A Weekend with Jennifer

Big Tits

I have just put panties on to start to tell you this tale. Everyday low bikini style printed with pink and red birds. I like the little bow at the waist in the front and the scalloping around the waist and the leg holes. My dick is soft and my balls comfortable.

This time I’m with Jennifer, the tall blonde. Unlike Jennifer, Jennifer has a dominant streak, but her subservience to me holds it in check. Through a series of events I can’t tell you here, I once had a chance to instill in her three hypnotic suggestions: she would always tell me the truth about questions regarding sex, she would always want the more embarrassing options, and she would feel good just being near me.

I can’t tell you how this came about because I stole it from another story. Plagiarism doesn’t exist in my dreams. However, by the time she has become my private office slut and I have invited her to a sexy vacation at this club I know in The Islands called Open, I am rock hard in my panties. I like to press the heel of my palm to the underside just short of the tip and dangle my fingertips across my balls. Sometimes, they’ll contract and a drop will soak through the light cloth holding me back and holding me in. Once that drop appears, I stop touching myself for a while.

The warm breeze gently plays at the hem of Jennifer’s skirt as we step off the bus from the airport into the lobby. As I asked her to, Jennifer walks just a bit in front of me. Just enough so I can admire her and the people looking at her. Not only men, by the way. I told her to dress in a sexy way without being too outrageous. She did perfectly. Her dress resembled Bo Peep’s, blue and white checks. A bib covered a white blouse. She was bareheaded because a bonnet would have made it look like a costume. She did look like a nursery rhyme character, from the waist up. The skirt, however, ended in a frill well short of the tops of her stockings. Those had a bow at the front as well as garters. The white heels with bows completed her lower half. I stared at her ass twitching beneath the fabric and those who stared at her. One fellow even opened his mouth.

We checked into our first floor room. I had specifically asked for this room after looking at a map. It had a patio right next to a walking path that ran to the bar by the restaurant. A large glass door would have let us out, but, because we are on the first floor, it is sealed. The room itself is quite comfortable: it ought to be for the price. We were there for a five-day retreat. They had promised comfort and discretion. Jennifer went to close the curtains and I told her to leave them open. No one really noticed us as we unpacked.

Hypnotism is really a remarkable thing. Each day we begin with a little ceremony I’ve contrived to reinforce the suggestions I gave her. I tell her we have five days in this place and would she like to give me complete control over what we did while we were here? I liked being able to catch that brief flash of… regret? Fear? Worry? Or was it excitement too full for her to express at that moment? I cannot tell if it is the urge to tell the truth or the urge to take the more embarrassing option, she blushes that she would like to do whatever I tell her to. She kisses me, gently, quietly, her hands to my face. I stare into her eyes as they stare at me. Large pupils, black pools of a deep opening in her. We kiss again, harder this time and then break apart.

I ask her to show me the clothing she has brought. I asked her to bring only sexy clothing and to judge by what she was wearing, she definitely had done what I asked her. A bathing suit, some skirts and shorts, some tops and underwear. When I asked her to show me her panties, she said that she would rather they be a surprise for me. I agreed and so they went straight into her drawer. In that spirit, I suggested we go explore the resort. She put on a tee shirt and panties with flip-flops. I wore white trousers made from a thin cotton cloth. They made my underwear, white bikini briefs at this point, clearly visible. I also have on a tee shirt and sandals.

I let myself stroke again. Lightly with my fingertips and they shoot tingles of pleasure through even the plain cotton of my panty. Once I’m fully hard again, I put my hand over as much of my enclosed hardon as I can and shake it. It slips a little bit against the cloth each time I shake. I’m getting hotter. Much hotter. Now I let myself run my fingertips across my bulge. Right hand lightly on my balls and my left twiddling with the shaft. It feels so good I squirm a bit.

The resort itself was a scattering of different areas, each one dedicated to some pleasure or another. Some places were clothing optional and some were clothing free. There were two pools; the clothing optional one had a bar in the center. The water lapped a few inches below the bar and underwater stools lined up along it. Some of the other areas featured waterfalls and palms while still others seemed more like large campfires surrounded by benches. Food could be ordered at any tekirdağ escort of these sits so there was no large dining hall. Then there was the main bar, in a large room that had a dance floor and a stage.

On a bulletin board we found the main schedule of events. Nothing was offered in the morning, which struck me as a good idea. Each afternoon there was some sponsored event down at the beachfront. I saw listed a wet tee shirt contest, a do it yourself challenge, a striptease contest, truth or dare, and blind man’s bluff. Evidently, there was a different kind of show each night in the main bar, starting around nine. We were too tired from travel for anything like a party, but some of the titles were intriguing: everybody’s darling, how far can you go, ride ’em cowgirl, glory halleluiah,

So, we went to sit in some chairs overlooking the grounds. We were on a bluff, and down below us, we could see the layout entirely. It was an interesting spot in that we could see what went on below while we were basically invisible in the shadows. At first, there was no one there, and we stared at the stars in silence for a while. Soon, however, two laughing couples walked into the circle of light closest to the cliff we sat at the top of. There was a square cushion on top of a low pedestal. They were too far to hear what they said but they were obviously excited, pushing and laughing.

They all sat on the cushion and spoke among themselves. Suddenly’ the two fellows stood up and moved away from the women. The women kissed, long and quietly; the men smiled and stared. Slowly, each one peeled of the other’s clothes. Pulling a tee shirt over her head made their breasts rub against each other. Soon they were naked. The part I liked best was when the blond pulled off the other’s panties. The one losing her panties looked so open and exposed. They fell into a sixty-nine position for a while. The men just stared and grinned. Then the girls switched around until they were scissoring against each other. We wouldn’t hear them, but it was clear that first one and then the other came.

I am getting so excited, I take my hand away with the promise that I won’t touch myself again until I am limp. The stain in my panties at the top of my cock has grown and the length of my dick strains clearly against the cute girly panties. I won’t stop with my dream but I do wait until I am soft again.

Now the women got off the cushion and gestured for the men. There is some discussion as the men removed their clothes and climb up onto the pillow. The women take the men’s place and clearly intend to watch. The men did not kiss but one just bent over and took the other’s penis in his mouth. His head bobbed up a down for a while the other’s dick slid in and out of his mouth. Suddenly a few hard thrusts and the first one has come. I’m impressed that the man didn’t spit out the spume but swallowed it. Jennifer leaned over and murmured how sexy the show was. They switched places. The man who had sucked was still very hard, if not harder, and the other one did not take him into his mouth straight away. He licked the shaft, sucked on the head, and lightly stroked the balls. The kneeling arched his back as the first one took his entire cock into his mouth. A few thrusts and it was clear the show was over. The women came to stand over the men and start to kiss them. Eventually, they all stood, dressed, and walked off down the trail.

Jennifer and I were both massively excited by what we had just seen and barely made it back to our room. We tore each other’s clothes off. Once we were naked, I had her open the curtains while I moved the small couch over to in front of the window. With our light on, anyone who walked down the path could see what we were doing. She got upon all fours, facing the windows. As I entered her from behind, the first person stopped outside our window to watch. Being seen had some huge effect on Jennifer and she quickly came several times. We could see what the others saw in the reflection. The crowd grew, and I finally exploded into her. After the spasms slowed, I continued to move into and out of her slowly, jolts of pleasure and sensations still emanating from my cock. Eventually, I pulled out and told her to pull the curtains. With my cum dripping down her leg, she walked to the windows, reached up, and pulled the curtains closed. Show over for the night. We snuggled into each other and slept.

Day 02

Finally, I am soft again. Strings of pre-cum swing at the end of my dick but I am soft. So, I gently tickle my balls and take my cock by the head. With one hand touching my balls, I shake my dick with the other. It hangs between my hands and soon jumps back to hard. A glob of precum seeps out of the tip and I smear it around the head. It feels so good, slippery and wet, but soon it dries and becomes sticky. So I have to wash it off and my cock softens again. Once it is fully soft, I change into my nylon panties, black and so much thinner and more conducive to touch than the cotton. trabzon escort I only allow myself to rest one finger against the glan. This is all I allow myself to touch while I return to the dream and get hard again.

Next day dawned bright and sunny. We ordered room service and ate breakfast on the balcony. I told her that today I would decide what we wanted to do. I could see she was embarrassed but willing to do whatever I said. To appease her, I told her that tomorrow it would be her turn. She warned me to be gentle. I said we would go swimming after breakfast. The look on her face was priceless when she saw the swimsuit I had brought her. It was a wicked weasel, tiny and transparent. The small triangle of cloth that ran between her legs, rose up her front in two thin bands that barely covered her nipples, over her shoulders, and down between her ass cheeks.

She complained that it would be like walking through the hotel naked. I just smiled at her and asked what was wrong with that. She blushed and said that there was nothing wrong with it. I had her help me into my suit. Instead of a wicked weasel, I had gotten myself a Speedo, which barely covered me, but I did wrap a towel around my waist. I carried her towel. I made her walk in front of me so I could watch those staring at her.

Her ass cheeks, switching on either side of the thin string that ran between them, brought blood surging back into my cock. It began to hum in anticipation, and I knew a single contraction would push it up and over the top of my Speedo. We went through the lobby and out to the clothing optional pool. There, we lay down, side by side. With our dark glasses, we could watch those who watched us. I told her to put her feet on the ground on either side of her lounge. She did, which spread her legs wide.

After a while in the sun, I called a waiter over. Jennifer closed her legs but I told her told her to leave them open. She did. The poor waiter could not keep his eyes from running up and down her body. Jennifer’s nipples hardened under his gaze. We ordered and the fellow left. I told her how sexy it as to watch her get the once over from a stranger. She agreed it was hot and smiles when she saw how close to overflowing my suit I was. Lunch distracted us add we both calmed down while we ate.

After lunch, we left the pool. It was getting very hot. On our way to find a shadier place, we saw on the activity board that a wet tee shirt contest was scheduled for three o’clock. I told Jennifer I wanted her to enter. No one had breasts like her: full, large, with a quarter sized nipples. She said she wasn’t sure, but I insisted. I told her that it was sexy to see people stare at her. To see her exposed to a crowd would make my day. Even though she blushed, we went back to our room for her to get ready.

She wore a thin and short tee shirt and a skimpy pair of bikini panties. When we entered the tent where the contest was going to be held. She signed in and was directed over to a line of girls. I found my seat in the audience, which ringer a circular arena of sand. Soon the tent filled with people, both men and women. The contestants had to walk twice around the arena: once dry and once wet. Then the judges would vote. I knew Jennifer would win. There were eight other contestants and none of them were as nicely shape or as large as Jennifer’s.

My cock is now straining against the material coating it. I let my fingers drift up and down the shaft. The muscles in my back tighten in expectation. I tap my hardness and tickle my balls. A surge runs up my cock and another drop of precum soaks into the cotton of my panties. With one hand still on my balls, I take the tip of my cock, still in my panties, and shake it quickly. This makes the panties rub against my cock and each wiggle sets off an electricity of pleasure. I’m so hot now that I can barely tear myself away to return to the dream, but that was the fun. Everything lives more brightly in my mind the more frustrated I get.

She was fifth in line, and the first four did what the rules said. Once around dry and then again soaked. Jennifer however, must have found it exciting too, because what she did when it was her turn almost brought me out of my chair. She turned her back to the judges bent at the waist and slowly slid her panties down and off. The audience erupted into cheers. She strutted around once dry with her pussy and ass on full display. She arched her back as she walked, thrusting her breasts out even further. Then, it was time for her wet turn around. The MC sprayed her tee shirt with water and her hard nipples stood out clearly. About half way round, she pulled off her shirt and finished the round entirely naked. Then, my favorite part, she had to stand there, completely undressed and exposed while the other girls finished.

The judges voted and a girl named Jennifer came in third. Her breasts were well shaped but small. For her prize, she was told to choose a person from the audience but it had to be someone other than sivas escort the fellow she came with. She chose a large black man who joined her on the sand. She was told to get on her knees, close her eyes and open her mouth. The black man held a banana as though it were his cock and stuck it in her mouth. She began to suck on it and cameras in the audience popped. Her breasts hung free and swayed to her movements. Eventually she was told her prize was over. She opened her eyes, saw what was happening and bit the banana in half.

Sally, the second girl, was told that for her prize she had to pick three people from the audience. She chose two men and a lady, who joined her on the sand. Then she was told that her prize was to kiss and be kissed by each of them. She seemed to like the idea and she kissed the first man with an open mouth. Everyone could see their tongues sliding over each other. She turned to the lady second and their kiss was much more gentle, lips lightly brushing over open mouths, tongue tips barely touching. For the third fellow, she put her arms behind her back, tipped her head up and closed her eyes. He pushed his mouth against hers and filled it with his tongue. By the time this kiss was over, her nipples were rock hard and she was obviously excited.

Then it was Jennifer’s turn. Like Sally, she was asked to choose three people from the audience. She chose three men. The MC who was running the show lay down on a towel down on the sand. Jennifer lay down on it. The MC took a bottle of chocolate syrup, and squirted three lines on her: one between her breasts and headed for her navel, one across her stomach, and a third one down her left thigh. The men were then told they had to lick the syrup off her. Everyone could hear Jennifer gasp as the men got to work. Of course, the chocolate spread onto her breasts, all over her stomach and on both thighs. The men kept switching areas that they were licking. Not gasping now, Jennifer was panting. When two men sucked and licked her breasts with another one between her thighs, she orgasmed. She tried to hide it but didn’t do a very good job. Everyone cheered and she blushed bright red.

After they were done licking her, I changed into a different pair of panties. These were blue and built for a woman, but thicker than either of my earlier pairs. So, my cock pushed against the pressure of the material and was cupped, held firmly but comfortably. The fabric was stronger and it will be harder for my cock to push out against it.

And the show was over and the audience began to leave. Jennifer gathered up her clothes and I joined her. She was smeared with spit and chocolate. I challenged her to walk back to the room as she was sp she wouldn’t get her clothes too dirty. I could see her struggling with the hypnotic suggestion but she managed to resist. It was sexy anyway to see her pulling up her panties in front of a group of strangers.

When we got back to our room, Jennifer claimed the shower first. She closed the door and I could hear the water. I stripped and lay on the bed. I closed my eyes and imagined the water coursing all over her body as her soapy hands ran up and down her stomach, breasts, and finally between her legs, scrubbing away all the chocolate and spit. My cock hardened and I began to lightly stroke it. Using only the tips of two fingers, I kept one at the base of my cock and ran the other in circles around the head.

Soon, my cock was arching up off my belly on its own. I was so captivated by the pleasure that I did not notice the water had stopped running. My eyes were closed and so I did not see Jennifer come back into the room. When I did finally pause to catch a breath, she was standing at the end of the bed, dressed only in white frilly panties. She smiled. She told me it was really sexy watching me touch myself and she wanted me to get myself off watching her dress. My hands jumped back to me cock and she rummaged in her drawer, giving me an excellent view of her ass. She took out a white bra and slid it over her shoulders. It fastened in front so she had to lean over to get her breasts into the cups correctly. By the time she returned from her closet with a short skirt and a button down blouse, an orgasm had begun to accumulate in my balls. They shrunk up into my body as she buttoned her blouse, and my hands were flying over my cock and balls as she stepped into her short skirt. It was short but not tight, the pleats helped it expand. When I gasped out that I was going to come, she turned to smile at me. I bucked on the bed as spasm after spasm burst come up from my balls and out my tip. Stream after stream. I kept stroking after the orgasm was done which made me squirm before her eyes. She smiled even more. She asked if that was for her and I blushed and nodded yes.

After my shower and dinner in the room, we went to the bar. I put on a thin pair of cotton trousers with a drawstring at the top, a button down shirt and sandals. As we went to the bar, there was a sign announcing that tonight’s activity was called “Everyone’s Darling.” We settled in for some drinks and looked around the room. It all seemed like a pretty regular bar scene. A man played a piano and the waiters and waitress dressed in pretty skimpy costumes. But this was only at first.

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