New House, New Rules Ch. 02

I had to clear my head, it felt like years since I fell asleep. If I looked at the pictures, I know I’d just spend the day reliving this morning while looking at them. I wondered how far would the pictures in the envelope be? Pictures of my mom. In lingerie. Topless. Naked. Sucking my dad’s cock? Covered in cum. Fucking…me. Fuck.

And this morning, swallowing my erection and my sperm before she went back to work. Would she tell my dad? Would he be mad? Throw me out of the house? I was terrified and confused but my teenage cock was throbbing. I made a decision and threw on some shorts and headed downstairs. I made myself some breakfast, eggs and toast. I hardly remember making them or eating it but I was famished and then wasn’t so I must have. I went outside and tried to start the lawnmower, that would take my mind off things, it was tricky, the damn thing always took a few tugs to get started. I imagined my mom tugging on my cock, well, that didn’t work.

I got to it, weaving across the yard. It was a hot, sunny day and we had a fair sized lawn. Our closest neighbors were a few hundred yards away, one of the reasons my parents swam naked. My mom, naked on her knees in front of me, her tits wrapped around my cock. Oh God, I was finally finished the yard. I yanked off my shorts and jumped in the pool. I needed some relief from the heat and from my raging hard-on.

I swam to the shallow end and up to the jet, the water level was low, I had to pull myself halfway out of the water to let the water rush out and caress my throbbing cock. It felt so good, not as good as this morning but more than enough and better than using my hand. I closed my eyes as I relived everything, I was so close I…

“Oh my God, are you…” I quickly opened my eyes and there was my cousin, she was confused, curious and a smirk all at once. And she looked good, her jet black hair pulled into a ponytail, her piercing blue eyes. She was wearing a tiny black bikini, barely covering her tight little body. I couldn’t help it, I exploded with a groan. My cock twitched and shot as I fell back into the pool, spraying at least two massive shots straight up in the air before it was back under. I went under too out of breath and shocked. She jumped in after me and helped me up.

“You ok?” She asked, concerned.

“yeah, sorry I just saw you and oh fuck..sorry” I said still in shock. Really, caught twice in one day?

“Sorry for what? Cumming like fucking geyser after seeing me?” She laughed.

“Fuck. No, I was using the jet and…” I started to explain.

“Sure, sure, like I haven’t noticed you checking me out.” She stuck her tongue out at me.

I glanced down and realized during her rescue, I had pulled her bikini top partly off. She noticed where I was looking and said “well I guess there’s no point in keeping it on now.” And pulled her top off. She looked at me for a second, then “When in Rome I guess” she said as she pulled off her bottoms underwater. I couldn’t see her clearly but just the thought that we were both naked in the pool was enough to cause my cock to stir again. I hoped Julia didn’t notice, well part of me hoped she did but wouldn’t be offended. She paused again and suddenly a worried look came across her face “Wait, could I…no…nevermind, that’s stupid.” She said as she grinned, “totally fine”.

“What? You can’t do that, we have a rule”, I reminded her.

“No, you’ll make fun of me, it’s stupid” she said, her blue eyes sparkling as she grinned at me.

“Tell me!” I instinctively reached for her bursa yabancı escort stomach, tickling was how I’d normally deal with this and I didn’t think about us both being naked would change this situation. I started tickling and she doubled over her tits mashing into me before she turned to run in the water. I kept it up and now her ass smashed against my semi erect cock.

“Ok, ok, you came in the pool and I worried I could get pregnant for a second!” She blurted out while laughing.

I couldn’t help it, the thought of us fucking and me blowing my load inside my unprotected, sexy cousin caused my cock to swell. And since it was pressed against her, she had to notice.

We froze, well I froze. She turned and looked at me. We were both breathing heavily, but neither of us broke our now sexually charged embrace. “Whoa”. She said. “Guess you’re not my ‘little’ cousin are you”. I didn’t realize it until then but my hand was almost cupping one of her tits, the other grasping her tight waist.

Julia’s hand snaked down and her fingertips brushed against my cock head, and she seemed like she was about to wrap her hand around it.

“Hey guys!” My dad yelled from the back door.

There was a slight pause before we separated. I could barely breathe. Were we about to fuck? I wanted her. My cock ached for release. She glanced back at me before standing and answering my dad.

“Heey, hhey Uncle Don!” My cousin said.

“Hey dad,” I blurted out.

“Thanks for mowing the lawn,” my dad said. He paused. “How’s the water? Not too cold is it?”

“No, it feels pretty good to me,” Julia blurted.

We made eye contact and she looked like deer caught in headlights. She blushed red.

I looked up at my dad, he was wearing sunglasses but I could tell he was staring at Julia’s perky tits. She had a bit of a tan line, unlike my mom, and her nipples were hard as rocks. ‘Is the pool cold?’, good one dad.

“Coming in?” I asked him. I wanted him to leave, but didn’t know what to do if he did.

“I’d love to come in,” he said and I swear he looked right at my cousin, “but your mom is going to be home any minute with dinner,” He said turning his head towards me, “so I’ll let you finish up your fun, then head inside please.”

My cousin started to walk up the steps “sure you don’t want to join us?” she said.

“No, maybe next time, you two finish having fun, you’ve got at least 5, maybe 10 minutes.” My dad took one last glance at Julia and headed.”Omg,” she said, still standing on the steps, her pussy just out of the water. She had some tan lines there too of course, I could see her taunt, flat stomach and her small pink belly button piercing. Just below, her just black pubic hair was trimmed short in a strip. “Do you think he saw us?”

“I don’t know, because he sounded like we should continue it. Maybe your hard nipples gave it away ‘is the water cold?'” I said, making my voice a bit deeper as I stepped up to the same height as here. I reached out and brushed one of her hard nipples, hoping it wasn’t going too far. “I should call you Nips from now on.”

She laughed, “My hard nipples gave it away, not you, DICK” and she reached out and wrapped her fingers around my hard cock. We started at each other for a second before we both looked down. I quickly slide my hand down her body and slide my hand to her pussy. We started to stroke each other. Even though I had already cum twice, it was far from a record for a day, and that it was Julia and my parents bursa sınırsız escort could catch as at any second was going to make this quick.

“We don’t have long, unless you are hoping he comes back?” I asked, her asking him to join us popped in my head.

“Shut up, just make me cum.” She demanded.

We stroked each other, our other hands exploring each other’s perfect teenage bodies.

“This is so bad” She almost whispered. She glanced toward the house. “He can’t see us can he?” I knew he could if he wanted to, every room on this side of the house has a view of the pool and pool area. I wondered if my dad was watching us right now.

“Maybe, now shut up and make me cum” I jokingly said to her. She looked up at me and grinned. She pulled me closer and rubbed my cock on her pussy. She was dripping and I was leaking, so our combined juices made for a slippery mixture.

Julia started to spasm “I’m gonna,. Oh I’m cumming, fuck me” I felt her body shaking and bucking, her pussy throbbing on my finger and it set me off. I exploded in her hands as she rubbed against her stomach. She looked up and we kissed as we orgasmed, our bodies sticky with my cum as we pressed against each other. We broke the kiss and reality hit us…both of us were shocked

Finally I broke the ice “ok, you want to come over earlier tomorrow?”

“Yeah,” she said. “Yeah, ok” We both dunked underwater to rinse off and then dried off. She threw on her shorts and t-shirt, I guess she just had her bikini on underneath. And went out the side gate. I went into the house in a towel and went right to the shower. I stood in the cool water in bliss, until I heard the bathroom door open. “You’ve been in there long enough and your dad is using ours” my mom said.

“Sorry I didn’t realize you were home” I said coming out of my trance. “I’m done, getting out now.”

The curtain slid open and there was my totally naked mother, hair up and a loose bundle. She just reached and put her hand under the water before reaching for the knobs. “It’s so cold!” She exclaimed. Get out if you want to finish cool. As she turned the hot water on. She didn’t wait and stepped in. “Scootch, go dinner’s staying warm in the oven” I slide out, my wet body grazing hers. My cock swelled. And she noticed, “No time for that right now, go!” And she closed the shower curtain.

I went to my bedroom, in shock. I put my clothes on, just shorts and a t-shirt, and went downstairs. The showers were off so I started to set the table and take the food out. My dad came down first, it was the first time we’d been alone but he didn’t say anything, he just went and got a couple of wine glasses and a bottle of red wine. He was just wearing his pajama pants and a robe. A few minutes later my mom came down. She was wearing a short robe, her legs on display almost to her ass. I wondered if she was topless underneath too.

My parents made small talk while I just ate and hoped my activities for the day would just fall off the radar.

“What did you get up to today?” Mom asked.

I was frozen. “uhhhh” was all that came out.

“He mowed the lawn,” my dad chimed in.

“Thanks honey,” my mom said. “What else?”

“Uhhhh,” I replied.

“Wow, how many more times did you cum today, are you empty? Can you speak?” My mom laughed.

My dad nearly choked. I looked with worry.

“Oh honey, it’s ok I called your dad at work and told him about this morning, it’s fine. He wants to watch after dinner if you want görükle escort to again.” She continued, “and if you can, he told me you and Julia looked like you were having fun.”

He did see us. And they weren’t mad. Did I hear that right? My dad wants to watch his wife, my mom, give me a blowjob after dinner?

“Ok” was all I could muster. What did I just agree too?

The rest of dinner was a blur, we finished up, my parents poured themselves another glass of wine and offered me one. I took it eagerly and then we made our way to the living room. My dad opened the box with the pot in it and grabbed a small joint. Since legalization we were pretty open about smoking, but rarely did it as a family. I guess there were a lot of new rules in this new house.

We smoked the joint, my mom beside me on the couch, my dad sitting in a chair across from us. My mom stroked my hair, I looked towards her and saw her robe was untied and she wasn’t wearing anything underneath it. She shrugged it off and asked me “Are you ok?”

“Yeah,” I whispered, staring at her voluptuous body.

“You can touch me if you want,” she said “can I touch you?”

“Yes, please,” I responded. She reached down and grasped my t-shirt, I helped her pull it off me. Her fingers danced into my waistband and I lifted myself and pulled them off. My cock was already hard as it flopped out. My mom grabbed it and bent towards it before looking across the room. My dad had taken off his pants and was slowly stroking his huge cock. I thought mine was pretty big, but my dad’s was even bigger. He had a big head on an already thick cock and he looked to be at an inch or so longer than me. My mom didn’t break eye contact with him as she licked the head of my cock, kissing around the tip and down the side. She kissed my balls, my cock across her face. She was slurping and swallowing all over me.

“That’s so fucking hot, Ali.” My dad said. “Take him deep.”

My mom raised her head and looked up at me. She went red and looked away before diving on my cock. She took me in two swallows, she was gagging on me and I almost came down her throat. She pulled away letting both us recover for a minute before she did it again. My dad got up and slid beside her. He took a handful of her hair and slowly pushed her up and down my cock. Not all the way just slowly up and down, she was slurping and sucking me as he did it.

My dad let her go and turned and grabbed the bench sliding it to the middle of the room. My mom knew what she wanted and pulled away from me, laying on her back. She put out her arms, “come here baby” as she pulled me over her. Meanwhile my dad was between her legs, his mouth buried in her pussy, his eyes closed. She was moaning and pushed her tits together, I had to squat down to get between them and oh shit, my mom had her mouth on my balls as I slid forward, her mouth did too. She was all over me, her tongue danced around my asshole as she spread me open. I slid back and forth faster and she kept up, my dad had his face buried in her pussy and she was grinding all over him. Finally they were ready and he kneeled between her legs and slowly pushed his huge cock in. The feeling and the whole day ending with a threesome with my parents and I was ready.

“I’m gonna cum,” I groaned.

“Cum just like that, cover her” my dad answered.

“Mmmmhmmmm” my mom moaned, her mouth on my ass. She stuck her tongue in me and I exploded. My dad pulled out as I covered her, his cock sliding around her pussy and I covered it too. He pushed back inside and the thought of my cum inside my mom, caused me to spin. I felt my balls contract and I almost passed out in orgasm. My mom continued to clean me and my dad slammed into her grunting, adding his own cum to mine inside her.

I was vaguely aware of making my way to bed before passing out in an exhausted, satisfied slumber.

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