Off the Richter Scale

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Michael Richter sighed as he looked at his watch and realised he was home late, again. Alison would already be out at her fundraising thing, and the babysitter would be dressing their son Jonah, after his bath. He should have left work an hour earlier but the account manager had called him into her office just as he was leaving. Penelope was the best manager he’d ever had, and though she had a reputation for having high expectations, he figured she had every right to: she had built a strong team and worked hard to keep her people happy, knowing how important morale was to a business.

His cock hardened as he thought of ways she could have made him happy that evening if she’d chosen to. She had been dressed in a skirt, and a silk top that had lost the top button sometime during the day. The top of her bra was just visible in her cleavage and he’d had to work hard to concentrate on the figures she was asking him to look over. He had let his hand brush her thigh once or twice as he leant over to point something out, and had noticed an almost imperceptible gasp as her nipples had hardened under her shirt. But Penelope hadn’t gotten to where she was by sleeping with anyone, and she wasn’t about to start now.

Michael tried to ignore his hard on, after all, he was married anyway, and fucking his boss was just a stupid fantasy that he’d be better off putting out of his mind.

If only he was getting laid that might have been easier to do. As he climbed the stairs into his apartment he tried to remember the last time Alison had sucked his cock. It was definitely before Jonah was born, and Jonah was two. Two years! He stopped, momentarily outraged. Damnit, he practically had a right to an affair after two years of not having his cock sucked!

He fumbled in his pocket for his keys, and shoved his other hand in the other pocket to try to keep his hard on in check; wouldn’t be good to scare the babysitter. Melissa was a cute girl, but young and innocent, and she’d freak out if a boner greeted her at the door. He lifted his hand and inserted the key in the lock.

Rebecca was just drying Jonah after his bath when she heard the chink of keys outside the door. Her little sister Melissa was sick, and Bec had offered to take her babysitting job at the last minute.

She’d always had a crush on Mr Richter, ever since she first met him at one of her parents’ dinner parties when she was twelve. Seven years later, her little girl crush had developed into a hidden desire to get the man naked. She knew it would probably never happen, but she looked forward to the evening ahead with anticipation nevertheless. Alison had said he’d be working which is why she was there – to keep Jonah out of his way. But even if he was working, there were ways to distract a man.

As the key turned in the lock, she allowed herself a shiver of excited arousal. She’d had plenty of sex, but always with guys her age, and guys her age knew nothing about pleasing a woman. She had lost count of the number of times a guy had told her “I know what I’m doing babe” before plunging his fingers into her pussy as though he was trying to unblock a toilet.

Sex with guys like that ranged from boring to painful, and you could always tell how much porn a guy watched by how hard he tweaked your nipples, scratched at your pussy with rough hands, and kissed you with twelve inches of tongue. Rebecca wanted – needed – a real man, and Mr Richter was definitely that.

Michael shoved open the door to his apartment, noticing with pleasure that dinner smelt amazing. He just had a couple of hours of work to get through, and then he was going to have a glass of whiskey, and try to fuck his wife when she came home. If she let him. His cock went soft at the thought of more disappointment, just in time for the babysitter to walk in. As he poured himself a small glass of wine he called over his shoulder to her.

“I’m home Melissa, is Jonah in bed already or can I go in and say goodnight?”

“You can say goodnight, he was a little difficult in the bath so I only just got him to bed.” The voice that answered him wasn’t Melissa’s. It belonged to someone a little older, a little more womanly. Michael turned around and raised his eyebrows in shock.

“Rebecca? My god, I don’t see you for a year and suddenly you’re grown up!”

Inwardly he cursed himself, he sounded like a dirty old man. But fuck, it was true. When she had left to live with her father last year she had seemed like a little kid. Now, she was taller, her eyes seemed darker, her hair was longer, and her body had filled out to boast curvy breasts that dipped into a nice waist before fanning out again at her hips and ass. He thought wryly of the hour he had just spent fantasising over his boss in her office; looked like he was now going to have to contend with a nineteen year old hottie in his own home as well. Things were not looking good for his marriage.

Rebecca had been drying her hair with a towel, but as he turned escort gaziantep bayan to face her she dropped it and smiled at him.

“Nice to see you again Mr Richter” she said in a throaty voice.

“You too Bec, although I was expecting Melissa. Is she sick or something?” he asked.

As he said it he noticed that her clothes were wet as well as her hair, presumably from wrestling with a lively two year old in the bath. The shape of her breasts stood out under her wet dress, at their peak were two nipples hardened with the cold air against her wet skin. She was wearing a light cotton dress that had been sensibly demure until its attempt at protecting her modesty was undone by the bathwater.

Michael paused and gestured with amusement at her clothes. “Err… you seem to be a little wet.”

Bec blushed with embarrassment — was her desire for him that obvious? She wondered how he knew that there was a heat building between her legs and moistening her panties…but then he gestured at her dress and she realised Jonah had splashed her in the bath and saturated the top part of her dress as well as her hair.

“Oh!” she laughed, relieved but also a little disappointed. “Um, I didn’t realise.”

Michael noticed that she made no move to cover herself, so he walked to the cupboard beside her and took out one of Alison’s evening gowns. “Here” he said “put this on while your clothes dry.”

Rebecca took it smiling, and turned to go into the bedroom to get changed, leaving the door just slightly open. Michael resisted the strong impulse to peek through the gap and instead walked past to Jonah’s room, to read his son a bedtime story.

“Mr Richter? You fell asleep.” Rebecca tapped him on the shoulder and he grunted as he awoke. He was sleeping on the bed next to Jonah’s. He looked up at Rebecca’s face, trying not to see the breasts that swung just out of reach of his mouth; she was still wearing Alison’s gown, and being a lot taller than Alison, she looked a lot sexier in it because it was so short.

Michael rubbed his eyes. “Ugh. Looks like those fairytale stories work on adults too huh,” he said with an embarrassed smile.

Rebecca smiled back. “You must be exhausted. Come and have some dinner. Mrs Richter asked me to keep it warm for you.”

She turned and swayed out of the room, her hips swishing just enough to flounce the delicate silk of the gown, so that for a moment he almost caught a glimpse of her panties. Assuming she was wearing any.

He followed her into the kitchen and sat at the table while she found the oven mitts, and bent to open the oven. He gasped in shock as she bent… she was naked under that gown! The lips of her pussy practically winked at him, and even from the other side of the table he could tell she was hot for him from the way they were so pink. Suddenly he wondered; was she doing this on purpose?

Rebecca held her breath as she straightened with the dinner plate in her hands. She had heard him gasp when she bent forward and showed him the view from her ass to her pussy, but was that a gasp of pleasure or outrage? She turned slowly to face him, but he was looking down at his phone, texting someone. He hadn’t seen! Or had he? Michael glanced up as she put the plate down.

“Sorry, just tidying up some loose ends. Dinner looks great. Have you eaten already?”

Biting back a pun or some sort about wanting to eat him, Rebecca just nodded as she sat down opposite him at the table.

“Do you mind if I have some wine though?” she asked.

Michael shrugged. “Help yourself, but pour me another too.”

Rebecca leaned across the table, knowing that her breasts were pushing against the thin fabric of the gown right in front of him. Michael’s gaze dipped and he grew hard; this time it wasn’t a mistake. She was looking right at him — she knew what she was doing. He reached for his glass as she sat back down, considering his options while he ate quietly.

Rebecca was frozen in anticipation. She was being so obvious, he must know what was going on. Why was he pretending he hadn’t noticed? Maybe he was just buying some time while he figured things out. The suspense was killing her, but he hadn’t turned her down yet, and her pussy was throbbing with the need to feel him against her. She sipped her wine, watched him and waited.

Michael had almost finished his dinner. By now his cock was thrusting against his suit pants. She was just sitting there watching him, the picture of calm. Her appearance of supreme confidence was turning him on, and as he looked across at her he finally made his decision.

“That was great,” he said, pushing his plate away. “I don’t suppose there’s any ice cream in the freezer?”

Rebecca stood and turned to the fridge behind her, taking out the container of ice cream that Michael knew full well was in there. She put it on the table and bent forward to open the cupboard gaziantep escort cim cif bayan that contained the bowls.

“No,” said Michael, his voice full of barely contained desire. “I don’t need a bowl.”

Rebecca turned and looked at him in surprise. “You’re going to eat it all?” she asked.

Michael looked right at her, his gaze boring into her and making the wetness pool in her pussy until she wondered if it would start running down her legs.

“Just bring me that spoon.”

Rebecca picked up a spoon that rested on the bench beside her and passed it to him. He didn’t take it.

“Bring it over here,” he demanded, pushing his chair back from the table as she walked around to his side. He reached out, pressing his strong hands against her hips, and pushed her ass onto the table behind her. He murmered quietly, “Sit.”

Rebecca held her breath as she sat on the table in front of him. He took a moment to look her over, taking in the shape of her legs as they tapered down to delicate ankles, her feet swinging in front of him as though she wasn’t sure what to do next. He raised his gaze to hers, and took one of her feet in each hand, gently spreading her legs as he guided her feet to rest on the chairs either side of him. The gown dipped in front of her pussy, and, still not taking his eyes off hers, he reached forward and lifted it aside. She swallowed, nervous, as he sat still, watching her reaction to what he was doing.

“Bec, are you sure you want this?” he asked quietly. “Because if you let me touch you, I don’t know if I’ll be able to stop. Do you want me to touch you?”

Rebecca almost moaned her “yes” to him. “Please Mr Richter, I’ve wanted you for years,” she whispered.

Michael’s cock was rock hard now, uncomfortable under his trousers, but he didn’t release it yet. Instead he reached for the ice cream she had bought him, and the metal spoon that sat on the table beside it. Rebecca watched as he scooped the spoon into the ice cold dessert and then brought it towards her pussy. His left hand rested firmly on her ankle, a subtle request that she not move away. She bit her lip and closed her eyes.

Michael spread the ice cream across the lips of her pussy with the spoon and Rebecca squeaked, jumping on the table as the shock of the cold hit the warmest part of her body.

“Shhh,” Michael said. “Keep still.”

He reached for another spoonful, and this time he dipped it into her opening, the ice cream melting almost as soon as it touched her pounding heat. He had never done anything like this and was already close to cumming, watching the ice cream melt with the moisture from her pussy and stream down to her ass. She was moaning softly now.

“Please,” she whimpered.

“Please what?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” she said. “Just touch me. Please.”

Michael put aside the spoon and used his other hand to hold her other ankle. Both of her legs were spread wide in front of him now and he leaned forward, his hot breath on her thighs for a moment before he kissed the throbbing desire between her legs.

He closed his eyes and breathed in her scent, mixed with melted ice cream, and pushed his tongue flat, gentle, lightly against the lips of her pussy. Rebecca almost screamed with the pleasure of his sudden heat fighting the cold. He dipped his tongue just inside her opening, then laid his mouth flat, still against her body, letting her move against him the way she wanted to.

Rebecca’s hips gyrated against him and she moaned, rubbing herself against his soft mouth. He felt the hard nub of her clit against his tongue and he circled it, still keeping his caresses feather-light, driving her mad with desire. He circled her clit three times before running his tongue back down her vulva, tasting the sugary, syrupy ice cream that mixed with her own juices. He moaned as he tasted the salty heat of her need for him.

Rebecca’s legs encircled his head as he let go of her ankles and raised his hands to caress her while he sucked the ice cream from inside her. His cock was throbbing as he licked and tasted her. Raising his eyes as he nibbled gently on her inner thigh, teasing her for a moment, he saw that his wife’s gown had fallen open and Rebecca’s naked breasts were bouncing above him, moving with the motion of her writhing body as she moaned on the table under his touch. The sight of her like that nearly made him shoot his load, but he concentrated instead on strumming his tongue lightly against her clit.

“Mr Richter!” Rebecca cried out. “I’m going to cum!”

Michael stopped immediately, drawing back, and watching the muscles of her thighs move as her body slowly relaxed. He stood in front of her and she wrapped her legs around him, pulling herself back up. Her face was flushed and she had a faraway gaze in her eyes.

“Oh my god.” She said. “I was so close.”

He chuckled. “I know. cinsel bilgiler That’s why I stopped.”

In answer, she fumbled with the button of his trousers and he stroked her hair as he watched her taking them down. Suddenly she slid off the table and knelt in front of him. She looked up at him with an impish grin. “Revenge,” she said, taking his cock in one hand. Michael watched her as she darted her tongue out, flicking him gently on the end of his cock. Her dark eyes looked up at him as she leant forward, taking the tip of his cock between her lips.

Gently, far too gently, she opened her mouth around him and took more of him inside her. Her mouth was warm but she was barely touching him with her tongue. For a moment he wondered if she knew what she was doing, when suddenly she swirled her tongue around his cock, sucking on him, and pulling gently on his balls with her other hand. His knees almost buckled with the shock of it. She was pumping her mouth on him, alternating between a gentler caress and following it up with a deep suck. She moaned as she tasted him and he knew she was enjoying herself. Her hand on his balls moved to stroke his perineum and the sensation added to the pleasure of her mouth.

Suddenly she took her mouth off him, and looked up at him again, this time with only a trace of amusement showing through her lust. She spat on her finger and then pressed his cock once more against her lips, her wet finger stroking him just behind his balls, then suddenly he felt her press against his sphincter. He gasped in shock, and she rimmed his hole with her moistened finger while she sucked hard on his cock, all of him in her mouth.

The shock at this strange, new perversion of what she was doing subsided to be replaced with pleasure. She was pulling his balls tight with one hand, massaging her own saliva over them as it ran down the base of his cock. She sucked him deep and fingered him at the same time, and the newness of the sensation, the joy at having a mouth on his cock again after so long, and the pressure in his balls were combining to build a climax that he knew would be worth cheating on his wife for. He gripped her hair in one hand, pressing into her now, fucking her mouth and losing his mind…

…she stopped. Suddenly her finger in his ass was gone, her hands on his balls were gone, her mouth on his cock was gone. Frustrated, he looked down at her, and now she was grinning.

“Like I said. Revenge”.

It was almost too much for him. He laughed, but his cock ached, and he wanted to bury himself in her. Rebecca stood up in front of him, letting her breasts rub against his cock as she stood. She took a step back and sat once again on the table, spreading her legs wide. Her pussy was streaming with wet juices and he couldn’t resist bending once more, briefly, just to taste how badly she wanted him.

He licked her once, from ass to clit, Rebecca’s moans reaching his ears and her back arching as her juices smeared against his chin. He rose, and stood before her, pausing with the end of his cock against her hole. She was panting, her nipples like pebbles against his palms as he raised his hands to caress her.

He leaned forward, letting just the tip of his cock enter her. Her pussy was tight and warm, and he kissed her gently as he pushed slowly, achingly slowly, into her. Rebecca moaned as she tasted herself on his tongue, mixed with the sugary hint of the ice cream he had smeared across her pussy.

Michael pulled away, breathing hard, and pinched one of her nipples with his fingers. He was already so close to cumming and he wanted her to be there with him, so he dipped his head to her nipple, his cock still only just inside her.

Rebecca moaned, arching her back to try to drag his cock deeper into her. He maintained control and bit her nipple gently while his other hand ran firm over her stomach to the nub of desire between her legs. He circled her nipple with his tongue while running his thumb gently over her clit. Her pussy tightened around him and Michael groaned, desperate to fuck her hard.

Instead he kept up the pressure on her clit, not changing a thing, and listened to her moans and sighs and pleas as her body writhed beneath him and tightened around him. She was getting closer.

“Please, Mr Richter;” she was almost sobbing. “Please fuck me.”

She moved her hips against his cock and he nearly lost control as she pulled him another inch into her. He concentrated instead on his tongue around her nipple and his thumb against her clit, until finally he could feel that she was close.

Without warning then, he took his mouth from her nipple and pushed his cock deep into her, fucking her so hard that the whole table moved and slammed against the wall. He buried his shaft in her pussy, pulling himself almost the whole way out so that he could drive into her again. She was moaning into his shoulder, mindful of the two year old sleeping down the hall. Her fingers clenched against his back and he heard the moans come from his own mouth as he built a rhythm with her, both of them sliding, pushing, clutching at each other’s bodies.

Suddenly, in the back of his consciousness Michael heard a doorbell. Over Rebecca’s shoulder he glanced at the video intercom and saw that Alison was home.

“Fuck!” he swore into Rebecca’s ear. “Alison’s home.”

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