Any Chance We Could Ch. 18

Big Tits

This is a work in progress and chapters will be submitted at regular intervals. This is a continuing series, no chapter is written to stand alone. If you’re just starting I recommend you start at the first chapter.

Friday, October 12.

Both girls were barefoot, topless, and in sweat pants as they came into the kitchen. Katrina settled upon my lap, placed her arm around my shoulder and reminded me of the promise I made yesterday. I caressed each bare breast and orally teased each nipple with a good morning kiss. “Thanks, Dad,” she happily stated as she moved off my lap.

She was standing up as Veronica came into the kitchen in sweats and low heeled slides. “How about this look handsome?” she said as she put her hands on her hips and turned around. “Come here Katrina and let me enjoy those good-looking breasts.”

As Katrina moved toward her, Veronica bent down, kissed and sucked both nipples, then palmed both and tenderly squeezed them. She caught my eye and winked.

In the meantime Ashley took Katrina’s place on my lap and was enjoying the same tenderness of my mouth and hands that Katrina had.

As Veronica was bestowing the morning greeting on her daughter, I waited for her to finish and sit on my lap. As she settled upon me she cooed “Good morning handsome. I love waking up to you.”

“Either you’re showing a junk yard or you’re not going into the office,” Ashley said to Veronica.

“No, no office today, at least this morning. We’re meeting the mover at Scott’s who is going to retrieve his desk and credenza. Katrina, any furniture you want today?”

“Why don’t you bring the desk and chair out of my bedroom and put it in the spare bedroom. I’ve tried to study at Ashley’s but she wants me to sit on her lap. She puts her hands on my nipples and stuff, then I play with her pussy, so it takes forever to get something done.”

“You’ve never complained before,” said a petulant Ashley.

“It’s not a complaint, sister dear. It’s a fact and I don’t want you to stop. You know I love you.” Katrina replied.

“I know. Let’s take our coffee upstairs and get dressed.”

They charged down the stairs a little later, with only a few minutes to spare. “See you this afternoon. I think we’re on two, love you both,” and they were gone.

We drove to my house, packed my boxes, with a promise to do Veronica’s after the movers left. We were done about ten to nine when the moving guys showed up. I showed them the furniture, the television and the boxes. I had them also load from my home office one of the easy chairs and a side lamp. In fifteen minutes they were loaded and pulling out of the driveway with Veronica and I close behind. At her house they backed into the driveway after first allowing us to drive past them to the back of the house. I let them in and showed them where I wanted the furniture. They came in with some hand trucks and carted the boxes down to the basement. I noticed the foreman on his cell phone and then he said, “Mr. Appleton, your TV fell over in the truck and it’s broken.”

“How do you know it’s broken?

“There’s a large crack across the screen., I’m sorry. I’m talking to the office about it right now. Since your firm is an important client, the manager wants to expedite the claim. One of the guys is on his way to the electronics store to get a replacement when they open at ten. Do you have a preference?”

“That’s very thoughtful of you, a Sharp just like the broken one. Make sure it has the computer port and at least two HDMI connections just like the broken one,” I noted.

He communicated the information. They began moving the furniture and boxes in with no more calamities. They were happy to also move the existing table into the basement.

As they were leaving, the foreman apologized again. I informed him I would call their office to report his concern and consideration. Two minutes later they left.

“Nicely done, handsome, that didn’t seem to upset you.” Veronica remarked.

“The only upsetting part is that the replacement is on its way and I can’t jump your bones until after he gets here.”

“It’ll keep. We have the rest of our lives so what’s an hour or so.”

As were we waiting and drinking another cup of coffee we talked about my comments yesterday about the pool and the studio. I told Veronica that I wanted to pay off her mortgage and get the deed released to her. She noted that she would like to expand the kitchen as well as put in new cabinets. I suggested we put in all new appliances at the same time and new flooring. I said we’d get a contractor to give us an idea of when he could get started and I wanted to talk with an architect about enlarging the master suite and expanding the girl’s bedroom into a master suite too. She agreed with heating the pool, the hot tub and the studio. She asked if that meant I’d like to stay here.

“Yes, for the long term. You’re comfortable here, concealed rooms and everything. This house can easily be expanded. I’ve Casibom only lived in my house for three years and really have no connection to it. On Monday why don’t you draw up a listing contract for my house?”

“I’d love to,” she said. “Do I get my usual commission?”

“Cash or trade,” I asked.

“I’m sure I’ll come up with something,” she said with her eyes twinkling. “I’ll send a cleaning crew through. It should be on the market by next Friday.”

“Don’t you want me to move my stuff out?” I asked.

“No it’ll show better furnished. Let’s just move anything of value, your etchings for instance, which I recall got us into this fantastic situation in the first place.” Just then the doorbell rang.

A young man with the moving company logo on his shirt apologized again as he and another young man came in to look at where I wanted it. They moved the credenza in front of the blank wall on the left side of the room before bringing in the new television and setting it up. As they set it up I called the phone company to ask them to install their high speed Uverse product.

“Gentlemen, it’s been a pleasure doing business with you and please pass on my complements on the way the first crew handled the problem.” After a long look at my fiancée, then at her ring, they took the carton and packing materials and left.

“My God, did you see that. I felt like a teenager,” Veronica said.

“Think about the looks you could have gotten in a skirt and sweater,” I laughed.

She smiled, “They would have leered even more. I feel so hot by how those young men looked at me.”

“Tonight they’ll fantasize about fucking you.” I teased her.

“Do we have time now?” she smiled.

“Unfortunately no. It’s already eleven forty-five and Gwen, I think that’s her name, should be here shortly,” she said.

As we were about to embrace, the doorbell rang. When I opened the door a young woman in Bermudas and a country club polo shirt extended her hand and said, “Mr. Appleton, I’m Gwen Butler from Kurt’s staff.”

“Hi Gwen, I’m Scott and this is my fiancée Veronica Bryce. Please come in.”

We walked to the kitchen and sat at the table as Gwen opened one of those aluminum file boxes and pulled out a form. She sat with pen poised as she read the information on the form. “Has the number of people changed since Monday?”

“Better add ten more. They’re playing each other for the tournament championship this afternoon so more may show up as a celebration for having made it to the finals,” said Veronica.

“That’s fine. We can do most of the prep in here. We’ll bring extra coolers for the soft drinks and I’m going to be short a female staffer tomorrow. There are usually three of us. Is it OK if I bring a male staffer?” Gwen asked.

“I’d rather you not. Can Veronica or I help?”

“Well I was going to use your BBQ for some hot dinnertime burgers, brats, dogs. Would you like to do that? Your daughters wouldn’t mind male help if it’s you, would they?” asked Gwen.

Veronica answered, “Probably not. If they do I’ll do it.”

“Problem solved, thank you. I’ll ask Kurt to put a credit against your account for your help. Let’s take a walk around the deck please. Is this the only way to it?”

“No there’s access through the garage, then through that door there,” I said as I pointed to the door behind the grill.

As she surveyed the deck she made some notes on her form. “I’ll bring four rounds, two longs and two dozen folding chairs, four or five coolers for the drinks, and as many more for the cool food as necessary. I recommend that we set the tables on the grass by the flower garden wall. I’ll back the truck up to the garage and we’ll bring everything in that way. Say no later than eleven tomorrow morning?”

“You certainly seem to be efficient at planning,” said Veronica.

“Thank you, that’s a point of pride for Kurt and the whole staff. If you’re still impressed after tomorrow evening, and you will be, please keep us in mind for all your catering needs.” Gwen said.

Gwen left and Veronica and I embraced and she asked, “I noticed you looking at Gwen. She certainly is an attractive looking young woman.”

“Yes, she is, but you are far more beautiful in my eyes.”

“You devil you. You know how to say the right thing. By the way, I’m not concerned with you looking. Admiring other women is a little hobby we can share together,” she said with a laugh. “You know how I feel about teen pussy, or just young pussy.”

“That is more than fine with me,” I said as I gave her a quick kiss.

“Are you still going into the office before we go to the game?”

“I don’t think so. I was, but I’ll just call and see what’s up.” I replied.

I used the house phone to talk to Grace for awhile, answered a few questions and as I was about to terminate the call, I got the call waiting tone. I said goodbye to Grace and flashed to the call. I said “Hello,” and the response was “Oh, Scott? It’s Casibom Giriş Carol. Is Veronica there? Why are you there in the middle of the afternoon?”

“Well, Carol, I live here now. I came home early to talk to Veronica about what I could do to again have the pleasure of eating some more of that magnificent red-haired pussy of yours.”

“Just ask. You’re a good lover, or at least you were a week ago. Since you’re living there now I can only assume that you still are.”

“Thanks, Carol, but I’ll still have to have Veronica’s permission,” I said as I looked at Veronica as she smiled and shook her head. After a pause I continued, “I should have some pictures to show you next week. This week has been hectic with four afternoons and evenings of softball. Why don’t you and my fiancée work something out? Here’s Veronica,” I said as I walked over to the couch and handed her the phone.

“Sit, handsome,” said Veronica as she took the phone.

“Hi Carol. No we really weren’t, but he could ask. For you my dear I won’t object as long I get to play too, or for every time you two are alone I get to be alone with you an equal number of times.” Veronica winked at me and mouthed, “I love you” as she listened to Carol. Then she continued, “We’re home because he moved his office stuff to the crafts room and Katrina’s desk to the extra bedroom. Then the caterer for the girl’s party tomorrow came and she just left. We were trying to get some time in bed, but the game starts soon. Yes the girl’s teams are playing each other for the championship, and that’ll be interesting. Hold on a minute sweetheart, I’ll ask.”

“Handsome, go look at the calendar. Is there a time next week when Carol can come over to take a look at pictures?” Veronica asked.

As they continued their conversation I got up. When I looked at the calendar in the kitchen I noticed that on Thursday both girls had their team banquets. It was likely that we could have all the pictures reviewed by then.

I sat back down on the couch next to Veronica. She turned and leaned her back against me. I pulled up her top, unfastened her bra and began to gently caress her bare breasts and now erect nipples. “Tell her that Thursday is good for us.”

“Mmm, that feels good handsome. Carol how about Thursday, dinner here at 6:00 followed by pictures and maybe some fun. Both girls are gone that night. Yes he is, he pulled up my top, unfastened my bra and is doing wonderful things with my breasts. Yes, he has talented hands.”

Veronica and Carol continued to talk, I continued to caress her. When the conversation ended she turned and kissed me with the fire of desire. “Time for a quickie?” she asked hopefully.

“Yes,” I replied.

“Right here, right now, you got me all wet,” she said as she lifted her top off and pulled her pants off. I doffed my shirt, kicked off my shoes and pulled down my pants and briefs laid her back on the couch and tenderly kissed her as I entered her.

“Oh, that feels so good handsome, so very good,” she said.

We made slow love for about ten minutes when she cried, “Enough of going slow. Fuck me harder, faster. I want us to cum together. Even harder! Yeeess, that’s it.” I did as asked and we came and lay there with our arms around each other. She asked “Are we going to always be able to do this?”

“What do you mean?” I asked, kissing her.

“Make love whenever we feel like it?” she asked.

“Oh, of course, not in public or in our offices but certainly anytime at home,” I replied. “We’re not ‘in bed in the dark lovers’. We’ve been watched by Ashley and Katrina and by Carol too come to think of it.”

“I guess if either of the girls walked in on us we’d just say ‘Hi’ and continue,” Veronica remarked. “We may have to talk them out of joining … or not.”

We gathered our clothes, walked upstairs, showered and got dressed for the game. Virginia wore fitted tan pants, again with garter hose underneath, low heels, and a white cotton blouse. I was in a blue polo shirt and khakis. Her thighs and the occasional feel of the garter clasp kept me pretty much erect the whole way to the game.

We set our chairs at the backstop end of the bleachers on the first base side of the field. Ashley’s dugout was on that side. We were pretty much surrounded before the game with parents asking what is was like for daughters to play for opponent teams. Our usual response was that we’re hoping to enjoy the game and cheer equally. Both Ashley and Katrina were co-captains of their teams for tonight’s coin toss. Katrina’s team won and chose to be home. They both spotted us and waved as they left for their respective dugouts.

Based on their performances in the five prior games they were both in the cleanup batting position and Ashley was playing first and Katrina second.

The first inning ended with the first three batters out for each team, so our daughters were leading off the second. Ashley got a solid hit that dropped in left near the Casibom Güncel Giriş line and got a double. She was advanced to third by a single, then two fly outs, then a long hit to right that wasn’t caught, she got home in front of the throw but the batter was gunned down at second by the catcher. One run in on the timed play.

Katrina got a triple on a long line drive to right that was misjudged, but retrieved in time to make the cutoff which was rapidly thrown home to hold her at third. The next batter K’d looking, the next batter slapped the ball that was bobbled by the shortstop allowing Katrina to make it home as the batter made first safely. The next batter walked, the next batter flied to Ashley who caught it and doubled off the runner who in a moment of brain freeze had left the base. The score was tied one each, bottom of two.

Top of three, the first batter K’d swinging. The next batter, the lead off, had a solid base hit followed by the next batter who did the same. With two on, one out, the third batter in the order was up. She hit a towering fly ball for a called infield fly, two outs. Ashley watched the first four pitches for a two and two count, before creaming a ball directly back to the pitcher who knocked it down but fell in the process and in the scramble for the ball, the runner on second scored as the runner on first advanced to third and Ashley made it to first. Two on, two out, one run in. The next hitter hit a sharp line drive to the short stop who handily caught it for the third out.

Bottom of three, all three batters were out on lightly hit infield flys that were all caught by the shortstop. In the top of the fourth Ashley’s pitcher really found her groove, and K’d all three batters.

The leadoff batter in the bottom of the fourth hit a solid double and Katrina drove her home with another double. She was stranded as the next batter K’d, and the next two had sharply hit balls right to the third baseman who threw them both out at first.

With the score tied in the top of the fifth, the first batter walked, stole second on a passed ball, but was left there as the second batter K’d. The next batter got a single on a slow roller to third which the runner on second couldn’t advance on. The next batter hit a line drive to the shortstop which she caught. But she misplayed and threw the ball to first to try to double the runner off and the runner on second advanced to third. Ashley came to bat with runners at first and third, two outs. She hit the ball to deep left field which scored the runner at third and advanced the runner to third as she stopped at second on an excellent throw by the right fielder. The next batter hit a bouncer to the second baseman who threw her out at first. Ashley’s team was now up by one going into the bottom of the fifth.

The first batter on Katrina’s team got a single on a slow grounder to the short stop. The next batter K’d but a passed ball allowed the runner on first to steal second. The next batter also got a single on a grounder to the shortstop, but the runner on second was thrown out at third. The next batter got a single on a hit between third and short. The next batter walked, loading the bases for Katrina’s at bat. Katrina hit a screamer over the pitchers head and second base that landed in front of the center fielder. The runners on second and third scored, the runner on first was held at third and Katrina stopped at first. The next batter K’d, ending the inning with Katrina’s team ahead by 1; 4-3 after 5 innings.

In the top of the sixth, the first batter singled, the second batter singled as well. The third batter then singled loading the bases. The fourth batter sharply hit the ball to Katrina who quickly fielded it, flipping it to the shortstop as she was passing and touching second forcing out the runner from first, the shortstop threw on the run to the first baseman putting out the runner. The first baseman fired to the catcher who was couched down up the line so she just dropped her glove and tagged the sliding runner from third. Triple play!

The sixth batter on Katrina’s team got a bloop single over the second baseman’s head, the next batter sharply hit the ball to the right side and got a single. The third batter K’d but during her at bat the runners advanced to second and third on wild pitches. The fourth batter hit a single to the right side and the runner on third scored, leaving runners at first and third with only one out. The fifth batter, the leadoff hitter K’d and the sixth batter hit a line drive to the shortstop to end the inning. Katrina’s team was now ahead by two going into the seventh.

The leadoff batter singled with a ball hit to the left side, the second batter ground to the short stop who fed it to the second baseman for the force out. The third batter sharply hit one to the third baseman who mishandled it and wound up holding the ball without a play. Ashley creamed a ball to right center, getting a double and driving in the runner from second. The next batter hit a come-backer to the pitcher who held on to it and threw to the catcher to hold the runner at third. The next batter hit a towering fly ball with both runners going that was nicely fielded by the right fielder for the third and last out.

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