Girls of Alpha Beta Delta Ch. 37

As Kristin and Jenny played Monopoly with Kristin’s parents, a somewhat less wholesome game was underway at Alpha Beta Delta. After dinner, Miss White had instructed Jodie and Sofia to clean up while the rest of them retired to the living room. As she sat sipping wine with Sasha, Nikki, and Polly, Miss White was struck with an inspiration: this was the perfect time for a poker game. A strip poker game, to be exact.

Normally she didn’t like to do this kind of thing in the house’s public areas. But since making her deal with the Dean she’d felt more and more free, as if given immunity. Tonight she felt like letting her hair down, both literally and figuratively; she removed the clip holding her black mane in place, letting it fall across her shoulders. The three Sisters in the room looked at each other in wonder; Alexis White with her hair down was quite an unusual sight.

Once Jodie and Sofia had finished their work, the six of them sat down at the table with a deck of cards. Miss White was an excellent player; in fact she’d financed her college education partly through poker. She smiled as she dealt the first hand, but once the cards were out she put on a stoic mask, and after that no readable expression crossed her face.

Jodie, on the other hand, was no good at poker; and since she was wearing only one item of clothing other than her shoes, she was soon naked. Miss White decreed that her future bets could be guaranteed with sexual favors; and so after Nikki won the next hand, Jodie found herself kneeling under the table, licking the black girl’s pussy as the game continued.

In fact Jodie spent quite a bit of time on her knees that evening. Every time she got back into the game, she would lose another hand, and find herself under the table again. Over the course of the game she ended up servicing everyone except Miss White, who chose to save up her credits “for something special,” she bursa escort said.

In truth, Miss White got whatever she wanted from Jodie whenever she wanted it anyway. At the moment there was nothing more that she desired.

When the college’s clock tower struck ten, Polly and Sofia were naked as well, while Sasha and Nikki still had their panties. Miss White was almost fully dressed, having surrendered only her sweater so far. She decided to start losing on purpose, and three hands later she was down to her impeccable black lace underwear.

At this point Miss White realized that it was rather cold in the room, and went to add more logs to the fire. As she walked back to the table, looking at the five girls sitting there, the five ripe young bodies on display, ready to give themselves to her, she decided that the game was over.

Sweeping the cards off the table, Miss White unhooked her bra and let it fall to the floor. Slowly, teasingly, she slid her panties down and stepped out of them. Then she climbed up onto the table and stretched out with her legs spread.

* * *

Kristin and Jenny again wished each other good night and went to their separate rooms. But Kristin found herself unable to sleep. She tossed and turned, thinking longingly of Jenny, so close but so far away. Finally she made up her mind: To hell with decorum, she thought. It was quiet in the house and her parents were probably fast asleep.

Putting on her robe, she tiptoed down the hallway to the guest room. She quietly opened the door, slipped inside, and gently closed it behind her. The only light in the room was from a small nightlight, but it was enough for Kristin to see Jenny’s face. She was deep in a blissful slumber.

Seeing how peaceful she looked, Kristin decided to let her be. After kissing Jenny softly on the forehead, she snuck back to her own room and masturbated herself to sleep.

* escort bursa * *

Many orgasms later, the Sisters started drifting off to bed one by one. Finally only Miss White and Jodie remained. The fire was dying out and Miss White felt as contented as could be; she finished her last glass of wine and prepared to head upstairs.

She looked over at Jodie, who gazed back at her with wide-eyed inquisitiveness. Miss White realized that she couldn’t bear the idea of sending Jodie back to the basement. Instead, she clipped the leash into the younger woman’s collar and led her away. Crawling on her hands and knees, Jodie followed Miss White to her bedroom.

* * *

In the morning Miss White sent Jodie downstairs for coffee and pastries. When she returned they sat together in bed eating and talking. Miss White took the opportunity to ask Jodie some questions about herself, and in the process learned that she was an orphan. She’d been in several foster homes but didn’t really have a family to go home to for this or any holiday.

Hearing this, Miss White felt a wave of tenderness so strong it was almost alarming. For a moment she thought she was going to start crying; it took an act of will for her to get a grip on herself. This was so unlike her; what was going on?

Sitting her coffee cup down, Miss White enfolded Jodie in her arms. Jodie rested her head on the older woman’s shoulder and they just sat like that for several minutes. Jodie couldn’t remember when she’d felt so safe and happy, wrapped up in the embrace of this strong, beautiful woman. Miss White smelled so good, her skin was so soft… Jodie kissed her on the shoulder, then began to move down to her chest.

For a moment Miss White felt guilty at having corrupted this poor girl. She was on the point of saying “You don’t have to do this.” But when Jodie’s warm, wet mouth closed around her right nipple, bursa escort bayan it felt so incredibly good that she relented. Jodie had needed to be corrupted, hadn’t she? Surely she was better off now than she had been before?

Slowly and tenderly Jodie kissed and licked her way down Miss White’s body. Miss White sighed contentedly and when Jodie planted a kiss on her mound, and she let her legs fall open. The look that Jodie gave her at that moment was priceless: both innocent and depraved, sweet and wicked.

When Jodie’s tongue touched Miss White’s pussy, she surprised them both by coming immediately. Miss White gripped Jodie’s shoulders as her body convulsed; it was the strongest orgasm she’d had in ages.

Jodie was pleased with herself, but also disappointed; she’d been looking forward to spending some quality time between Miss White’s legs. She needn’t have worried. After taking a minute to recover, Miss White pushed Jodie’s head back down so she could continue.

After letting Jodie lick her for a while Miss White gripped the younger woman by the hips and spun her around so they could 69. When Miss White’s tongue penetrated her Jodie let out an uninhibited moan that was surely heard throughout the house.

They had been feasting on each other for several minutes when a knock came at the door. Sasha’s voice called out, “Is everything OK in there?”

Lifting her head from between Jodie’s legs, Miss White hesitated for a moment. Then she answered, “You’d better come have a look for yourself.” The door swung in and Sasha popped her head through. Seeing Miss White and Jodie laying there, naked and entwined, she grinned devilishly.

Miss White gestured for Sasha to approach. After untying the belt of her robe, Sasha let it slip off her shoulders and fall to the floor, revealing her slim, shapely body, her bright pink nipples and shaggy brown pubic hair. She climbed into the bed on the side that was open, next to Jodie.

Rolling Jodie over to face Sasha, Miss White encouraged the two girls to entertain each other while she went to get her strap-on. It was already turning out to be an excellent Thanksgiving.

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