Everything We Need


Author’s Preface

This short story references the COVID19 global pandemic virus of 2020. The characters are fictional but hopefully represent a lighthearted response for dealing with the difficulties of the societal changes which began to occur.



Max came home from work two hours earlier than usual. It was Friday at about three o’clock. Carrie was at home already. She always had arranged her schedule to work from home on Fridays to avoid traveling at the start of weekend traffic. Her laboratory at the university was almost 80 miles away and Friday traffic was worth avoiding whenever possible. Nattles was getting ready to go to the dojo to teach the kids class, and after that the adult class. She and Carrie were surprised to see Max not only with his laptop, but also managing to carry a couple more boxes that he was just about to drop.

The ladies hurriedly went to help Max with all of the belongings in his arms and help him resolve his situation to get comfortable. Carrie asked him, “Max, what’s all this?”

“We were told we had to work from home until further notice. I didn’t want to make another trip back to work so I grabbed everything I thought i would need for now. They’re afraid we all might spread the damn plague to each other.”

“Oh my, I received an email from the university saying they were closing the campus to students next week and it could last until the end of the year. They want me to avoid using the lab as much as possible. I can do that for now. So it looks like we’ll both be working from home.”

Nattles spoke up, “Sensei Ray told me to warn the students that I might have to close the dojo Monday. The Governor is trying to determine who are essential workers. Apparently martial arts isn’t considered essential.”

Carrie instantly felt sad for Nattles and turned to put her arm around her. Max finished emptying his arms and turned their hug into a group hug. After consoling each other the trio went downstairs where Max was going to set up his space to work from home. Carrie already had her home office set up down there. Nattles began punching and kicking her punching bag. The thud of the sound hitting the punching bag kept getting more rapid and loud. Carrie and Max began looking at each other, wondering how they would be able work down there if Nattles stayed home all day to train. Only time would tell at this point.

Several hours later Nattles was teaching at the dojo. Max and Carrie were watching the news hearing the Governor’s plan to close the state in an effort to subdue the spreading of the contagious virus. They now knew what Nattles feared. She would have to temporarily close her dojo beginning Monday until further notice.

Max poured himself and Carrie a glass of wine and they waited for Nattles to return. They discussed options for Nattles to contract work for both of them, trying to find solutions to keep Nattles’ spirits up and to stay busy other than hit her punching bag all day.

When Nattles arrived home she seemed like her usual self, confident and collected. Carrie and Max were wondering how to tell Nattles the official news when Nattles began speaking, “Well, Sensei Ray texted me during class. The dojo is closed until further notice. He has ideas on how we will teach from home for those students wishing to continue. There’s a lot of personal growth that can be gained from training on one’s own. This is the time for that to be taught. So I am going to figure out some online video training. I still have a job!” Like most situations Nattles was always confident and sounded in control. Max and Carrie were happy and realized Nattles’ resourcefulness should have never inspired doubt in themselves.

Max tried to make light of the working from home situation. “The good news is, we can all work in our underwear from now on.” Carrie and Nattles began to grin. Nattles tossed her gym bag to the side and poured herself a glass of wine and joined her friends, her lovers!

The trio was all happy for each other. They went to get comfortable on the U-shaped couch and watched the moonlight sparkle off the ocean. With the wine and all the snuggling Max began to feel uncomfortable with the lack of room in his pants. Both of the ladies could also tell, as Max kept fidgeting to shift his hips.

Nattles was the first to offer help. She set her glass down, stood up and said, “Let’s get more comfortable.” She pulled her sports bra over her head and bent over to unbutton Max’s pants. Carrie and Max were now grinning. Carrie immediately set her glass down and stood up to begin unbuttoning her blouse as fast as she could. Just as fast she reached behind her, flicked the clasp on her bra apart, and threw her bra to the side. Both her and Nattles helped each other pull Max’s pants and briefs off while Max remained seated.

When Max felt his manhood become free of the non-confined clothing, his erection went completely to a full hard state. He finished bursa escort off his glass of wine with a couple gulps, set his glass as far away as he could reach, and began enjoying the feel of the ladies warm tongues and mouths engrossing him. Trying not to move his lower body, he sat still and pulled his shirt over his head. He was comfortable so he now laid back before the ladies completely naked making his manhood stand fully straight up. He gave the ladies all the room they needed to do whatever they wanted to him.

Carrie began massaging his testicles as Nattles moved her head up and down. Max was becoming lost in his thoughts as the sensation of great blowjob was taking place. Nattles then held Max’s cock in front of Carrie. Carrie began moving her head up and down continuing the pace where Nattles left off. Then to rest, she eventually went down so far that Nattles had to remove her hand. Carrie had relaxed her gag reflex and was practicing her deep throat. After 4 or 5 seconds she came back up and it was Nattles turn again. Not to be outdone, Nattles relaxed her gag reflex as well and was showing Carrie she could take Max just as far and as long. Max felt like bucking his hips upwards but forced himself with all his concentration to remain still. The ladies skillfully brought Max all the way to the edge of coming.

For the next ten minutes the ladies traded off turns keeping Max on the edge of ejaculation. His mind was spinning in a relaxing delirium wondering how long the ladies could keep him from an explosive climax. Even though his manhood was all shiny with the ladies saliva, Nattles began to eye a semi-transparent white droplet of cum at the tip of Max’s cock. Max was close to a point of no return. Nattles swirled the first evidence of cum with her tongue and then began lowering her head… lower, and lower. Max began to moan.

Max’s ability to hold back from coming was no longer. Nattles felt the first twitch of his cock on her tongue and at the same time Max told her, “I’m going to come, Nattles!” Nattles began to raise her head and she felt the second pulse, or throb of his cock with his semen hitting the roof of her mouth. As she came all the way off of him, the third throb of semen hit her on her nose and forehead. Carrie immediately moved over him and let him finish coming in her mouth enjoying the remaining throbs of love pulsate to fill her mouth.

About twenty seconds later, Carrie let Max out of her mouth. She was happy to receive his love. Nattles had already swallowed her take. Carrie was smiling at Nattles with her share beginning to drool out of one side of her mouth. She began a passionate kiss with Nattles passing back and forth Max’s white love. Max told the ladies, “That was one of the best.” The ladies eventually began rolling on the floor not wanting to part from the playful kiss.

Max moved over to the side of the couch to watch them from above. Carrie was on top of Nattles and Nattles was trying to remove Carries pants with her feet. When Max figured out what Nattles was trying to do, he knelt behind Carrie, stuck his hands in her waistband making sure his fingers were also inside her panties, and helped Nattles pull Carrie’s pants off. Carrie felt their efforts and maneuvered her hips and legs anyway possible to make it easier. In no time her pants were off and she was naked on top of Nattles.

Carrie’s shapely nude buttocks wiggling around atop of Nattles was making Max’s manhood stiff again. Carrie eventually rolled herself off to the side trying hard to roll Nattles on top of her. Carrie’s thought was that Max could also help remove Nattles’ pants as well. But once Nattles was completely over Carrie, Nattles ended the passionate kiss and stood up to tower over Carrie. Max just sat on the couch wondering why the lovemaking ended. Nattles looked serious.

Nattles just looked down at Carrie and asked her, “Are you sure you want me right now?”

Carrie began grinning and meekly said, “Of course, I’m sure.”

Nattles was wearing her tight blue jean pants. She knew anyone who tried to help her remove them would find it difficult. So she began to unbutton them and begin taking them off herself. Stepping out of them she swooshed them with a flick of her leg over Carrie’s head. Carrie was grinning with excitement. Max was staring at Nattles’ buttocks as she was wearing thong panties. Nattles then pulled those down, picked them up, and tossed them over to Max. Max tried to fold them but just kept staring at the nude ladies.

Nattles then lowered herself to her knees so that she was straddled over Carrie’s head. Nattles’ knees began to slowly spread apart until her sex was at Carrie’s lips. Nattles could feel the air escape from Carries nose rhythmically across her sex making her clit hot. With Carrie’s mouth just barely touching Nattles’ vulva lips Carrie looked up at Nattles and told her, “Lower, Nattles. Lower.”

Nattles grinned. malatya escort Nattles, capable of doing the splits, spread her knees even further feeling like she was going to pin her lover between her legs. Carrie’s mouth began to dance between Nattles’ legs. Max watched Carrie’s tongue disappear into Nattles’ sex and became transfixed with his heart beating rapidly as he watched the oral lovemaking.

Carrie feeling relaxed with the joy of Nattles atop of her face, let her own legs naturally spread apart and Max took notice. He wanted in! He leaned over Carrie’s body in the traditional missionary position with his head making room under Nattles’ right arm. As he watched Carrie’s mouth make love to Nattles’ pussy, his stiff manhood found Carrie’s sex opening and he slid inside of her. Carrie shuddered a pleasure moan while tonguing Nattles. Nattles put her arm around Max’s neck in a headlock type move while he watched Carrie’s oral devotion to her.

Max became mesmerized with his ear against the outside of Nattles’ breast. As he watched Carrie tongue Nattles, he thought he could hear the distinctions of Nattles’ breathing and heartbeats. He began to revel in the thought of making love with the ladies. With Nattles trapping his head to her body, Max as slow as he could, found a rhythm sliding in and out of Carrie, being part of the pleasure that he could hear in Nattles’ heartbeat. He began to wallow in the moment, enjoying the sex with his two loves.

Several minutes later Nattles released Max’s head and curled her torso. Hearing her begin to moan. Max knew she was experiencing an orgasm. He began to increase his hip momentum thrusting himself harder and deeper into Carrie. He wanted to watch her orgasm as well. As he hoped, it was so. Carrie tilted her head back and her pleasure moan began to fill the air with each pelvic thrust Max gave her.

Nattles rolled herself onto the couch and stared down at Carrie as she came through her orgasm. Max pulled out of her and smiled at both of the ladies coming down from their orgasms. Carrie got up and curled herself up on the couch next to Nattles. Max stood up all happy. Nattles was taking note of his shiny erection and gestured for him to come over. She began sucking his cock to taste her lover’s nectar. But Max’s length remained rigid. She began to conclude he hadn’t come. She asked him, “Max, you didn’t come?”

He reminded her of the fantastic blowjob she and Carrie gave him. That’s what started the ladies lovemaking. Holding onto Max’s cock, Nattles argued though, “But Carrie got to feel you inside her, I didn’t!”

Without saying anything they all knew the lovemaking wasn’t over. Nattles let go of Max’s manhood and stood up on the couch. She grabbed him around the neck and wrapped one of her legs around his hips so as his manhood would slide inside of her. Max held her buttocks and she lifted her other leg to wrap around his waist. In no time he found a rhythm that she matched bouncing their position to make love vertically.

Carrie just laid back on the couch and watched Nattles’ breathing intensify again as she bounced up and down. Several minutes later Nattles was holding Max around the neck for dear life. Another orgasm was coming to life and intensified with the deep penetration of Max’s manhood.

Her love space being filled with Max’s cock felt satisfying. Max’s breathing was getting more intense. Nattles told him, “I came Max. We can stop if you’re tired.”

Max wasn’t ready yet to stop. “I’m almost there. I’m about to come again.”

Nattles felt happy and hung on tight around his neck one more time. Max tried to hold her still so he could increase his rhythm of penetration. She yelled out to him. “Keep going. Faster. Oh fuck. I’m going to come again too.”

Carrie could see Nattles wince her face through another orgasm. Then Max was straining to hold her up. His cock began throbbing inside of her. He was mustering his strength from his spent body of lovemaking. Carrie grabbed Nattles around the waist and guided her backwards to the couch so Nattles and Max could easily separate.

The three recuperated on the couch watching the moonlight sparkle the ocean. When the three regained their strength, they went upstairs to the bedroom. The thoughts of that day were behind them. Their lovemaking put their love for each other to forefront on their minds. Life for them at the moment felt good. Max crawled to the middle of the king size bed and the ladies laid on each side of him. Within minutes they happily went to sleep for the night.


The next morning came. Max was the first to awake and headed downstairs to start the coffee brewing. Then he came back up and went to the shower. As he was almost finished the ladies had awakened and came in one at a time to join him. Nattles was eager to get shampoo in her hair as she thought it felt clumpy in the front. Max got behind her and started massaging çanakkale escort her scalp. Carrie got in front of her and began massaging her breasts. That’s how most of their showers went – taking turns groping each other.

When they had finished washing each other and rinsed off, they each grabbed a towel and went downstairs for a cup of coffee. No sooner had they poured their coffee, the doorbell rang. All three looked confused at what to do. Max went to look through the peep hole and saw Raquel. Raquel was the sexy sassy condominium manager. She had a personality that made her act like she was better than everyone else. In reality Max, Carrie, and Nattles also thought she was dimwitted and felt sorry for her. So they always went out of their way to be friendly to her. This time was no different.

Max opened the door and invited her inside. “Hi Raquel, come on in. The coffee just finished brewing.” Her usual attire was a maroon bikini with a floral print wrap around her bottom. She was the put together woman with her hair and makeup already done to model perfection. Nattles and Carrie always enjoyed the view of her beauty. Conversations with her usually turned odd.

Raquel walked past Max and started, “Good morning, ladies. Have you seen the news this morning? You both look cute wearing matching towels.”

Max spoke up, “Mine matches too.”

Raquel looked over at Max and just smiled. Then she commented, “Am I interrupting something?”

Max said, “No we just made coffee, that’s all.”

Smelling the coffee, Raquel thought nothing more of their state of undress. She rather began acknowledging their state of clothing using just a towel. She just continued talking, “A man with a towel around his waist is just plain sexy.” Then she looked at the ladies, “You two still must be getting ready. You both look like you had a hard night. It’s been hard for a lot of people to get enough sleep thinking about having to prepare for the end times.”

Both Carrie and Nattles mouths fell open. Like usual they felt like Raquel just dissed them. Nattles told Raquel, “We just got out of the shower. We’re fine.”

“Did you run out of makeup? You better get to the store. That’s why I’m here. There’s been a run on a lot of survival items. So Dan and I went to stock up on the important stuff. We were able to get a shopping cart load of toilet paper. You better hurry and go if you’re not ready to stay at home for months! Items are flying off the shelf… at least the good stuff that you’ll need to survive.”

At first the three of them thought that sounded far-fetched. Carrie got the remote control and turned on the television. Sure enough every channel was showing a “Special Report” of crowds at the supermarkets.

Max, Nattles, and Carrie all looked at each other. Then Raquel added, “The Governor is probably going to close all public places too, including all beaches. We won’t be able to walk down to the nudist beach anymore.”

Carrie was in the most dismay watching the crowds on television hoard the supermarkets. She looked at Nattles and Max and with a tone of some panic in her voice, she asked them, “What should we do?”

Raquel answered first, “Dan and I figure the nudist beach will be the safest place to go if society gets unruly. We’re going to make it our bug out spot. For one thing we won’t need to worry about any survival clothes. Second, if anyone else comes into the area they will also be naked, surviving like us, with transparent wit and instinct. We will know immediately if we can trust them. And third, if we need anything we can just walk back to our condo and get it.” Max knew Raquel was being serious as humorous as her humble bug out plan sounded. It did make sense in a simple sort of way.

Nattles thought the plan almost sounded ridiculous and like usual, she called her on it. “Raquel, just stay at home. What’s the point of bugging out that close to home? And how are you going to walk back if the beaches are closed?”

“For one thing why would we want to stay home, it’s a nude beach! Would you rather walk around naked inside your home or outside at a beach getting a tan? That answer is obvious for me. Look at you guys wearing towels. This is your home. If I were you, I wouldn’t be wearing a towel. That’s just me though. Second, since the beaches are closed no one will be there. Who can stop us if we need to go home. And why so close to home? Really? Would you rather go hide in the mountains like everybody else? There’s mosquitoes and snakes and bears, and it’s over three hours away. Imagine if you forgot something. You would have to come all the way back. I know I like the beach. That’s why I live here. What a better place to bug out than home sweet home. Nattles, this isn’t rocket science.”

Max looked over at Nattles impressed with Raquel’s effort. He simply said, “Uhhh, yea, Nattles.”

Nattles knew Max was being sarcastic. Carrie was still in dismay of the events unfolding with society.

Before walking out the door Raquel lastly said, “Well, I’m just thinking about you guys. I didn’t want you to be left out, so good luck surviving. If you need anything, you know where to find Dan or I. We’ll be at the pool. He bought a two person air mattress that we’re going to try out. Bye ladies, bye Max.”

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