Design House


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I was 20 years old and getting ready to start an internship at an up and coming design house as part of my aspirations to become a fashion designer. I had never really heard much about Volupté or it’s premier designer Genevieve Labonté. Today was my first day and it was more than likely that I’d end up being a gofer rather than learning anything about design or the industry but if I wanted to graduate I needed to do this summer internship. So here I was on an elevator, on my way up to the second floor of what had once been a warehouse, but now served as the home base of the Volupté. House of design.

When I stepped off of the elevator I was surprised at the pandemonium. There were about 17 people in the room but there may as well have been a hundred for all the noise they were making. There was techno music blaring through unseen speakers while the people around the room yelled conversations at one another, in addition to the noise there was fabric of various colors, patterns and textures creating a quiet riot on every available surface. The walls were painted an alarming shade of yellow and littered with scotch taped sketches strewn about all helter-skelter. There were sketch books piled high in the corners of the room and there were about 7 or 8 were people sitting on the floor with books, markers, and pens who were totally engrossed in their work.

And to top it off there were metallic colored mannequins in various stages of dress or was it undress? Positioned around the room.

I stood in front of the elevator for a good five minutes taking it all in before I was noticed by a cute guy with a mass of light brown curls and brown eyes. He introduced himself as Jamie and asked who I was. I explained that I was the new intern and that my name was Leigh and asked him who I was supposed to speak with about my duties. He told me I needed to see Eve as if I knew who the hell Eve was. Seeing my look of confusion Jamie escorted me to the far side of the room and knocked on a door that I hadn’t even noticed, because it was painted the exact same color as the wall.

The door opened and I saw woman standing there looking quite annoyed at my presence and quite possibly at my very existence. “Turn down that incessant music” James she said referring to Jamie who still hovered somewhere behind me, after he’d knocked he’d moved away from the door.

The woman standing before me was beautiful. She was tall and lean and the severe slate gray pantsuit that she wore clung to her curves. The warm undertones under her skin hinted at the topaz she would become under the summer sun, her blonde hair was pulled into a bun, and her eyes were a startling shade of violet. I wondered for just a moment if they were contacts but I knew by this woman’s demeanor and countenance that she would never be the type to indulge in something as frivolous as colored contacts. She didn’t even have on any make up. I instinctively adjusted my white top though I knew it was fine and briefly reflected on the way an unusually pretty woman can make other woman feel inadequate and sloppy.

I was no slouch either I had even done a little modeling to work my way through school, but then again anyone who was even moderately attractive could model with the help of half a dozen make up artists and hair stylists. I was also tall and thin but not grotesquely so. My skin was the color of full-bodied coffee that had been slightly diluted with cream and my dark brown hair fell in loose curls to the middle of my back. My green eyes had been described as mischievous.

And my figure was okay though I was a little top heavy for my frame.

I stuck out my hand and introduced myself since she had made no move to do so. She ignored my hand and crossed her arms saying

” I’m Genevieve Labonté, I don’t recall accepting an intern but make yourself useful” with that she closed the door in my face

Okay, I thought. Maybe she can take it down a notch from drama queen to drama duchess. Too bad about her being a bitch too her accent was enchanting and she was quite a looker.

Jamie had been standing aside watching the whole exchange and he came over and tried to smooth out any ruffled feathers, but he needn’t have bothered I wasn’t really upset. I’d dealt with more than my fair share of bitchy prima donnas and one more added to the mix wasn’t going to thrust me over the edge of any imagined abyss.

“Are you okay?” He asked


“I think you’ll do just fine, the last intern turned around and left at once never came back”

” It’s going to take more than a few cold words and a slammed door to break me” I replied

He led me over to the middle of the room and introduced me to the people who were gathered there and who had also been watching the exchange between the Ice princess and me.

After the introductions were all made Jamie instructed me to just help out wherever escort bayan I could which included everything from making the coffee to matching the fabric that was strewn around the room with the sketches that were taped on the walls with fabric descriptions written on them.

I quickly learned that the casual business suit I’d selected wouldn’t really be the practical way to dress when I’d be expected to sit on the floor and review fashion silhouettes and fabric grades and patterns.

I loved working at the Volupte even though I wasn’t getting paid. The people were nice and although I did have to run a couple errands, and make the occasional pot of coffee I was learning relevant information about design.

As an added bonus I only saw Genevieve a handful of times in the three weeks I’d been there, and she hadn’t spoken to me directly since that first day which was just fine with me. She would usually be there in her office or out on the floor altering and perfecting clothes long before anyone had even arrived. Most people straggled in by noon and there were always people there until well after ten o’clock at night. And She would to leave at about three but more often than not she would return at about nine to put in a few more hours.

I was surprised when she called me into her office on a Friday afternoon

She sat behind her desk silently appraising me. Once again I had the impulse to adjust my clothes but this time I resisted. Although I couldn’t help feeling wildly underdressed in my tight jeans, denim flip-flops and a Madonna T-shirt from a tour that had been going on when I was still a toddler.

She couldn’t have been any more than three years older than I couldn’t if that. But her demeanor and Dress suggested that she was at least a decade beyond any of the twenty-some -things that I knew. Once again she was wearing a pantsuit, This one was red and the severe cut and angles almost made her look androgynous. Her shoes were black stiletto heels, and they had looked more than a little dangerous as she walked across the room this morning. I wondered how she worked in them all day.

“Sit” she said

“No thank you, why am I here”

“For a job” she said simply

“I really do wish you’d sit”

This time it was a request instead of a demand so I sat

“I’ve been watching you and your work is outstanding”

I was a bit taken aback by her compliment, as I viewed her as somewhat self absorbed and distant. Apparently my surprise showed on my face because she gave a soft chuckle.

“Since your internship is nearly over I wondered if you’d like a job with pay and all”

“Sure” I replied without having to give it a thought. This is what I’d wanted though I hadn’t gotten my hopes up lest they end in disappointment.

She smiled again standing, I took my cue from her and stood as well though I’d just taken my seat moments before. Walking over to me she embraced me and said “welcome to my staff”

Her embrace though quick was firm. I liked the feel of her breasts against my own and I got a small rush of excitement from her touch. She ushered me to her office door and opened it walking out with me. Even though the music was pulsing as usual and there was as much chaos in the air as there had been that first day when Genevieve and I stepped from her office most of the staff turned to look. Jamie immediately lowered the music and they all stood looking expectantly at the two of us.

“I’d like you all to know that as of right now Leigh has become an actual employee of this company rather than an intern. Some of you guys had damn well better learned how to make a decent pot of coffee, as she won’t be a part time Gofer anymore.” Everyone laughed and more than a few people looked a little relived. I suspect some of them had thought I was about to get sacked. In moments the music was once again deafening and the momentary reprieve from chaos had vanished. I would’ve thought I’d imagined it had I not received a couple pats on the back and words of congratulations once “the boss” was safely ensconced in her office. After that it was work as usual.

At six o’clock I was headed to the elevator and Genevieve who had stayed later than usual was stepping up right next to me preparing to leave. Once we boarded the elevator the noise though not completely gone was muffled so that a conversation could be held without out and out shouting.

I was surprised for a second time that day when once again unbidden and certainly unexpectedly Genevieve invited me out to dinner. I readily accepted not wanting to offend my new boss and also a little curios about how she would act outside of work. Though I couldn’t really imagine any restaurant that she might frequent would have less structure than the atmosphere at Volupte.

Once outside she easily hailed a cab as neither one of had cars, a fact that wasn’t unusual living in New York where only the very patient very rich or clinically insane had them.

Surprisingly we pulled up to a small restaurant that looked as if it would easily altıparmak escort bayan collapse under a strong wind. It had no sign to advise of its name but Genevieve seemed to be familiar with the place.

When we exited the cab she forcibly stepped in front of me to pay the driver. I shrugged her actions off. I had been reaching in my pocket to pay but I wasn’t about to make a scene over twenty bucks.

When we entered the unnamed restaurant, I was once again surprised the inside of the place was chaotic. ESPN. was blaring from hidden speakers, while several onlookers watched on one of the three 52′ flat screens mounted on the walls. There was a bar that went around 3 of the four walls, and it crammed with people sitting on stools. In the middle of the room there were an assortment of mismatched of wooden tables and chairs that somehow came together quite well. The floor was black slate a material that I’d never seen on a barroom floor but that made sense because of its durability and low matienence upkeep.

One of the four bartenders noticed Genevieve standing by the door and ran out from behind the bar a couple of disgruntled shouts followed him from thirsty patrons.

“Evie” he shouted

Picking her up as if she were a four year old and spinning her around a few times. This was no mean feat as Genevieve was at least as tall as I was at five eleven and couldn’t have weighed less than 140, which still made her thin but not easily manhandled. But this guy was six five if he was an inch and his muscles were barely contained under a white tee shirt. His longish hair was light brown and his eyes were the darkest shade of blue I could ever recall seeing in any human eye. There was only one word to describe him and it was stunning.

She smiled at him broadly, and I figured this bronzed Adonis must be her lover, but the next words out of his mouth disproved my thoughts.

” Hey I’m Julien Labonte , Evie’s brother”

” I’m Leigh, and who the hell is Evie” I replied barely containing my laughter

“Oh, the intern Jamie told me you were funny”

“How do you know Jamie,”

“he’s our younger brother”

“Oh I didn’t know his last name, besides he doesn’t have a French accent. It’s sounds British”

“Yeah, He wanted to go to an English prep school they , got that out of him in no time”

“Oh, I see” My brain was going off onto it’s own tangent though. It didn’t seem fair that three people this attractive had come from one family. There parents must have been outrageously Gorgeous. Even Jamie was beautiful in that dark brooding kind of way though his personality leaned more toward fun loving and humorous. Reflecting back I wondered why I hadn’t noticed the family resemblance between Genevieve and Jamie. The way there mouths were shaped eyes bone structure even the skin tone though his hair was light brown like Julien’s instead of the blonde of Genevieve’s still though.

Julien’s actions broke my internal monologue as he reached down and in a few quick motions undid her bun then mussed her hair so there would be no hope of rearranging it back into it’s neat style. I thought she would be livid but she just laughed and said a very unconvincing

“I hate you” then she kicked him in the shins with what I was sure was all of her strength but he just stood there as if nothing had happened.

“What are you doing here any way”

“Thought I’d come by for dinner”

“Oh okay I’ll get you a table”

“I haven’t seen you for weeks I was beginning to worry”

“Oh please Jules I’m not a kid”

“You’re my kid sister”

” blah blah blah. You have more important thing to worry about”

“like what”

“like giving your restaurant a name maybe, you’ve been her almost eight months”

” Well there’s people here isn’t there”


“So what did you want to eat”

“um do you have a menu” I’d thought my question was a logical one but since both of them seemed to be all broken up over it I wondered.

“We don’t have menus”

“okay do you have hamburgers and fries?”

“yes we do”

“okay medium rare no tomatoes and a pickle on the side then”

“Same for me Jules”

When he left with our orders stowed safely in his head (as he hadn’t had so much as a napkin to write on) Genevieve sat down at one of the tables for two and smiled. It’s no wonder that she never smiled around the office. I doubted anyone would be able to work if she did. She looked absolutely charming sitting there smiling with her hair in disarray .

She was saying something now but I wasn’t listening at all. I was to enchanted with her lips and the way that they hugged her words to be bothered with paying attention. She stopped talking giving me a knowing wink and a smile.

“Are you just going to stare at me all night jolie fille “

“So I’m a pretty girl then”

“Of course you are, but aren’t you going to answer my question”

” I’d be perfectly content to stare at you all night, you’re nilüfer eskort quite pretty you know”

“So you don’t think I’m a chienne “

“Actually I don’t remember saying anything of the sort, but no I don’t think you’re a bitch. I think you like to pretend though. What I want to know is why?”

At this she raised one finely arched eyebrow.

“And why do you presume that I pretend? Or that I like it?”

“If you were really a bitch you wouldn’t have invited me to dinner”


” Aren’t you going to answer my question”

” No I don’t think I will”

” Later then”

She was about to reply but just then Julien came over holding two plates and a bottle of wine wedged under his arm. Who drinks wine with hamburgers? I asked myself as he put the plates down.

The hamburgers were gigantic I could only finish half of mine along with all the fries and only a glass of wine. Genevieve however was able to finish all the food on her plate the rest of mine and four glasses of wine.


“What?” she asked

“Do you have a hollow leg?”

“Why would you say that?”

“Never mind”

“Do you want some dessert”

“Probably not the kind you mean”

“And how do you know what I mean.”

As she said this I felt her foot running up the outside of my calf.

she smiled at me again as I stared at her.

“Ready to go” She asked


We attempted to pay but Julien staunchly refused to accept any money.

When we exited Genevieve stepped to the curb to hail a cab. Once inside she reeled off her address. I guess she assumed I was going home with her.

“Did you enjoy your dinner” she asked this casually enough. Though I couldn’t think straight because she had run her hand up my thigh and rested it on my crotch.

I leaned over a little and kissed her full on the lips. She opened her mouth to me immediately as I pulled her lower lip between mine and nipped lightly with my teeth. she squeezed my pussy through my jeans and I moaned softly against her lips.

If my brain had been functioning at all I’d have had the good sense to be worried that the driver hadn’t watched the road since we’d gotten in. We made it to her place in one piece and again she paid giving the driver a fifty for a fifteen-dollar trip . She didn’t bother waiting for the change. She was nearly in the building before I was out of the car. The night watch man was jostled out of his slumber when she practically ran to the elevator knocking a paperweight from the desk in her hurry. I wondered if she was going to start without me if I didn’t hustle.

The doors opened on the eleventh floor , her apartment was apparently 1 of two apartments on this floor. God she must have been loaded. She opened the door and we entered. Before I could even close the door good she was all over me pausing only to lock the door which had five various locks. She may’ve been rich but she was no fool.

I wanted to take things slow and acquaint myself with her body but that wasn’t to be. She nearly ripped my shirt when she yanked it unceremoniously over my head. She kissed me roughly and tugged my nipples hard ,rolling them between her thumb and forefinger. I moaned for the second time that night as I ground my pussy against her firm thigh. She stopped briefly to remove my pants and panties in one quick motion then all of her clothes followed in rapid succession.

She grabbed me round the waist pulling me toward he kissing me again. I ran my hands over her back and ass as she explored my lips shoulders and neck with her tongue and teeth. Already my breaths were short and ragged as she pulled my nipple into her mouth. It felt like electric currents were flitting through my body as she lightly bit each bud. Again I found myself grinding my cunt shamelessly against her thigh. After only a few moments I came breathlessly moaning her name as my juices moistened her thigh.

She was still holding me, or perusing me is more like it as I calmed.

She kissed me again softer this time as I trailed my fingertips over her breasts. I broke the kiss only to place one of her nipples in my mouth and suck gently. Then testing the waters a little, I bit her lightly. This solicited a moan from her lips and so I continued, She liked it a little rough and I was more than willing to comply.

I fingered her clit and plunged two fingers deep inside of her wet pussy. She thrust her hips to meet my probing fingers and let murmured a string of filthy French curses. I used short hard strokes and rubbed her clit hard and fast. I could feel her muscles tensing around my fingers as I kissed her lips again. Moving lower I locked my lips around one of her already sensitive nipples and bit lightly. That sent over the edge. I could feel her slick heat around my fingers as she moaned and gasped aloud, I knelt in front of her and tasted her for the first time. She bucked violently as I ran my tongue over her ultra sensitive clit. Her musky aroma engulfed me as I licked the cum from her wet pussy. Her fingernails bit into my scalp as I licked her clit again. Using my hands to anchor her I sucked her clit into my mouth and flicked it with my tongue. This set her off again this time I locked my mouth onto he pussy and kept licking and sucking. When she calmed down she sat on the floor with me.

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