My Sister, Home for the Summer Pt. 02


When we were growing up my sister always felt she had the right to boss me around, even though she was only about one year older. Even though I’m now eighteen, she has somehow managed to retain that power over me.

Growing up together, we always shared the bathroom, and, even though you might think that would have changed by the time we were both almost twenty, she still felt she had the right to walk into the bathroom at any time, even if I was using it.

She was very annoyed with me when, on one occasion, I had locked the door while I was taking a piss. From the time onward if I was taking a shower, shaving or pissing, I always left the door unlocked.

The very next time, when I was shaving, she came into the room, pulled her jeans and panties down to her knees, and sat down for a piss. I glanced at her in the mirror, and felt excited by the idea that her pussy was exposed.

But when she had finished, she stood up, pulled her jeans back on, and, after running her hands under the bath tap, simply she left.

Another time, I was standing over the toilet, pissing noisily, when she pushed the door open and went over to the sink. She was wearing nothing more than an oversize t-shirt, which only just covered her ass cheeks. As I reached the end of my piss, I looked across the room at her. She was leaning forward over the basin, intent on the shape of her eyebrows. I couldn’t help noticing that, as she bent forward, the shirt was pulled up, revealing not just the curve of her ass cheeks, but a hint of lips of her pussy between her legs. It made me feel so horny, knowing that I was looking at her naked pussy, even though couldn’t see it clearly enough to make out any details.

And there I was, standing looking at her like that, my cock in my hand, and as far as I could tell, nothing at all was happening as far as she was concerned.

I really couldn’t make us my mind whether she was just teasing me or if she wanted me to make a move, to touch her. bursa escort It was even possible that she was oblivious to the effect she was having on me altogether.

When I was with her it never occurred to me to do anything, but when I lay in bed at night, replayng those moments in my head, I felt stupid for having done nothing and I would resolve to act.

A few days later I was standing at the washbasin shaving, when she came alongside me; even gave me a nudge to move over so she could use the sink at the same time. She was wearing a t shirt, as she often did at night, with no bra; I could see her nipples pressing against the fabric. Without hardly a thought, unable to resist the temptation, I reached out my fingers to touch her.

Immediately, she brought her forearm up protectively in front of her, and with an offended frown, asked me indignantly what I thought I was doing.

So I never knew quite what the situation was; I put up with it because I lived to catch the glimpses of her body that I was allowed, and there were also days when she would make something extraordinary happen.

There was one evening when I was in my room, writing code on my computer. Of course being at a computer, even if you find programming as exciting as I do, and I honestly do, there are still times when you find yourself distracted by porn of one sort or another. And so I ended up lying on your bed, with one hand on my dick, and the other hand searching for something truly inspiring.

It was then that I heard the smallest of knocks on the bedroom door and, without any waiting for a response, the door opened and my sister’s face appeared.

She stood there for a moment, surveying the scene, before asking, “What are you doing?”

Feeling ridiculous and embarrassed, I was trying to pull up my boxers to cover my now limp penis at the same time.

“Well, I suppose I should leave you alone,” she said, turning back towards the door. bursa escort bayan “Unless…”

She paused, then added, “… you want any help.”

As she spoke, she leaned forward, giving me a tantalizing view of her cleavage.

“Come on, ” she continued, “I’ve never seen you jerk off, and I think you should show me how you do it.”

I was uncertain, not sure what to say, or do, but my cock seemed to appreciate her interest, and was climbing back to attention.

“Do you lke to look at stuff on the computer as you do it?” she asked, now kneeling on the bed.

I shook my head, then admitted I did sometimes. The truth was that most of the time when I wanted to get aroused all I needed to do close my eyes and picture her naked.

“Now, let’s get those boxers off you; they’re just going to get in the way.”

She reached up, took hold of the legs of my underwear and started to tug at them. I lifted my ass off the bed, and they quickly came down allowing my cock to spring free.

“Is there anything you like looking at while you’re doing it?’ she asked, looking at my hard-on, watching to see when i was going to take gold of it, it seemed.

I tried to say “you”, but my voice sounded hoarse and no words came out. She tilted her head to one side, quizzically.

“You,” I said, this time more clearly, but still very quietly, unsure if it was somethng she would allow me to say. She still had a questioning look on her face, so I summond up the courage to add, “Your tits”.

She seemed to be about to reach u p behind her to unhook the bra she was wearing under her white blouse when something seemed to occur to her.

“Do you just stroke your cock like that? You don’t have anything to put on it?”

I didn’t know quite what she meant.

“Hold on,” she said, jumping off the bed and disappearing from the room. I was stroking my semi-limp cock half-heartedly when she returned, pulling her bra bursa escort kız from under hr blouse as she came in.

“Take your hand away,” she instructed me, then poured oil from a small bottle all over the shalf.

“Try that,” she told me.

I wrapped my hand around my now swollen member and started to slide it up and down. The slickness felt good.

“Does that feel better?’ she asked and I nodded in response.

I was watching her, fascinated by her breasts, now moving freely behind her button up top. One moment I notice a nipple brush agianst the cotton fabric, then I would be trying to look the top of her shirt to see them better that way.

Realizing what I was doing, she started to unbutton her shirt from the top, first one , then a second, before pulling the materials aside, allowing me a fuller view of her lovely tits.

All the while, she was watching my hand as it slid up and down my shaft, occasionally stopping to squeeze the head, then resuming its previious motion.

“Let me see your tits,” I asked, then begged, “Please. Please let me see your tits.”

She lifted one side of her blouse and the beautiful soft round shape with its perk pink nipple, swing gently, tantaizingly in front of me.

“I think you’re going to come soon, aren’t you?” she asked. “I want to see you come; I want to see your come shoot in the air.”

I wanted to do whatever she asked of me, although I had never done anything other than come into a tissue before.

I knew it wasn’t going to be much longer; Lifted my left hand towards her, I get her, “Let me touch.”

Taking my hand in hers, she lightly brushed the back of my hand around the wondrous curves of delicate skin, and then, just as I felt her sweet erect nipple caress the back of my fingers, with a yelp, I came. My come shot up in the air. So much come.

“Wow!” she exclaimed in delight. “Amazing!”

The come was now flowing down my cock as I gave it a last few strokes.

I had made a mess over the whole bed, and that strong smell of spunk filled the air, but for once I didn’t feel the need to hide it, didn’t feel ashamed.

My sister patted my hand, picked up her bra, and left. I stretched out luxuriantly, feeling better than I think I had every felt before.

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