Do Over: My Black Experience

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To the readers: I would like to thank ‘Techsan’ for editing this story 10/05.

I put this story under interracial, but it could just as easily be Loving Housewives, Erotic Coupling, or others. Hope you enjoy, probably will not be what you expect.


My name’s Dan, I’m a man in my sixties who spends a lot of time reminiscing. I always think about the past. The good, the bad, and often times I think of the “Do Overs”. What is a do over you are probably asking yourself? That’s the part of your life you wish you could get back and do it over.

We all have that part in our lives. Whenever you look back and say, I wish I could change that, or I wish that never happened, you are wishing for a “do over’. This do over is about my black experience.

It goes back to the 1960’s when I was in my 20’s. I was in the insurance business and was just trying to get ahead. Everyone said I had a gift for gab. Anyway, I was married and had two beautiful daughters and a wonderful wife. (She was beautiful also). I was one of the top notch salesmen in our office, when word got around I was offered a position with another company in Ohio. We lived in Michigan at the time. The money was good (but not great), there was a lot of interstate traveling involved. Since I was licensed in Michigan also, I was expected to travel there periodically to take care of accounts. My wife wasn’t very happy about the move but was going to stand behind me and so we moved to Ohio.

I worked late most every night. I had to because that’s when I could talk to couples together about their insurance needs. That was just the way it was. My wife really didn’t like it. She didn’t know anyone where we moved and spent all her days doing things with the girls. I know she wasn’t happy but I wasn’t quite sure what to do.

I liked my job, or position as my boss called it, but I spent a lot of time away from my family. I usually got home around 8:00 or 9:00pm every night, sometimes later. When I traveled in the state or to Michigan I often had to spend a night away from home.

One day my boss told me I would be traveling to Michigan for a day to see a couple of accounts. I knew this would be an over-nighter. When I got home and told Jan, my wife, she was really angry.

She looked at me and said, “Dan, while you’re gone I want you to think about us, about our family. We are not going to go on like this much longer. Your daughters need a father and I need a husband.” I looked at her and told her I was trying to make a living for us. I was trying to get ahead. We argued like this pretty often. This time though I believe she really meant it.

I asked her what she expected me to do?

She said, “Everyone else seems to do all right and the husbands are at home in the evening with their families.”

I knew she just wanted me to get a job locally and spend more time at home. She wasn’t interested in big money, but was interested in a close family.

I knew that was something I had to think about. But the next day I had a trip to Michigan to think about. I still had this job and wanted to do my best.

After I had completed my business in Michigan and started to head home, I was thinking about my situation and what I should do. I had no answers.

Just to change the scenery I decide to drive through part of the city instead of just following the interstate. So I took the next exit. Kind of a bad choice of roads. It was a predominately black neighborhood. It was daytime and I did know my way around some so I wasn’t overly bothered by the neighborhood. As I was driving along I saw a gal in a two piece bathing suit turn up a residential street. I had to check this out, so I went up to the next corner and turned around and went back to where the girl had turned and went down the same street. I could see her about a half a block away just strolling along.

I was trying to think of something to say to her when I pulled up along side of her. Nowadays you would be in deep dodo if you stopped to talk to a gal on the street but back then it was no big deal. When I pulled up alongside of her I said, “Excuse me. Can you tell me how to get to the interstate from here?”

She looked at me for a few seconds and then walked over to the curb alongside my car. Damn she looked good!

She was a black girl. Actually she wasn’t black and wasn’t a girl. She was more of a light chocolate and was a woman. A damn beautiful one. Her bathing suit was orange and yellow flowers which really made her color stand out. Later I found out she was 22 years old.

She came up to the car and said you have to turn around, go to the main street, then go to the second light which is Shaffer, make another left, go about a half mile and then you will see the signs for getting on the interstate. I was just staring at her. She stood about 5″5′, weighed maybe 125 pounds, had her hair in a pony tail which you normally didn’t see on black women at the time. But her hair was long and looked good. She had a nice rack, maybe mersin escort 34B’s, a true hour glass figure and a nice looking bubble butt.

She looked at me and said, “You didn’t hear a word I said, did you?”

I said, “Yes, I did.

She said, “Okay, how do you get to the interstate?”

As I mentioned earlier I knew my way around so I pretty much repeated what she said. “I have to turn around, go to the main street, make a left, go down to the second traffic light, make another left, go about half a mile, then follow the signs.”

She smiled and said, “You really did hear me or you knew your way around in the first place,” and we both laughed. I wanted to talk with her in the worst way so I had to think of anything to keep her there for a few minutes. So I looked at her and said, “You are one good looking woman” as sweet as I could say it. She said thank you and laughed.

“So what do you really want?” she asked.

I don’t know why but I started telling her the truth. I said, “I was driving up the street, saw a women in an orange and yellow bathing suit turn the corner and said to myself I have to have another look. So I turned around and had to think of something to say to you so I could get a better look.”

She looked at me and laughed and said, “I believe you. I think you’re nuts but I believe you. No sane person would tell me that.”

I asked, “Where are you headed?”

She said, “Home.”

I asked, “Where is that?” and she said, “About two blocks down this street.”

I asked, “Would you like a ride?” and she looked me real hard and said, “Sure.”

I said, “I am surprised” and she laughed and said, “This is a black neighborhood. I just live down the street. I’m probably a lot safer here then you are” and smiled. She said, “My name is Alisa. What’s yours?”

I said, “I’m sorry. Just call me Dan.”

So she just looked at me and said, “Hi, Dan.”

I drove about as slow as I could. I liked her and wanted to talk awhile. I asked her why she was wearing a bathing suit and just walking around.

She said she had just left her brothers house and was swimming. Since she was wet she thought she would just walk home while drying off instead of changing clothes. She had a little sack with her that she said contained her clothes.

When we approached her house she told me to slow down. I didn’t think I could go any slower without stopping. She pointed to her house and on the porch was a huge man. A big black man maybe 6’3″ near 300 lbs.

I said, “Holy Shit.” I looked at her. “There is a gorilla on your porch.”

She laughed and said, “That’s no gorilla. That’s my dad. He’s nothing but a big Teddy Bear.”

I said, “Yeah, right! What’s he going to say when he sees a white honky bringing his daughter home. He’ll probably beat the shit out of me.”

She said, “You read too many magazines. My brother Bobbie, whose house I was at, is married to a white gal so interracial is not that big of a deal here. You better walk up to the porch with me because my dad does believe in manners.”

As we got out I saw a few of the neighborhood teenagers sitting on their porches. I asked her if

I should lock the car?

She laughed and said, “If this car is parked in front of my house, it is so safe you could leave your keys in it and put your wallet on the hood.. I’ll guarantee it will all be there when you get back in your car.”

As we walked up to the porch we heard whistles and a lot of, “Hello, Alisa.” She just waved and smiled and said, “Hi, guys.”

As we approached the porch her dad stood up and she said, “Dad, I would like you to meet Dan. He was at Billie’s and offered me a ride home.

He stuck out his hand and said, “Welcome, Dan” and I said, “Thank you, sir.” Then he looked at Alisa and said, “Maybe you ought to get some clothes on if you are having company.”

She looked at him, gave him a peck on the cheek and smiled and said, “Yes, daddy.” She then told me to come in and sit on the couch while she got dressed.

Her dad said he was off to work and grabbed his lunch bucket and went to his car and drove away. Alisa came out of the kitchen with two glasses of lemonade and offered me one.

I said, “Thank you” and asked if she was going to change clothes.

She said, “No, unless you want me to.”

I said, “I’m not that stupid.” She laughed.

Their house was a little run down as were most houses in the neighborhood, and most of the furniture was old. But it was clean and homey looking. We began talking and I asked Alisa about her life.

She said she had a 2 year degree in nursing and worked at the hospital down the road. She had one day off during the week and this was it. I asked her if there were any boyfriends? She said, “Of course.” She was single and she dated but there was no one special at the present time.

Then she asked me about my life. I told her mostly the truth with a few possible lies. kocaeli escort She saw my wedding ring so I told her I was married, that we were having difficulties at the present time so I didn’t know about the future. I didn’t tell her about my daughters. I did mention I was from Ohio and in the insurance business.

Then it happened. I looked her in the eyes and asked, “Can I kiss you?” She asked, “Why?

Like a little kid I said, “I never kissed a black girl before and always wondered what it was like.”

She said, “You’re kidding me. Why would it be different from kissing a white girl?”

I said, “You have bigger lips and I always wondered about it.”

She laughed leaned over and pecked me on the lips for a scant second.

Then she said, “What do you think?”

I said, “Gee! that was great” as we both laughed. Then she leaned over a second time and really laid one on me. It was great. We started with very light pressure then opened our mouths ever so slightly and started putting some real energy into it. Our mouths were becoming wet and I was really starting to get turned on. We touched tongues but didn’t really French kiss. It felt wonderful.

She slowly pulled away and asked, “Is there a difference?”

I said, “Your lips were just so soft and delicious. I was really getting turned on kissing you. It was much better then I would have expected. Can we do it some more?”

She leaned back on the couch and this time I leaned into her. It was more of the same over and over again. I pulled back a little and asked, “Have you ever kissed other white guys?”

She said, “Yes, but it never felt like this.”

I kissed her some more. I just couldn’t get enough of her. I don’t know why, I just couldn’t help it. She started to really get into it, too. I put my right hand on her stomach right at her belly button. I could feel an intake of breath from her mouth. I slowly rubbed her tummy in little circular motions. She was really starting to get turned on. I backed off her lips just enough to talk softly to her. I told her I couldn’t believe how soft and smooth her skin felt. Like an idiot I said this is the first time I ever touched a black girl and she was so soft.

She said, “You’re used to touching the white honkies” and she laughed, saying, “They lay out in the sun to get her color but they feel like leather when they do. I’m all natural.”

I began kissing her some more as I let my hands roam. I slid them down into her bathing suit bottom and slid right down to her mound. Another big intake of breath and then a light moan as I slid right down into her valley. Man, was she hot! She had hair down there but trimmed her bush to fit into her bathing suit. I slid my hand right over her bush and into the valley below. Was she ever wet. I told her this was the first black pussy I ever touched, and she told me I was having a lot of firsts.

Actually I did have a couple of blow jobs from some black ladies of the evening, but nothing else. No touching or feeling of their bodies. Just the standard BJ for $20 bucks.

I was now fingering her and she said, “I shouldn’t be letting you do this but I never felt this good before.”

I wanted to do everything with her but just took my time. I felt her juices flow on my fingers and was getting hard. Hell, I was hard ever since the first kiss. I think I was falling for this woman. I got up as she laid down on her couch with her head on the armrest. I slowly pulled her bathing suit bottom off. I saw her close hers eyes. Mine were wide open. She was lying at a slight angle with one leg on the couch and one on the floor. I picked up the one on the floor and put it on my shoulder. I wanted her to be comfortable.

The only pussy I ever ate in my life was my wife’s. I guess I was more of a Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am type person. But when I spread her chocolate lips and saw the pink underneath, I couldn’t help myself. I muff dived for all I was worth. I licked and sucked her. I have never been so passionate with a pussy before, not even my wife’s. I wanted to eat her up so badly. The more her juices flowed the more tonguing I did. She sat up and put both legs over my shoulders so I could eat more. I know she was having mini-orgasm after mini-orgasm.

I looked up at her while eating her out and said, “I never….”

She said, “I know, you never ate a black pussy before” and smiled.

I backed up slightly and said, “I never ate anyone’s pussy before other than my wife’s and only hers a couple of times. It was never this good, never.” I was getting obsessed with this black woman.

She said, “I never had anyone give me oral sex like you have. Are all white guys as good as you?”

I told her I didn’t know, I never had oral sex with any white guys. She laughed again. She looked down at me and asked, “Are we going to fuck?”

I said, “NO, I don’t want to fuck you, I want to make love to you.”

She said, “I want that too.” Then I opened samsun escort my pants and let them drop to my knees, then pulled my cock and balls out over my jockey shorts.

I brought my cock up to her slit and just started rubbing it all over her opening. I was watching her juices just coating my cock. She was watching it also. Her black body, my white cock and then, when she spread her lips, her beautiful pink pussy. I pushed the head into her opening and she was climaxing again. I pushed my cock in till by sack hit her ass. I just held it there for about a minute. I stroked it in and out a few times and then pushed it to the hilt again and just held it there. I came. I couldn’t help it. The cum just started shooting deep within her pussy. It was the biggest orgasm I have ever had, bar none. She was moaning so loud I was afraid the neighbors would come in. Her climax went on for what seemed to be a few minutes.

As her orgasm went down I noticed something that never in my short life had ever happened. I didn’t go soft. I came and didn’t go soft. Alisa couldn’t believe it either. I told her I guess I need more and she said, “You got it, baby.”

I pulled out of her, slipped my pants off and sat on the couch. She got up, faced me and sat on my lap. Holding on to my still hard cock, she slid it into her now sloppy wet pussy. It slid right in. She waited a few seconds and then started riding it slowly. Up and down, up and down, slowly grinding it in after every down motion. Other than our moans and groans we weren’t saying a lot. She did break the ice a little and said, “I bet this is your first black pussy.” We had to laugh.

As she was sitting and grinding my hard cock I reached up and pulled her bathing suit top up above her breasts. I reached up and squeezed them with both hands. Not a big rack but a damn nice one. I started to play with her nipples; boy, were they getting hard and long. I had to suck them and she had to have them sucked. While riding my cock she leaned forward just so I could get a taste of them. Sucking on her tits and her grinding up and down on my cock, I reached back with both hands to grab that bubble butt. I just kept squeezing and squeezing that butt. I let go of her nipples with my mouth and she made a big downward motion and planted herself right down on my lap. We both came at the same time which very rarely happens with me. I just held onto her ass for all I was worth. We slowly came down off our high. I could feel my dick getting soft this time.

She reached over to her end table, grabbed a handful of Kleenex and got up and put it between her legs. She grabbed her bathing suit bottom and ran to the other room. I grabbed Kleenex myself and put it around my now dead cock and pulled up my shorts and reached down and put my pants back on.

I was finishing up my Lemonade when she walked back in the room pretty much in order.

She sat next to me and asked, “What now, Dan?”

I looked sad, because I was sad. I told her I had to leave. She asked me if I would ever see her again and I said, “I don’t know.” She looked sad also.

I stood up and walked toward the door. She got up and came next to me. I looked at her with a tear in my eye and said, “Alisa, I could love you. In fact I think I already do.”

She looked at me, her eyes getting wet, and said, “I know. I could love you too, Dan.”

I looked over at her and said, “I know one thing for sure. I will never forget you.”

She said, “I know, Dan. I was your first black everything” and smiled. Then she said, “You’re my first white love.”

I hugged her. I hugged her like I would never see her again. I didn’t want to kiss her again or I might never leave. We both had tears in our eyes when I went out got in the car and never looked back.


I headed down the interstate, oddly enough more sad than happy. I couldn’t believe it. I met a black girl, knew her for 2 hrs. and now deeply missed her. I had to make a decision. I did have a wonderful wife and 2 daughters waiting for me at home. If I would have been single, there is no doubt what I would have done. But I was married and that was a fact. I really did love my wife regardless of what you may think. My decision was made. As I entered Ohio I headed for home. Home to a loving wife and 2 of the cutest daughters you could ever want.

The following Monday I went job hunting. I found a job at one of the local businesses. In fact I just retired from there this year. I never cheated on my wife again after that day. Never! I loved her with everything I had. We had and still have a good life with grandchildren and all. She knows nothing about that one day more then 35 years ago. A day that could have ended our marriage.

I never saw Alisa again. I didn’t even know her last name or her mine. I never asked for her telephone number, afraid that I might have called it one day. Whenever we drive past her exit when going to Michigan, I tear up. Just can’t help it. Maybe just getting too emotional in my old age. If I had a “Do Over”, I don’t know what I would do. The sadness is just as much of my memory as the happiness. After 35 years I still remember every act we did and I know we did it out of love for each other. A white guy, a black woman and for 2 hours of our life a true love affair that will be remembered for a lifetime.

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