Eliza Ch. 03


My cum-obstructed view of Eliza was as ludicrous as it was tantalizing. Her already gargantuan two and a half foot cock pulsed rhythmically, lengthening and fattening in waves, causing her fingers to spread further and further apart around its new size. Previously volleyball sized testes encroached the remainder of her thick thighs, gaining a few inches in diameter. A symphony of moans, heavy breaths, and sticky gulps filled the bathroom as we lapped up the last of our bathtub buffet.

Insanely pleasurable sensations coursed through my groin as my growing cock and balls waded through the remaining thick seed coating the tub. I must have gained at least six inches in length and a couple in girth by now, with tangerine sized nuts to match. If it continued like this, I’d soon have a forearm for a penis. Scraping the girl-cum covering my face into my tired mouth, I shifted onto all fours and began licking Eliza’s body clean, starting with her smooth, chunky calves. Muffled moans came from her as I licked up her curvy body; her coconut sized glans filling her mouth.

I noticed my cock start to drag on the bottom of the tub as I worked my way to her heavy balls, each glazed orb larger than my head. Their sheer size and roundness demanded my lips to explore every inch. Working in long strokes, my tongue squeegeed off delicious layers of cum from the organs that made it, leaving streaks of clean, hairless sack in my wake. The taste of her spunk didn’t get old at all, in fact, it just kept getting better. Its simply addictive taste, the way it coated my throat and filled my belly with warmth, not to mention the euphoric growth it caused, kept me in a sex-crazed state. I needed release. I needed to shove my new womb-wrecker somewhere.

Eliza was busy reacquainting herself with her special seed as I hefted her heavy sack up, sliding my big cock underneath. Her expanding tits were jiggling nonstop from the orgasmic convulsions that she experienced, probably from the pleasure of growing past three feet of thigh-thick dick. I could hear her cum-soaked, fat ass cheeks suctioning to the tub as her body undulated. * shloooorrrrp shloooorrrrp shloooorrrrp *

I slid my eighteen inch cock underneath her scrotum, toward her pussy, until I met resistance. With a bit of effort, I plunged the first half into her, only to be stopped by another blockade. Simultaneously, Eliza spit out her massive head as she exhaled in pleasure, causing her torso long dick to crash into my bare chest. *SPLAT* The slimy monster rubbed along my face as I yielded to its formidable weight, shifting my upper body backwards. The giant cock pulsed against my skin.

“Ahhhh you’re soooo deep, I can feel you all the way inside me,” Eliza exclaimed.

“I’m only halfway there this time, thanks to your gift,” I replied while Bayan Escort licking between her foreskin and the thick ridge of her engorged glans, which felt as wide as my tongue.

Soon, I felt her cervix begin to loosen and my whole eighteen inch long, nine inch thick member slid in. I hugged her body pillow of a cock as my hips slammed into her huge balls.

“OH GOD YES! I can feel my insides making room for you,” She screamed, eyes rolling to the back of her head. “FUCK ME!”

I didn’t need to be told. I couldn’t control myself as I slid all the way out to the tip, only to crash back in, my hips and her testicles clapping together as I invaded her womb. Above the slight pudge of her cum-filled belly, my cock distended her stomach, its distinct shape visible through her ivory skin.

“Yes, yes, yes , YES, FUCK ME HARDER! Your big, fat dick is filling me up so good,” Eliza chanted with her tongue lolling out of her mouth.

I could only moan as I attempted to stuff her truly massive cock down my throat while I pounded her. My jaw opened wide enough, and, soon, my throat seemed to give way to her twenty inch girth. “It must be the effect of her cum,” I remembered.

“Chris, what are you doing to me? This is tooooo gooood,” Eliza moaned as she rubbed my cock through her abdomen.* shlack shlack shlack * The sound of our jizz soaked bodies slamming into each other, coupled with the sound that her gushing pussy made as it engulfed my impressive size, fueled my strokes. I was obsessed with pumping her full of my hot load, so much so that I had forgotten that I was the one hooked up to the true cum cannon.

Eliza arched her back, her enlarged tits wobbling from the sudden jerk, as she started to erupt. I could feel her cum travel up her cock in massive globs as my throat stretched even further to take it all in. Each shot of thick jizz inflated my stomach in visible spurts. My eyes looked down to see my belly gush with each liter sized shot of cum, wobbling further and further around her massive meat monument. * GLOOORRRPP slosh GLOOORRRPP slosh* I sloshed and gurgled as more and more hot, sticky semen was pumped into me, surpassing the amount Eliza had put into each previous condom. Her balls really had grown and it showed. My jiggling stomach wrapped all the way around her massive girth, essentially turning me into a giant fleshlight for her dick.

Then it hit me; a familiar tingling feeling in my crotch. I hilted my cock as it lurched forward, distending Eliza even further as I started to grow. My throbbing erection grew with each heart beat.

Twenty inches. “Ah it’s moving! I can feel it getting bigger,” Eliza snapped as she came back around from her earth shattering orgasm.

Twenty two inches. “It’s getting thicker…ooooo yeahhh,” she quivered around my expanding girth.

Twenty five inches. “It’s stretching me so far! I can almost lick it,” she referenced the massive protrusion under her skin.

With a final swell, my cock leapt to thirty inches of two-liter-bottle-thick man meat, sealing up her pussy as I came hard. An explosive shot of cum traveled from my melon sized balls, ballooning my cocksleeve named Eliza. Her enlarged womb flooded with my thick cum, sending wave after wave of sloshing sperm around the outline of my giant cock. Its shape was lost underneath her expanding belly, which now looked close to mine in size. Our stomachs touched; the jiggling masses engulfing Eliza’s rock hard flesh pole, which I was still impaled on.

“Yessss, fill me with as much as you can. Turn me into your personal cum dump. I don’t want to be able to move,” she begged.

Our gurgling, cum-filled bodies started to over flow the tub as the last of my load filled her. We squished together, not an inch of space left between us, and passed out in bliss.

When we awoke, our bellies had deflated greatly and our cocks had softened. Clearly some time had gone by, but neither of us knew how long we were out for.

“Did…did that really happen? I feel so…big,” I patted my pregnant looking stomach and wobbled my flaccid log of cock meat between my knees.

“Yeah…it did…” Eliza replied in an almost panicked tone. She wrapped her hands around her larger dick, not even encircling it while soft. Her face lost color when the realization of her growth set in. “I can’t believe I let it control me again,” she said, hefting her breasts which had grown a few bra sizes bigger. They reached halfway down her torso now, but kept their perfect shape.

When she tried to stand up, her wider hips and fuller ass had suctioned her to the tub. The sticky cum coating them certainly didn’t help, either. “Ugh, really? Like I needed a bigger ass,” she sighed in disgust. “Can you help me?”

I tried not to show how much her new form turned me on, but my swelling dick betrayed me. Eliza noticed as I stood up offering her a hand. She rolled her eyes.

*Shhhliiick-POP* Her massive ass peeled away from the tub as I yoinked her up, the semen seal breaking. You could even see her jiggling cheeks from the front, they were so big now. I knew where I wanted to try sticking my dick next. Eliza’s concerned face, however, quickly grounded me in reality.

“Are you ok? I know a lot just happened. I mean, a LOT,” I asked her, trying to lighten the mood like I usually do.

“You know exactly what to say to annoy me, don’t you,” she remarked, clearly not amused by my crappy sense of humor.

“I’m sorry. Let’s have a real talk about it. About you. About us. I didn’t mean for things to get so out of hand…it’s just that, you know…your cum does something to people. I don’t just mean giving them giant wieners or turning them into cum balloons. I’m talking about the way it drove me mad,” I said.

“That’s what I meant when I said I became addicted. It’s not just the taste, it’s the mindset it gets you in. The pleasure it brings you. The satisfaction of growing,” Eliza replied.

“After experiencing it first hand I understand now. It’s not easy to let that go. Everything we just did together felt better than anything I’ve ever done, by a long shot. No wonder why you asked for help. I’m proud of you, really,” I told her.

“It wasn’t easy, that’s for sure. I had to wean myself off of my cum over time. I would trick my system into thinking that I was giving it what it wanted. This would normally be embarrassing, but after what we just did…”she looked at me with a newfound level of comfort. “I used to suck my own penis every night, except instead of drinking my semen, I would just fill a condom that I had already swallowed. I got the sensation of feeling full that I craved, but I could just pull it out when I felt satiated.”

“That’s hot,” I silently admitted to myself, nodding in support of her confession.

“Now, I’m not sure how I’m going to handle eating it again. Especially that much,” she looked to me for a reaction.

I took a minute to sort my feelings. “I know that you probably don’t want to hear this, but it’s how I truly feel. You are amazing. Your body is amazing. Instead of trying to deny who you are, why don’t you embrace it and let the people in your life love and support all of you?”

Her face seemed torn, like she had just received the best news of her life, while simultaneously feeling sick to her stomach.

I think the thought of letting go to her inevitable desires terrified her. Who would be there for her if she were to become an even bigger freak? How would she realistically live? I used every ounce of empathy that I had in me to navigate these new and complex emotions that I was being exposed to, and I came to a simple conclusion.

“Eliza, I pledge my life, my being, to you. I don’t want to live in a world without you and I don’t want to live in a world with a partial you, either. I want to be your everything, and I only ask that you be my everything in return. I love all of you, truly,” I said confidently, grabbing her sticky hands and taking a knee in our mess. My genitals made it difficult, because they took up most of the space between my legs, but I knelt there, staring at her gorgeous jizz glazed self.

An array of emotions swept across her face, eventually settling on a happy acceptance. Her eyes teared and a big smile of relief washed over her. “Ok. I can do that… you big oaf. I love you, too. I always have. We’ll figure life out together, big or…bigger,” she stared at our ridiculous dicks. We both couldn’t help but laugh at our new reality.

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