Sad Equals Bliss

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Hi friends, back with another new tale, a bit lengthier and more focussed on teases, enjoy and don’t forget to feedback.

People really doesn’t get the difference between the words, success and happiness, do they? They always seek one of them and blinds themselves to the other. Can’t blame them, for I am one of them.

They say I am a success. I get it. At the age of 26, I have reached a top position in one of the leading companies in India. Keep this up, they say, in 4 to 5 years I will be youngest CEO the company have ever witnessed. Added to it with my not bad looks people say I am a success and I am happy. No…

Here I am, at the age of 26 I have reached heights many can’t even dream of, but still in constant worries. My parents have started searching for my bride even though I asked for some time. I needed time. The business life is very hectic and I don’t even have the slightest of memory of my last party or even a hangout. I miss life.

It was one of those shitty days at job. The meeting didn’t go as I had hoped and failure isn’t something I am accustomed to. I threw myself to the couch I had in my office, fumed at myself. After a few second, I heard my door open and saw Nisha’s head looking in at me. Nisha was my secretary. She was about 36 or so. She had been in this company for the last 7 years, at the very same job. She came in, in her white shirt with a black coat and a black skirt that just touched her knees. One would never guess she was the mother of 2 kids. She was such a beauty and much more a better person.

‘Sir… I need some files to sign. Is it a good time?’

As soon as I got the new job, I was focused on making impression at the higher positioned men and found barely time to get to know the people I worked around, Nisha included.

‘Huh… It’s okay… Come in… Just give me a second…’ I pushed myself from the couch and strolled towards my desk.

‘Bad day sir?’

‘Yeah, one of those days.’ Its rare people asking me about me, which I think was one the reason I was drawn by her instantly. She brought her files before me and I went through the pages, signing at the required slots.

‘You cramped up today?’ I enquired. I don’t know, I just felt like talking to someone.

She paused at the question and replied. ‘Er… No sir… Just… some phone calls but… they can be put for later…’

She seemed nervous for some reason. Did they take me for a fierce boss? No, no, no, no. I don’t want that image…

‘Good… Then stay for a bit… I would like to talk with you for some time.’ Did that come out weird? I don’t know. Women had never been my strong point unless they were related to business. I could talk about the market and economy for hours. But even they seem to get bored after a few initial excitements.

I looked back to my files and continued signing the files. There were lots of them. Nisha seem walking around the room as if preparing for something. Is she thinking that I am going to fire her? I chuckled at the thought. Maybe I’ll play with her…

But after signing all the files, I looked up to see a different room. Nisha seemed to close the window curtains and locked the door and she was nowhere seen. From the seat, I looked around until I saw her beside me. She was crawling from my left with her shirt unbuttoned. I could see her curves, her breasts handing on to her and juggling as she crawled towards me. She had a tint of tear on her eye but she kept trying to hide it from me.

‘Hey…’ I muttered. I was finding difficult to find words.

‘No need to talk sir. I’ll make this a better day for you.’ And with that she reached my pant and began unhooking my belt.

‘NO… Stop…’ I pushed my chair and moved back.

She stayed there dumbfounded. ‘But sir, you said you wanted to talk and to take off all my works for today.’

‘Yeah… to talk…’

Nisha took a second to digest my answers and wiped her tears and stood.

‘I’m sorry sir… The managers before…’

That’s all that she had to say. I have heard stories of secretaries taken advantage of and many seem to have this delusional thought that secretaries were their personal whores. I remember some of my bosses commenting on Nisha when they heard she was my secretary.

‘Hey… It’s okay… I get… I am sorry… I didn’t mean…’ Again… words… they seem to be eluding me. How can I be a good businessman when I struggle with words? ‘I just wanted to talk. It was a bad day for me. So, I thought I’d divert my thoughts and also get to know you.’ I blurted out.

After a second of awkward silence, we laughed. That bursa escort single laugh took away half the disappointment that hung in my mind. We talked for a few hours. She was a married woman with two children of the age 10 and 7. As I talked more with her, I felt so small. As if my pains were just a drop in her ocean of worries. Time flew by and we went back to our work after 3 hours of continuous conversing. I don’t remember chatting with someone for so long without using a single business term.

Friending with Nisha opened a gate in my life as I started to explore more of life. I had befriended almost all the staffs that worked under me and the happiness seem to seep into my job, even the meetings also went quite well after that. I was no more the bossy boss, I was a friend, yeah well except those moments when I have to fire or when get reports late. But Nisha and me, we were friends, I mean real friends. She talked more about herself, about her marriage, which was almost at the brink of divorce. They have been living separate and it’s just some formalities that were left.

‘Fuck…’ I screamed out spontaneously. The new friendly attitude seemed to have slacked my professionalism a lot bit because now I had cried out at my office late at 9pm after realizing that India had lost the match! Realization of my blunder act hit me like a rock. The only thing that was comforting was that almost many of the staffs had left and it just the few of us, including Nisha who barged in quickly.

‘You alright?’

Embarrassment, embarrassment, embarrassment… I was drowning in a pool of embarrassment as Nisha strode quietly towards me. She was worried for me and how am I going to explain that it was nothing. I felt like a child caught by her teacher for copying answers, mind mumbling thousand excuses…

She kept walking past the desk, towards me and then saw my monitor. The screen showed the lost Indian team and it didn’t take her much to connect the dots.

‘Oh, my poor boy, you sad your team lost?’ she asked pulling up my chin.

Again, I felt like a kid. I had never felt this before. I was always the man in control. I dominated the room. But now I was weak. I just kept silence.

‘It’s alright…’ She turned after pinching my cheeks. I didn’t want her to leave. Now I was again a kid who was left by his mother at his first day at school. Stay… I wanted to call out.

‘Hey…’ Yeah, I did manage to grab up some courage to speak as she almost reached the door. ‘Do that offer still stand?’

She eyed puzzled. ‘What offer?’

‘You know… the one when the boss is sad?’ I think I pulled out all my 32 teeth out making it look like a flirty attempt. How do men do that? Was that stupid? Will she be angry? It’s alright right? I could say it was just a joke, right? Or is this how the dirty managers played? Why so many questions? And why only questions and no answers? And why am I still staring at her in silence, say it was just a joke you IDIOT…

‘Oh…’ she turned to look at me. ‘Is my boss sad?’

Did she change her voice? It felt so sultry.

‘Ye… Yes…’ Okay you started it and now you are nervous???

She again walked towards me past the desk and bend. She kissed me on my cheek and whispered. ‘The whole office leaves in ten minutes. Meet me at the photocopy room then.’

I think I gulped in a huge saliva at her comment. I felt feel it fall through my Adam’s apple, my heart and then on to my stomach. It was really heavy one. I remained silent as she left with a wide grin on her face.

Sitting in my office, I could see the whole office through my glass walls. I sat impatiently watching each of the lights switch off as the staffs left one by one. Time felt moving really slow during those moments. Nisha gave me a look, stood from my desk and walked towards the photocopy room. She gave some friendly chats with her coworkers on her way as she always does. There were two of them more after ten minutes… after eleven minutes… even after twelve minutes… Oh come on, when have they been so sincere in their work??? They were the temps.

I walked out from my office. ‘Hey guys… Its already what? 9?’ I pulled out 2 2000Rs. Notes and handed it to them. ‘You guys deserve a break. Go, enjoy yourself or you know what? Take a break for tomorrow.’ I am not thinking straight, am I?

I waited for the temps to leave making a patient face although my mind was flustered with impatience. It took them even more minutes to pack up and leave… God…

Like a thief I sneaked towards the photocopy room. The room had 3 big photocopy machines(obviously!) çanakkale escort and a desk where piles of papers where usually spread out. But now, on top of those sheaves of paper sat Nisha, clad just in a light pink bra and panty.

‘Hey…’ I whispered. Why am I whispering? There was no one here. I had made sure of that and the only light was in our room. I locked the room behind.

‘Heard the boss is giving away incentives for staying after 9.’ She commented, mocking my ‘kind of bribery act’ to get rid of those temps. Again embarrassment… Although this time it was accompanied with a hard on. I kept glanced at the semi-nude woman before me. Her curves that hid beneath her work dress was there, fresh before me. So white and creamy…

‘So… what do I get?’ she asked.

Wow… Didn’t expect that. Should I be paying? Or was that a joke? Or is it tease? Paying would seem like I am taking advantage, right? But…

‘Take out your purse…’ She sounds a bit demanding now and again like an obedient kid, I pulled out a 2000rs note in quick flash.

‘Keep it between your mouth and don’t dare wet it…’ Again… obedience seeped in and I place the note between my lips careful I wont wet it with my saliva and walked towards her.

‘Do you where whores keep their money?’ I just shook my head, no…

She then pulled out a bit of her bra. ‘There… place that note there with your mouth…’ We seemed to have forgotten who the boss and who the secretary was as I succumbed to her orders and placed the note on her breasts. I could smell her fragrance… her breath…

We were just a breath away. I took her breath. The hotness of her breath warming my respiratory system. I felt the sudden urge to kiss her and I moved forward. She jerked her head backward and stopped me by placing a finger on my lip.

‘Hey…’ now she was whispering. But her voice was sultrier. ‘Easy boy… Slow…’ and then she moved in closer and touched her lips on mine.

Patience, I don’t think were one of my strong suits but Nisha was a desire that I wanted to savor with utmost perfection and I kept her in the lead. Our lips brushed for a few second and then she brought out her tongue and licked my lips. I didn’t know how dry lips were until I felt her wet tongue met my lips. Her lips parted when she made sure that my lips were no more dry and I felt the two thin strands of her skin melted with my craving lips. We kissed. We kissed… so did our tongues… so did our drools… so did our hands… our chests… our bellies… our shoulders… I felt melting with her.

Our lips parted and we stared onto the other’s eyes. She slid her finger from my forehead, through my nose, lips, chin, neck and then started unbuttoning my shirt. Once every buttons were done, she touched my crotch through my pants. My cock was going mad inside my underwear like a cynical patient confined in a jail crying out to get him out.

‘My boss still sad?’



I nodded.

‘Does that mean I can go now?’

‘Uh…’ Come on woman… Seriously? She must be the first woman who must have kept me out of words more than 2 times a day and she had done that within 15minutes.

She giggled at me stupid reaction and kissed me again. Her fingers dexterously took off my belt and then my pants and soon I was out of every bit of my clothing. She circled me staring at every part of my skin. I felt so… beaten? I don’t know the word.

I didn’t turn when she was behind me but she seemed taking a lot of time behind me.

‘Have you played hide and seek?’ I heard her voice from behind.

‘Eh… Yeah… I guess… When I was a child…’

‘Okay… then come and find me…’ and with that I heard the door open and she stormed out. I turned around to find that my clothes were taken. I stood naked with an erect cock in the photocopy room. I felt like a dumb. This woman and her games…

As I reached the door, I found that she had switched on the lights of our office. Every one of them. How am I supposed to walk through this? I felt so exposed but still the desire for her burned in me and I ambled along the office towards my room. The light was on in my room and hence she should be there. Along the way, I saw her bra lying on the floor. I picked it up. She had left a trail for me and it didn’t take much more steps to find her wet soft panty. The loneliness the office provided also awakened the kinky mind in me and snipped her panty. The stench of her pussy flared in my nose. The sensation was spiced up with my exposed act of being naked in the middle didim escort of my workplace. I was crazed with lust for the woman and I increased my pace and slammed open my door.

There on my seat, sat Nisha, her legs on my desk, her left hand across her breasts covering them and her eyes focused on my screen. Her right hand clicking my mouse.

‘Did you just sniff my panty?’

Four second ago, I was so fuel with excitement and confidence that paced along my workplace completely naked but one question from Nisha, I felt so drained of any authority. I was again flushed with embarrassment. She must have been watching me the CCTV. My computer had access to every section of our office.

I wished I could see her pussy. But she had crossed her legs and hence the view was impossible. I shrugged.

‘Come…’ she commanded. I sauntered towards her. She lifted up her legs.

‘Kiss them…’ I took her right leg and kissed her toes. They were smooth, soft, sweet. My kisses then became sucking as I gobbled each one her toes. She moaned. Her voice was a confidence booster and trudged deeper into her. I began going up her legs, kissing every inch. Her knees, her thighs… He didn’t speak… he just murmured. ‘Mmm…’

I parted her legs to view the well-trimmed garden that awaited me. I kissed her pussy hairs gently giving a bite to which she gave a deeper moan. ‘Ouch…’

I giggled at her vulnerability and kissed the outer lips of her pussy. Just like she had played with my lips earlier, I played with her pussy. Beginning with soft smooches and then I circled my tongue around them. Patience keeping my tongue from entering her.

‘Ah…’ she was shaking. I continued my tease until she pulled my head inside. ‘Please…’ she whimpered.

I was as much desired as she was and entered her pussy with my tongue. I used my left hand to separate her lips so that my tongue could have easier entry.

‘Yes… So… Good…’ I tasted every inch and corner of her cells and as my confidence increased, I brought in my right index finger to partner with my tongue. The two of them pleasured the woman before me.

I tasted more and more of drips that oozed from her. The desire for her pussy juices motivating my tongue and my fingers. It was not just my index finger, my middle finger had also joined.

She was breathing harder and faster as I drained her off her juices. She pulled me up with my hair.

‘Take me… Fuck me… Fuck me now…’ I watched her eyes burning with lust and I took her in my arms and carried her to my couch. She lied on her back, her legs wide apart awaiting me.

‘Hey… Do you want me to blow you?’ I felt like laughing at her question. She was so driven my oral pleasure that she had forgotten about me but now I too needed to have her.

I didn’t reply. Instead, with a smirk still on my face, I entered her.

‘Oh…’ she moaned at my initial entrance. I had only half of mine entered. She was so tight. I pulled a bit and again gently pushed into her, ‘Ah…’ entering deeper into her.

In slow pace, I moved in her. ‘Yes… Good…’ I kept grunting at each of my stroke. I placed my hands on her boobs and squeezed them. ‘Oh my god…’

The sound of our fucking reverberated in the room, accompanied only by Nisha’s screams and by our fan’s noise (I should’ve turned on the A/C).

I turned her around and ploughed her doggy style. She was now moaning into the couch pillow as I kept fucking her. My hands searched through every part of her. They pinched her nipples, pulled her hairs, squeezed her love handles and then spanked her round ass.

I felt like getting back at her and with both of still locked. I pulled her from the couch and guided her to the door of my room. Although the office was vacant, I felt kinky, fucking her before those vacant seats with our lights still on. The CCTVs must be recording us. The thought flared the lust in me and I continued ramming into her.

Our session then continued on her desk and then we collapsed on to the floor. I came all over breasts. We kissed. We were very much soaked in sweat and hence I invited her to my room and turned on my A/C. I sat on my desk and she came and sat on my lap. I went through my desktop and played our CCTV recording. It wasn’t the best of quality but it was funny. We giggled at our ecstatic actions. She bended forward and kissed me again.

‘Hey…’ I spoke.

‘Yes?’ She was up searching for her clothes.

I looked down and puppeting my hung cock said, ‘I think I am said again.’

‘Is that so?’ she queried.

A broad smile brightened on her face and she knelt before me. ‘Let me take care of my boss’ and with that she sucked on my cock…

‘And by the way…’ she pulled out the 2000rs note I had given her. ‘…I am not a paid whore… I am a free whore…’ she winked at me and continued sucking me.

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