Sarah’s First Time Out Dressed as a Girl


During my collage days, my girlfriend and I were at different universities but they were only an hour apart by direct train. Normally I went to visit her for weekends. I loved her place, Oxford. They did great lunches on Sunday’s. Full roast dinner with wonderful roast potatoes and all you can eat. For a broke, starving student this was a wonderful treat.

However, this weekend was her turn to visit me. Walking around my place we saw a poster for a crossdressing party the next weekend. My girlfriend joked about it and then she offered to lend me some cloths and teach me how to dress. At first, I joked her off but finally I let her convince me into trying it.

We went back to my room and I took off my cloths. Standing there, naked, in front of my girlfriend gave me a lovely erection but I was surprised to find that just thinking about dressing as a girl was strangely exciting as well. I moved towards her and licked my lips. My cock jumped as I looked at her. She knew what I wanted. She normally loved to suck my cock. She called it her lollypop but this time she just smiled and said “Not now, I want you to be horny tonight. That way you will do whatever I say.” She did give me a kiss and gave my cock a squeeze.

First she held out a pair of white cotton panties to me. I slipped them on and she laughed seeing me struggling to tuck my very erect cock into them. Now a day, I have my own collection of panties. In fact I don’t even own any men’s underwear. I love bright feminine colors; pink, yellow, orange with lots of ribbons and bows on them in bikini style.

Then she found me a bra. Again, it was plain white but fitted comfortably. Now, my bras are far sexier; Kurtköy Olgun Escort lace and bows in colors to match my panties.

Then she held out a floral dress. I had seen her wearing it before and many times I had taken it off her; now I had it on. She was in jeans and a t-shirt and I was wearing the dress. I was actually standing in front of my girlfriend wearing a dress and her lingerie. The dress hung around my legs and tickled me. It brushed against me as I moved. I loved the way the dress swished against my legs as I moved. I had to wear my own sneakers. Now I have lots of girls’ shoes of my own. I love strappy sandals with about 1 ½ heal.

I was wearing my girls’ panties; that held my cock nice and snug, a bra around my chest and a dress brushing around my ankles. Cloths I had taken off her so many times before.

I was dressed as a girl and so I asked her to do my makeup. She did a simple job; just eye shadow, mascara, blush and lipstick. She didn’t have any clip-on earrings for me but now my ears are pieced and I have a collection of dangly earrings of my own. Clip-on’s hurt anyway.

It was still early and so I said lets go for a drink. This was in England and so the drinking age was sixteen. The collage had an on-campus students’ union building. We went to a bar called “The Ele’s Nest”. It was right at the top of the students union and the home bar for GLBT students. I fitted right in. We had a few drinks and danced for a bit. We smootched and she could feel my erection pressed against her. I think I was erect the whole evening. This was when I fell in love with being out in public dressed as a girl.

I had to use the restroom Kurtköy Sarışın Escort and so my girl friend took me to the woman’s room. It was the first time I used a woman’s room (but not the last). It felt so naughty sitting there knowing that a real girl had sat there before me. Then we stood in front of the mirror and she touched-up my make-up. It was so exciting wondering if a real girl would walk in on us. I actually hoped one would.

We had another drink and danced a little more. I loved being out dressed as a girl. My pulse was racing the whole time. I was actually out in public as a girl. I smoothed my dress and felt my panties underneath. I brushed my chest and felt my bra.

Then we went back to my room. I was so horny I took her in my arms as soon as my door was closed. It felt strange kissing lipstick to lipstick. Our situations were reversed; I was wearing the dress and she was wearing the jeans. She pulled my dress up and over my head and right off me. I was standing there in her bra and panties with a very obvious bulge in my (her) panties. I pulled her t-shirt up over her head and undid her jeans. She quickly kicked them off. Now we were both in just bras and panties.

We started kissing with our bras and panties pressed together. We fell on to the bed and rapidly our bras and panties were on the ground. We were both so horny; we were all over each other. I cupped her breasts as we frantically kissed. She had her arms around my waist and was rubbing her pussy against my cock.

She broke our kiss and asked if I had enjoyed being out as a girl. She could always tell when I tried to lie to her and so I had to admit that Kurtköy Şişman Escort I had enjoyed it. In fact, I had found it very erotic. I couldn’t remember the last time I felt so horny. I’m sure she could tell just from how hard my cock had been all evening.

I slipped my cock into her. We were both so aroused by now my cock went in easily. I put my hands on her butt to pull her hard against me. She moaned as she ground against me. We were both so horny it didn’t take us long to cum. We actually came together. I loved it that way but it didn’t always happen. Then we fell back on the bed to have a rest break.

I lay there thinking about what had just happened. I had been out in public dressed as a girl. I had been seen by hundreds of people. On Friday nights, the students union was always packed. I had used the Woman’s restroom. I had sat at the bar in a dress and loved every moment. I was hard most of the time and got so horny I came in a few minutes.

She turned to me and said that she was going to take me out as a girl again. Maybe, take me shopping to bye me some lingerie and dresses of my own. She was even going to make me try things on in the store. I got hard again just thinking about it.

This was when Sarah came into existence. Before then, there had been little indications of what was to come but nothing had been coordinated. This was when Sarah came into existence. I still wasn’t called Sarah and I had never heard of the term “crossdresser”. Understanding crossdressing and being called Sarah came a few years later. Both came into my life when I got my first computer and started using AOL. I started playing in the chat rooms and settled on the transgender rooms. I needed a name and I finally settled on Sarah. A Sarah had been my best friend in collage.

A few years after this, I discovered the additional pleasure of being a BI crossdresser. Now I am Sarah. She is truly me. She makes me feel complete and certainly makes my life fun.

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