Pool House Discovery

Big Tits

Alone. We were alone in the pool house. Just Will and I. The guy I’d longed to be with so long, was finally here within my reach. The swim had left us wet and vulnerable in a way. Our suits clinging to our bodies. You could make out the perfect curve of Will’s cute ass, and the bulge at his crotch, the cock I longed for. His stomach was perfection, and the slight definition of his pecs left little to be desired. Then that face, oh that face. His smile lit me up everyday.

He sat down on a chair, commenting on how many laps he had swam. He asked me how many I did, but I was mesmerized with his physique and his face. He got my attention my calling my name a few times, asking what I was staring at. I simply responded with “got lost in something.” That something was his eyes. Two bright shards of the lightest brown. He stood up to start stacking the pool cushions, and I stood up as well. He tossed me a cushion, only to realize after that I wasn’t paying attention. The cushion hit me in the face. He responded with a joking “a little distracted by something, are we?” He took a cushion and threw it harder at me. Me, never hating physical competition, even if it wasn’t with a hot guy, came back with an equal throw. He ran full force with a cushion which left him on top of me, with only a cushion separating us.

The laughter died down and we stared into each kayseri escort other’s eyes for a few moments. I leaned into him ever so slightly, and the cushion slid from between us. He straddled my leg as he lay upon me, his bulge gently resting on my thigh. I gently leaned my head into his, hoping the hint would cause action. He tilted his head to match mine and our lips gently brushed each other. The surprise of kissing a guy struck him and he stood up embarrassed. I stood up as well and just held onto his shoulders, assuring him that it was all right. He turned away from me, holding his hands to his face. I turned him around, and this time kissed him deep. His hands went to my chest, giving into the passion. We broke the kiss and looked at each other, admired the sheer beauty between us. Two teenage guys, sharing an intimate moment.

My cock was growing ever so slightly and it brushed his inner thigh. He looked down and grinned, kissing me again and massaging my back and arms. I moved my hands down to his lower back and inched towards that perfect ass. He suddenly pulled me full force into him, our cocks meeting through the straining bathing suits, and our bare chests resting against each other. He moved down towards my nipples and gently sucked each, sending a rush of pleasure through my body, electrifying every nerve and causing my knees kıbrıs escort to buckle. He held me up in those strong arms and just moved back to my mouth, slowly stroking my chest. I reached down to his crotch and squeezed the growing bulge, causing him to gasp in pleasure. He moved down to my stomach and sucked a little, reaching the waist of my bathing suit. He ever so slowly undid the tie. His teasing charm caused him to slowly pull the suit down, exposing little skin at a time, and increasing my longing. My cock was freed and sprang up sticking straight out. He smiled up at me, and I saw a love in his eyes. He stood up as I stepped out of my suit and kissed me with a great passion; a love.

I reached down and tore his suit off his legs, his 8 inch cock springing up and dripping with precum. I stroked it a little and went to my knees. I tugged his low hanging large balls, and he begged for me to use my mouth. I encircled one ball with my tongue and he almost fell. I told him to lay on the cushions. I spread his legs farther and took his balls into my mouth, slowly sucking and licking with more intensity. He begged for his cock to get some attention. I licked up the shaft, not touching the perfect mushroom head. When I encircled his head with my lips, he arched his back and moaned in pleasure. I inched down on his throbbing cock until it konya escort rested in my throat. I let out a soft hum and his body shook with a massive pleasure. Inching his cock out, I increased pressure. I then went down fast until the head reached the back of my throat again. I pulled off, and slowly jerked his hard cock, fondling his balls as I went. I jerked him and kissed every inch of him until he warned me he was going to come. I increased my speed and licked his sensitive head. His muscles contracted, his cock grew to what seemed like twice the size and a moan erupted from him that almost made me come on the spot. Ropes of come erupted from his shiny cock, each landing on his chest and stomach as his breathing heaved and more moans came.

My cock was aching for a mouth as well. After his orgasm subsided, he told me to lay on the cushions and just relax. He massaged my balls until my cock was streaming precum. He locked his mouth tightly on my cock and bobbed up and down. He stopped and licked a finger slowly and sultry. He traced down from my balls to my ass, until he reached my hole. He sucked my hard cock and teased my tight hole until the point of no return. I moaned I was going to come, and he sucked harder. Both hands fondled my balls as he sucked my cock. He pulled off and jerked me so good I will never forget it. Layers of come erupted onto his hands and my stomach as he fell into me and I leaned into him. My orgasm subsided and our two naked bodies entwined each other for a final, soulful kiss. I wrapped my arms around him and told him I loved him, he responded with “I’ve always felt the same…”

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