Blown in the Bathroom


It is late at night in midsummer and I am just getting back from the bar with some buddies of mine. We were watching a baseball game there and had split several pitchers so, I was feeling quite buzzed. There were quite a few hotties at the bar and I can’t wait to put those mental images to work.

I was drinking with a friend of mine that had recently hooked up with my sister. Unknowingly, he and my sister put on a show for my viewing pleasure in my own backyard just a few days prior.

Except for my younger sister by 2 years, nobody is home as my parents are vacationing together in Canada.I creep down the hall quietly to get to bed when suddenly, I hear my sister’s voice drifting from her room. Her lights are off but she isn’t sleeping. I discover she is on the phone with her boyfriend in Texas. They are in a long-term relationship and the conversation is hot and heavy.

“Your dick is nice. It’s pretty.”

I stop dead in my tracks and immediately advance towards her doorway and quietly press my ear against her door.

“I mean, it’s not a monster. But….it’s pretty big. I love riding your dick.”

My cock awakens and is quickly rising at the sound of my sister’s dirty talk on the phone. I pull out my dick and begin stroking it while I listen to this hot conversation.

“I can’t wait to see and taste your dick again.”

I hold back from letting out a groan as I quicken the pace of my stroking.

“As soon as I see you I’m going to be groping you no matter where we are.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing in my own house.

“Remember the time I sucked you off in that cab in Vegas? The driver loved watching you fuck my face. I bet he was jacking bursa escort bayan off up there.”

I was in heaven hearing my little sister talking about her sexual adventures.

“I could tell. You haven’t cum that much since I sucked you off in the drive-thru.”

When my sister told her boyfriend that she needed to pee and would be back in a few minutes, I went to my room and devised a risky plan to come onto my sister. With any luck, that’s exactly what I’d be doing.

I listen attentively behind my closed bedroom door for my sister to make way to the bathroom in the hallway that we share. I didn’t hear the door close so I step out into the hall and realize that my sister is taking a pee with the door ajar, using only the night light to see. I’m guessing her eyes were adjusted to the dark and she was eager to get back to phone sex with her boyfriend.

I decide that I am going to exaggerate how drunk I really am so I can walk in on her. I take a deep breath and pull my semi hard dick out of my pants and stumble into the bathroom, dick in hand. My sister is sitting on the toilet with her black panties around her ankles wearing a bra that displays her perfect cleavage quite nicely. Her mouth is wide open in shock as she stares at my dick. I embellish how drunk I am by slurring my words.

“Shit. Ssssorry, sis. I didn’t think anyone was sin here.” I say as I slowly turn towards the door.

“I didn’t know you were home yet. I’m done so you can stay in here”. My sister replies as she wipes her pussy and stands up pulling her black thong up her long, tan legs. She turns her perfect ass right at me as she bends over to pull up the toilet seat for me.

The gorukle escort bathroom isn’t the biggest. It is long, but narrow and as we step past each other I thrust my dick at her. The back of her hand is the target and she extends her fingers to tickle my head as I feel all the blood in my body heading for my crotch. My sister stood next to me washing her hands as I try to take a piss with a massive erection. I have one hand on the counter and the other on my dick as I sway back and forth playing the drunk card.

I finally pee a little on the seat and and my sister asks if I need a hand. She steps towards me and without saying a word she grabs my hard on with one hand and aims it at the toilet. I am able to get a little stream going and when I finish I slur, “Milk it all out and shhhake it off fer me”

She did as she was told and slowly strokes my shaft quite a few times before wagging my dick back and forth in her hand.

“That feels sooo good,” I say to her.

“Do you like my hand on your big dick?”

The dirty words and the taboo that is going on in this dimly lit bathroom is too much for me and I start fucking her hand, which is still gripped around my cock. She responds by jacking me faster with one hand while spitting on the other and using it to get my dick wet and slick. She sits down on the lid of the toilet seat and puts both of her hands to work on her handjob. I look down at my beautiful, slutty sister and unhook her bra spilling her big tits out into the warm night air. I slide her bra off her arms and start groping her tits while she resumes jacking me off.

She looks up at me with a coy smile on her face as she continues bursa merkez escort bayan to jerk me off. Then, without warning she lowers her mouth onto my dick and starts slowly sucking me off. I let out a long moan as I watch her swirl her tongue around my head lovingly while looking into my eyes. I wanted to close my eyes and feel her blow me, but I had to look down and witness my own hot, slutty sister sucking me off and loving every minute of it.

Her technique is masterful as she sucks on the head of my dick while stroking the shaft with one hand and gently massaging my balls with the other. She lets out a moan that hums around the head as she eagerly sucks me off bouncing her head up and down in my lap.

Up until now I hadn’t been able to keep my hands off her huge tits, but her aggressive blowjob made me want to fuck her face like I had seen my friend do to her before. I grab either side of her head and she knows what is coming next as she stops moving and lets her hands fall to her sides. I rock my hips back and forth as I begin to fuck her mouth with enough force to make her gag. The sounds of slurping and smacking echo in the bathroom and I know I can’t keep this up too much longer. A hot blowjob from my slutty sister is a dream come true and I can not wait to blow my load.

“Ahhh, I’m going to cum!” I shout.

“Cum all over me! Spray it on my face and tits!” My sister says as she flicks her tongue at the head of my dick.

The first blast erupts into her open mouth splashing on her tongue and dripping onto her full, luscious lips. The second and third blasts hit her on her chin and dribble down her neck pooling in her massive cleavage. I milk the rest of my cum onto her tits as she holds them up for me, shaking them with her hands.

“Fuck.” I pant heavily as I stand over my cum-drenched sister.

“Yummy,” she says as she licks my cum off of her tits. “I’m hungry now.”

I smile at her and say, “Why don’t we get something from the drive-thru?”

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