A Pet’s Apology

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She was very beautiful the first time I saw her. Flowing red hair like a river on fire and the body of an hour glass. At that moment I hated her guts. I had opened the door for her. She came in as if she was attending a dinner in her honor.

What she really was doing was crawling back to the Master. But I of course was allowed to say nothing of it. Not even before she got here. As I set the house up earlier that morning my Master had caught the scent of my anger some how. I was polishing the dinner silver when he called me into his study.

He was seated behind his large mahogany desk looking at me with disappointment written all over his face.

“Pet, please sit. We need to talk.”

I sat in one of the two matching chairs in front of the desk. This surprised him because normally I would sit at his feet while we talked. But I was angry. At him, at her, and at myself. I shouldn’t be jealous but I was. It wasn’t fair. She had left. Abandoned my Master. And now she was begging for a moment with him.

“I can see your frustration written on your face pet. But you know that it is useless. You have nothing to be upset about. She is just coming for lunch.”

I looked down at my hands and saw I was wringing the polishing rag tightly in my fists. I wanted to yell about it. But I would rather not face the punishment.

“Please speak freely. But remember your place.”

I looked up and gave him a small smile. He was a very kind Master.

“I am very jealous Master. I understand that she is nothing to you anymore but the audacity of the women to think she can just come to this home and find a place at your table. It makes me furious.”

Master smiled and patted his lap. I got up and went over to him. I sat down in his lap but instead of myself usual giddiness at being allowed to sit here I was sullen.

“Pet you must understand that if I was to refuse it would seem as though I was still angry for what she did. Although I am still hurt, I must forgive her before that anger bursts and I take it out on you or myself. You’d never want that, right?”

“No Master I would not.”

Just as I finished the door bell rung. I got up and went to answer it. And there she was. I only knew her by her last name. I was to call her Ms. Patterson. She was about forty-five but was still very beautiful. It made my blood boil.

She didn’t even thank me or look in my direction. She just tossed her coat and hot to me and continued into the house. My Master was waiting at the foot of the stairs.

“Ms. Patterson. Welcome. What a pleasure to see you after such a long time.”

Her voice was deep and sultry another reason for me to hate her. She crooned like a 40s jazz singer. It was beautiful and infuriating. She kissed both of his cheeks in the European way. Even though Master told me she was from Arizona.

“James, darling. How delightful to see you. I see the house still looks beautiful. And you finally got a maid.”

My cheeks burned I opened my mouth to say something when I felt Master’s glare fall on me. He knew my tongue was sharp and that woman was close to bringing out the less tame side of me. She called him by his first name! I would never think to be so disrespectful. He was once her master too. And she should remember that.

Master led Ms. Patterson into the dining room where I had already laid the lunch out. Master’s favorite finger sandwiches and lemonade. Later they would have tea and cake.

“How cute. That little thing of yours sure makes an adorable spread.”

Another crack. ‘That little thing’? I’d show her little I was when I shoved my foot so far up her ass my toes would be tickling the back of her throat! Master must have been reading my mind because he gave me another glare and I left to the kitchen to cut the cake.

After they had eaten Master and Ms. Patterson retired to the study. I sat in my room waiting for my Master to call me and escort Ms. Patterson to the door. But after an hour I got a little nervous. She was done there alone with him. And she did look rather alluring today. Whose to say she wouldn’t try and seduce him.

I leapt up and ran down the stairs. I slowed myself slightly and stop in front of the door to catch my breath. I pressed my ear to the door and tried to hear what they were saying. Unfortunately the door wasn’t all the way closed and my weight caused the door to open. I fell forward in front of my Master and Ms. Patterson. I had been caught.

Master got up and came to see if I was ok.

“You didn’t hurt yourself did you? That carpet was wrinkled again wasn’t it? I feel earlier today in the same spot at you.”

He lifted me up and pushed a loose strand of hair back behind my ear. He smiled but in his eyes I could see a slight anger and maybe even excitement.

“My goodness James. You should really teach your help to be more careful. No one needs these types of people fall in where they are not wanted.”

That was it. The last fucking straw. I was going to hurt this woman. But ankara2010.com not before I gave her a piece of my mind. Somehow Master’s hands were no longer on me. And I was in front of that witch.

“I am not the help. I am the Master’s pet. Unlike some who can not see the honor it is to be so. You come to our home and disrespect a person who holds higher rank about you and the person that was trusted to look after them. You should be ashamed but I guess shame isn’t big enough to fill your gaping slit, you redheaded Jezebel whore!”

“Diane! Kneel!”

Hearing my real name and my Master’s enraged voice caused me to freeze and drop to my knees. My arms found their way clasped behind my back and my head was pointed down.

“How dare you disrespect my guest? I taught you far better than to act so shamefully. Now apologize to Ms. Patterson.”

I bit my lip as I felt my eyes fill with tears. I had angered my Master. Foolish girl. Stupid girl. I deserve punishment. And I deserve this woman’s derision.

“Please forgive me Ms. Patterson. I apologize.”

“Hm. I am shocked that such a voice came from such a tiny little body. Your pet you said James? You must be losing your touch then. I thought you knew how to keep your dogs in line.”

I knelt and took it. Master did not come to my defense. I had been bad and he was now upset at me.

“Pet, you are about to face your punishment for your severe disobedience. Do you understand?”

“Yes Master I understand. I will take my punishment solemnly.”

“You have apologized to Ms. Patterson with your words. Now give her a Pet’s apology.”

I looked up shocked. The look on his face told me he was not joking. A Pet’s apology was to submit yourself to the person you had offended in the most intimate way possible. Master wanted me to give oral to Ms. Patterson. Apparently she wasn’t unfamiliar with the term because she removed her skirt and stood before us in black stockings, a red garter belt, and no panties.

I crawled over to her and she sat back down. Ms. Patterson sat one of her legs up on the arm of the chair. Her dark bush stood out but her enlarged clit stood out more. My cheeks were hot with embarrassment but I couldn’t risk upsetting my Master more. I looked at Ms. Patterson and her smirk made everything worse. I heard Master sit down in his seat behind the desk. And I knew that meant he’d be watching.

I dipped my face forward anddas developed by a humid heat radiating from Ms. Patterson’s cunt. Her excitement glistened and her smell was mouth watering. It had been over a year since I had last been with a woman. I had forgotten how excited I could be from it.

My tongue reached out and along with my lips were buried into Ms. Patterson’s clit. She purred and crooned in her jazz voice. Even her moans were musical and it made me even more furious. I started to lick and suck faster hoping to speed up her orgasm.

My chin became coated in her slippery juice. I let my tongue lick a path toward Ms. Patterson’s wet sopping hole and quickly sunk my tongue inside. She squealed and brayed as her thighs shook softly. I alternated between her throbbing clit and her hole until she was jabbering incoherently.

I felt like this was lasting too long so I took my middle finger and while sucking on her clit I slipped into her cunt. She loved it and was jabbering at a faster pace. With my now slick finger I was ready to finish this. I sucked as hard as I could flicking my tongue back and forth against the sensitive nub. With her lost in pleasure it gave me the perfect opportunity. I jammed my middle finger deep into her ass sending her into a squealing frenzy. Her body jerked hard and she coated my neck and hand in her juice.

I pulled back and stat crossed legged on the floor. Ms. Patterson was left in a gasping mess in the chair.

“Jesus Christ! That little thing can eat a pussy! Fuck. Well little dog, whose the whore now?”

The pleasure had left me. Now I was just ashamed. She had used my mouth for her tool. And I had deeply enjoyed it. I heard my Master get up and get behind Ms. Patterson. He slipped a blind fold over her eyes and tied it.

I prayed he was not doing what I think he was doing. If he took her downstairs my heart would break.

“Pet. Open the basement door please. I’m bringing Ms. Patterson down there.”

He gave me a look that meant he was not to be disobeyed. I stood and left the room. My eyes burned again as fresh tears came to the surface. The basement was his play room. They were about to have sex. He promised me he wouldn’t.

“Pet. I’ll need your assistance.”

Something about the look on Master’s face when he said that. It was a dark look filled with mischief. But he was smiling. I was still very hurt but something wasn’t normal here. I wonder what the Master had planned.

I opened the door and Master led Ms. Patterson downstairs. I followed behind him and I flushed as I took in the room. Even after a year this room still gave me fresh excitement every time I entered it. The memories of what had occurred in this room would always assail my body and turn me on.

Master had Ms. Patterson lay on the bed. He looked at me and smiled that mischievous smile again.

“Pet don’t speak. Just hand me those cuffs.”

“Cuffs? Oh James. You really know how to take a girl back. And what do you have planned for me today?”

Master gripped Ms. Patterson by her hair and leaned down to whisper in her ear. She obviously enjoyed whatever he said because she let out a moan and bit on her bottom lip. I stayed silent however and brought Master four sets of cuffs.

“Now I want you to sit in the corner and stay silent. You are meant to watch this performance.”

My heart dropped in my chest and I nodded my head numbly. I wouldn’t disobey. This must have been another part of my punishment. If I had kept my mouth shut like I was told Master wouldn’t need to sleep with Ms. Patterson to teach me a lesson. I sat down and although it pained me I looked toward the bed.

Master cuffed both of Ms. Patterson’s arms to the posts behind her head. He then made her bend her legs till her heels were touching her bottom. There were prongs on the sides of the bed for the ankle cuffs. They stuck out and had a wide arrow like head so the cuffs could not be slipped off of the prongs. She looked like art. Spread open and dripping wet.

Foolish girl. Silly thoughtless girl.

Master clapped his hands together and let out a satisfied sigh.

“Now pet tell me what you see here?”

He pointed to bed and looked at me.

“I see Ms. Patterson cuffed to the bed Master.”

“No. What you see is a whore. A married whore at that. Who came back to me in hopes of reclaiming what’s left of her sexual youth. This is someone you never want to become. Do you agree?”

“Yes Master.”

At hearing that Ms. Patterson began to pull at the cuffs.

“James I don’t know what you’re trying to pull but it isn’t funny. Release me.”

Master laughed and got in close to Ms. Patterson.

“Sheila do you realize where you are? You’re in no position to make demands. In my sound proof basement. Cuffed to a bed. You’re helpless. And unless you want me to become very cruel I’d advised you show me some respect.”

I smiled at that. My master was so very smart. He had this woman trapped here. She was fooled and now she was also stuck.

“Are you insane? This is kidnapping! I could call the police on you!”

Master stood up and went to his jacket which he had hung up on a post by the door. He retrieved his phone and went to Ms. Patterson’s side. He showed her something and as he did he whispered into her ear again. Her eyes widened with fear.

“I bet you’re wondering what I am showing her pet. Well I’ll allow you to see as well.

Master came to me and showed me his phone. The source of her fear was a picture of Ms. Patterson. Spread open on a bed. She was looking at the camera and the look of lust in her eyes was evident.

“This is one of many pictures Sheila has sent me. And when she gave me that little comment about the police I told her if she filed a report her husband would find out about it. And how would he feel to see all of these pictures of his blushing bride. I would assume he’d be very displeased wouldn’t you pet?”

“Yes Master.”

“Well then it’s settled. Sheila shuts her whore mouth or we personally inform her husband about what she used to do while they shared their marital bed.”

Master brought some scissors from a drawer close by and began to cut Ms. Patterson out of her top. He did the same to her bra and a pair of pale beautiful tits spilled out. I was by no means lacking in the chest department carrying a bra size of 44 DD but Ms. Patterson’s breasts were something else. They had to be a size F or lower. She had large light brown areolas and the biggest nipples I had ever scene. They looked like miniature Tootsie Rolls. I would have loved for a chance to play with them.

Ms. Patterson was breathing hard and her face had turned red. From embarrassment? From excitement? Who knew. Probably both. Master removed the blind fold from her eyes and she blinked trying to adjust to the new light.

“Please James. This is uncalled for. Just let me go and we can forget any of this happened.”

“Forget? I’m afraid not Sheila. Everyone’s actions have consequences. And there are yours. You will be punished for your disobedience and your disloyalty. Do you understand?”

“Let me go!”

She shouted this time and pulled at the cuffs violently. I’m sure this angered my Master because he moved toward the wall to his right and plucked up a cat o’ nine tails. Master removed his shirt and pants leaving him in his Under Armor workout pants. Had he been planning this the entire time? He must have.

Master stood up on the bed and kneeled between Ms. Patterson’s legs. Holding the whip high he began to give her lashes across her stomach and thighs. He wasn’t doing it hard but he didn’t need to. I had felt the sting of Master’s whip before and it was a pain I wouldn’t soon forget. She gasped and whimpered as the lashes fell upon her. It was wrong but watching her receive punishment had caused my excitement to rise.

After what seemed like the 20th lash Master rose from the bed and hung the whip back in its place. Ms. Patterson had criss-crossed marks up and down her body. The marks were a bright red. But Ms. Patterson was not as upset as she seemed. I could see from where I was sitting that she had grown incredibly wet between her legs. The slut. Enjoying her punishment. I wondered if her husband had ever given her the thrills she could so easily find here with the Master.

He stood beside the bed and pulled his now engorged cock from his pants. Looking at it caused my mouth to water. I had serviced him just this morning but it seemed too far away for my liking. However it was not meant for me to taste him at the moment. He pulled Ms. Patterson’s head onto his cock and she did not resist him. She was truly enjoying herself now.

Master bucked his hips hard causing Ms. Patterson to cough and sputter. Her spit was all over her mouth and cheeks. He was punishing her with his cock I came to realize. She looked like such a whore groaning and gagging. I could see that Master was close because his entire body seemed tense and his hips pushed much faster.

Without giving any warning Master pulled out his cock and blew a huge load on Ms. Patterson’s face. She tried to pull away but he had her head tight in his hand. After Master was finished he sat down, his cock still hard. When he had caught his breath he got up again and pulled out his phone. The sound of pictures being taken caused an exhausted Ms. Patterson to quickly look up.

“Call it insurance Sheila. To cement the fact that you really have no options here. Pet please fetch a warm wet rag and clean her.”

“Yes Master.”

I was longer upset. Ms. Patterson had taken what was due to her. The slate was clean in my opinion and I would happily give her my help. I brought the rag to her and slowly wiped her face clean. She was surprised by my caring nature as I did this.

“I am no longer angry at you Ms. Patterson. Now that you have learned your lesson.”

Still she seemed to take offense to my kindness and the next thing I knew a wad of her spit hit me in the face. I calmly found a clean spot on the rag and wiped her spit off of me. I looked at her and smiled.

“That wasn’t very nice. You seem to not know when it would benefit you to just be still. Well that’s ok. It’s not for me to teach you how to behave. The saying goes you can’t teach an old dog, new tricks.”

“Or can you, pet? I just had a great idea. Pet please retrieve your toy hanging on the west wall.”

I knew the toy he was referring to. I smiled softly but inside I was clapping and cheering. I brought the toy to my Master and Ms. Patterson laid her eyes on it. A nine inch rainbow strap on with black straps. My most prized possession. I hadn’t used it more than two times since I had gotten a year ago. It was for when we had a third usually female guest to play with us. And at the moment Ms. Patterson fit the bill.

“Strip and put it on pet.”

I did as I was commanded to do. I was left standing in a bra and nothing else. I hooked the strap onto me and stood before my Master. His smile was wide and devious. I truly loved it when he gave me those types of smiles.

I got on the bed and sit between Ms. Patterson’s legs waiting for my directions. My Master came over and uncuffed Ms. Patterson’s legs. Above our heads was a grate used for suspension. Master tied Ms. Patterson’s legs to the grate using rope. Her lower body was no pointing up and her upper body was against the bed.

“Stand between her legs pet.”

I understood what my Master wanted. I stood up and threw my left leg between hers. I was standing over her now and to fuck her I would have to lower myself into her. This would allow a deeper thrust and she did look rather slutty like this. I looked at my Master waiting for his reply. He gave me a nod and sat down to watch us.

I bent my knees and sunk the strap into her slippery hole. She received it happily and moaned loudly as she was filled. I raised on my knees pulling almost of the length out before falling downward again. I loved the sound of her moans echoing throughout the room as I repeated my motions over and over.

My eyes stayed on my Master and his pleased smile. Ms. Patterson began to shake again and when my Master saw this he told me to stop. I pulled myself out of her and sat back on the bed. She was released from the ceiling and laid limply on the bed like a rag doll.

“Pet I want you to get on your hands knees above Sheila but facing the other way.”

“Yes Master.”

I got into 69 position with Ms. Patterson but did not move to touch her. I looked down and saw her abused dripping pussy. The sight made mine quiver with excitement. Master got onto the bed and kneeled behind me. I would assume his cock was standing tall above Ms. Patterson’s forehead.

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