Faux Control


We’d set it up in advance…and had talked about it for months and months leading up to it. We had fashioned out the specifics, but she didn’t know exactly which night of her three night hotel stay that I would be inside her room, waiting for her in the dark. I had a phrase to say, to let her know it was me when I forced myself on her, and even before she walked in I was tense with sexual anticipation.

I spent my hour of time before she came in moving the two small rooms around slightly, rearranging chairs so that if she ended up being thrown there would be a clear path and she wouldn’t risk hitting anything breakable. I moved lamps off of tables and took all of the bulbs out, tucking them away inside the mini-fridge to prevent anything serious from being broken. The drapes were half-pulled, and the lights inside were all turned off…the first signal to her that I’d be in the room, and only one of two.

I spent most of the fifteen minutes of time waiting in the kitchenette area, slowly drinking a beer and keeping myself focused. I had a book, but my mind was far too entrenched in another place to focus on words on a page. Instead…I took care of myself once, quickly, so that the adrenaline and the heat of the moment wouldn’t overtake me. I wanted this to last…a while. And, from what we’d been discussing…so did she.

And time passed. As I waited there, clad in dark clothes with a hoodie pulled over my head, I checked the furniture one last time and then heard people walking in the hallways near the room. I slid silently into the kitchenette, so that the door would open and I could be concealed behind it, and I waited.

A moment passed, silence held itself in the air…

And then, quietly, the keycard reader on the door chirped its tone of delivery. My “victim” had arrived.

I waited for the door to open fully, and kept myself motionless behind it. She stepped into the hotel room and turned toward the small closet area, one hand distractedly pushing the door shut as her shoulders lowered, beginning to slide her jacket off her body. I let a second pass for the door to fully shut, and then moved in behind her. One hand seized her jacket by the collar, twisting it and lifting up to pull her arms back and away from her body…and with my other I took her by the neck and pushed her against the wall in the small hallway.

My body was beside hers, one arm lifting both of hers as they were trapped in the jacket, and the other firm around her neck. My voice was low, and my lips brushed against her ear as I spoke. “You’ve had this coming a long, long time…” Clue two. I pulled her jacket down, tearing it from her arms as she squirmed against me. I shifted to press my body fully against hers, punning her to the wall and letting her feel my arousal pressing firm against her, and took one of her arms that had been beginning to move to claw at my fingers and pulled it away from her body, splaying her against the wall as my teeth grazed her neck, my lips sucking hungrily at her skin.

With my body pressing her against the wall my hand around her neck started sliding down her body…over her shoulder and to her side, squeezing one of her firm breasts as it was pressed against the wall, squeezing hard before I turned, throwing her body into the first real room of the hotel room. A sitting room, the couch and table were pushed out to the far walls…and she stumbled as I pushed her, falling to the ground and looking up at me as I started walking after her…my boots fading from a heavy thud from the linoleum of the kitchenette and hallway to a soft thump as I stood over her, pulling the hood off from my head.

She tried to scramble away from me, rising up on her hands and knees then backing up…I reached down and took her by one ankle, after several misses I finally took her and grabbed firm, then tossed her leg aside, giving myself a good (if brief) view directly up her skirt and throwing her off balance so that I could pin her by sitting with my weight on her behind, pinning her to the carpet in the mostly bare room. Her legs flattened out under my weight and kicked against me, her hands seeking purchase as I reached down, pulling up at her thin shirt.

I felt it start to give, and pulled harder. She let out a lusty moan as the material gave way under my hands, splitting at the seams as I pulled it against her body with my weight on top of it. She laid there for a moment in surprise, her chest heaving underneath my weight as I took in the sight of her firm body, the cream-colored bra she was wearing blending with her lightly tanned skin and providing an arousing thought as what was hiding under it. I slid up her resisting body, her plea’s thick and laden with lusty moans as I did so, until my weight was on the small of her back with my thighs squeezing her upper body.

Her arms kept reaching for me, trying to get hold…but with the way I was positioned she wasn’t able to get good purchase on anything. Bayan Escort Gaziantep I, however, given my position was able to reach behind myself…hands reaching blindly to pull at her skirt…fingers fumbling for the zipper blindly. Her hips were writhing underneath me, making it impossible to find the zipper for her skirt. I felt the track of it, but couldn’t find the zipper itself, so I stilled her.

My free hand reached up, caressing the soft skin of her neck for just a brief moment, before my fist found itself wound into her hair, pulling her head back sharply. Her body, the body of an athletic dancer…soft curves with strong muscle underneath it…bowed back and her breath caught at the sensation. With that brief moment, I grabbed a handful of her skirt and pulled it down hard, and with that, it came halfway down past her hips.

She gasped again, and then twisted. Admittedly, I was quite off balance, and fell to the side in surprise as she tried to once more move away from me into the only other full room…and one with the beds and the large windows. And no other place to go. I let her get through the archway that led to the bedroom, and took a moment to stand and start walking after her, pulling my hoodie off and dropping it onto the couch as I passed. She came up to her feet, looking around the room that was only dimly lit from half-filtered light coming in from outside, and practically panted with anticipation before coming back into “the game” we were playing.

Earlier, I slid the bed sideways, to open up more room in the middle of the area. All of the nightstands were against the wall and the simple armless chairs were pushed up against the windows, the drapes falling around their low backs. A brief moment to take all of that in, and she looked at me, shaking her head.

“You’re going to have to try a lot harder than that, if you want me….” Her voice was slow, each word measured to try and silence the trembling with arousal that came along with it. Her cheeks were flushed, and her chest heaving. I made it a point to avoid her face, focusing on her breasts as they rose and fell.

“Doll…I haven’t yet begun to try.” Simple, a bit playful, but with the serious edge I put into my tone enough to keep her guessing.

She moved to try and run past me, through the narrow doorway that separated the bedroom from the sitting room, hoping her momentum would make up for her smaller size.

It didn’t. I caught her with one arm around the waist, and with a deep grunt lifted her into the air. I pulled her around close to me, holding her body tight against mine as I started to walk her across the room. She writhed and flailed against me, trying to wriggle free from my grip, but I only squeezer her tighter to my body, pressing the air from her lungs for a brief second as I pushed her onto one of the chairs.

She landed with legs on either side, sitting and facing the back of the chair…her view going to the city that lay out before and below us…and on my reflection in the glass standing behind her. I pushed closer, my legs straddling the chair behind hers and my body pushing her against it, bending her upper body forward so that she was pressed against the glass. One arm wrapped around the low back of the chair and I took hold, pinning her once more with my weight.

A moment to lean down to her, my lips brushing against her ear once more, her head tossed back defiantly against me, her breathing more labored, half-formed exasperated words falling to near mute whimpering as I trailed a rough line down the arch of her neck with my mouth, teeth nipping and biting at her shoulder as I sat. Pushing her roughly against the back of the chair, pinning her there with her legs spread, pressing against the soft fabric. My free hand traveled over her bare flesh, gripping and pinning one of her arms between my body and hers, and then the other one in turn so that she was practically helpless.

She was pinned and may as well have been bound…her arms folded back and my weight capturing her into the chair, pressing her against the thick glass of her moderately high storied room. Most of her upper body was pressed against the cool glass, and my free hand began to travel over it, squeezing between skin and the barrier between us and the fall…groping roughly ay her breasts through the thin material of her bra, and then to the bra itself. My fingers found purchase between it and against her flesh, and I pulled it down, tearing the thin material away from the ribcage support, away from the underwire…leaving a single firm breast and arousal-hardened nipple to press flat to my hand, against the glass.

Her protests were fading as I pushed against her, as I held her firm breasts tightly in my hand and began to whisper into her ear, my teeth and tongue passing skin lightly enough to make her question how close I really was. “Now this…this is where you start to get uncomfortable…”

My hand left her chest, with a quickly suppressed moan of regret from her parted full lips, and to her hip, to the skirt that she had straightened previously. Nimble fingers found the zipper this time, and tore is down forcefully…letting the skirt split open and give me another look at the silken panties she had on underneath. Cream colored, like her bra…but thin and sheer…almost invisible against her skin. One sharp pull of the skirt now, and it was dropped behind us on the floor, leaving her there with nothing but her heels, half of her bra, and underwear so thin and sheer had she been standing up I would have been able to see exactly how aroused she was.

Her body was still pinned solidly against the chair and the glass of the reinforced window, with just the weight of my body and my one arm holding onto the chair. So, since she’d already had the courtesy of undressing to the point she was…I thought it only fair. I wanted to feel more of myself against her, more of my skin pressing to her light tan, her soft flesh. With one hand I pulled my shirt up between us, and during so she started to squirm more forcefully. My hand, the one wrapping around us, and the chair, shot up almost instinctively, arm around the low back of the chair, forearm pressed to her chest, and hand wrapping around her slender neck. I gripped her firmly, enough to know that any further movement on her end would…not go well.

“Stop it…or things get worse for you.” Eight words into her ear and she settled into stubborn stillness. My thumb traced a light line along her chin, ad my palm and fingers squeezed a bit harder…cutting off her breath for a moment and reinforcing my point. She stopped…and with my other hand I pulled my shirt off, pressing my body against hers for the briefest of moments, feeling her heart thumping, and racing in her chest…and then…I lifted.

I stood, pulling her to her feet with my safe grip on her neck. She stood straddling the chair still, my hand sliding from the front of her throat to the back, thumb on one side of her neck and fingers on the other. My free hand pressed against her chest, bending her over the low back of the chair while taking the fasteners of her bra in a quickly forming fist. I pulled back on it sharply, holding her there to the glass so that she couldn’t come with it…and as I expected, the fasteners gave, the material fluttering down in its already damaged state to the floor under us. And she stood there, trembling with anticipation as I pushed her forward more, her upper body pressed against the window, her eyes looking back at me lustily, knowing full well that we weren’t too high up in the hotel to prevent the curious onlookers from getting a show.

She had her back arched toward me, the lines of her long legs in her heels was always a welcome sight, but bent as she was, it was devastating to my sense of reason. Her arms splayed out onto the glass, seeking balance to her body, and her head still tossed back in the defiant manner that she possesses, hair spilling over her shoulders and concealing my hand holding her. It was at that point, I’d had enough with playing around.

I took hold of the last piece of material that concealed her body and pulled it down. The band of the material stretched, but gave and traveled down her thighs far enough for me to do what needed to be done. A moment looking at them and even I was surprised as how aroused she was…her scent filled the air, and my hand moved from her body to my waistband, unbuckling my belt and opening my jeans.

She watched me from the corners of her eyes, her lips wet with her supple tongue, and she took in a deep breath to voice some thought…to scream…to let out the moan she wanted to…but I stopped her, my hand clenching tightly, fingers pressing into the front of her throat, catching the air in her lungs as I pressed my lower body against hers…my legs taking a wide stance so I was at the right level to press my absolute hardness against her, the head sliding between her thighs, sending a shudder through her body as I did so. My grip relaxed, and I could see the hair on the skin of her arms go stiff, could feel the gooseflesh on her neck, and watched her entire body ripple with the pleasure of the touch.

I took the briefest of moments, teasing the both of us by sliding the head of my shaft between her lips. We were both panting at the sensation, testing our resolve. Her hips subtly shifted back, trying to guide me inside her as my hand slid down, taking her hip firmly, holding her in place bent there…over the chair, against the window. And, with a moment to make certain that I was right outside her, at the very cusp of slipping inside…I pushed forward…hard.

She screamed a lusty peal of absolute desire as I did so, and was too quick about it for me to silence her before it happened. The feel of being inside her, after all of the build up that we had just gone through, did a considerably good job distracting me to what I was planning…thankfully, it took her a few moments to center herself as well…and when we both came back to our senses after that initial penetration, we really began to work off of one another.

She pushed back against me, in a vain attempt to make it seem like she was trying to escape. But, given my position, I held her, and with each of her attempts to quicken the pace I tightened my hand around her neck…enough to make her gasp and be unable to take in air…and each time I would slide back out to chastise her, and wait long moments before going back deep into her, pushing her weight against the window and exposing her to the street below.

And then, after what seemed like minutes on top of minutes, I held her there…my head splitting her lips, just outside of her…dripping with wetness…feeling her body shudder and writhe on top of me…and I moved back, my hands moving, taking her under her arms, lifting her up and away from the chair, and turning to throw her onto the already unmade bed. I walked toward her after she landed with her legs splayed open and inviting, as she tried to situate herself.

She sat up quickly, but a hand caressing her cheek and then gripping her hair firmly solved that bit of disobedience…I climbed onto the edge of the bed, separating her legs with a knee sliding between her thighs, and pulled her down onto her back by her hair. Her back arched and she let out a gasp of surprise tinted with pleasure, and I climbed on top of her…spreading her legs fully with mine, shifting to run the length of my hardness against her slit. Her ruby red lips moaned in anticipation, and my mouth went down, teeth capturing the previously unmolested skin of her other breast. She wasn’t even fighting back, now…her body to worn by resisting initially and wanting me back inside her too much to pretend.

So…I gave her what she wanted. My hands pinned hers down above her head so that I could look down at her body underneath me, and I shifted my hips, sliding my length inside her…my own lips parted with a moan that time, the feel of her around me clenching tightly to every inch as it entered her…looking at her eyes, wanton and lustful, seeing her chest heave. I drank her in like a fine wine, giving her a moment of softness, of feeling me gently inside her……before I moved again

Still inside her I finished crawling onto the bed, sitting on my knees as I moved one of her legs, keeping both of her slender wrists held on one hand. I lifted her leg, turning her onto her side as I put her ankle up onto my shoulder and released her hands…both mine wrapping around that one strong thigh, and I started pushing into her hard…each thrust shifting the bed, making it thump against the wall as we both groaned at the feeling of our lust finally getting release.

Her hands seized her breasts, squeezing them as her back arched, her body shifting to better take me inside her. One of mine kept hold on her thigh…sliding lower however…so that my palm would press down on her clit as she twisted…as she pushed her hips onto me…and the other slid back, cupping one toned cheek of her ass, squeezing it sharply before pulling back, delivering a slap that most certainly could be heard by anyone in an adjoining room.

Her lips parted and she threw her head back with a deep groan of satisfaction, the final push taking her over the precipice, as her whole body began to shake with the orgasm. I could feel her around me, her body and muscles clenching down, holding me inside her…and I kept pushing toward her body, my own climax very soon in arriving. I started to focus more on her body, trying to delay the end but too taken in by the sight that was splayed out before me to try and harder than giving it a passing thought.

Her thighs trembled in my hands, her body shuddered as I grew closer and my breathing became even more labored…she could see the flush of my skin and hear my breathing, and started taunting me…one of her hands pushing one of mine away and her fingers spreading, sliding down against her sex, pressing against her lips and squeezing me with each stroke, her lips silent but her eyes urging me on, pleading…and with that, it didn’t take long…I started to shudder as I felt myself release, my breath caught in my throat, my body arched against hers and paused right at the precipice…

She started to shake again, the feeling of me swelling inside her pushing her back onto the ledge she’d just recovered from, and my body feel forward, the muscles tightening and releasing so strongly I lay myself against her, my bare chest against hers as my hips shifted, my eyes clenched shut, and I felt myself start to climax deep inside her. Her hands, in repayment, took me by the throat…both of them having to be used…and she tightened her grip between each one of my breaths…the asphyxiation and release only heightening what I felt as I kept pushing into her smaller frame, holding inside her until I’d finished and the world came back to me, lying there on top of her.

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