Kelly: Sex With Her [Boy]Friend


I stood in Kelly’s bedroom doorway and watched my daughter suck my husband’s cock.Kelly was kneeling on her bed next to her father, who lay flat on his back. He was completely naked and Kelly was naked except for a pair of white panties. She leaned over him, her hand around his hard cock, her mouth kissing the tip. It was a surprisingly touching moment from a sixteen-year-old.I could only sort of see what was happening as her hair mostly covered his dick. Her hair was brown and fell a bit below her shoulders. It was as youthfully lustrous as you’d expect with a girl that age. Her eyes were closed.Greg moaned happily. I felt a twinge of jealousy, a quick tightening of my tummy, but it didn’t last. I’d seen them together before, although I’d always been there, engaged one way or another in the sex. Here, I was just a voyeur, a watching mom who was vaguely proud of her daughter.She sucked his cock and I wondered how far along they were, whether Greg was close to cumming? I thought about the blowjobs I’d given him, how he reacted, and decided that so long as his hips weren’t moving, he wasn’t that close. When he came, his hips would jerk up and he’d spurt into her mouth. Sometimes there was so little cum that I assumed he’d masturbated beforehand, but other times cum gushed as though from a fire hose. I don’t know about you, but I much preferred long bursts of cum streaking into my mouth over a lame trickle. Fuck the mess it made.Her head bobbed up and down. I could taste him in my mind, his dick’s flavor slippery from my own saliva and magically soft-hard, the way a cock is supposed to be. The flavor was much the same as sucking on my thumb, but muskier, thicker. Her mouth slid a bit farther down his shaft and she cupped his balls. Greg groaned.His balls were fragile, of course, even a sixteen-year-old knew that. She just held his balls. She didn’t try to manipulate them or anything, although her fingers moved slightly, as though she were weighing them. Her lips slid up Greg’s cock to the very end, then back down karataş escort again. She didn’t seem to be sucking hard, but Greg moaned again. He was certainly enjoying himself.Some of the time when I gave him a blowjob, while I’d suck harder than Kelly was at the moment, as he got close to cumming I would close my lips tighter, squeezing his dick, but sucking less. When he came, I would loosen my lips so the cum would squirt into my mouth, then flow out of it, down his cock. My tongue would press against the sensitive spot near the end of his dick. I was certain he could tell I wasn’t swallowing his cum when I did this, but he never said anything. His compliments were the same as when I did gulp it down. It was something of a mystery to me. However, I generally swallowed Greg’s cum because it seemed like the right thing to do.“OK, honey, get on your back,” Greg said.Kelly basically fell forward and kissed him, her small, naked breasts on his chest. The light flashed off her skin, her beautiful, impeccable young skin. She rolled onto her back, right at the very edge of her bed. Greg pulled her more to the center. His knees were between her legs and he humped over so he could kiss her nipple. His cock was very hard.He licked her breast. He sucked at her nipples, first one, then the other. Kelly’s breasts appeared almost non-existent when she lay on her back, but I knew she was almost a B cup from the bras she wore. Both her nipples were hard. Greg’s hard dick sort of bounced in the air as he ministered to her boobs, as though it really, really wanted to fuck something. A drop of pre-cum lingered at the tip. Kelly must have tasted some of that when she sucked him.Greg’s cock had hovered just inches above Kelly’s pussy and I’d expected Greg to simply plunge his cock into his daughter, but he surprised me. His tongue licked a trail down to Kelly’s cunt. Holding one thigh in each hand, he spread her legs and his tongue licked slowly at her clit.For all he’d licked karkamış escort slowly, it must have been too soon because Kelly jumped – her ass came off the bed. His head came back and I could see him whispering to her. I’m sure he was saying nothing.“Relax, baby. That’s a good girl. Too soon, eh?” At least, that’s what he’d said to me when he’d rushed. I knew that while he was licking me he was mostly thinking about fucking me.A hand came off a thigh and I could tell he was inserting a finger into her pussy, although I couldn’t see it from my angle at the doorway. That initial insertion was always thrilling. It was a moment that nowadays lasted maybe a second, but it had been longer when we were younger and I expected it aroused Kelly. Perhaps in sympathy with her, I felt a tingle of excitement burst from my clit.I reached down, inside my pajama bottoms, and touched it. I hadn’t even noticed my fingers had moved down there until I felt the wetness. I dug in with two fingers, up to the second knuckle. My fingers were curved slightly and I thought I might be touching my g-spot.You’d think I’d be certain about my g-spot by now, almost forty years old. But I wasn’t. It felt good, for sure. It seemed like it felt better than fingers just poking around inside. But it certainly was nothing like the sensations I got from my clit. It was maybe like the sparks from a match that sought to light a fuse but always sputtered out. I got the sensation of sparks, but no explosion. Anyway, my fingers felt good inside me.I’d lost track of Greg and Kelly, but his head appeared busy between her thighs. It was moving up and down slightly, doubtless a result of his tongue lapping her clit. This was a sensation I’d experienced just last night. Greg used his tongue well – not the very best of those who’d done me, but good – holding it flat against my clit and moving it up and down, as well as flicking it like a snake against my little love bean, using it to spell words. I let kilis escort my fingers begin to rub my clit. I could hear him slurping her cunt. It was a delicious sound.“Oh, daddy, that feels so nice. But I want you to fuck me. Please!”“OK, baby girl, I’m happy to please.”“I so want you inside me.”She grabbed his hair and pulled it, gently I hoped, and he eased up the bed. His cock had gotten a bit soft, but hardened right up when the tip touched her cunt. I held my breath and thought about cocks at my cunt.I had enjoyed quite a few dicks, more in the past five years than in the whole rest of my life. Most had been the gentle kind, lined up with my cunt up and sliding in slowly, often stopping when just partway inside before going deeper with the man’s thrusting. A few had simply rammed into me and a couple of those hurt, but they’d left only small bruises and the surprise had been worth it. Also, those two guys really knew how to fuck me hard, fuck me deep. While I guess I wouldn’t recommend a hard slam to begin a fuck, they had been among the very best I’d ever had.God, my cunt seemed to pour out juice as I thought about those hard fucks. Their cocks had been barely above average size, but they used them well. Good angles into my cunt. Something they did differently about the speed with which they screwed me just felt different. And they’d both pulled my hand down so I’d masturbate regardless of the position we were in. I truly loved masturbating while a cock did its thing inside me. My pajama bottoms were soaked. Maybe I would recommend getting rammed to start.“Oh!” Kelly exclaimed. “Oh! That feels so nice, daddy!”I couldn’t see it happen, all I could see was Greg’s ass and his balls between Kelly’s spread legs. Kelly seemed to talk more than I did during sex. My fingers slid back and forth across my clit.“My god, daddy,” she said. “Your cock feels so good inside me. You love to fuck me, don’t you? Your daughter? Your cock inside my hot little cunt? I’m so hot for you!”I was masturbating faster. Watching and listening aroused me in ways I hadn’t expected. I loved that my daughter so enjoyed being fucked by her father. Yes, I felt a little jealous, but I couldn’t get angry with my own little girl. I watched his ass moving back and forth. Kelly’s legs pulled back a little further. He seemed to push his cock all the way in.

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