The Undergraduate


When I was 20 years old, I went with my parents to a dinner at the home of my father’s college roommate. They hadn’t seen each other in close to 10 years and over dinner both my mom and dad, who met as freshmen at Penn State, engaged the old boy in a steady round of college stories. As a sophomore at Penn State myself, all of their antics seemed rather tame to me but it was fun to see my folks having so much fun. The roommate was on his second wife. Just about the same age—well, maybe a few years younger—but markedly different from the other three adults at the table. Her perfume swirled around my nose and from where I sat I had a good angle on her firm, surgically enhanced tits as they strained against the silk fabric of her blouse. Was it my imagination or was she leaning my way on purpose?

I’d only lost my virginity a year earlier with a girl in my geology lab who, as I later found out, selected me as the one to lose her virginity with because I seemed the least threatening boy she could imagine going to bed with. Frankly, I was a little offended. But I was also horny and not one to turn down such an opportunity. So we dutifully had safe sex, two strips of condoms at the ready, and went our separate ways. As for my sex life since then, I quickly made up for lost time and liked to think that maybe I was a little more threatening than I had been. One girl, a drunken sorority type I ran into at my frat’s end-of-semester bash, told me I had the biggest cock she’d ever seen (and by all accounts she’d seen quite a few).

“It turns me on but kinda freaks me out, too, tell the truth. But it turns me on more.”

She wrapped her delicate and neatly manicured fingers around my shaft.

“Freaky. Fuck.”

She opened her pretty mouth wide and took me in.

“Me like,” she said happily before taking me deeper. To make sure she felt every inch, I fucked her mouth for a good long time, shot a load into her hairy cunt and, an hour later, fucked her again, this time up the ass, a new experience for both of us. An hour after that she asked for it again—but harder. I now make sure she gets on the fraternity guest list for every party.

For some reason the wife who now sat to my immediate right at the round dinner table reminded me of this girl. I couldn’t figure it out at first but after about a half an hour, as my parents and the roommate got lost in their memories, I realized it was the way she looked at me. Hungry, like the sorority girl. And like the sorority girl, she was getting drunk.

“What are you studying at Penn State?” she asked me out of the blue as the other three launched into another rowdy memory from years ago.

“Not sure yet,” I answered truthfully. “Business probably. Well, that’s what Dad wants but I kind of like history. mom porn Maybe I’ll minor.”

“I studied Art,” she offered and I immediately thought of Mrs. Robinson from “The Graduate.” Remember the scene where Benjamin wants to talk for once, rather than launching right into the sex? Mrs. Robinson reveals that she was studying art when she met her husband and might have continued doing so had she not gotten pregnant. The parallel between Dustin Hoffman’s predicament in that movie and the situation I found myself in at present only fueled my fantasy. I wanted this woman and, somehow, I knew she felt the same.

“We have dessert. Tiramisu. I made it myself and I don’t want to hear anybody saying they’re dieting. You are all going to try it,” she announced somewhat sloppily, the scotch having clearly made its impact.

“Great!” said my dad. His attention immediately went back to his roommate and within seconds they were reliving a water-fight against the Tri-Delts that ended in a boisterous slip and slide party on the lawn in front of Old Main. The wife started to clear the table and, doing my best to hide my erection, I helped.

“Hey, honey,” said the roommate. “Get it ready but give us a few minutes. I want them to see the pool.”

“It’s November. The pool is empty and covered.”

“We’ll just take a quick look, honey. Get the dessert ready, we’ll be back in a flash.” And off they went.

“A flash, my ass,” said the wife. One hand filled with salad bowls, she reached for her scotch but she knocked it over by mistake. “Shit.”

I started to clean it up but she barked at me, “Leave it. It’s good for the wood,” a comment that made her squeal with drunken laughter. “Follow me.”

So, balancing a stack of dinner dishes and silverware, I followed her into the kitchen. Carefully placing everything on the counter by the sink, I saw that she was not exercising similar caution. She literally dumped the bowls into the sink and one of them shattered.

“Here, let me get that,” I offered but she had other plans. I still had a few dishes in my hand when she made her move.

“I gotta see that cock,” she said, sinking to her knees and grabbing my crotch. As she unzipped my pants, I played the polite guest and began protesting.

“But what if—”

“I just gotta see it.” She had it out now and was stroking it vigorously.

“What if they come back?”

“What if they do?” she shrieked. I tried to protest again.

“Look, I really think if they—” but that’s all I could get out before she took me deep into her mouth. That shut me up. She took spit on my dick then lashed the head with her tongue a few times. She went back to work, taking it so deep that she gagged. But she didn’t stop and as turned on mobil porno as I was, I was also getting panicky. How far away could the pool be? And since it was November in central Pennsylvania, what were they going to do? Go for a swim?

“My tits are new. Wanna see them?”

She didn’t wait for an answer and a second later one of them was in my left hand. The dishes were still in the other. Suddenly, a peal of laughter, sounding perilously close, came from behind the house.

“Jesus Christ, they’re coming back!”

“He loves that fucking pool. They’ll be out there for another 20 minutes at least. They have to see the pool house.” She put my cock between those luscious lips and sucked like there was no tomorrow.

“Hey, kids, let me show you the pool house!” It was her husband’s voice coming from the same spot as the laughter had come moments earlier. Conversation continued but was getting farther away from us and I relaxed a bit.

“See what I mean?” she said. “There’s plenty of time for you to fuck me.”

She lifted her skirt and pulled a particularly skimpy pair of panties down her legs. She flicked her leg and the panties went flying across the kitchen and dangled on a cabinet knob above the sink. She sat up on the kitchen counter, spread her legs and said, “Show me what you can do, college boy.”

She was quite a sight, I must say. Her blouse hung open revealing her luscious, man-made cleavage–one of her breasts was visible, draped over the sheer fabric of her skimpy bra. Her hair, so neatly pinned back only moments ago was now a mass of loose strands hanging around the edge of her face, her skirt was jammed up underneath and her wet pussy, the sweet scent of which filled the air, hung out like a flag on the fourth of July. It was shaved clean except for a well-trimmed V tapering off as if to provide directions—insert here. I stared at her for a moment.

“You do want to fuck me, don’t you?”


“Then come on,” she urged, spreading her well-toned legs just a little wider. “Fuck me.”

I pushed my Dockers to my ankles, reached around her to grab her ass and pulled her towards me hard.

“Atta boy!” she said quietly before letting out a low moan of pleasure as I thrust into her.

“What a nice big cock,” she said as she yanked at my tie. She sunk her head into my shoulder and, before I knew it, was biting my arm hard enough to pierce my shirt. I felt her teeth ripping into my skin. I thrust harder and she moaned again. Lifting her mouth to my ear she whispered, “My cunt is full of cock. My cunt is full of your big hard cock.”

She suddenly pushed me away violently and knocked a few dishes into the sink. To the sound of breaking glass, she stood up, spun around xnxx porno and leaned over the counter, her ass facing me. She spread her legs again and I slid my cock back in and rammed as hard as I could. I heard some voices outside coming closer but I didn’t care now. I fucked that crazy bitch with all I had and with each thrust she whispered, “Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me.” They increased in speed and intensity and she pushed back against me, speeding up her mantra—”Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me.”—until she reached her peak at which point she stood still and quiet while I continued my assault. All I could hear from her was a slow intake of breath. It felt like it was about to explode into a scream so I instinctively covered her mouth. She bit on my hand hard, again drawing blood. As she did so I felt that delicious tingle in my cock and within seconds I was shooting a load into her juicy and fragrant cunt.

“Fill me up, college boy!”

And then it was over. Another peal of laughter from outside, much closer now and I heard the sound of a door opening in the next room. I quickly reached down and pulled up my pants as she smoothed out her skirt. She retrieved her panties, took my by the hand, clasped her blouse closed with the other hand and led me into a hallway on the other side of the kitchen. We stepped inside a powder room and both quickly reassembled our clothing. Calmly, she reached into the medicine cabinet and pulled out a tube of ointment and started applying it to my bloody hand. Steps were coming down the hallway and I almost spoke until she gave me a quiet “Shhhhh.” A second later, her husband was standing in the doorway of the powder room.

“What’s up?”

“Oh, the college boy cut his hand. I stupidly dropped a few dishes into the sink and they shattered. He started to clean up, got a mean cut on his hand here.” She calmly applied the ointment.

Suddenly, I could see my mother’s face behind the husband in the doorway.

“Honey, are you—what happened to your shirt!?”

“Uh…I cut my hand in the sink, must have rubbed off on my shirt.”

“Oh, and that’s your very best shirt,” lamented my mother.

“How about that dessert?” came my father’s blustery voice from the hallway. “Smells awfully good in here!”

In a happy sing-songy voice, Wifey said, “Coming right up! Why don’t you all go in and sit down. College boy and I will bring it in momentarily.”

My parents promptly followed her instructions.

“OK, sweetie pie,” said the husband. He slapped her lightly on the ass and walked away.

Alone now, she looked up at me with a sly smile and mouthed, “Good boy.”

I smiled back. She leaned to whisper in my ear, or so I thought. Instead, she swirled her tongue around in my ear slowly and I could feel my cock getting hard again. She reached down with her hand and tickled it lightly. She kissed me on the mouth for the first time, her tongue probing mine for just a second.

“Ready for dessert?” she asked.

“I’m always ready,” I answered.

“Good boy.”

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