The Trip

They had been planning this trip for some time now. Things between Them had gotten kind of strained. With him working as much over time as he could and her working longer hours. They were arguing more too it seemed. He was always suspicious of her if she went somewhere alone. Thoughts and accusations of the possibility that she was cheating is what mostly colored their arguments. So she planned on showing him once and for all on this trip that he had nothing to fear.

She sighed as she leaned against the railing of the ship. The rocking of the ship, the sights and sounds of the ocean all so peaceful. She jumps a little at the feel of his arms sliding around her waist from behind. “Couldn’t sleep baby?” he whispers as his lips nuzzle her neck.

“Just enjoying the quiet,” she sighs as she runs her hands up through his hair and pulls his mouth to hers for a passionate kiss.

“Come back to bed,” he growls against her mouth as he thrusts his hips once dragging his erect, covered cock against her ass letting her feel how bad he wants her.

“Baby,” she gasps, as she glances at a couple walking towards them.

“Let them see how much I want you,” he says as his hands slide up to cup her breasts through the tee-shirt she was wearing. His fingers rubbing the sensitive peaks through the flimsy fabric. They hear the couple walk by without so much as a comment.

She turns in his arms and presses her hard nipples against his chest. “See how much I want you?” she whispers breathlessly.

“Come on,” he says. As he leads her Maltepe Escort back to their quarters.

Once inside he pulls her tee up over her head. Leans his head down to suck and lick on her peaked nipples. She moans as she runs her hands through his hair. “Oh God yes!” she gasps as she feels his mouth moving from her breasts and down her stomach pulling her shorts and thong down at the same time. Her legs spreading as her fingers dig into his shoulders. He licks over her pussy lips. Then gently spreads her lips with his tongue and tastes her sweetness. He licks up and down between her soaked delicate folds. Her breathing heavier as he concentrates his licking, wiggling tongue more over her clit. She lets out a whimper as he slides his tongue down to penetrate her. Feeling her legs go weak he lifts her up and carries her to the bed.

Placing her in the middle of the huge bed he strips off his own sleep wear quickly. His own body shaking from desire as he moves between her legs. He groans as he takes his cock and slides it between her moist cunt lips. “Oh yes fuck me!” she moans out. Breathing heavy as he holds his cock and pushes into her tight little hole. She tenses for a moment adjusting to his cock. Then her hips start to thrust pushing her pussy up onto his swollen throbbing member. His moans loud as he pumps his cock into her tight juicy cunt slowly. Her moans almost screams as she rocks her hips to his thrusts making his thick cock rub her walls.

His cock swelling harder as he lifts her legs to his Anadolu Yakası Escort shoulders. Driving his cock deeper and harder as her cunt begins to spasm around his cock. “That’s it bitch cum on my cock,” he groans. “Oh God that feels good!” he moans out as he feels her cumming around his cock. He grinds the head of his cock against her back wall, fucking her cunt faster as his balls tighten. He screams out as his balls release and spray his cum deep inside her spasming pussy.

They both fall asleep wrapped in each other’s arms. He awakens around nine a.m. in the morning. The sun spilling in through the curtains. The smell of fresh coffee drifting through the cabin. He reaches over only to find her gone yet again. Dressing himself casually and sipping his coffee as he tries to keep calm he’ll look for her all right.

Slightly pissed as he slams the door with a click. He jumps as he hears her say, “Your up, morning baby.” He turns around seeing her laying on a lounger outside their room. Her flimsy bikini, oil slicked body, and sun kissed blonde hair giving him an instant erection.

“Book any good?” he asks as he sits beside her and tries to conceal his erection.

A devilish grin lights up her blue eyes as she eyes the bulge in his pants and huskily says, “Not as good as you.”

“Thought I was off with another man hmmm?” she says as she gets up and wiggles her ass walking towards the railing.

He’s right behind her smiling as he slips his arms around her. “Crossed my mind, yes, but I İstanbul Escort can see now you’ll never cheat.”

“You’re damn right!” she says as she holds his hands to her stomach and grinds her ass into his crotch. Rubbing her firm almost naked little ass against the hard bulge in his jeans.

“Looking for trouble early aren’t we?” he asks her.

“Yes,” she whispers. His hard cock against her ass making her pussy ache. “Oh God not out here!” she cries as she feels him moving aside her bikini bottoms.

“Might be fun,” he groans as he undoes his zipper, takes out his cock, and presses the head of his cock against her puckered little opening. He covers her mouth with his hand smothering her scream as he pushes the tip in. His lips nibbling the sensitive spot behind her ear as he holds for a moment letting her ass adjust to the swollen thickness of his cock. Then he groans in her ear as he begins to stroke his cock in an out of her asshole. Short and deep strokes so far away onlookers can’t see what they are up to.

Her hands gripping the rail, moaning quietly as she pushes her ass back on his cock meeting his thrusts. The thought of being caught making them even more aroused. She gasps as he slips his hand in the front of her bikini bottoms. Stroking his fingers over her hard little clit as his cock starts to pound her ass harder. As her pussy starts to spasm she groans out, “Oh God cumming!” He feels her asshole pulse around his cock milking it. Feeling her cum, he grabs her hips and shoves his cock into her ass deeper, harder, and faster. “Ahhhh!” He groans out as his cock erupts, exploding, spilling his hot cum into her ass.

Pulling out of her ass and righting their clothes. He turns her around and kisses her passionately as he whispers, “Well, I’d say our trip is going good so far…”

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