A Friend and a Fantasy

June was nervous. And not just because she was two hours late and had to skip dinner because the damn train did not arrive in time. The twenty year old looked at her phone, using it as a mirror to check her curly, light brown hair. They were decent, it would have to do. She then checked the note she had in her pocket again, and confronted the name of the street and house number. Yes, it was the right place. It already was three checks ago, but you can never be too sure.

The short brunette took a deep breath. “It’s only Valery. Your best friend from middle school. You grew up together. She will like you.” June sighed. She was grateful that her old friend accepted to share her apartment with her, rent was prohibitive in the area, and she really could not handle a large dorm.

She rang the bell. A deep, warm, feminine voice answered. “Hello?”

“It’s me, June.”

“Oh, you’re here! Come in! Second floor, door on the left. Do you need help with your bags?”

“No, don’t worry” June answered, then entered the building.

She reached the inner door and knocked. Then it opened. And she saw her. And her heart jumped: The scrawny kid with braces she remembered turned into a stunning tall woman, with a delicate, slender figure, long jet-black hair and piercing gray eyes. She had the sharp lineaments of a model, completing her statuesque look. Even in a simple sweater, long house pants, and no makeup, she was gorgeous.

“June! It’s so good to see you!” She said, and hugged her tightly. The top of June’s head was just as high as Valery’s chin. June was pretty short, at five foot two, but how tall did she get? “I missed you so much.”

“I-I missed you too, Valery” June said, trying to survive the hug. Her blushing cheeks felt warmer by the second.

Valery laughed, and then released her friend. “Sorry, sorry” she said, then stole one of June’s bags. “Let me help!” added, gesturing her to enter. “Now, it’s not much: It’s just two tiny rooms, a bathroom, and a kitchen/living room. But it’s all you can get for a reasonable price around here. To be honest, if you didn’t offer to share rent, I wouldn’t have been able to afford it.” She pointed at a door. “That’s yours. I already picked mine, if you don’t mind. But we can switch if you want.”

“No, no. I’m sure it’s fine.”

“All right, I’ll make some tea. I want to catch up!”Valery said, while June began putting down her things.

A few minutes later, the two girls sat down, in front of a hot cup of good tea. June was feeling a little more relaxed now. With her friend sitting down a few feet of distance from her, she looked a lot less intimidating. They talked a lot, a full hour, maybe even more, of their little home town, of the friends they left behind, of their parents. And their studies.

“So you’re studying mechanical engineering? Girl, that’s great! I always knew you were damn smart!” Valery said.

“I’m not really…I’m just good at math, I’m not that smart.”

“Nonsense. You saved my butt more than once in middle school. I’m just an English major. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I am studying, I would never change it, but it’s not quite as impressive.”

“Well, thanks” June awkwardly said, her cheeks flushing again.

“All right. I hate to leave you but I promised my friend I would accompany her this evening. We’ll see each other later. Feel free to eat something in the mean time.”

“O-ok” June said, watching as her friend stood up and left the room.

She took a deep breath. Why was it so difficult to talk to beautiful people? Who knows what she must have thought of her? She was so awkward and clueless! Well, at least it seemed Valery was still the cheery, warm girl that she befriended all those years ago.


Taking the fresh air of the evening in her lungs, Valery looked around to see if her friend from university was already there. But her mind soon wandered back to June. Cute little June that did not change at all. Her hair was still as gorgeous as ever. She liked her own, but they were quite plain; her friend’s curls instead were so pretty. And her boobs were bigger than hers. Well, she was not much of a challenge in the department, but June sported quite the pair. And her cute, high pitched voice? She must be the star of any voice chat she joined online. Nothing like her mannish voice.

“Hey Val!” A voice called from behind her. She turned around and waved at them. Her thoughts finally leaving her reunion with June behind.


Despite some initial difficulties, the first week of cohabitation went smoothly. The two old friends reconnected quickly. They did spend a lot of time together initially, since their studies and activities filled most of their days. But things changed, if slowly. And the first step was made a day like any other, just a bit hotter than the cold spring temperatures they were used to.

That day, Valery went, as usual, for her morning run. bursa escort June was not a morning person, so, even if she did promise she would join her, it had yet to happen. The young woman was quietly enjoying her breakfast, when her tall friend came in.

“Uhu, it’s hot today. I must have lost a gallon of water in sweat” she said, taking a moment to catch her breath. Then she sat down on the sofa next to June, and bent down to take off her shoes. “Boy, my feet are burning” she said, while removing her socks as well.

In that moment, June saw her naked feet. And something stirred inside her. Something clicked in her brain. They were quite big, which made sense since she was on the taller side, but they were still very slender and elegant, with a high arch, and long, elegant toes that ended with well kept, short nails, covered in black polish. They looked incredibly soft, and absolutely beautiful. Breathtaking. Captivating. Gorgeou-June shook her head. What was she thinking? They were just feet! But then… why couldn’t she take her eyes off of them?

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to stink up the place” Valery said.

June finally managed to pry her eyes away. “What? No, no, no. Don’t worry, it’s fine. They don’t stink.”

Valery raised an eyebrow. “Really?” She took one of her feet into her hands and brought it close to her nose. “Well, they do stink a bit. I really should have used the other pair of socks today.”

“It’s fine, I don’t smell anything” June said, trying her hardest to maintain her voice neutral.

Her taller friend smiled. “Uh. You sure?” Before June could answer, she moved her long leg up, bringing her foot up to June’s face. It was as long has her head. No, longer in fact. June could feel her cheeks burn, while she tried taking her eyes off her smooth sole, in vain.

“Well? Do they stink?”

“I-I-Well, they…” June’s brain was unable to compute.

Finally, she took her foot away. “Ah! I knew it! You don’t have to be shy with me about these things, you know? If they stink they stink” she said.

“Right, right.” With the cause of her brain error taken away, June’s mind slowly rebooted.

“Ok, I’m going to shower now. Then I have to go to class. See you at lunch?”

June nodded and finally managed to smiled. “All right. Good luck with Professor Wig!” She said.

Still shocked by what just happened, June waited for her friend to leave. As soon as the door closed, she rushed to her room and turned on her laptop, ready to investigate the strange event.

But as soon as she put her hands on the keyboard, she stopped. Was she really about to search for… what? Why did her brain shut off because of a pair of feet? She sighed: She already knew the answer to that, she had a fetish, but it did not make sense: Why did feet do that to her only in that moment? Valery’s feet were not the first she saw in her life, although they might have been the prettiest, attached to one of the most beautiful women she ever laid her eyes on. She knew she was a lesbian, but a foot fetishist too?

June took a deep breath. She was a scientist. Well, a scientist in training. She should approach the problem scientifically. If she indeed had a kink for feet, the internet could easily prove or disprove that hypothesis.

Her fingers moved again, and June began exploring this new side of herself. At first results were negative, most of the links lead to porn videos with men touching the feet of women who clearly desired to be somewhere else entirely, her arousal was nearly zero.

But as she explored, she did start finding pictures of female feet that did begin to stir something deep within her nether regions. High, elegant arches. Long, beautiful toes. Delicate, soft soles. Hell, even heels and ankles were beginning to look inviting. She could definitely feel her womanhood getting warmer, while her fingers kept scrolling through photos, videos, links, even stories, about feet.

She swallowed, and closed the laptop. The test returned positive.


Valery let her hand decorate the empty page of her notebook with little random doodles. Professor wig, who earned his nickname because of an incident with a window some time ago, was his usual, boring, self.

Her thoughts drifted back to June. She was a bit worried about living with her initially, it had been a long while since they were together and people change, teenagers especially, but she felt quite hopeful. She always felt very comfortable around June, and time did not change that. If only she was not so shy around her.

Valery smiled. Her friend looked so cute when she blushed and acted all timid. Like before, when she teased her with her foot. Now that she thought about it, June was particularly flustered in that moment.

An idea slowly took form in her brain: could her friend be into feet? Was she a little queer? She looked down at her shoes. She never really found feet particularly beautiful. She did escort bursa take care of her own because she liked wearing heels, but that was about the end of her thoughts about them.

Valery shook her head, even if she was into girls, and feet, she doubted she was interested in her giant, lanky, flat-as-a-board self. No, she just acted embarrassed because that is exactly what she was feeling. Her smile turned mischievous. She could not wait to get back to their apartment and have some more fun at June’s expense.


The next couple of weeks were difficult for June. Still shocked by her discovery, and feeling guilty for being so attracted to her friend, she could just barely manage to keep her composure around Valery. Unfortunately, her roommate did not make things easy for her, since she began walking around the house barefoot more and more often.

Because it was hot, she said. And indeed the temperatures were rising, but having a logical explanation did not help June’s raging hormones one bit.

The only positive side was that, for the time being, Valery did not seem to suspect anything. Just that morning, for example, she put her feet on the sofa’s armrest, while reading a book. And June’s mind just shut off again. A good hour wasted staring at her gorgeous soles, and her beautiful toes. June was lucky the book was so captivating, she may not have had the mental presence to pry herself away in time, if Valery noticed her.

She could not really blame her friend for those little episodes, though. In truth, she almost enjoyed the unintentional teasing. At least part of her was. University was stressing her out quite a lot: there were very few girls, the professors ignored her most of the time, and her brain was mush every other day. Her friend’s warmth and friendliness was a soothing balm for her soul, and her beauty a balm for her body. And yes, her feet were too. She had to admit it at that point, to herself at the very least.

Things escalated one day, when Valery came home from class, just after June returned as well.

“Hey, girl!” She greeted her. “How was your day?”

“Exhausting” June simply said, while sitting on the sofa, idly cycling TV channels. “Yours?”

“Ugh, don’t get me started. That idiot hit on me again. Three times. Just today. You’d think one would stop after the first no, or the second. He’s not a bad guy, but he really does not know when to quit.” She took off her converse shoes. “And I’ve been walking around all day for Wig’s project. Damn, I feel like I ran a marathon” she said letting herself fall on the sofa, near June. Then she turned, lifting her long legs up, and finally placed her socked feet in June’s lap. “Could you give me a massage? Please? I’ll do the dishes!”

The short girl gulped. “I-It’s your turn today” June said. Her muscles locked in place, frozen, while her eyes did everything in their power to avoid looking at Valery’s feet.

“Hush, don’t reveal my cunning trick!” Valery said, poking June’s belly with her big toe. June squealed in surprise. “Pretty please?” She said, giggling.

“F-Fine” June said. She took her left foot into her hands.

The fabric of her white ankle sock was just slightly damp, and very soft. She placed her fingers around her toes, and admired for a few instant her foot size. She got a little more familiar with sizes with her recent exploration of the kink, and Valery’s ones could easily be a size nine, if not a ten.

“Yeah, I know, they’re big. But when you’re six feet tall, it’s inevitable” Valery said, wiggling her toes.

June managed to carve a smile out of her unwilling lips, and began her massage.

Her thumbs pushed into Valery’s flesh, eliciting a soft moan from her tall friend. Her cheeks turned red, and her fingers stopped for a second, but she managed to get going again. With her big toe taken care of, she proceeded to the rest, gently massaging each digit. Then she got lower to the ball of her foot, and continued. Then her gorgeous arch. And finally her heel.

“God, I needed that. You have magical fingers, June” Valery said.

“Thanks” June said, a bit too quickly and too loudly. She swallowed, fearing the worst, but fortunately Valery was too relaxed to bother. Her head was leaning off the armrest, looking at the ceiling, while her arms were spread wide on the sofa.

She continued with the other foot, repeating the same gentle yet determined movements.

“Do you want me to continue?” She asked when she finished her right foot, but no answer came. The only thing she could hear was her regular, quiet breathing. Did she fall asleep?

June looked down at Valery’s feet, abandoned on top of her own legs. She managed to control herself up to that point, but their presence was getting to her. Their warmth and slight dampness against her legs and hands, their very light smell… she could feel her heart accelerate, as her mind lost its composure and let itself float through bursa escort bayan her over-active imagination.

The temptation was great. Too great. Slowly, her fingers reached for one of her ankle socks, and pulled to remove it. And then did the same for the other. Her bare feet now stood in front of her eyes, the black polish greeting her back like an old friend, while her toes did a little scrounch, exposed as they were to the cold air of the room.

The next few moments were dedicated to quiet admiration. Her eyes drank in the sight, while her hands slowly came back to Valery’s soles, feeling the heat radiating from her skin.

“Oh you took my socks off” Valery suddenly said, wiggling her toes.

June chocked, while her heart threatened to leave her chest. “It’s easier without I think Yes!” She said, in one breath.

Valery raised an eyebrow. “Oh right, makes sense. I should have done that.” She lifted her feet away from her and stood up, then stretched her long limbs to their limits. “Ahhh, I feel great. Thanks, June. I really needed that” she said, while going to the bathroom.

June resumed breathing. She just barely dodged a bullet there.


Valery closed the door of the bathroom behind her. June had to have a thing for feet. Unless she had podophobia and was trying to get over it through shock therapy. Valery smiled: June looked so flustered and innocent when she called her out. She almost felt guilty. Almost.

It was not the first time she accidentally aroused someone with her presence. There was that one time she distinctly remember, where she made a male student hard by bending down to pick up a pen. But that time she felt embarrassed, and a little irritated with him. With June it was different: She did not feel shame or anger. All she could think of was June’s cute face getting all red and excited and in awe of her. And she actually liked that. She liked seeing that face a lot. Yes, she liked teasing her friend, she always did, even as kids, but was there something more behind that feeling?

Was June even interested in her? Or girls in general? Valery was bisexual, and June was definitely attractive. Just her type of girl in fact. And if she was not reading things completely the wrong way, June was attracted to her too, at some level at least.

Valery looked at herself in the mirror and shook her head. She was reading too much into it. But there was a way to confirm her suspicion, a voice in her head added. Her mind began hatching a plan, then, satisfied, left the bathroom.

The opportunity came a few days later, when June had to attend class, while Valery had none. The tall, young woman waited until the lesson was almost over, then she took her nail polish bottles with her and sat down on the sofa. She placed some paper towel under her feet and began removing her old polish. When she finished, she chose another color, a bright red, and painted the nails of her left foot. Then, she took a picture of her work with her phone. Finally, she selected June’s number and sent her a message, with the photo attached: “Hey! I wanted your opinion on something. Do you think this looks good? Or was the old color better?”

And then she waited.


June finally put her pen down, having completed the problem in record time. She was quite satisfied with her performance, she was among the first to finish. And even better, it meant she had a couple of minutes to cool her head before facing the next one. In that moment a notification on her phone popped up. It was from Valery. Curious, she looked at it.

Her eyes opened wide. She immediately turned her screen off and hid the phone under her table.

Taking a deep breath, she looked around, but none was looking at her. Did Valery discover her secret? Possible, but then why would she send her a picture of her feet? If she did find out, she would get an angry text message and an order to clear out of the apartment.

June looked at the message again, and this time she read the text.

A weight lifted from her shoulders. Valery did not know. June’s eyes drifted back to the photo. The red was nice, but she preferred the old black more, it accentuated her toes and gave her feet a more slender appearance.

Her fingers were ready to type that, but her eyes were still stuck on that photo. Why were Valery’s feet so damn hypnotic? Suddenly, all the feelings of her brief interaction with them came back, escaped from the pit she sealed them in. The faint smell, the slight dampness, the warmth, the softness of her skin. Without realizing, she bit her lips, and crossed her legs.

The professor’s voice saved her, shaking her out of her lustful stupor. She sent the message, and turned the screen off, just in time for the next exercise. Eager to forget about the whole Valery business, she threw herself into the math problem.

Unfortunately for her, with perfect timing, another message came just when she had finished the second exercise. June looked around again. No wandering eyes. Then she looked at the message. And it was another picture of Valery’s feet. This time white polish. “Ok, let me try again!” was the message attached.

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