It was raining outside and the thunder was banging loud against the windows as I lay in my bed alone, waiting for the time to pass, thinking of you. I start to think of what it will be like if we ever get to meet. Right now you are just a figment on my imagination. The long talks on the phone, the hours spent online together, but we have yet to cross those barriers.

Laying here, my mind wanders into the unknown, wondering what you feel like, taste like, smell like, it gets me very excited because I know what you sound like, and pretty much what you look like.

Remembering our long phone calls where we pleasure each other by sound and mental stimulation. I sigh with longing as I run my hands down over my chest and stomach and back up again lifting my t-shirt as I go. I trace my fingers leaving a tingling sensation all over my chest. I close my eyes and daydream that it is you doing this to me. I get the chills thinking of the power you have over me. I let my fingers run over my left nipple… imagining that it’s you touching me. I follow a path across to my right breast and do the same.

With my eyes closed I bite my bottom lip, moaning and screaming deep inside how I wish it was you playing with my nipples making me feel this good. I lean over and get the candle I had lit earlier it’s scent of vanilla permeates the air. I bring the candle just over my chest and slowly let it drip onto my left nipple, feeling the shock of the heat I scream out. brazzers God it feels so good, wanting more I do the same to my right nipple. I get even more excited then I was before, as I know what me doing this does to you. I can hear your breathing in my head, the sounds of you getting excited and hard as a rock. It makes me want to fuck so hard and fast…

I place the candle back in the holder on the bedside table and wiggle around in my bed kicking off the heavy comforter, I sit up and slide off my shirt the only article of clothing I have on. I lean back down and run my hands all over my body leaving chill bumps all over me. I run my hand along my stomach, down lower to my trimmed mound. I massage myself, feeling the stirring of need deep within me.

I’m so wet! I can feel my juices flowing. I slowly start to massage my pussy faster with my palm, making me shiver and shake. It feels so good, I moan out loud. I need more so I slowly use my index finger and trace over the opening of my pussy, teasing myself to the point of almost climaxing.

I slowly guide my fingers over my lips teasing and pinching them, I can feel the wetness flowing over them from deep with in me. I run my index finger up and over my clit making me moan out loud. I start to massage it bringing up the ache inside me now, I pinch it and pull it making it hard like a pebble. I continue to play with my now hard clit concentrating on making circles over it with my finger, cuckold porno pushing it in every few seconds, Welling up inside me is an orgasm that is about to escape, I spread my legs wide open and raise my ass up high and rub my clit faster then before. Feeling the orgasm start to explode I slam my middle finger inside my pussy lips and start to finger fuck myself hard, not once stopping to pay attention to my clit.

My naked sweaty body starts to shake and rock into climatic convulsions. I am moaning out loud, your name upon my lips, I bite down so as not to scream out. As my first orgasm subsides, I continue to slowly finger fuck myself this time letting my clit alone, I slide another finger in, my index finger. I lean up almost sitting so I can watch my slender fingers slide in and out through my pink moist velvety swollen lips. I can see as the tips of my nails which are painted blue slide in and get lost deep within my pussy walls. I throw my head back letting my hair flow over my bare shoulders, starting to move on my fingers I ride into them as if I were riding your cock. I slide yet another finger inside of my pussy now using 3 which makes my pussy squeeze tight against them as I fuck harder and faster. I bounce on my hand fast, quickly bringing on another orgasm.

I slow down as I don’t want to let go yet. I run my thumb over my swollen clit once again which makes me go crazy, thinking my fingers just isn’t cutting czech porno it anymore, I need something thicker, longer more like you would be swelled up tight inside my walls. I remove my soaking wet fingers from my aching pussy and lick my juices off them before I reach down and get my toy. With my toy in hand, I slide into my mouth making it wet. Thinking in the back of my mind it’s you, I slide it deep inside my throat, sucking hard as I would suck your cock, I move in and out of mouth fast a few times, before I take the pink glistening with saliva dildo and trace it down my stomach.

I spread my legs as wide as I can raising my ass high on a pillow I slam the toy deep into my tight pussy, It stretches my lips open wide and I scream out loud. Gasping for breathe I feel I am going to cum quick. I move it fast and deep as if I were fucking you, riding you hard. I arch my back so the toy gets lost deep with in my walls as I am writhing on the bed, my body shaking and sweat beading along my nipples. I bite my lip as I am getting ready to explode, I slam the toy deep and fast one more time and run my thumb over my clit, that is all it takes as I can’t contain it any longer. I start to cum, climaxing to the point of convulsions, I am screaming out and rocking so hard on the toy my bed is shaking. My juices are pouring out down the toy onto my hand and soaking the bed underneath me.

I continue to orgasm until there is none left inside me. I slowly ride the toy until I am completely spent and filled with sleep. I pull the toy out from my tight dripping lips drop it next to me and curl up with erotic thoughts of you…..

With a smile on my face I drift off to sleep dreaming of what has yet to come.

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