Blur The Lines


Elyce took Alex by the hand and lead him to the door of her basement. She looked back at him over her right shoulder and raised one corner of her mouth. He returned a broad smile at her that confirmed he was more than comfortable with the session she had planned for him. Sliding the latch first, Elyce opened the door and pulled the cord on the other side that illuminated the room beyond. She lead the way through and the two of them descended the narrow metal staircase, Alex with his free hand on the banister to ensure he kept his balance. At the foot of the staircase, Elyce turned to him and gestured across the room, as if to say, “See, just as I promised.” Across from them both was a heavy wooden wheel, mounted to a large bracket against the wall. Broad spokes spanned across the diameter of the wheel and at the points where they met the outer rim there hung loose leather buckles. In the centre there was a pair of belts, one was long and about two inches thick, the other was much shorter and probably half as wide as the first. Elyce let go of Alex and his arm fell naturally to his side. She walked over to the wheel and Alex’s eyes followed her, but he remained where he was stood. The object of her attention soon became clear; beside the main wheel was a smooth cylindrical handle jutting out at waist height. Alex was no engineer but he guessed that some form of geared mechanism connected the two and his assumptions were confirmed when Elyce grasped the shaft between both of her hands.

“Let me just get this right for you,” said Elyce and with audible exertion she pushed her body weight against the handle. It turned slowly and accordingly, the larger wheel began to rotate until the spokes formed an ‘X’ shape. Alex felt a tremour of nervousness run through his body and for a second his legs were lead and they refused to move. The hesitation passed and he joined Elyce by the wheel.

“This looks perfect,” he said and the whiteness of his teeth showed as his smile widened across his face. He began to undress, first undoing the buttons of his shirt, from the neck downwards. As he removed each item he folded them into a neat pile on the floor. By the time he removed his jeans and was down to his briefs, he realise that he didn’t feel cold. Perhaps she’d installed central heating he thought, for comfort’s sake. The absurdity of this struck him as amusing and he laughed to himself gently through his nose. Intrigued, Elyce raised an inquisitive mardin escort eyebrow at him but he shook his head back. “I take it you’ll want me to take everything off for this?”

“Of course,” Elyce replied. “If your body is mine to break, I want to see all of it.”

“Absolutely,” Alex agreed and pulled his underwear off, stepping out with one foot then the other. His penis was half hard, as it had been most of the evening. He was too excited for it to be soft but too nervous for it to be erect. As such, it bobbed and swayed in front of him, roughly aiming at the floorspace halfway between them.

“Come on then.” Elyce invited Alex over to the wheel and he joined her next to it. She placed her hands on his shoulders to turn him and backed him up to the device. Where the back of his ankles met the base of the wheel were two semi-circles of wood that stood out from the bottommost points of the ‘X’ shaped spokes. He placed a foot onto the first, then the second but it was more difficult than he expected. In order to remain standing, his legs were now spread at 60 degrees. The strain of his body weight pulled at the muscles of his inner thighs and his genitals felt terribly exposed. Above his head, Alex’s wrists were bound with the corresponding straps and the thicker belt in the centre of the wheel wrapped around his waist. Elyce then took hold of his penis and balls at the base and pulled them downwards, away from him body. This was to allow her to fasten the final buckle which, when tightened, caused a slowly growing throb there as the flow of blood was now restricted. The leather pinched slightly at his delicate skin and shifting his hips only confirmed how firmly he was held in place. “How does that feel?” she asked, and took a few steps away from him to admire her handiwork. Alex was now tied to the wheel by all of his major extremities and a sensation of total helplessness rose in his chest – but this was not panic. Instead he relished the elation of complete submission.

“Everything feels right to me,” said Alex and he was pleased to know he was being honest. Elyce nodded twice to him then returned her attention to the beechwood handle that rotated the wheel. With Alex’s added weight, it was a little difficult for her to make the first revolution but his momentum made the second much easier and the third was easier still. With each successive turn, Alex felt the pressure van escort building behind his eyes and the feeling in his limbs fading. Inverted gravity back flipped the in the pit of his stomach while the wheel went around and pulled him with it. The straps that bound him in place held fast as his wrists and feet held slowly became numb, until he couldn’t swear that he could tell where he stopped and the wheel began. Pinned in the centre of the spokes by the buckle around his cock, Alex suddenly realised that he no longer had any sensation there either and his breath quickened with the realisation of his loss. Elyce herself was panting heavily now, through her open mouth, as she threw all of her strength into turning the wheel as fast as she could. Alex let out a thin moan and a trickle of saliva flew from his lips, splashing on the floor just in front of the spot where Elyce was standing. She could see that he was flickering on the edge of unconsciousness and she began a steady mental countdown from ten to zero. Once done, she simply let go of the handle. She allowed the spinning of the wheel to gradually slow down until Alex could actually make eye contact with her as he passed through the upright position. Half a dozen more revolutions and the wheel had reached the point where Elyce was confident that she could take hold of the outer rim and bring it to a halt.

Alex was almost upside down now and Elyce held him by the ankles until his feet pointed directly upwards and his head towards the floor. With dexterity that hinted at her experience with this game, she unfastened the buckle that held Alex’s cock to the wheel and let it hang loose once more. It was pale and cold to the touch, the blood having been squeezed out of it for some time now. She ran the palm of her hand down over his ball sac and along the underside of his shaft. It began to stiffen and she was happy that no permanent damage had been done yet. Comfortable that his equipment was still in full working order, Elyce turned her attention to a trestle table across the room that was far out of Alex’s field of vision. He listened to her footsteps as she walked across the room, but his internal sense of balance was in chaos and he was unable to guess which direction she was walking in. Upon her return she had brought a short cylindrical baton, around two feet long and made of hard varnished wood. She gently held her bottom lip between her ankara escort teeth as she prepared herself for the crescendo of tonight’s performance. Alex was aware that there was still one more step for him to endure before he could be untied and his body could be returned to him once more. Holding it in both hands, Elyce raised the baton above her head and she fixed her eyes on the seam of skin that ran along the centre of Alex’s scrotum.

The baton cut through the air and struck Alex across the underside of his cock. His right testicle absorbed a great deal of the impact and although his left one was spared, the explosion of pain that tore through his body meant that he couldn’t appreciate that small mercy. He spasmed and shook against his restraints and the sound that erupted from his lungs was that of a dying animal. Elyce waited motionless, the baton in her hands still, as she watched the deep red welt growing across the howling man’s genitals. Broken blood vessels crisscrossed his injured member and it bounced between his spread thighs as he sobbed. He coughed thick phlegm and whilst his voice was weak from his ordeal, Alex managed to speak.

“Thank you, Elyce,” he managed. He was struggling to remain coherent but at his very core there was a profound gratitude that needed to be expressed right now. There was a brief silence as Elyce replaced the baton on the trestle table. Upon her return, she examined Alex’s heavily swollen genitals to determine how badly damaged they were and she happily informed him that nothing seemed to be ruptured or broken. There was humour in this for both of them and he managed a slight laugh.

“I guess that means I’ll get to do this to you again then?” she asked rhetorically, knowing full well that this wouldn’t be the last time Alex would give his body to her in this way. She turned the wheel 180 degrees and brought him upright to face her again. His face was flushed but his eyes were filled with an intensity that let her know that this had been as fulfilling for him as it had been for her. She unfastened the belts that had held him and even as she freed his ankles, his cock hardened slightly, enough to brush against her cheek. “Seems like you’ve still got plenty of life left down there, eh?”

“For now,” said Alex and he stumbled from the wheel, his legs too weak to hold his weight by themselves. Elyce was ready for him as he fell she put an arm around his shoulders to steady his balance. She lead him back to the staircase and the two of them made their way upwards.

“That’s true,” Elyce agreed. “Anyway, lets get you bandaged up before that thing turns blue.”

“Ok,” said Alex, and he smiled back at her, “I can’t wait to find out what you’ve got planned for me next.”


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