My First Night

Her lips were rose red, with freckly tanned skin. Her mouth looked soft and her eyes deep and piercing. She was wearing tight black leggings, with a sequin crop top. She had thick leather ankle boots. She carried herself confidently and I was drawn to her the second I stepped into the bar. She was sipping from a cocktail with two other women.

Men at the bar opposite kept glancing over at the three girls giggling and drinking. I walked over to the bar with the three girls I was with. I was wearing a silver dress, short, long sleeved and the deep V at the front directed gaze towards my large, soft breasts. The fabric clung to my curvy silhouette. I felt empowered and sexy. I wasn’t wearing a bra, but had soft lace knickers on. I felt my pussy twitch at the sight of her, and I found my self glancing at her, wondering what it would be like to kiss her. Suddenly my gaze connected with hers and I realised she was watching me. I blushed and swung my gaze back to the bar, trying to catch the bar tenders eye.

I took a shot of tequila and enjoyed the sting on my tongue and the stickiness of the shot glass at my finger tips. We took our drinks and sat at the booth furthest from the bar. I watched people on the dance floor, the salsa music made people jump and swirl. I wanted to dance. As the drinks flowed and the night went on the fun music turned to a more sultry tune.

I stood up and felt slightly uneasy due to the two more shots I’d had. I steadied myself and sauntered onto the dance floor, holding my friends hands and leading the way. I closed my eyes and swayed my hips to the rhythm. I could feel the gentle vibrations in my feet. I put my hands above my hand and grinded my hips in a circle. I loved dancing.

I moved my hands down my body and held my hips, opening my eyes I noticed her coming onto the dance floor. She was a couple of groups over but her gaze caught me by surprise. She stared at me as she started to sway gently, smiling and flicking her hair. She slowly gyrated. She seemed to be aware of the eyes surrounding her every move but didn’t care. I could swear she was teasing me.

I felt a dampness between my legs and my mouth felt dry. I made an excuse and made my way outside to get some air. The cold night breeze felt good on my skin. Goose bumps ran up my arms and legs. I took a few deep breaths and went back inside. I decided to head to the back for the girls toilets.

Early on in the night the toilets were surprisingly quiet. One stall was occupied, the other three were empty. I walked over to the bursa escort mirror and took out my lipstick. I opened my mouth and slowly covered my lips in the deep purple I loved so much. I stood back to admire my lips and felt a light touch on my hip. I turned around to see, it was her.

“I saw you dancing, your hips move well.” She purred. She was standing directly in front of me. Closer than I expected. My breath quickened.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” She took a small step forward and slowly moved her hand towards my hair. After a slight pause she looked at me and tucked a strand of hair behind my ear.

“Soft.” Was all she said. As I watched her lips form the word my body leant towards her. She responded by slipping a hand around my waist and applying a small amount of pressure to my lower back. My body followed her and I closed my eyes and I brought my lips to hers. I kissed her. She was so soft. Her tongue felt warm as she massaged her tongue with mine. My hands found their way to her hips and I pulled her into me. I felt a heat awaken within me. It had been a long time since I’d kissed a woman.

I faintly heard laughter which filled the room as the door swung open. I jumped back and froze unsure what to do. I didn’t recognize any of the women. She smiled and took my hand. As the women entered the stalls and stood chattering doing their make up, she pulled me into the last empty stall and closed the door behind us. My back was up against it and she pressed her body firmly into mine as she leant forward to lock it. The second I heard the lock turn I brought her face to mine, hands on her cheeks. I took her whole scent in. She tasted amazing. Her wet mouth kissing me back. She tugged on the corner of my dress and slipped her hand half way up my thigh. She pulled her face away from mine panting and looked at me, waiting.

I responded by sliding my hand under her top, the palm of my hand on her ribs, just below where her bra should be. Only I couldn’t feel the underwire, I cocked my head slightly, she smirked and I stroked upward to feel the side of her boob with my thumb. She moved her hand up my thigh, moving it in, leaving her hand gently between my legs, pressing slightly against my knickers. “Mmmm” she whispered in my ear. She could feel my wetness.

I moved my hand up and cupped her ample round breasts. I gasped as she slipped a finger under my knickers and teased my pussy lips with her finger tips. Her touch felt amazing. Exquisite. My hips uncontrollably bucked towards her hand. She bursa escort bayan slid two fingers in me, I pinched her nipples in shock and twisted them. Rubbing back and forth with my fore fingers.

She pressed her open mouth to mine and I felt her curl her fingers inside me. She pulled and pushed them in and out – I moaned into her neck and she bit my ear. I kissed and sucked her gorgeous neck and moved my hand down towards her legs. I pressed my hand firmly over her leggings and cupped her – lifting and pressing two fingers over her clit. I felt her push down into my hand and I moved my hand back and forth, massaging her over the top of her clothes, over that sweet spot. She leant back away from my neck kisses and forced her tongue in my mouth. She bit my lower lip and started finger fucking my pussy harder.

I pulled her leggings down using both hands, just beneath her pert ass cheeks. I grabbed her cheeks before sliding my hand between her legs. My fingers lightly stroked her lips and were covered in her wet mess. I used her juice to lubricate her clit and rubbed around it, teasing her.

She mirrored my tease and I groaned. I opened my legs wide, my dress now up around my waist and my knickers yanked to one side. I didn’t rush my fingers inside her, I slipped a finger tip in, then another and slowly, slowly pushed them deeper. Until my knuckles pressed into her skin. With my free hand I lifted her top and bent to take her nipple in my mouth. My thumb caressing her clit, my fingers inside her, I sucked and nibbled her.

I pumped my fingers in and out slowly and deeply – focusing my energy on rubbing around and around her clit. I bit down on her nipple with my front teeth, but not too hard and as I did I pressed my thumb directly above her clit, firmly and moving it side to side.

She gasped and pulled her fingers from me. I rubbed slightly faster but eased off the pressure. My whole hand was covered in her wetness. It stuck between her thighs.

My pussy was aching to be touched again. With her inside me I felt alive, electric. As I felt her body shudder under my touch I moved up to kiss her neck, taking her nipple between my fingers again I pinched and rubbed, softly at first then harder as she got erect and whispered “harder” in my ear.

Again I eased back the pressure of my thumb but moved faster. Now I started to pump my fingers in and out. My hands were starting to ache. I’d never fingered another woman before. Admiring her naked breasts and stomach bursa merkez escort I decided to kneel on the floor. I brought my hands to her hips and pushed her gently backwards, on top on the tiolet seat. She spread her legs for me, ass perched deliciously on the side. I pulled her leggings to her knees and brought my face between her thighs. I kissed her inner thigh and flicked my tongue across her clit. She tasted so sweet. I sucked, gently, feeling out what she liked. Her clit felt swollen between my lips. I pressed my lips over the hood of her clit and flicked my tongue over what I thought was the sensitive spot. She flinched. I smiled to myself and used the tip of my tongue to circle around and over her clit. Pressing gently then harder. I put three fingers inside her tight sopping pussy and felt her clench around me.

I felt a burning pleasure between my legs and started fucking her. I pressed my tongue down hard and fucked her as deep and gently as I could. She pinched her own nipples as she lay backwards. Closing her eyes. My tongue began to tire, she was the first delicious pussy I’d tasted.

As I slowed she moved her hand down her body and started rubbing her clit, she started to moan and I placed my fingers over her lips, shhing her. She playfully bit them and sucked. Now I had to hold back a moan, as I kept fucking her I watched her eyes roll back and felt her body tense. Her pussy pulsed around my fingers and I felt her cum.

I slowed down finger fucking but didn’t stop until she gently placed her hand over mine. She pulled my fingers to her mouth and sucked. She enjoyed her own taste. I ached for an orgasm, but waited. She took a moment to breathe then stood up, pulled up her leggings and pressed me against the stall wall. She slid her hand down my pants and started finger fucking me hard. Fuck that felt good. She kissed me hard and used her other hand to stroke my cleavage, I felt her soft touch travel up until her hands rested ever so gently on my neck. I opened my eyes, panting and nodded. She flexed her fingers around my throat and took hold. Slowly squeezing. I felt my orgasm build. My toes tingled. My clit swollen. Warm sticky juices between my legs. She pressed into me and I felt myself spill over the edge, felt my pussy clench and pulse around her fingers.

My body sagged and I took a deep breath as she released her grip. I eagerly tasted myself as I sucked her fingers clean. I pulled my knickers up and felt the cold dampness against my skin. She kissed my lips, gently pressing her tongue to mine. Taking my hand she pressed my fingers to her lips. She took my phone from me, flipped it round to take a selfie, but not of her face, of her fucking gorgeous breasts. She tapped away and handed back the phone.

“Text me tomorrow sexy” she whispered and then unlocked the stall and walked out.

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