Threeway with My Boss

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The store I work at recently hired a new boss. He was hot! I felt like it was lust at first sight. Every time I saw him he made me so wet and he didn’t have to do anything but look at me. He was about 6′ tall, medium build, tan with gorgeous brown eyes. Every woman in the store wanted him, but he was untouchable. I say that because the store has rules against dating the boss. Both you and the boss would lose your jobs. We both worked nights though.

After a few weeks of working together, I asked if he wanted to get together after work and get some drinks and relax with some other people. He agreed and I told him where to meet us. He said that he knew where the place was.

When we got off work we all met at a local club. It was around 11pm when we all arrived. The club wasn’t the greatest, but it was the only one without driving for an hour. They played country music, which none of us really cared for and the drinks weren’t the greatest but we stayed for a while anyways. We talked about nothing in particular and joked around.

After about an hour, most of the people left. This left just me, Tom and Doug (the boss). Tom was kind of like Doug. He was an inch shorter, tan, and very muscular. He worked in the back of the store unloading heavy boxes as they came in. After a few more minutes we had had all the country we could stand and wanted to leave. I didn’t want the night to end, so I invite the guys back to my place, which was just a few minutes away. We all drove separate cars incase they wanted to leave.

When we got to my house I got a beer for each of the guys and a soda for myself. I had stuff to do in the morning and didn’t want to have a hangover. I turned on some music. As R&B music filled the room I told the gaziantep rus escort guys to make themselves comfy and I was going to get out of my work clothes. As I walked by, Tom grabbed me. He reached his hand to the back of my head and leaned down to kiss me.

I had forgotten all about Doug until I felt him press up against my backside. He moved the hair out of the way and kissed my neck. I let out a soft moan while still kissing Tom. I had thoughts racing through my mind. Thoughts of these 2 hot guys I was sandwiched between. I felt myself getting wet. But then another thought entered my mind. Doug was my boss. If anyone found out we would both lose our jobs. I pulled away from Tom and asked Doug if he was sure he wanted to go any farther. He said he did, as long as I did. I reassured him that I did.

With Tom in front of me, nibbling on my ears and neck. Doug had raised my shirt up a bit and was kissing my back. When Tom was done with my neck, I pulled his shirt off. I rubbed my hands up and down his chest and back. And then all around his arms, feeling his muscles. Damn he felt so good. I leaned forward, kissing his neck while my hands found the button on his pants. Doug had wrapped his arms around me, unbuttoning my shirt while he stood behind me.

After I had found the button on Toms pants, he moved back to take them off. I turned to focus my attention on Doug. I pulled his shirt off and rubbed and kissed his chest. While kissing his neck, I reached down to unbutton his pants too. Tom came up behind me and pulled my shirt off, leaving me standing in my pants and bra. Doug reached up and played with my nipples though my lacy bra. He could tell they were hard. gaziantep rus escort bayan While Doug played with my nipples, Tom undid my pants, pulling them to my ankles. I lifted my feet so he could pull them off all the way.

Tom saw the wet spot on my panties as he pulled my pants off. He kissed his way up my legs, and then the inside of my thighs. Doug reached around and unhooked my bra. My breasts bounced out as it fell to the floor. Doug reached down and licked my nipples, teasing them with his tongue. Tom was busy playing with my pussy through my panties, making the wet spot grow larger.

I leaned forward and pulled Doug’s pants off completely. This left the 2 guys in their boxers and me in my panties. But not for long. I pulled Doug’s boxers down. Tom moved out of the way as I kneeled down in front of Doug. His cock was so beautiful. At least 8 inches long and wide enough where couldn’t wrap my fingers around it. I licked the center of it, from the base of it to the head. Then I wrapped my tongue around the head. Then taking it all in my mouth, sucking gently. Reaching up and grabbing his balls with my hands, gently playing with them while I sucked.

By this time Tom had laid on the floor, and his head was between my legs. He pulled my panties down and I moved to where he could get them off all the way. He started licking my pussy. Taking his tongue and teasing my clit with it. The more he teased, the harder I sucked Doug. I relaxed my throat and took all of Doug into my mouth. This made him moan out in pleasure. He grabbed the back of my head with his hand, fucking my face. I could tell he was getting close to cumming. His balls were tightening.

Tom escort rus gaziantep was still fucking me with his tongue. He had taken 2 fingers, driving them deep into my pussy. I moved my hips around, really getting into it now. As I came into Tom’s mouth, Doug came into my mouth. I swallowed while I sucked, making sure to get every bit of his cum. When I was sure I got it all, I looked at him and told him he tasted so good. Tom drank all the juices from me and then he started to get up. I told him to stay there. I got off of him, and then leaned down to suck his cock.

My ass was in the air as I started on Tom. This gave Doug an idea. He walked around me, putting his cock against my ass while he slipped 2 fingers inside my pussy. Every now and then he would reach up and play with my clit. Between my moaning and Doug fingering me, he was getting hard again. I played with Toms balls while I sucked his cock. He wasn’t as big as Doug, but he still tasted good. His cock was about 7 maybe 7½” long and not quite as round as Doug. I could fit my fingers around Tom, but barely.

While I was sucking Tom, I felt Doug slide his cock into my pussy. He started sliding it in inch by inch. He was only about 5 inches in when I pushed my hips back, forcing the rest of it to go in with one movement. I heard him hold his breath for a moment, and then he started pumping his cock in and out of me. It felt so good. I sucked harder on Tom, moaning while I sucked. The moaning brought vibrations through Tom’s dick. I felt him start to tense up as he started to moan.. “oh, god,….yes…don’t stop…” Then he came and I swallowed every bit of it. The force of his cum hitting the back of my mouth made me go into orgasm. As I started to cum, I told Doug to fuck me harder. He felt my pussy tighten around his cock, milking it for his cum.

As he pumped me, I moved my hips with his rhythm. This was too much for him and he pulled his cock out and came on my back. I was wore out and sore by this time. So we figured we’d call it a night. Doug said that we needed to get together more often though. And I think we just might.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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