Touch’s Girl


Touch didn’t look like she was big enough to manage her big Yamaha YZF-600 as she easily cruised through the tight twisting turns of Texas Park Road 37. She leaned the big bike through the sharp curves and switchbacks of the winding road with little problem. The occasional car was little problem, the meaty tires biting into the asphalt as she torqued her way past the slower metal-cage cars, sweeping past the double yellow lines with impunity. The speed limit sign said fifty, but she was cruising an easy sixty through the turns, including a nasty hairpin that made her lean the bike nearly to the ground as she cornered it.

She loved the feel of the wind on her skin, although she valued it enough to keep it under the protection of her racing jacket. The perforated leather jacket let the wind through to her thin tank top, and her jeans were tight enough to let the air through the weave. She was full enough of breast to need a bra, although she loved the feel of being without one. Most men couldn’t speak to her without aiming to first sentence at her tits. It was flattering, even if she was not that interested in them in the first place.

The rest of the group was already at Medina Lake, partying at Sway’s brother’s house. Now, there’s a dish worth being hungry over, Touch thought as she passed a farm truck spewing fumes and dirty smoke in equal measure. It was a shame that Sway didn’t swing toward other girls. No, she had her tastes in men, but that was ok. Touch often played with herself thinking about how Sway looked at a hot tub party, her skin dripping clear water down past her perfect breasts, and the way her thong had molded tightly to the cleft between her legs. Touch weaved through a curve as she contemplated the sweet sexiness of Sway’s body.

Oh, well. She was supposed to meeting a hookup before the party in a few minutes anyway. Some little coochie who had a man who didn’t do it to her the way a girl could. She’d even sent pix. She was like every other trash girl, a little run down, but definitely worth a bang or two, even if she wasn’t a take-home-to-mom partner. She said to look for a Saturn with a hubcap missing at the park and ride at the end of Park Road 37 and Texas Highway 1283. That was good, because Park Road 37 led to the little lakeside community Sway’s party was at. Booty and a party less than ten miles away from each other.

She kicked her bike down a couple of gears, letting the engine compression wind down the speed. A cop car drifted by, the sheriff’s logo gleaming in reflective colors against the white of the cruiser. The cop checked her out as she passed. The signs indicated that the intersection was coming up soon. Touch’s anticipation was starting to rise.

Touch downshifted and turned left into the park and ride. No one was there yet. Touch parked the bike and shut it down. The gas station was across the street, and she saw two familiar bikes there. She pulled her helmet off and let her chestnut hair swing free. Her sunglasses cut the punishing light of the South Texas sun down to a bearable level. Her bike was angled to let her see the road and the gas station, so she reclined on the bike, stretching along its length to wait. It was a few minutes later when Sasha and Sway appeared, Sasha lugging a twelve-pack of his favorite Shiner Bock and Sway carrying an 18-pack of Bud Light. They webbed the beer to the back of their bikes with a small bungee-cord web. Waving, Touch smiled at the two. They waved back as they rocked their bikes up and started them. They disappeared down the twisting road that led to their party. However, in watching them leave, Touch spotted the Saturn she was looking for, once white but slowly taking on the dulled colorless shade of used, looking as trashy as the girl Touch was looking for.

She parked near Touch, getting out and looking off at the road. Touch studied her still-anonymous possibility. She was average height, beginning to thicken in the middle a bit from too many nights tipping beers at the Dancing Bear. Her hair was long, wild but kept back in a ponytail, and she smelled of cigarettes, and her glasses looked like they were bent a bit and never repaired correctly. Touch liked to fuck common women- the everyday woman that was being worn down by life. The hot sexiness of a woman being broken out of görükle escort her rut was intoxicating. This one looked like she needed to get shocked out of her tired lifestyle, the high of tasting forbidden sex.

“I’m Touch.” Touch was positively ready to explode. The anticipation, along with the natural fear of rejection and her own insatiable sex drive, aggravated by the vibrations of the ride to the Lake, was at a singing peak.

“Hi. I’m Shadewhisper.” Touch knew the name, the same screen name she’d been having cybersex with for the last two weeks. Touch sidled closer, the siren call of trashiness beyond her. Touch walked around her, her stride catlike and predatory. Touch walked up behind her, pressing her pert tits into the girl’s back and beginning to grind slowly.

“Don’t do that,” came the girl’s voice. “People will talk.” Touch leaned forward, to where her lips pressed against her target’s ear. “Tell me you real name, then.”


“That’s better, girl. I’ll follow you home.”

“But my boyfriend-“

“Is not my problem, lover.” Touch took her by the shoulder and turned Virginia around. “I want you, and I think you want me. I don’t live here, and I have other places to go if you don’t want to do this. What do you want to do?”

“I don’t know.” Virginia stepped back, her Bud Light hat keeping the sun out of her eyes. “I’m a little scared.”

“I’ll be gentle.” Touch was always gentle – until the lovemaking was done.

Touch could see the shining desire warring in Virginia’s eyes, along with the doubt of exploring uncharted waters in her sexuality. Touch could feel the electricity coming off of Virginia – and the doubt.

Touch leaned in and kissed Virginia, catching Virginia’s bow-shaped lips and giving her a kiss that lasted only seconds, but left Virginia reeling.

“Let’s go, girl. Time’s a-wasting,” Touch husked. She could see in Virginia’s eyes that the decision was made. It was time.

Virginia appeared flushed, her breathing rate up. She nodded with a distracted air, like someone who’d just finished a linear algebra course in college. The Saturn started, whining shrilling from a loose belt. Touch winced in sympathy for the car, knowing it was a side effect of her choice in lovers.

The ride was short, consisting of a few twists and turn on names like Forest Oak and Valley Summer, but the neighborhood consisted of rusting trailers on stony plots of land. Touch couldn’t help but compare it to Sway’s lush yard, with private pier and verdant Tiffany grass. The Saturn ahead of her turned onto a dirt driveway that matched the dun of the Saturn. Touch babied her bike onto the rocky driveway, wincing when the meaty Dunlops of her tires slipped and grabbed the unstable surface. The car ahead pulled up in front of a tired-looking doublewide, complete with torn screens and a screen door hanging partially off its hinges.

Virginia waited by the door of her car as Touch got her bike arranged the way she wanted it – nose pointing downhill and toward the street. Touch took the helmet off and swung off the bike, her tight jeans showing her ass to best effect. Touch walked over to Virginia. Touch knew she was already starting to get wet – she could feel the slickness of it as she walked. Virginia slid into Touch’s arms, and they kissed. Touch loved the tentative way Virginia felt her up as they kissed – like a virgin’s touch. Touch let her tongue dance, her hand sliding down and caressing Virginia’s less-than-firm buttcheek. It lacked some of the firmness that Touch’s had, but she felt it up, letting her fingertips dance down the valley of Virginia’s ass. Virginia sighed, sinking deeper into Touch’s kiss.

Touch let Virginia out of the kiss and motioned to the door. They climbed the wobbly wooden steps to the front door with hands clasped, and Virginia opened the door- it was not locked. “We don’t have to lock our doors out here.” Virginia explained in a somewhat embarrassed tone to Touch’s arched eyebrow.

Led through the shambles of the living room, Touch’s nose could pick up the scent of staleness: stale beer, stale smoke, stale sex, and stale socks. Shoes were piled by the door, and the occasional small pile of laundry was scattered about. The air conditioner was on, but it was bursa escort bayan making a puny whir in the close air of the trailer. Touch let go of Virginia as they crossed the narrow hallway of the trailer into the master bedroom.

Faux opulence decorated the bedroom, the carpet’s shag now matted, and the garish décor muted by must and dust. Touch slipped her boots off and waited for Virginia to turn before locking lips with her again. This time, the kissing fed the heat between them, as Touch shucked her thin tank. Virginia looked in surprise at the pretty silver rings that went through her nipples, and licked each one. Touch shuddered in pleasure, and began massaging Virginia’s breasts through the thin T-shirt. Virginia began purring as Touch found her nipples through the worn material of the shirt and cheap bra. Tweaking them gently, they rose up like pencil erasers.

Touch gently peeled the shirt up, exposing the flimsy bra. Touch cupped the bra, feeling the way Virginia’s tits had has just started to succumb to gravity. Touch didn’t let Virginia think too hard, sliding her hands under the bra and massaging with increasing intensity.

Virginia stepped back, and took a deep breath. Touch waited, one hand playing idly on her nipples as she watched what her lover was going to do.

Virginia unsnapped the buttons on her Rockies, Touch’s eyes wide and intent on her hands as Virginia eased the frayed edges of her jeans down. Touch looked at Virginia’s body as she slowly undressed. The skin of her legs was smooth, still creamy. First the jeans came down, then the flimsy Target-type panties. Touch waited for her to finish, as she sat on the bed, and took off two pairs of socks. Touch raised an eyebrow.

“It’s to keep my boots tight. They’ve stretched, and I don’t like loose boots.”

Touch nodded her assent, and peeled out of her own tight jeans. She left her thong on, doing a slow pirouette to show Virginia the wares she was getting. Touch’s body gleamed as she showed off her lack of tan lines, making her undressing a striptease. Touch showed her flawless skin off, sliding her thongs down to her ankles and showing a thin strip of hair and a glittering clit ring. Touch wiggled her clit ring as she stepped gracefully out of her silk drawers. Putting out a hand, Touch drew Virginia to her feet, looking over the wild brown bush between her legs. They began kissing again, running their hands all over each other. Virginia slid a hand down in between Touch’s leg, feeling the wetness there, as well as the smooth hardness of the ring. Her hand began moving back and forth, catching Touch’s clitoris and tickling it.

“Mmmm.” Touch moaned into Virginia’s mouth, and then moved Virginia to the unmade bed. She laid Virginia down in the tangled sheets, rubbing against her as they made out.

Virginia’s eyes were shut, her mouth opened as she breathed heavily. Touch began kissing her way down this soft body, indulging in playing with the soft fat tissue around her belly, enjoying the soft way it swelled and undulated. She kissed all over Virginia’s soft navel, and then made her way down to warm bush.

The musk of the day’s warmth and Virginia’s arousal was intoxicating. Touch used her fingers to expose the sensitive opening of Virginia’s sex, her tongue caressing the vertical folds of her lips. Virginia arched, and a small burst of liquid dribbled out of her canal.

Touch began licking in earnest. Her tongue flicked the little nub and caressed it, pressing down with warm soft pressure. Virginia began writhing as the pleasure built in her crotch, muttering “Oh, fuck” over and over.

Touch loved making her partners buck, and she picked up Virginia’s legs up and set them over her shoulders. Leaning up, she bent Virginia’s legs up and exposed her further. Touch licked Virginia’s wet gash furiously, dragging out a series of squeaks and squeals from her. Finally, Virginia’s legs stiffened, and she groaned as she came all over Touch’s face.

Touch sat back, wiping fluids from her face as Virginia’s thighs shook with the aftereffects of the orgasm. Touch slid back up, touching Virginia as she calmed down. She turned into Touch’s arms, and kissed her gently.

“That was amazing, Touch. No one has ever made me come like that.” Virginia bursa escort sat up; her arms curled up around her knees. Touch leaned up against her back, her hands encircling Virginia.

“What’s up?”

“Nothing.” Virginia looked up, tears in her eyes. “I just had the best orgasm of my life, and Johnny’s out drinking beer at the bar. He never does that for me, just has me suck on him.” She wiped a tear off her face angrily. “Then he fucks me, pops, and goes to sleep and doesn’t even care if I got off or not.”

“Well, let’s see if we can fix that.” Touch said, pulling Virginia back slowly. Virginia leaned back as Touch laid over her, her head in Touch’s crotch. Touch straddled over her, licking again, this time gently and softly as Virginia tentatively began licking at Touch’s crotch.

Soon, they were enthusiastically sixty-nining each other. Virginia snaked her tongue into Touch’s smooth pussy, slipping her finger into the tight wetness. Touch moaned as she reciprocated, Virginia’s finger curving to hit Touch’s g-spot. Touch added another finger into her pussy churning, fitting three fingers into Virginia’s wet twat.

A few minutes later, Touch came in a flurry of grunts as she ground herself into Virginia’s mouth. Dismounting, Touch pivoted and straddled Virginia’s wet bush. Touch twitched her smooth beaver into Virginia’s thatch, and began grinding. Virginia began grinding back as they began moaning in pleasure.

Touch could feel the orgasm beginning to build as they freaked against each other. Virginia’s eyes were rolled back as she pulled at Touch’s rings. Virginia began gasping as she rode the edge of her orgasm, trying to go over. Frantically, she thrashed her hips, trying to get that extra bit of stimulation, until Touch leaned over and began sucking on her neck. With that, Virginia came, her body flexing as her mind dissolved into light.

Touch came as Virginia convulsed against her treasure box, her own pleasure exploding into wetness and twitching muscles. The two sagged, entangled in each other, into the damp bed.

Touch began to slide out of the tangle when Virginia stopped her by the bed. “Wait, I want to do something first.”

Easing Touch back onto the bed, supported by her elbows, Virginia dipped her head down between Touch’s legs and feasted. Touch shuddered as her overstimulated clitoris was fondled and stroked. It took less than a minute for Touch to come again, shuddering and gasping as Virginia kept stimulating her though the orgasm.

Virginia crawled back onto the bed as Touch recovered. Pulling an ashtray close to her, Virginia lit a smoke and exhaled a cloud into the warm air. Touch could smell the sex in here, so strong it would take a few hours to dissipate completely.

Touch slipped back into her silky thongs, feeling the material against her well-sated pussy. The rest of the clothes went back on in a few minutes. Touch leaned over the bed, kissing Virginia as she picked up her jacket. Touch smiled as she left Virginia in the bed, sprawled out and smoking peacefully.

Touch let the front door shut, and crunched down the gravel driveway. She straddled her bike and started it, letting it idle to warm up as she strapped on her helmet. Touch looked up as she slipped her sunglasses in through the open visor – another vehicle was coming up the driveway. A shiny truck on oversized tires pulled up behind the Saturn. The heavy engine revved twce, then shut off and a fat, thick redneck with a scruffy beard climbed down. He walked over to the bike, the purr of the bike motor chopped up by the ticking of the cooling engine. Touch sat, adjusting herself comfortably.

“Who the hell are you?” Touch looked him up and down, from his ill-fitting pants to his sagging gut.

“I’m Touch. You must be Johnny.” Johnny looked at Touch like she was candy, her face impassive under the helmet and sunglasses. Touch got the idea that he was not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

“So, what the fuck are you doing here?” His breath smelled of cheap beer and worse cigarettes.

Touch held a hand up, waving it under Johnny’s nose. “I think you need to ask Virginia there about that, doll.” Touch snapped her visor shut, and kicked her bike into gear as Johnny puzzled out what Touch’s response meant.

Meaning dawned on Johnny’s face as Touch’s bike disappeared in a fading scream of revs. He turned, rage and betrayal on his face as he stalked into the house.

Touch’s face was nothing but smiles as she made the highway, aiming toward Sway’s house party on the lakeshore.

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