Dress like Mia when She’s Gone Pt. 01


My girlfriend and I lived in a godforsaken town. No one had much of a drive to do anything. After high school the likely outcomes for a male was drug addiction and/or jail, a shitty job, or knocking up your girlfriend.

I thought community college would be a good idea but my girlfriend Mia had other plans.

She was sexy, 18 years old, and attracted the gaze of every man she walked by. She knew it too and it often made me jealous.

“The cash register at the grocery store asked for my number,” she would say, proudly.

At first I didn’t mind her telling me all the times a guy would hit on her. I figured she was insecure and this was her way of feeling confident. I didn’t start getting jealous until she told me she was giving her phone number out to guys.

You might be wondering why I’d put up with this BS. If my best friend told me his girlfriend was doing that I’d tell him to dump her in a second.

Well, Mia was a bombshell. She was really intelligent too; all honors classes. She was accepted into every university she applied to and instead she stuck around to stay near me. She loved me.

I was head over heels for her. So much so that when she told me she was joining the Marine Corps I told her I’d support this crazy decision.

She went off to bootcamp and we began writing letters back and forth. She told me how tough her training was and how much she missed me. Mia wrote that boot camp made her realize how important I was to her.

After boot camp she told me she had orders to be stationed in California. I have never been but I couldn’t wait for the opportunity to visit.

My first time out there was an amazing experience. The beach, the sunshine, the lifestyle. I didn’t want to leave, especially with Mia there, and she wanted me to stay too. That’s when she asked the big question.

“What do you think about you and me getting married?”

“Married?” I asked in disbelief.

“Yea,” she answered casually. “In the military, if I have a spouse I can live off base instead of the barracks, and they pay me more money for housing.”

“But we’re only 18, Mia.”

“I know… But I love you so much and hate that you live so far away.” She said, sadly. “Look, you can go to college here. While I’m in the Marines for four years, you can go to school and get your degree. You won’t have to worry about rent or money since I’ll be taking care of us.”

I was ecstatic that she asked me to marry her. I wanted to jump for joy but had to play it cool.

“I love you Mia,” I said. “I’d do anything for you.”

Living in California was great and being a house-husband and a student was easy.

I made her breakfast and dinner. Made the bed, stocked the fridge and organized our finances. The sex was great too. Being surrounded by men all day, Mia was incredibly sakarya escort horny by the time she got home.

But you have to understand that the Marine Corps was only six percent women. Since they were so scarce they were treated like a hot commodity.

Mia loved all the attention she was getting and she loved to tell me about how hot all her coworkers thought she was. She’d tell me about all the masculine men she was turning down and it made me incredibly jealous.

I was not very masculine, especially living next to a Marine Corps base where most of the men were tough as nails and tattooed up.

Being the house-husband became my time to shine. I’d iron Mia’s clothes, I started reading cook books, and I’d even send her off with lunch. The home would be my domain. I made it my duty to make sure that no Marine could out perform me in the household.

I took as much care of Mia as I could until she came home one day with bad news.

“I’m getting deployed,” She said.

My heart sank.

“For how long?” I asked.

“Seven months.”

She was going on a ship that would sail to Asia for seven long months. I missed her like crazy before when she went off to bootcamp but now she’ll be gone twice as long.

I’d stay here in California since I was still in college and keep our home nice and tidy.

Seeing her off, surrounded by hundreds of men was one of the hardest things I’d ever done.

The following weeks went by extremely slow. I jerked off a lot since I wasn’t sleeping with Mia anymore. I missed her like crazy. I’d go into the bathroom and find her lotion. It smelled like her.

I took her hairspray and sprayed it in the air to fill the room with that scent. One day I smelled a pair of her shoes to see if I’d bring back memories of her, and it did. As weird as it sounds I smelled the armpits of her clothes and crotch of her pants.

One day I even put on a sweater of hers. I was red and a little tight on me. It gave me a huge hard-on. It was a Sunday so I wore it all day and never left the house. I jerked off while wearing it three times that day. I even sprayed a little perfume on it so it would smell like her.

I tried a different sweater on the next Saturday and rubbed some of her lotion on my arms. I made myself a fancy dinner that evening and listened to her favorite music. Normally I wouldn’t like her girly music but I was started to get into it.

I got up one weekday morning, late for school. I also had morning wood and was extremely horny. Mia’s sweater was still on me from the night before. I took it off and it felt wrong. Without something of Mia’s I felt empty. So I opened her underwear drawer, grabbed one of her lace panties and put it on under my regular clothes.

It was physically sakarya escort bayan uncomfortable to wear them but mentally comfortable. I started doing this everyday. I’d even come home after class and keep them on all day.

I’d try on her other panties and then even tried on her jeans. They made my legs look great, and my ass too. I’d image Mia’s ass in these jeans and jerk off to it.

It became a daily thing. I’d look for different outfits of hers to wear. I even started wearing her bras to imagine her tits. I’d stuff them with socks too.

It sucked having to go to school. I’d spend all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday wearing Mia’s clothes, watching her favorite romantic comedies, and listening to her music, only to have to leave the house on Monday morning in my guy clothes.

As soon as I’d get back from class I’d put on her clothes, cross my legs, and get to studying.

I’d often look at myself in the mirror and laugh. I was a guy in women’s clothing. What if someone saw me through the window? I thought. I didn’t look like a proper woman.

That night, in Mia’s skirt and blouse, I order a wig online. It was an expensive one, but apparently worth it according to the 5 star reviews.

I was so excited for the wig to come. I couldn’t wait to look more like Mia so I grabbed her makeup box and started following some Youtube makeup tutorials. I spent days working on my makeup. The first few tries were awful but soon I had the basics down.

I got back home from class one Thursday and saw a box at my door. Excitement filled my body as I ripped the box open and pulled out a gorgeous wig. I immediately went into Mia’s closet to put on something nice.

She had this cute black hipster skirt that went up to the bellybutton that I first put on. It didn’t look so great with my hairy legs so I decided I’d shave them.

I set up the bathroom with her shampoo and conditioner. I started playing her music and then grabbed one of her razors and began to shave my legs. After I was done I rubbed a new bottle of her favorite lotion all over my legs and groin.

I then put on a pair of her thong panties, the skirt, and a padded black bra. I stuffed the bra with some socks and then put on a tight long sleeve shirt of hers. I was a black and white top that made the stuffed bra stick out really well. I then put on a pair of stockings that went just above my knees.

I then went to a mirror, I set up by her makeup, on my desk, and began applying it to my face. After feeling satisfied I got the wig and put it on.

Holy shit. I thought as I looked in the mirror.

I totally looked like a girl, and I loved it. I did a couple of really feminine poses in front of the mirror and embarrassed myself.

It felt so good to be in escort sakarya her tight fitting clothes. This must be why she feels so sexy all the time.

I spent the entire night dressed like that. I made my mannerism feminine and even started thinking about things in feminine ways. I cooked myself a good dinner and settled in to study for a my finals next week.

Shit, I thought, when I remembered that I left my notebook in the car.

The car was parked down the street not very far from the house, but also not close enough to feel comfortable to walk out dressed like this.

But the sun had just set so I would be dark really soon. The thought about going outside dressed like this was incredibly exciting.

Do I really pass as a woman?

A large part of me really really wants to pass as a woman. I want to look as sexy as I feel.

It’s an odd feeling to be a straight guy but wanting to look like a sexy woman. Aren’t men attracted to sexy women? Yet, here I am trying my hardest to look like one.

After all, isn’t the ultimate test to see if I pass as a woman is to be attractive to men?

Acting and thinking feminine these last few weeks has made me OK with that. The way my body looks in woman’s clothing turns me on, so why wouldn’t it turn another guy on?

By the time I got the courage to leave the house for my car, it was almost midnight. I put on a pair of Mia’s shoes and opened my front door to see if anyone was outside. The coast was clear so I walked over as casually as possible.

My heart was pounding like mad as I made my best attempt to walk like a careless 18 year old girl.

I noticed a few dark hairs on my hand and knew that I’d have to bleach them if I had to go outside again.

My weekend makeup routine was getting faster and my legs stopped itching after a shave. I started jerking off to porn and imagining myself in the position of the woman.

I worked on my voice too. I often thought about going outside again and if I was in a situation where I’d have to speak. How embarrassing would it be it I look like a girl but sounded like a dude.

Pretty much anytime I was home for more than a few hours I’d be dressed up as a girl. I even started plucking my eyebrows to make them a little thinner.

One Friday I had this sudden urge to go on a drive. It was only 11am and I was already dressed up like a beach babe. I had on these really high waisted cut off jean shorts, the ones that show a little bit of your ass. I had this narrow white top so that my stomach was showing. I also wore this thin shawl with sleeves and a cute flower crown. Mia also had these trendy round sunglass that were great to hide my very shy face. I put on an assortment of bracelets and one necklace.

The only shoes that went with this outfit were Mia’s flats that were blue with white dots and had a tiny ribbon on the end.

My boners stopped coming on as strong as they used to. I didn’t even need to jerk off that morning.

I grabbed the car keys and beelined it for the car. I didn’t have any guy clothes on me so that made me thrilled and nervous as fuck.

To be continued…

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