A Young Woman Remembers Ch. 03


Dave had just got back from a two month trip so when we finally got together it was intense. We clawed at each other and the fucking was quick and hard, I really thought I broke something, hehehe.

After we had finished Dave asked if I could get a weekend off work so we could spend it together, work wasn’t a problem but my parents didn’t know about Dave so I had to lie and say I was going away with friends when really I was staying at Dave’s house 15 minutes away. I had never spent more than a night at Dave’s so I was really excited; this was a new phase of our relationship. Dave did make a couple of requests for things I should bring; stocking and high heels, which was no problem I even had a sexy garter and stay up stockings that looked awesome, and my old school uniform. This threw me a little, yes I still had it and it fit but it was a little kinky, I had been out of school nearly a year so when I fished it out I felt a little silly.

I said good bye to my Mom on Friday afternoon and said I would see her Sunday night. She was a little worried as Mom’s are but I assured her I would be fine. I had packed the things Dave had asked for but I was dressed fairly plainly in a thin cotton skirt and button up top as I had to catch the bus.

To be honest I am a bit of a nerd, my parents have kept me fairly sheltered, I normally dress very plain but when I was with Dave I just let myself go and did whatever felt right or what Dave asked. As I found it can be both great but as you will see it can put you in situations that aren’t nice.

When I got to Dave’s he showed me inside kissed me deeply and took my bag and put it in the bedroom. We had drinks and a really nice dinner; I cleaned up as it made me feel at home.

After dinner we went into the lounge and had more drinks, by now I was getting tipsy and I was giggly. We started making out and Dave had me in his lap grinding me against his cock. Our kisses were sloppy, the drinks taking over.

I broke off our making out as I needed to go to the bathroom which was up the other end of the house.

When I entered the lounge Dave had turn the main lights off and lit a few candles it look really nice but just as I thought how romantic I was rushed off my feet and bent over the back of the lounge. Dave had me pinned, he had stripped while I was away and he rock hard cock was now Eskort Bayan pressing into me. He had my hands pinned behind me with one hand and with his free hand he cuffed one wrist then the other. He had handcuffed me, I had never thought of bondage up until that point in my life. Dave was relentless, as I struggle with my hands he reached around to my breast and torn my shirt, sending buttons flying, just like our first night. I actually thought I wonder if he will rip my panties off and he didn’t disappoint, reaching under my skirt and tearing my thong so he had access to me.

I was breathing hard as Dave ravaged me, he was treating me like his property, he was aggressively taking what he wanted and sadly I have to admit it was something I was craving at that point in my life. I felt like it was me making him act so hurried, but as you will see I wasn’t in control.

Dave took a handful of my hair and pulled my head up as he drove his cock into me until his body slammed into my arse. When I looked ahead I could see the faint outline of our bodies in the mirror in the lounge. Just as all my previous time with Dave he just pounded into me, he fucked me, over and over smashing my pussy, I couldn’t help but scream out. He wouldn’t let go of my hair, I just had to lay there and take it, I am not sure if it was the alcohol or what but he lasted what felt like a life time but more likely it was about 45 minutes, he just wouldn’t cum.

My pussy was so sore, the constant pounding had really exhausted me, I was now groaning in pain, I will admit I had cum twice but by the time he finally came and plunged into me for the final time, I sighed a sigh of relief, I was spent. But Dave thought it a good idea for me to suck him clean so I was pushed on my knees and fed his cock, covered in my juices and his cum. I sucked as best I could but I was tired so it wasn’t a good effort.

Dave had finally lost his erection so he helped me stand and we made our way to the bedroom. When we entered he untied my arms but told me it wasn’t time for sleep.

He had me lay in the middle of the bed with my arms and legs towards the corner of the bed, instantly I felt nervous as I slide back to the centre of the bed and lay out like I was told. He worked quickly placing a restraint around each arm and leg and secured them to the four corners of the bed. I was captive, I laid spread wide in my torn top and skirt, with a pussy full of cum, and that was when I heard the click of a digital camera — Dave was taking photos; my heart raced a little more, I was his to do as he pleased.

That thought quickly left my head as I heard a buzzing and Dave’s weight on the end of the bed. I will never forget the feeling as the razor cut through my patch of pubic hair, the vibrations felt deep within my vagina. In one quick movement Dave had gone from top to bottom and was making the next pass before I could say “Dave no!” but Dave kept up his cutting until I felt my bare skin against his hand. He applied a warm cloth to my private area to remove all the loose hairs and just like that he had shaved me bald. I was 18, I had pubic hair when I met Dave, a full patch, it was overgrown or anything but I had never thought about shaving it really.

I laid there in a state of shock as I felt the cool breeze on my damp skin above my vagina, the click of the camera evident again, I didn’t like that he was taking pictures but what could I do tied to the bed?

All this cleared my mind as Dave pushed two fingers into my hot pussy, my body convulsed I was so sore but I was now dripping wet. I moaned in pleasure as my orgasm built, my arms pulling against their restraints as the orgasm washed over me, I couldn’t help but to cry out in pleasure. As my body slowly settled I felt Dave untying my restraints and lay down next to me and I drifted off to sleep.

The next day I woke late, I couldn’t feel Dave next to me but I could feel that my hands where tethered together with a length of rope. There was about a foot of cord keeping my hands behind my back.

I made my way out, naked, to the dining room where I found a naked Dave reading the paper. He didn’t even react to me being tied just said good morning lent over and kissed me and just looked at me with a strange smile on his face.

I laughed and said that I liked my surprise, motioning to my hands; he told me he thought I would like it. That was the strange thing, I did, I really did like being captive to Dave it turned me on to know he had me to himself and I was his.

Dave asked me what I wanted for breakfast and he got up to make an omelette.

I was just sitting at the table and I could see in the window Dave was watching me so I thought it would be good to go to him. So I made my way into the kitchen and stood and made small chat.

Dave came to me once the eggs were cooking and kissed my neck and nibbled at my ear. My hands went straight for his cock which was getting hard. I stroked him as best as I could with my hands trapped behind me. Dave was really turning me on with his kissing, my pussy was sore from the night before but I couldn’t help it.

Dave pushed me forward so I was flat against the bench. I could feel his cock being placed at my entrance and then slowly he entered me. I felt silly having sex as my breakfast cooked beside me. Dave, as usual, picked up his pace which made me moan in joy.

I braced myself against the countertop and let him pound away at my pussy. My tired body ached but getting a hot morning fuck from him was worth it.

He groaned with lust and tightened his grip on my hips and fucked me even harder. He slammed my willing body against the kitchen counter; over and over he shoved his cock far up my pussy. “Soooo hot AMY! So fucking hot!” He grunted and sunk his teeth into my neck, biting into me hard, I moaned lustily as he hammered away at my pussy.

I lowered my ass so Dave could get even deeper up my pussy. “Do me honey! Fuck me hard!” I encouraged him with words I wouldn’t normally use. He moaned loudly as he came and I knew our juices were mixing inside my pussy again. I climaxed as he filled me with his hot sperm.

Dave arched his back and held his engorged cock deep between my hot, wet ass until his balls were drained. “I love fucking you,” He told me as he let his cock slowly slip out of my pussy. Both of us were breathing heavy yet and Dave was sweet enough to hold me tight until I could recover. He could tell how weak I was his and helped me get upright and undid my hands.

Dave turned me to face him and he kissed my neck and face and worked his lips down to my breasts and made love to each nipple before he stopped. Being the gentleman that I thought he was he served out my breakfast and helped me to the table; he tenderly kissed me and lovingly cupped my breasts as I ate. I put my hands over his and held him to me. I could feel his spunk running down my thighs. “I still can’t believe I have been so lucky to meet you,” He sweetly told me.

Hearing him describe how much he loved fucking me made me very proud, didn’t that make me such a slut I thought at the time, whores got fucked.

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