thing was that He had His choice. Then she sat on the bed, listened to the sounds of the night in the woods and waited for Him.

The cool night air hit her and she realized she must have dozed off while she waited. He stood at the threshold. She wanted to run to Him and throw herself in His arms but that was not appropriate behavior for tonight. This was about what He wanted; her only want was to fulfill a need to serve and please Him in any way He chose.

He said nothing as He walked towards her. He took her hand and pulled slightly so she would stand. Tenderly He put His hand to her face, stroking her cheek and kissed her. She fell into His body, having missed His touch.

“I will give you one chance tonight to say no. Will you submit to me no matter what I ask of you?”

Lyn whispered a hoarse yes in response.

“Yes what?”

“Yes Master, I am here to serve and please you.”

He smiled and gave her one last gentle kiss. Lyn sighed wishing it could continue but also knowing they both had a burning desire for more tonight. As she looked into His eyes it became obvious that they were about to cross over to the next level. Instinctively she lowered her gaze to the floor and knelt in front of Him.

He had seen the array of toys on the dresser and now strolled over to inspect the selection. He picked up a small whip and turned to her.

“Nice little selection you have slut. Tell edirne escort me, which is your favorite and least favorite of these?”

“The small leather whip is my favorite Master. I don’t care much for the leather paddle Master.”

“So why did you bring it along whore? You want me to use it on you, don’t you?”

“No Master. I brought it because my wants mean nothing tonight. If You feel I should be disciplined, You should have every tool available to Your satisfaction to do so Master.”

He smiled. “Good. That was very good my little pet. You have already pleased me.” He walked towards her with the small leather whip and put it horizontally against her lips. “Open up.” He placed it between her teeth and stepped back. He circled around her and from behind slipped a blindfold over her eyes. She heard Him continue to walk around her, as if He were inspecting her body from top to bottom. She felt His hand cup a breast then slide down her side. He let His hand slide down to her thigh and then under her short skirt. He quickly grazed His hand between her legs and she let out a slight moan.

“I didn’t give you permission to make a sound whore.” He suddenly snapped at her. Lyn heard His zipper slide. The whip was removed from her mouth. “I guess you need something else in your mouth to keep you quiet, don’t you? Now be a good fuckslut and tell me what you want in your mouth.”

“Master may I please You by sucking Your cock?” she asked.

“That’s all?” He sounded angry as He said it.

Lyn was at a loss for words but knew she had to try. She stumbled out a string of pleases and Masters but He wanted more. The whip she enjoyed so much was the tool of discipline for this infraction. She felt it’s tendrils brush against her face softly and then whimpered as she felt it’s full force on her thigh. She knew she’d better think quickly or she’d feel more.

“Master, I am begging to serve You, to kiss and lick and suck You. May I have the privilege of pleasing Your cock with my mouth. I am begging You to use my mouth for Your enjoyment. Please Master?”

Her answer being satisfactory, He placed the head of His dick against her lips. She softly kissed and licked at the tip and then slowly worked her way down. As she came up again she licked in circles, moistening the hard rod in front of her. He grabbed her hair and she knew it was time to stop teasing. She parted her lips and slowly slid down taking His entire length into her mouth and down her throat. She sucked hard and bobbed her head down faster and harder each time until she felt Him expanding and throbbing. She took a deep breath and slammed her head down as hard and fast as she could, keeping Him down her throat. He groaned escort edirne and she felt a spray of warm fluid shooting down her throat. Lyn gently sucked for a moment longer, then began to lick Him clean. He stroked her hair, His breathing ragged.

“Thank you Master for allowing me to serve You with my mouth, I hope I have pleased You.”

He showed no emotion; He merely told her she could rest on the floor for a few moments. He stretched out on the bed.

After what felt like an eternity to her, she felt herself being guided to a standing position. She was a bit disoriented from the blindfold but she knew she had to put her trust in Him. He turned her so she was facing the bed. She felt His hand between her legs and flushed knowing that He felt the wetness on her thighs. He parted her legs. She felt His hands move to her shoulders. He pulled at the flimsy straps and tugged her top down so it rested at her waist. With one hand on her hip and another at the small of her back He leaned her forward so she was now spread eagle bent over the bed.

“Lean further back and stick your ass out.”

Lyn rocked back onto her heels, stretching back as far as she could. Again He put His hand between her legs. He delivered a hard smack to her ass and she gasped.

“I know what this pussy should feel like. I want it wetter than this. Use your fingers slut and get it ready to be fucked.”

She licked two fingers and began rubbing them against her clit.

“Fuck yourself bitch.”

She slid her two very wet fingers inside as far as she could. He was enjoying the show. Knowing that she was willing to submit to any of His desires tonight got Him hard again. He moved close to her and rested the head of His cock against her drenched pussy. This was driving her over the edge; playing with herself while feeling the heat of Him was almost too much to bear. He delivered a few more quick smacks and then without warning slammed deep inside her. He held her still by her hair and rode her hard and fast. In just a few moments, knowing she was breaking His rules, she couldn’t help but moan and squirm.

“Do you want to cum slut?”

“Yes Master,” she was almost breathless, “may I cum now?”

“No. You will not until I allow it. Do you understand?”

“Yes. Master.” It was hard for her to talk; she was short on breath trying with all her energy to focus on not reaching her climax.

He was relentless. He fucked her harder and faster than any time before, waiting for her to fail. She was utterly determined to do as commanded. Over and over she was just seconds from going over the edge and bit her bottom lip to avoid it. He was amused by her frustration and impressed with her dedication edirne escort bayan to obeying Him. Finally He told her she may begin begging to cum.

“Master… I … please…” Her voice was husky with lust and need and she could barely speak between breaths. “Master .. I need…. I… …need to …cum. Please Mas…..Master, please may I …cum now?

He smiled at her effort and told her that yes, she could. He held her tight as her body racked with wave after wave of pleasure. He pulled out of her, still hard and told her to scoot the rest of the way onto the bed. She heard Him walk away. Then He was in front of her.

“You’ve been a naughty little whore. Didn’t I tell you not to make a sound? And you’ve made a horrible mess. First you will clean every drop of this from me. Then I will punish you severely for your disobedience.”

She searched with her mouth to find Him, still so very hard and hot. Slowly she licked at Him, taking great care in cleaning away all traces of her orgasms. He pulled back away from her and gently ran His hand through her hair.

“Very nice. Now I’m going to use the paddle on you. You will be silent.”

He walked to the other side of the bed. Lyn heard the whoosh and then felt the sting. Tears instantly sprung to her eyes and though she wanted to cry out, she remained silent. A few more cracks of the paddle and He was done. His hands softly rubbed her tender and marked backside and she relaxed a bit. Then he spanked her. She threw her head back at the pain but still made no sounds.

“Good slut. Very good. Now I’m going to reward your efforts. You are going to please me with your ass.”

Lyn felt the coolness of the lubricant as He drizzled it on her. He entered her with one slick finger, then another. He stretched His fingers apart and worked them in and out of her tight ass. The pain and the pleasure mingled and twisted into one sensation for her and He worked her into another frenzy. Then she felt him press against her. She tried to remain still and keep her breathing even knowing that would make it easier to take Him. Slowly He entered her. Lyn felt herself being filled to an extreme she wasn’t sure she could handle. Still she didn’t resist at all. Inch by inch He slowly kept going until He was buried deep in her ass. He began riding her slowly, with short deliberate thrusts. It wasn’t long until His pace quickened. Finally He was losing control and pounding into her.

“Do you want to feel me cum in your tight ass slut?”

“Yes Master.” She bucked back wildly against Him. “Please Master, fill my ass with Your cum.”

She almost couldn’t believe the sensation of Him shooting so deep inside her. He went on for an impossible time, completely emptying into her, then collapsing with her on the bed. He slipped off her blindfold and pulled her close.

“Thank you Master.”

“You are welcome pet. Now rest.”

He kissed her softly, pulled the blanket over her chilled body and listened to the crickets chirping outside their little cabin. Very content, she began to doze off in His arms.

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