The Dyadomorph Pt. 02


Carolyn grudgingly realized Tanya had been right: she had been in no condition to drive the trio anywhere, let alone to the family home. Home — for the Smirnoff clan — was a ranch-style house in a gated community about halfway between downtown Ann Arbor and Dexter. The roads she took daily to work were mostly unimproved from the days when this part of Washtenaw County was farmland. Now it consisted mainly of subdivisions… and the traffic was heavier and far more dangerous even when Carolyn was physically and emotionally at her best.

As Rudy pulled them into the garage, Carolyn wondered what was really going on here. Obviously some sort of conspiracy amongst her children had been agreed to. It wasn’t that Tanya had cooked dinner — she often did so. It was more so Tanya’s calm manner on the phone which tripped her mother’s alarm bells…

“She must have known where I was before she called me,” Carolyn silently deduced as she got out of her car. “That means Renee had already informed Tanya of her pregnancy…” As the trio opened the door from the garage going into the mudroom, she decided to speak out loud. “What is going on here? Why are the four of us eating dinner together at home?”

“Since when,” Renee responded, “do we need a reason to eat together?”

Carolyn immediately resurrected one of her patented stares she used when one of her children tried to con their way out of doing homework. The message was duly received…

“Okay, Mom,” Rudy intervened on behalf of his other half, “you have us dead to rights; we do have something cooked up besides Tanya’s meal. If you will just bear with us, we’ll explain everything to you.”

“Fine,” Carolyn said as she angrily shuck her shoes in the general direction of the shoe rack and went to find a seat in the living room. “Just let me know when I get to go insane!”

All three of the Smirnoff children laughed, for it was clear to them their mother was past her initial shock and well on her way to accepting the strange truth to which she had been exposed. As Tanya had indicated over the phone, dinner was indeed ready. Renee called her mother over to the dining room table as the final pieces of the family’s good silver service were being set in place.

Tanya had prepared a Smirnoff Family favorite: beef stroganoff, wild rice pilaf, asparagus with hollandaise sauce, and hot fudge sundaes with all the trimmings for dessert. During the meal, the conversation focused on mundane subjects like school and an upcoming two-week vacation Tanya and Carolyn were taking to a remote location about an hour’s drive north of Soo Saint Marie. While she felt it to be forced, Carolyn nevertheless welcomed the momentary distraction.

Nearing the meal’s end, Carolyn was surprised just how hungry she had turned out to be. It was usual for her to leave uneaten a little bit of something. Tonight, however, she had joined the clean plate club. And after dinner, her children wouldn’t allow her to take her own dishes into the kitchen. She was told to go get comfortable and wait. A few minutes after she had returned to the living room couch, Rudy joined her…

“Believe it or not, Mom, but I know precisely how difficult this is for you… the three of us — that is; you, me, and Renee — have been through this conversation a few times over the millennia.”

“Have we, now? And just how do you know those conversations weren’t with some other mother?”

“You and Father have always been our parents… your combined genetics lead to us… for better or for worse — mostly for the worse I’ll grant you. But at least this time you haven’t killed us!”

“Believe me, Rudy, the thought had crossed my mind; just not on account of you being something other than human. I take it infanticide has been a common… how shall I say it…outcome for you and your sister?”

“Sometimes — most of the time we make it into adolescence before being killed — but that was to be expected. None of us Dyadomorphs could ever be certain when the time would be right for us to begin breeding. That’s why we were programmed to emerge at regular intervals: to gauge the progress of human culture. One of the ways we knew things hadn’t progressed far enough was when we were killed — usually out of fear — before attaining our ability to breed. Only when humanity had reached a certain level of maturity of thought as well as technology would the Dyadomorphs be ready to do their part.”

“And just what part is that?” Carolyn asked as her other children came over to join the conversation.

“Do you remember in the Bible where it says, ‘…the meek shall inherit the earth?'” Tanya asked her mother. Carolyn nodded. “Well, Mom, Dyadomorphs like Rudy and Renee are who was being referred to in that passage.”

“Really!” exclaimed Carolyn.

Renee and Rudy both nodded their heads with utter solemnity.

“Really,” Carolyn again spoke. Then she asked, “And just when is this inheritance to be passed on?”

“It’s already begun, Mom,” Rudy said. “Haven’t escort forumları you wondered as to the odd, world-wide drop in human fertility? That also was part of the plan: as humanity genetically dies-off, the Dyadomorphs ascend to take their place.”

“So,” Carolyn mused, “the eleven other pairs like yourself are at this moment beginning to bear children into the world in anticipation of this evolutionary handover?”

“We believe so,” responded Renee, “but, we don’t know this for a fact. Human culture is at or near its apex, so the rest of them should have emerged and be close to where Rudy and I are in terms of breeding. Another factor triggering the handover is that humanity has poisoned the planet, but not quite to the point beyond our ability to repair. Lastly, this is the first time since our creation Rudy and I have lived long enough to procreate.”

“This is the first time in over twenty-thousand years that you’ve been pregnant?” Carolyn asked, dumbfounded. “No wonder you were so excited…”

“Yes, Mom, that was a large part of it,” continued her older daughter. “But another part was that — like a caterpillar encasing itself in a cocoon — the human race will soon sacrifice itself for Dyadomorphs to emerge and manage the planet’s affairs from then on.”

“Don’t you worry that human beings will fight your ascent at every turn? After all, we are both resourceful and resilient.”

“Well,” Rudy interjected, “past experience has shown humans capable of delaying the change-over for a short while, but in the end the math and science always win; and both things are on our side, Mom.”

“What do you mean by past experience?” Carolyn asked.

“Mother,” Tanya answered, “this is how the Dyadomorphs have created humanoid cultures on terraformed planets for billions of years: we humans have always been the catalyst for cultural growth and development of the planet’s infrastructure. When that job has been accomplished, the Dyadomorphs emerge to take over the planet’s long-term management.”

“How on earth do you know this, Tanya?”

“We imparted this knowledge to her, Mom,” Renee replied.

“And if you are willing,” Rudy continued, “we can do the same for you. It really is more efficient than oral communication.”

“And more fun…” added Tanya.

“Fun, eh? Just what do I have to do?”

“Umm,” Rudy began. “Well, you sort of… have sex with us…”

“You’re joking! Tanya, please tell me that you’ve not had sexual relations with your brother and sister!”

“You mean like a three-way — girl, girl, boy? Yuck! No, I’ve been intimate with them in their merged state… as the Dyadomorph.”

“Holy shit!” Carolyn spat to no one in particular.

Dr. Carolyn Smirnoff sat in her living room and wondered just how the circumstances of her life had brought her to this weird and frightening junction. She looked at each of her three children in turn and quietly wondered if she had, in fact, gone stark raving mad. Outwardly, they all looked the same. Clearly, though, great changes had occurred; and if they were to be believed, an even greater change was still to come…

“You want me to commit incest with my children?”

“I suppose in some sense it is incest,” Renee mused. “But, really, the experience is far beyond mere sexual pleasure.”

“Try to describe it to me in terms I might be able to understand,” Carolyn deadpanned.

“Right… Okay, Mom, you know how when you are giving one of your female patients a pelvic exam and sometimes a particular patient might experience an orgasm? Well, what we are proposing is something along those lines: a kind of medical procedure which will probably end up feeling really good…”

“And this… procedure… it will impart a broader understanding of what is going on here?”

“Not broader,” Rudy replied. “Complete!”

“What will it cost me?”

All three of her children looked at Carolyn with confused faces.

“We don’t…” Renee began, but was cut off.

“I’m not a fool! You don’t get something for nothing… I don’t care how effin good your math and science is! What will this procedure cost me?”

Silence ensued for about a minute as the gravity of Carolyn’s question made it’s way through the three Smirnoff children. It was Tanya who finally figured out what needed saying…

“You will lose your mortality, Mother… just like I lost mine.”

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Dr. Carolyn Smirnoff lay on her California King bed and tried to fathom what moments ago had been told to her: that in essence, she could choose to live an immortal life if she wanted. After this quasi-sexual procedure — if she went through with it — death would be forever barred from knocking on her door. For fifteen long minutes, Carolyn pondered the decision over in her rational mind, but it was an irrational consideration which finally tipped the scales…

“I always thought that after I died, I would gaziantep escort forum get to spend eternity with Alexi and the children. But, Rudy, Renee, and even Tanya will never taste death! How could I go through eternity without them?”

Carolyn rolled out of bed and went to her bedroom door which had remained open after she told her kids that she needed to think about things.

“Kids! Please come into my bedroom. I’ve made a decision.”

All three appeared at her door within seconds — all with expectant looks impossible to mask.

“Well, Mom?” asked Rudy.

“Come in and find a place to get comfy.”

The Smirnoff children did so. As Tanya took a chair on the wall opposite her mother’s big bed, Carolyn began to undress. Smiles broke out on her children’s faces and Carolyn did her best to mimic them. When she got down to her matching pink bra and panties, she stopped and crossed her arms.

“I better not be the only one getting naked here! Come on you three… strip!”

“Why do I have to get naked, Mom?” Tanya whined. “I’ve already done this…”

“So… all that means is it will be that much easier this time, young lady! Do it!”

Articles of clothing began to hit the floor or land on chairs. Soon, three naked, youthful bodies stood there all wondering what was going to happen next as Carolyn continued to wield her mantle of leadership…

“Okay, son, lay back with your calves dangling over the side…”

“Like this?”

“Yep… Good, now come toward me a bit… fine. Now, relax…”

“Wait,” Renee interjected. “Rudy and I need to merge before we can begin the procedure.”

“Haven’t you people heard of foreplay? I’m getting Rudy ready for sex…”

“Mom,” Rudy said as he raised himself up on his elbows, “it only looks like I’m having sex with Renee when we initiate the merging process. The thing you are holding in your hand — and stroking very nicely I might add — isn’t really a penis, and Renee doesn’t really have a vagina, a womb, or even fallopian tubes.”

“But Renee, I’ve performed dozens of uterine exams on you; and Rudy, I’ve done plenty of physicals on you, too. If you don’t have sex organs, then what do you have?”

“Well, Mom,” Carolyn’s older daughter replied pensively, “what Rudy is trying to say is that we have every appearance — inside and out — of possessing human reproductive organs… when we aren’t merged, of course.”

“I agree,” Carolyn said, “it sure feels like a stiff, smooth, strong cock I’m stroking…”

Carolyn bent her head forward and enclosed her lips around her son’s purple glans to the audible astonishment of all three of her kids. Then, looking at each of them in turn, she proceeded to deep-throat Rudy’s faux phallus until her nose was buried in her boy’s pubic hair. After a few seconds, Carolyn came off him with a “pop!”

“And it sure tastes like the real thing,” she spoke and then sniffed her son’s ball-sac. “Come over here, Tanya.”

Tanya tentatively approached her mother and brother, all the while looking at her sister who stood there chewing on her fingernails…

“Kneel down, dear,” Carolyn said sweetly, “and take a whiff of your brother’s manly scent…”

Her youngest daughter hesitated but eventually complied.

“That’s it, honey! Get your nose real close and grab yourself a dose of pheromones…”

Tanya brought her face to a place about three inches from Rudy’s genitalia, but it wasn’t close enough for her mother’s plan, so Carolyn put her hand behind Tanya’s head and pressed her daughter’s nose into Rudy’s scrotum…

“Breathe in…”

Tanya did.

“Now, stick out your tongue and taste him…”

Tanya again looked over at her big sister whose hand was now covering her mouth. Turning her eyes back to her brother, Tanya opened her mouth and began to paint her brother’s cock and balls with her saliva.

“Now, sweetheart, here… grasp him with your left hand and pump it.”

Again, Tanya complied while her mother rose to her feet and got back onto her bed.

“Get it good and wet, Tanya,” Carolyn said seductively. “No woman wants a dry cock in her pussy!”

“Mother,” Renee spoke with incredulity. “I thought you didn’t approve of incest! Now you want Tanya and Rudy to have sex? And in front of me in my solitary state! Rudy is my mate, not Tanya’s!”

“Your sister is human and Rudy isn’t, so she can’t be his mate. Apart from that… yes, to both,” Carolyn responded. “As for incest, my attitude about it is complicated — like that of a former drug-user who now advises her children not to smoke pot.”

“You mean…” Rudy interjected.

“Yup,” replied Carolyn as she proceeded to lower her soggy, motherly core onto her son’s astonished mouth. “I lost my virginity to my father. For seven days he taught me how to please a man while my mother looked on and corrected my technique. Then, after that first week, I was told to keep gaziantep escort forumları practicing on your uncle Ralph. I learned a lot about human anatomy in that final year before my older brother went off to fight and die in Iraq.”

“Well,” said Renee, “that explains how Tanya got to be here!”

“Sure does,” agreed Rudy in between swipes of his tongue across his mother’s leaky gash.

“Did I not teach you, boy, never to talk with your mouth full? Huh?”

Rudy did his best to nod his head. Carolyn smiled and continued to correct her son’s technique…

“A little slower… Yeah! That’s it, baby… Now, bite down lightly on my little man… Sweet Jesus, you’re a natural! I’m gonna gush all over your face real soon if you keep that up.”

Minutes later, Carolyn opened her eyes after a wave of pleasure swept through her. Renee was busy tugging on her erect nipples and masturbating with her legs spread apart. Tanya was getting about halfway down her brother’s soon-to-be-erupting dick. Carolyn decided that the wrong opening was going to get the goods, so she spoke up…

“Tanya, dear… That’s enough for now… Stand up!”

“But Mom, I’m so close!” Rudy complained.

“I know, honey, but it’s time you took Tanya’s cherry.”

Carolyn moved her body off her son’s head and had him come fully onto the bed on his back. Then she motioned for Tanya to mount him. This she did with her dripping cunt hovering about four inches over her brother’s tumescent organ. Carolyn spoke again…

“Renee, baby, come over here and plant your pussy onto your brother’s face… No, turn around and face his feet. Good!”

“But, Mom, Dyadomorphs don’t engage in sex play…” said the girl with a whiny voice. “We only merge…”

“You mean to tell me that in over twenty-thousand years of existence, you’ve never gotten head from your mate? Tsk, tsk, tsk, young lady… It is time to correct this egregious oversight… Now!”

Renee did as ordered. The moment Rudy’s mouth made contact with Renee’s fake pussy, she swooned and Carolyn had to support her daughter as a powerful orgasm savaged her body. Copious fluids gushed out of her onto her brother. As soon as they hit his chest, they were absorbed by his skin. Then Rudy, too, shuddered as if the liquid itself was transmitting the sensation of his sister’s orgasm to him.

After regaining her composure, but while still glassy-eyed, Renee found herself obeying her mother’s command to reach down and take hold of her partner’s pecker. This she did, and (without having to be told) promptly sank her month onto it all the way to the bottom in one long insertion. A minute later, the girl had to be pried off it so that Tanya could experience her first fuck. As Renee held it in place, and as Carolyn used her fingers to spread apart her younger daughter’s labia, Tanya slowly settled onto Rudy’s big cock… as it tore through her hymen… on its way to gently nudge against her cervix. Tanya sat there shuddering with her open mouth pointed to the ceiling in a silent moan. Carolyn did her best to pull the girl from this stupor…

“Tanya! Snap your hips back and forth. Rudy, while she’s doing that, you apply upward pressure but do not move in and out. Let me know when your sister’s quim is about to get to be too much for your dyadomorphic dick!”

For five minutes, Carolyn watched as her three children built themselves into a sexual frenzy as they each moved the others to experience an earth-shattering climax. Tanya got there first. As the girl went rigid and then began to spasm, Carolyn helped her come off her brother. Again — and for the final time that day — she took command of the situation…

“Renee… as quick as you can get off Rudy’s face and get on your knees with your head on one of my pillows. Spread your knees wide… That’s good, but just a bit wider…”

Carolyn placed another pillow under her daughter’s protruding belly and then motioned for Rudy to get behind his pregnant sister…

“Can you control this merging process of yours long enough to fuck Renee until you both climax?”

“I think so, Mom… But why?”

“I want you to try something… As you both are orgasming, I want you to merge. Understand?”

A big grin spread across Rudy’s face. He scrambled up onto his knees and got behind Renee who was so turned on that her body kept giving off these random quakes. Rudy took hold of his thick, red tube-snake and wormed it into Renee… who promptly screamed.

“Grab on and ram, her, son! Do it fast and furious! Don’t stop until you cum…”

“Get her good, Rudy,” Tanya chimed in. “Fuck the shit out of my prissy sister!”

Carolyn didn’t know what enabled them both to withstand the sexual onslaught, but ten minutes went by, then twelve, until at almost the fifteen minute mark, something like biological implosion occurred on her bed: As Rudy and Renee experienced simultaneous orgasm, it seemed to both Carolyn and Tanya that Rudy got sucked into his sister’s body in mere seconds. Even after the merging was complete, the Dyadomorph kept on experiencing the climax. It thrashed around moaning and seemed to pass in and out of consciousness. This went on until — like the passing of a thunderstorm — their sexual energy finally dissipated. Carolyn was about to say something when the Dyadomorph beat her to the punch…

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