No Privacy!

Drew padded quietly down the corridor of her University Hall of residence, trying not to wake anyone at this late time of night and this close to the exams. When she got to the door of her room she slipped off her shoes and carefully, slowly inserted her key into the lock and unlocked the door to her shared room. She pushed the door back slowly and silently entered so as not to wake Sandy, her roommate.

There was music playing softly in the room as she entered, not unusual, Sandy often studied with her music playing and then went to sleep with it still on quietly. As she stood still for a second to let her eyes adjust to the darkness she saw her roommate was, in fact still awake. She was about to say something – but stopped open mouthed, caught in her tracks with surprise – Sandy was on her bed naked, facing away from the door, her curvy hourglass figure dimly lit by a sliver of streetlight pushing through the curtains. Drew could see that Sandy was rocking slowly back and forth on her knees, but it wasn’t until her eyes drifted to Sandy’s backside that she realised just what exactly was going on here.

Sandy was on her knees kneeling forward resting on one forearm on the bed, her backside pointing towards Drew, the back of her right hand visible between her thighs at her crotch, her fingers pressed close together into a pointed bunch, the gentle rocking motion was causing her to penetrate herself and then draw back up all the way out until her fingers were no longer inside her body. Sandy’s motion was so gentle, and carried out with such care that it took Drew a further few seconds to realise what she had in fact interrupted.

‘Oh my god!’ thought Drew, she’s masturbating! She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Of course Drew played with herself too, but not as much since arriving at college as she had done at home. She only felt comfortable here doing it in the relative privacy of the shower because she shared a room and was worried in case, well, in case something like this happened!

When Drew did it she would lean back against the shower wall tiles and stimulate herself with her fingers (at home she had often liked to use the shower head spray to help but here it was attached to the wall so this was not possible. The sensation was always wonderful, but she often had difficulties getting all the way and bringing herself to orgasm when she masturbated like this because she worried about the other girls in the shower block hearing her. Quite often when she just approached the brink of orgasm she would be disturbed and then lose the feeling leading to frustration and no orgasm!

Drew continued to watch Sandy masturbate with building fascination. She wasn’t the first person she’d watch masturbate of course, but she was the first girl. She’d gone out with several steady boyfriends before arriving at university, and continued to see her last one, Dave, although not very often since she’d arrived in September. Even though she was 18 she didn’t feel like she was ready for full sex yet, so instead they satisfied themselves by masturbating each other, or by most of the time by laying together kissing and whispering intimately whilst they played with themselves and watched each other, it was so nice to do! She loved it when they came together.

Drew found herself almost hypnotised by the rhythmic motion of Sandy’s body when all of a sudden she was brought back to reality by a sharp gasp from her roommate. At first she thought that Sandy had noticed her, but she just carried on stroking herself. In fact, Drew surmised, the gasp had indicated that Sandy’s excitement was mounting as her orgasm grew inside her. Now Sandy stopped her rhythmic rocking and sat her bottom back on the heels of her feet and the hand that she had been using to penetrate herself before now started moving rapidly, and although Drew couldn’t see she guessed that her roommate was aching to cum now and could no longer hold back. Whilst she rubbed rapidly at her clitoris her heavy breathing and quiet whimpering turned to speech “Oh god…that feels so good…Oh! I’m so close, I’m gonna come, Oh! Yes! Now… ooooooooohhhhh” and with that cry Sandy convulsed her whole body and came.

This was the first female orgasm that Drew had ever witnessed (other than her own), and she was surprised at how violently it had taken Sandy, she collapsed face down onto the bed basking in the joy that she had just given herself, Drew decided rather reluctantly that she had no choice other than to let her know that she was there – after all she’d never get back out without being heard now. Drew cleared her throat and said:

“I’m really, really sorry Sandy, I didn’t mean to disturb you.”

“Oh my god!” squealed Sandy, turning around and putting her hand to her mouth in shock.

“I had no idea you were back! I’m so sorry, when did you get in, did you see me….. Oh! My goodness!”

“Yes, I did. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to embarrass you, I came in quietly because I thought you’d be sleeping, and bursa eskort then I ended up I interrupting something very personal. I’m so sorry Sandy.”

“Don’t worry. It’s not your fault, it’s mine.” said Sandy turning on the bedside light and pulling the duvet up around her naked body. Drew felt so sorry for her then.

“Look Sandy, please don’t feel bad,” said Drew reassuringly.

“Everybody masturbates sometime, me too! It’s kind of hard in a place with as little privacy as this. So please don’t feel too bad, I don’t want you to worry about doing it in here, after all it is both of our rooms.’

‘Thanks Drew, for being so understanding. Please don’t tell anyone what you saw’. Sandy pleads.

Drew walks over to her and gives her friend a reassuring hug.

‘Don’t worry, its okay.’

Sandy holds her tight for a moment in the room.

Drew releases her and says looking into her eyes.

‘It’s going to be okay, we’ll just forget about this okay? Now it’s already late and I really need some sleep and I expect you do too, so lets turn in, alright?’

Sandy agrees and smiles up at her before sliding in under the cover and turning over.

Drew gets quietly undressed and climbs into her own bed. As she snuggles down into the sheets the image of Sandy rocking back and forth on her fingers and reaching her climax keeps playing over and over in her head.

‘God, now I need to do it too – but I’ll have to wait until morning, I can’t risk it now!’ She thinks.

The next day Drew got back to her room a little while after 3 O’ clock and threw her bag of books down on the desk. She had been feeling distracted all day and had found the hours dragging and the classes hard going, her mind elsewhere. She had woken up still feeling horny after having caught and witnessed her roommate, Sandy playing with herself when she had arrived back unexpectedly early last night. The image had stayed in her mind, it made her feel strangely aroused inside but laying there in the dark she hadn’t dared to slip her hand between her legs to relieve the tension.

In the morning it had been a little awkward between them, Drew used this as an excuse to hurriedly leave the room and head for the shower block for their floor at the end of the corridor. When she got in behind the door she pushed over the bolt and hung up her towel and turned on the water, adjusting the temperature and pressure. She found her pussy already wet (but not with water!) as she knew it would be when she leaned back against the wall and pulled gently on her mound and lips. It felt so, so good! She closed her eyes and drifted back to the images of last night as she pleasured herself.

But the shower block was noisy at this time of day with lots of other girls in and out and Drew just couldn’t relax and enjoy the sensations and thoughts in the way that she so wanted, afraid that she would be heard or that some head may suddenly pop over the top and catch her at it too! She gave up after a short while and finished her shower still feeling frustrated.

When Drew got back to her room she found that Sandy had made good her chance to escape and was already gone. The idea of laying back on her bed and finishing herself off was very appealing at that instant, but her hair was wet and needed drying and with the exams being so close now she really couldn’t afford to be late for any of the days lectures. This had set the tone for her day so far.

‘This is just ridiculous!’ Drew thought to herself as she sat down on her bed. She had never dared to masturbate in her own room here at the university before, but right now she really needed to get this out of her system so that she could get on with things! Drew decided that risking it just the once wouldn’t hurt, Sandy was never around at this time of day and besides just what could Sandy say anyway if she did by some highly unlikely chance walk in and catch Drew in the same way she had been caught herself?

Drew stood up and slipped down her blue jeans and stepped out of them and then she lay back on the top of her bed, propping a pillow under her head. Her slim thighs fell open and her right hand slid down over her flat tummy to rub at her mound through the material of her pink cotton panties. She rubbed at her slit through the material, it felt so nice, she sighed and pulled the crotch of her panties aside and stroked her moist pussy lips as she closed her eyes and relaxed into her revelry. Pushing between her soft lips she eased a finger into her cunt hole, it was moist and slippery in there and her finger slid in easily, it felt so nice to have it in there. Drew probed inside her pussy tunnel for a while and then pulled her wet finger out and moved it up to gently circle around her aching clitoris.

Drew thought of Sandy last night doing the same thing in this very room, she was half wondering whether or not to kneel up on the bed and try to pleasure herself in the same way that Sandy had done, riding her bunched-up fingers? bursa bayan escort But this already felt so nice that she didn’t want to move. In the back of her mind Drew wondered if all girls had their own special ways of getting themselves off, she thought with a little smile it would certainly make an interesting study!

Just then there was the sound of a key in the door, Drew froze in sudden panic! The door opened immediately and there stood Sandy – stopped dead in her tracks in the doorway, staring across the small room at Drew laying spread legged on the bed in front of her, hand at her crotch, a look of total surprise on her face. It took a few scant micro-seconds for the implications of the scene to sink in.

‘Oh shit! Sorry!’ Stammered Sandy, and quickly stepped back out of the room pulling the door shut hard with her as she went.

Drew lay there as she was, stunned that she had been caught just as she had feared all along.

‘Oh! Crap! Now I’m in trouble, no way to explain this one away.’ Was all she could think.

Suddenly the key was in the lock again and Sandy pushed it open peering around the edge.

Drew had the presence of mind this time to pull her panties back over her privates and close her thighs, swinging her legs to one side on the covers.

‘For fuck’s sake Sandy! Either in or out, make your mind up, but close the fucking door before someone else sees!’ Drew hissed.

Sandy quickly slipped through the door and pushed it closed standing just in front of it in the room. She gave a little laugh.

‘Well at first I thought I’d just go away and leave you to it, but then I thought it would be even more awkward when I came back so I decided to come back in. Besides seeing as how you caught me out last night and had a good old look I thought that I might as well too now that I’ve caught you at the same game!’

‘Don’t be horrible Sandy, I was nice to you last night, and I never meant to catch you out like that, it just happened.’

Sandy walked into the room and put her books down on the desk on her side of the room. She pulled out her chair and turned it to face Drew across the room and sat down looking over at her. she explained with a reassuring smile.

‘I’m not being horrible here Drew. Nobody could understand better than me how you feel right now could they? I’m just as sorry and embarrassed as you were last night. She paused and added.

‘But you’ve got to admit it is kind of funny isn’t it?’

‘Not really.’ Replied Drew sulkily. ‘I’ve been trying to do this all day and I can’t get any fucking privacy around here. I swear if I don’t get off soon I’m going to explode or something!’

‘Yeah, I know the feeling, I get like that at certain times in my cycle – like last night for instance. I still feel like it now in fact, I wasn’t really expecting you to be here to tell the truth.’

‘Yeah well, anyway.’ Said Drew, swinging around on her bed grumpily and making to stand up.

‘Hold on Drew, don’t go off in a huff – why don’t you finish what you started?’

‘What do you mean?’ Asked Drew.

‘Why don’t you finish getting yourself off? Good God, I know the way that you’re feeling, I felt like it last night. Even if I’d of known that you were in here watching me I’d of just had to of carried on.’

‘Jesus, you have some weird ideas sometimes Sandy, I swear. There is no way that I am going to lay here and play with myself while you sit there and watch me, I’m not a lesbo you know?’

‘Never said you were, and I wasn’t really going to sit here and watch. I’ve got books to get through and work to do, so I’ll just sit over here at my table and get on with it whilst you get on with it, as it were.’ She added with a reassuring smile.

Drew didn’t look too convinced at this suggestion from Sandy, so she went on.

‘Look Drew, we’re stuck together here in this room for the rest of this year, we get on really well with everything else, this is just something that we need to work out in some kind of sensible way. We both have needs and we need to figure it out some way around this and I think the best idea is if we are both comfortable with what is after a very natural and normal activity. What do you think?

‘Well, I do agree with you, but I still think it will be kind of weird.’ Replied Drew.

‘Weird, have you heard what has been going on at those parties being held in the other dorm across the square? It’s like some kind of roman orgy half of the time. Besides, your supposed to experiment with your sexuality these days, aren’t you?’ Laughed Sandy.

‘Anyway, look I’m going to get on with this work now because I need to and it’s quieter in here than anywhere else, you can do what you like – I really don’t mind honest I don’t. Next time we can figure out a rota, or book the room, or maybe do it like this if push comes to shove, you know, whatever.’

With that Sandy turned her chair around and began to take books bursa ucuz escort out from her bag and down from the crowded shelf and spread them out on the desk in front of her. She switched on her portable CD player and played music at a low volume.

Drew sat on the bed, her mind turning things over. She watched Sandy getting down to her work for a while, she certainly seemed to be concentrating on what she was doing. To Drew’s mind, Sandy had made some good points. It was certainly true that they needed to sort this situation out in some way, it was getting silly, she’d had more freedom at home for goodness sake! Her crotch still ached to be satisfied, especially since she had started only a short while ago. Could she do it with another girl in the room? Why not? After all she had done it loads of times with her boyfriend watching, he had obviously got a real kick from seeing her do herself, she had thought that his eyes would pop out of his head sometimes as he sat there and watched her get off. Drew had liked doing it for him, it made her feel sexy and dirty to wantonly play with her pussy in front of him and see him get so turned on by her power, see his cock sticking up rigidly to attention because of her. Uh! Oh! Those sexy thoughts, getting her going again!

Another look over at Sandy, still engrossed in her books.

‘Fuck it, why not?’ Thought Drew, as she quietly pivoted back onto her bed and lay back on the covers. She thought for a moment about maybe slipping under them, but it was quite warm and she knew that she would get sweaty and besides it would be kind of restrictive under there, she much preferred it laying on top. Drew let her thighs fall open and slipped her hand back down past the waistband of her knickers to cup her pussy in her fingers, it was burning hot down there. She slowly and cautiously began to run her middle finger up and down her slit, peeking over at Sandy who was still bent over her books. After a while as Drew began to rub herself more confidently and was starting to feel more relaxed in this rather strange situation. If she’d of been at home she would have taken her knickers off by now allowing herself freer access to her pussy, that was how she liked to do it.

‘Sod it! Why not?’ She thought. ‘If Sandy looks over and gets an eyeful then that’s her fault, she said she wouldn’t look! Besides I had to put up with seeing her, I wonder how she’ll like it in return?’

Drew hooked her thumbs in the elastic of her knickers and raised her pert little bottom and slipped them down her thighs, pulling her knees to her chest to slip them off over her feet, being as quiet as a mouse as she did so. She spread her thighs again and now both hands went to work, one spread her slim pussy lips open so that she could slip a finger up and into herself, that felt so nice! She licked another finger to lubricate it and began to slowly circle it around her throbbing clit. Yes! This was what she needed, really needed! Her mind began to wander to erotic thoughts, her eyes closed as she imagined her favourite fantasies, concentrated on the feelings flooding through her, building and burning inside. Every now and then she would glance over in Sandy’s direction, but her roommate didn’t seem to be being disturbed by her.

‘If had been me sitting there, I’d of had to of had a glimpse by now, the curiosity would have been killing me.’ Thought Drew, as she began to buck her hips up towards the two fingers that she had now inserted into herself. In some way, Drew almost wanted Sandy to turn and watch her, see her in the midst of her abandonment, see her in her rampant womanhood. Drew closed her eyes and imagined Sandy turned in her chair, eyes fixed on her crotch as she writhed on her bed, what would be the look on her face?

It was getting there now, it had taken quite some time for Drew to get there after everything – but it was coming, Drew could feel that familiar feeling starting to build. She began to rub at her clitoris a little faster, she liked to lean forward and watch herself as she came, see her fingers moving frantically. At home alone she would sometimes position the mirror so that she could see herself reflected back as she lay on her bed, spread legged, pink pussy glistening wetly, fingers a blur, face twisted in passion.

Drew leaned forward and opened her eyes and found that fantasy and reality had meshed as Sandy was now turned in her chair and was watching her intently. Drew could see from the motion of her right shoulder that Sandy was quite obviously and undeniably rubbing at herself too as she sat in her chair, her hand down her jeans.

‘Sandy!’ She gasped, as her hand froze.

Sandy stopped her motion too.

‘Sorry Drew, but I told you that I was still feeling horny when I came in. That’s why I came back to the room early today, to do it again. I tried not to start, but I knew how good you were making yourself feel, you looked so nice there enjoying yourself that I just had to join in, I’m sorry if you’re freaked, but believe me you would have done the same? I mean you were doing it there, right in front of me, you must of known that I’d have a peek?’

‘Well, okay you’ve got me there, I guess that I would have taken a quick look in your place but, Jesus, how long have you been watching me Sandy?’

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