Tangled Web Ch. 02

Ria’s perspective:

This was not how she expected her 35th birthday would pan out. Sitting in a dark hotel room; alone, exhausted, dejected and craving for sexual relief. The time on her laptop showed 1.09 AM as she hovered the cursor over the “New” chat button of an adult video chat website. The “Interest” tab was already filled in with her country’s name. She knew Indian guys desperately wait here and it won’t take any time for her to come across one. Although not the best option here, she preferred them as they would obey each and every command of hers. No matter how weird or kinky. She let out a sigh, and decided to get on with it. As soon as the 9 changed to 10, she clicked on the button and a chat screen opened up instantaneously with a guy sitting on the other end.


Already an Associate Partner in Ambrosia Marketing, one of the premier marketing firms in the country, Ria had her ambitions set high. She was the youngest person to reach her position, starting at the grassroot level as an intern. Calm yet confident in her demeanor, she was one of the best in the industry to close in on new clients. Her hectic work schedule had brought in good business for the firm; but also demanded great sacrifices from her. With her packed working hours, there was not much time left for romantic relationships. Still single, her colleagues bore the brunt of excessive work hours as well to satisfy her expected level of work. However, she nurtured them all the same and never shied away from teaching the newbies.

The day had been an unusual one. She had refrained from taking a leave on her birthday, to help close in on a new client. The preliminary meeting had not gone well and the day had ended on a low note. An early morning flight, hours of discussions and a further two hour cab ride back to her hotel, she was sucked out of energy. She knew if she wasn’t her best the next day, the client would be a goner. She had to be sharp and in a good mood. To clear her muddled mind, she wanted some much needed relief.


The guy on the other end seemed younger than her. Though she was not so keen with it, she wanted to just get off and get it over with. She greeted him with a wave to which he nervously waved back after a couple of seconds. He must have been pleasantly surprised to find an Indian woman at this late hour.

Her request to start was quickly replied in the affirmative. She was in a mood to get off, but not in a hurry; she considered it was fair that he gets to enjoy it too. Knowing that her breasts were always the centre of attention, she used them to get what she wanted from the participants here. She played with her tits for a while and spurred him on. After a play of words, she gave her a view of her ample cleavage. That got him started gaziantep escort and his hands reached his cock.

She expected to get a view of his member as well but being young and nervous, there was a request to see more of her. Many women end their chats if they don’t get to witness a monster cock; Ria was not like that. She was well aware that men here, especially Indians, are not so well endowed, otherwise they would not be here. Size did not matter to her; on the contrary, she preferred the average ones. They would willingly submit to her requests and help her satisfy her kinks. Accordingly, she considered his request and proceeded to sensually remove her top. To add a little spice, she gave him a quick sneak peek of her areolas and proceeded to mix some pleasure with pain as she played with her bra straps.

She knew it would work and it surely did. Now it was time to take control. As she saw his boxers bulge, she directed him to undress. He did so and something surprised Ria. What she did not expect was him to possess a sizable phallus. Rarely had she come across an Indian with an impressive asset, but what her eyes beheld right now was a magnificent specimen. Not even fully hard, she guessed it came close to 8 inches. Something clicked inside her and she began to lose what she held dearly, i.e., control over herself.

Her hands moved on her own as she wrote, “This is not what I expected!!”. She could imagine him sneering, as his reply came, “Want more?”; her own words. Ria was left in awe watching his fully erect penis, as he showcased it without waiting for her reply. She was impressed and more so, incredibly aroused.

Her breasts begged her to pleasure them and she gave in to it. She wanted that cock, she wanted to blow it and involuntarily she began to show that too as she took heavy breaths and opened her mouth while playing with her tongue. Her hands pulled down the bra and her fingers moved towards her lips. Licking them she pleasured her nipples with her wet fingers and to add to it, she sucked on one of the nipples, raising the heat.

“Put that THING in between here,” she wrote back.

As he stroked himself, Ria began squeezing her tits and unknowingly happened to blow out kisses, something she had not done before. She wanted more of it and she wrote, “Can’t see much. Pls turn on some lights”

She saw him trying out nearby switches without success. As she got more and more aroused, she tossed her clothes aside, while he was busy trying to work on lights. She saw him put down his laptop on the bed as she took off her pants. Moving towards the screen, she happened to notice his bag. On closer inspection, she could read out the words on it, “AMBROSIA MARKETING”.

These words jolted her as she realised her sexual activities of the night were happening with one of her ex-colleagues, or even worse, a present one. Ria was stupefied but what came next struck her like a bolt of lightning. As to confirm her fears, the lights lit up on his end. She saw how eerily recognisable his headboard seemed. Where had she seen it before?

Dread took over her as she turned around to see her own bed. There it was, the same headboard, the same colour and pattern. Seconds felt like minutes as she processed this information. Suddenly, the laptop moved and his body came into view, making her recoil.

Ria was left dumbfounded realizing who she was having fun with. It was Jay, the newest and youngest member of her team. He had recently joined the team just after finishing his college and was a short, young guy with a sharp mind. Gauging his talent, Ria had taken on herself to mentor him and had him accompany her on a couple of outstation business trips. This was one of them. He was in the next room itself. There was no way she could continue this with her young mentee and was about to end the chat.

Just then, she saw his hands pleasuring his phallus. What was surprising was that Jay, a fairly short guy, packed such an amazing big cock. She could see his veins bulging on it. She saw him touch his precum on his bulb and stretched its thin stingy layer. His penis glistened with it.

This move had made her even more wet. Her hot pussy asked to be pleasured and her hands began to move on their own. As her fingers slid inside, a sense of guilt and arousal took over her at the same time. She kept saying “no” to herself, but her womanhood was having none of it. Watching him stroke faster only added fuel to the fire.

“NO, no, aah, yes, Yes, YES, YESS, aah, AAH, Noo!!” she moaned, fully aware, what was happening was not right. And yet she wanted more. Her thighs quivered with each thrust of her fingers. Looking at his junior’s erection, she grew hotter and pulled aside the base of her panties. Now her young mentee had the full view of his boss’s wet shaved pussy, with two of her fingers inside it.

“Oh my…yes…keep going…stroke it…AAAH yesss!!” she demanded.

Ria could not comprehend she was enjoying this display of his co-worker’s cock. Her pleasure increased with every passing moment as she saw him fervently masturbate. As she edged closer, she whimpered, “Oh yesss! I want-t-t…aaaaah…want tooooo…AAH!”

This spurred him on and as his bed moved, the bag behind him fell into view once again. The embossed “AMBROSIA MARKETING” print suddenly brought some clarity in her sexually aroused mind. She tried hard to gain control of herself and put an end to this before things turned haywire.

“Yess..no…noo…No…NOO,” she kept saying to herself to refrain from going further. Her pussy kept pushing her, to end the job she had started, while her brain pulled her in the other direction.

She started to get a hold of herself and decided to end it. However, her discontented pussy made sure her brain paid for this abrupt closure, as she yelled, “no, No, NO, NOO, JAY PLEASE NOOO!!”

She logged off as soon as the words left her mouth.

Panting and sweating a little, Ria tried to take stock of what had transpired. Knowing that thinking in pressure won’t help, she kept her laptop aside and took long breaths to calm down. Once she had composed herself, she got to thinking what to do next. She knew screaming Jay’s name had registered with him. Knowing his work, he could put two and two together quickly. The question was, “what will he do next?”

Deciding to walk while she scratched her brain, she got up from her bed, putting her panties back in place. As she did that, she felt the space between her thighs was drenched. Instantly, Jay’s big throbbing cock rematerialized in her mind. Although she knew he was her colleague, she could not stop thinking about the events of the past few minutes.

She had engaged in this video chat to de-stress and the whole thing had turned upside down. She considered the aftermath as Jay would soon realize who was with him on the chat, their working relationship would go down the drain, he may not be so discreet about what happened and surely the impending client meeting would be hampered if she was not in the right state of mind. Her image, both personally and professionally, were at stake.Walking and thinking, her pussy began to ache again, asking her to stop being rational. She put her fingers on it and took into account how she was still oozing out cum, picturizing Jay’s manhood. Not only was she in more stress now, but also she had failed to get off.

She knew that there was not an easy way out and such a situation needed some drastic steps. Add to that, she was still in a state of excitement. She needed to be herself, needed to regain control. A decision had to be made and soon, Ria made one. It was an extraordinary step, but it solved both her problems, dealing with her colleague and her arousal.

Taking a long breath, she calmed herself once again. She wore her pink t-shirt but took off her panties and threw them on the bed. Standing at the door, she pulled the hotel card key and reconsidered. She knew she was too far in to back off now. Ria moved out the door and walked towards the one next to it.

She knocked on Jay’s door thrice and nervously, waited for it to open. It felt like time had slowed down; still the door did not swing open. In urgency and fear of getting caught half-naked in the hotel lobby, she knocked again, harder this time.

The door swung open slowly and Ria’s suspicions were confirmed as her eyes met his and they stood facing each other.

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