Meeting The Father


Meeting The Father

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Victoria is introducing her boyfriend, Lucas to her Father, and she warns him that her personality will change when she’s around her Father. Lucas is expecting to see a more girlish, giggly side to her, instead, he discovers that she turns into an incestuous, Daddy-loving cumslut.

This story has a strong Cuckhold/Cheating/NTR narrative, don’t read it if it’s not your thing.

All characters are 18+


Lucas felt stiff in his suit, he wasn’t the type who would normally dress up but today was a special day. His girlfriend, Victoria, had invited him over to one of her family dinners and he didn’t know what to expect from her Father. Lucas had been dating Victoria for three years now. They met at the tail end of college, during the mid-year break. Victoria was deeply in her ‘Goth Girl’ phase at the time, with black hair, black outfits, black makeup, and a cross pendant-choker. Her personality was cold at first which spooked Lucas who had been the same awkward nerd he had always been.

They had been introduced to each other via a mutual friend and once he got to know her, Lucas discovered that she wasn’t as cold as she appeared to be and they were both just bad at being social. Once the ice was broken, they realised that they both shared similar interests in music, movies and literature. The first few dates were awkward because they were so shy with each other. But as they became closer, they found out how much they enjoyed each other’s company. The two quickly became friends and then more as Lucas began to feel comfortable with her. It was his first relationship and it was a rather solid one, his friends would often joke about how Lucas ended up with the ‘Big titted Goth Girlfriend’ but he knew that his relationship was deeper than that. Three years later, they were living together, Lucas, a somewhat more confident nerd and Victoria, no longer in a Goth phase but still as fun and attractive as the day they met, sharing every moment of their lives together and enjoying every second of it, except for one day in particular.

Sunday was a day for family, Victoria had declared very early on in their relationship. Every Sunday without fail, Victoria would spend the day with her Father. At first, Lucas found it odd. He was never particularly close with his parents, he loved them of course, but the idea of seeing them every single week seemed tiring. Victoria only had the one parent, she never spoke about her mother so Lucas assumed that she wasn’t in the picture anymore and so he understood why she would want to spend more time with the remaining family.

For three years running, she would go visit him every Sunday, leaving in the morning and returning later that night or even the following morning. Lucas eventually got used to the routine and treated Sunday as his personal relaxation day, often looking forward to Sunday himself as being a day he could work on personal projects or just enjoy his time alone. However, in the time they had dated, he had never met Victoria’s Father, only seeing a handful of pictures of the man. When he started dating her, Lucas was too shy to even consider going on one of these family dates and by the time he was more comfortable with the relationship, the routine was already set in stone. Today was special because Victoria had invited him to join her, to finally meet her Father.

Now he was on his way, driving in an unfamiliar suburb on his way to meet the man who raised Victoria. The stress and anxiety building in his gut made Lucas more nervous than he thought possible, he tried to calm himself down but there was no use. He knew that the man couldn’t be all bad, Victoria loved him and Lucas wanted to trust that. Although Lucas had a second, more prominent reason to be nervous. He wanted to make the best impression possible with the man so that he could ask for permission to marry Victoria. While an old fashion tradition, Lucas knew how important Victoria’s Father was to her, so getting his blessing would go a long way to cement the relationship.

“Alright, here it is.” Victoria said, pointing to a house on the left-hand side of the street, “Park up here. Come on, let’s go!”

She urged him to park in the driveway, her excitement was infectious. She got out of the car and waited for him to follow. “Have you got the bottle?”

Victoria practically skipped around the car like an excited child. She wore a wavy black dress that matched her hair and make-up, echoing her old goth days. Her pale skin always looked good against black clothes as Lucas’s eyes naturally trailed to her legs as she skipped.

Lucas held up a bottle of whisky as he exited the car and locked the door.

“Are you sure this is okay?” Lucas asked unsurely, it was a brand of whisky he was unfamiliar ofise gelen gaziantep escort with. “I know a good bottle of red that’s great for dinners.”

“I told you, wine won’t do. He prefers ‘real drinks.'” Victoria responded, with a sarcastic inflection on the ‘real.’ They both preferred the finer drinks but she knew what her Father liked.

“Real huh…” Lucas muttered, looking at the bottle, it was the cheapest bottle of whisky he had ever seen.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s a cheap whisky.” Victoria continued, dismissing his words, “Daddy’s gonna love it, trust me. Let’s go.”

She pulled Lucas closer to the house, linking her arm with his.

“Daddy?” Lucas queried in jest, he had never heard Victoria call him that before. Her current excited attitude was nothing like he was used to.

Usually, Victoria acted more reserved, for people who didn’t know her she might have come off as grumpy or cold. While she had opened up more as the years went by, hearing her excitedly skip for ‘Daddy’ was a complete 180 of her usual personality.

“What?” Victoria asked, confused by Lucas’s reaction. It took her a few moments to realise what she had said. She quickly blushed with embarrassment and returned to her usual aloof state. “Oh. Yeah, that is what I call him.”

Lucas chuckled again, he thought he has seen everything when it came to Victoria but this was opening a whole new side to her and he would not pass up the chance to poke fun at it.

“Shut up. Don’t laugh. It’s not that weird.” She groaned, shrinking in embarrassment. Lucas grinned like an idiot at the humorous situation. “A lot of my friends have mentioned that I become a bit of a ‘Daddy’s girl’ around him.”

She tried to defend herself, downplaying her words, this was obviously a situation she had been caught in before by other friends in the past. “Honestly, I don’t know what they’re talking about.”

Victoria shook her head, continuing to explain her point of view. “I just love my Dad, I’m his little girl.”

This caused Lucas to chuckle again, the idea of Victoria calling herself a ‘little girl’ was absurd. While she was short of height, calling her that in the past would often result in a feisty response.

“But whatever.” Victoria continued, ignoring Lucas’s laugh, “I act a little bit… ‘girly’ or such. Try not to laugh or make a big deal out of it. Okay?”

She glared at Lucas until he promptly shut up. Lucas continued to smirk but put up his hands, surrendering in jest.

“Okay, okay. I won’t say a thing.” Lucas conceded and Victoria relaxed.

They both walked up the steps to the front door and Victoria’s hand moved to ring the doorbell but stopped short of pressing it before turning back to Lucas.

“Thanks again for coming.” Victoria said, stroking Lucas’s hand with her thumb, “I know ‘meeting the parents’ can be a very awkward and intimating moment. Even if it is just my Dad.”

“No problem, I’m glad I finally get to meet him,” Lucas responded, his nerves getting rattled at the sudden shift back to seriousness.

“You have no idea how much it means to me.” She said, her smile bigger than ever, “I try to visit him every week. Every fortnight at least.”

“Ever since I moved out, I’ve felt really bad about leaving him all on his own. We’ve always been so close.”

“Victoria, it’s okay,” Lucas said lovingly, staring deeply into her eyes. “I know how important he is to you. This is going to be great, I promise.”

He kissed Victoria to assure her and himself. He was determined to put his best foot forward.

“I’m just so excited to have the two favourite men in my life finally meet.” A mixture of excitement and nervousness in Victoria’s words. “I hope you guys get along.”

“Of course, it’s not like he’s going to hate me, right?” Lucas asked, panic threatening to build in his throat. Lucas barely knew anything about the man, it suddenly dawned on him that he might end up being an aggressive and protective father that would not let someone like Lucas marry his daughter.

“No no no, don’t worry. He’s not scary, he’s honestly the ‘best’ guy.” Victoria assured, noticing the panic on Lucas’s face, “He’s just, uh… A man of few words.”

“How do you mean?” Lucas asked.

“Just don’t expect a ‘deep and meaningful’ conversation during dinner.” She explained, laughing off her prior comment. “Just talk about…. Sports or something. I’m sure you’ll find something to connect with.”

Lucas sighed, he wasn’t exactly the stereotypical ‘manly man’ who had interests in ‘sports’. He could already tell that it was going to be a long and awkward dinner but he was prepared to push through, for Victoria’s sake.

“You both like me, so you’ve already got that in common.” Victoria giggled, returning to her new ‘girly’ side as she pressed the doorbell.

The door opened a few seconds later, Victoria’s Father stood at the door.

He was a very large man, not fat but tall. gaziantep ofise gelen bayan escort Towering over the couple as he opened the door. A full beard covered his face, shortly trimmed as grey as the hair on his head, aside from that he looked rather healthy

for an older man. Lucas guessed the man was somewhere in his fifties. He looked down at Lucas with a stone-cold glare that rattled the younger man to his core.

“Daddy!” Victoria exclaimed, rushing in for a hug, her face only making it to his chest. The older man enclosed one hand around his daughter to welcome the hug but his eyes didn’t move from Lucas.

Victoria stood up on her toes to kiss her Father on the cheek. Her black lipstick left a faint mark on his grey beard. “How are you?”

The man grunted a response that was unintelligible to Lucas but Victoria took it as a positive. After a few more agonising seconds of being stared down the man finally spoke actual words.

“This him?” He said, unimpressed pointing towards Lucas.

“Yes, yes! This is my boyfriend!” Victoria said proudly, still hugging her Dad.

“H-hi Sir,” Lucas responded, pushing a hand forward to shake. He felt like he just walked into a lion’s den, his heart telling him to run while his mind thought he’d be attacked the second he broke eye contact.

“This that fancy college one?” The man continued, pointing to Lucas but not grabbing his hand.

“Yes, that one,” Victoria confirmed, releasing her hug. “Oh, Babe, give him the drink.”

She looked at Lucas expectantly, completely oblivious to the obvious death glare her father was giving him.

“Here you go, Sir,” Lucas said, holding out the bottle of whisky. Logic deciding it would be safer not to run away. Both physically and socially.

Without a word, the older man took the bottle with a strong grasp, yanking it from Lucas’s hand and inspected the bottle.

“It’s your favourite, Daddy.” Victoria beamed, looking up at her Father prodding him for a response, “See, he’s a nice guy.”

Her father turned around and walked into the house, taking the bottle with him. Leaving Victoria and Lucas standing at the door. He left the front door open which Lucas assumed was his way of letting them inside.

With a sigh, Lucas followed after Victoria who rushed after her Father, her smile starting to break as she could no longer ignore how awkward Lucas felt.

“Daddy! Don’t be rude.” She called out into the house, “Don’t just take the drink and walk inside. Introduce yourself.”

She quickly returned to find Lucas, looking embarrassed about her father’s reception.

“A man of few words…” Lucas grumbled, feeling like an intruder in the house. “That’s putting it lightly.”

“Sorry about him.” Victoria groaned, pulling Lucas further into the house, “Give it time, once you get to know him, you’ll see. He’s just a big teddy bear.”

The couple moved to a rather large living room, photo’s of Victoria and her father littered the room, it was very obvious that this was the home that she grew up in.

“Just relax, sit down.” Victoria assured, pointing towards the couch and chairs, “I’ll get a proper introduction out of him.”

She started making her way toward the kitchen, where her father was already in the middle of collecting a glass for his whisky.

“And stop acting all stiff.” She said, gently slapping Lucas’s shoulder, “He’s not going to take your head off.”

Lucas rolled his eyes as he walked towards the single couch chair before Victoria called out. “Wait not that chair!”

Lucas froze in place, halfway to sitting down.

“That’s Daddy’s chair,” Victoria explained. “Here, take a seat on that couch. I’ll get Daddy from the kitchen.”

Lucas promptly shifted over to the larger couch, sitting as stiff as he could be, still feeling very unwelcome in the house. Unsure of what to do with his hands, he rested them on his lap while he stared out the window. He could hear Victoria talking in the kitchen in the room next door.

“Daddy!” Victoria whined, “You can’t just take our gift and walk off. Honestly, were you raised in a barn?”

Lucas couldn’t hear what her father said in response, he spoke in quiet grunts and grumbles that were hard to distinguish.

“A handshake and a grunt does not count as an introduction.” She continued from the other room, “At least ‘try’ to have a conversation with him. For me?”

Another short grumble came in response, causing Victoria to giggle, a particularly girlish giggle. “Thank you.”

It sounded like she gave him another kiss, Lucas assumed on the cheek again but noted it was a rather audible one. He didn’t mean to eavesdrop but he was so nervous that he couldn’t help but listen in from the couch.

“Naw, I missed you too,” Victoria answered happily. “So, what do you think of him? You like him, right?”

As hard as Lucas tried, Victoria’s Father was too hard to understand from this distance. gaziantep ofise gelen escort “Come on, play nice.”

Lucas got the feeling that he didn’t like him much. He was determined to change that opinion by the end of the night.

“Gosh, Daddy.” Victoria whined, “Do I have to drag you out there?”

Lucas thought back to his original meeting with Victoria, his first impression of her was that she was a rather cold and aloof person. It was only when he spent time with her that he realised that she was just awful at communication. Lucas suspected that perhaps Victoria’s Father might be the same.

“Fine fine. I’ll go entertain ‘your’ guests.” She said, giving up on trying to get her father to come out, “Don’t take too long.”

The sound of a loud but not painfully loud spank echoed from the kitchen. “Daddy!” Victoria giggled, before walking back into the living room and rubbing her behind.

Her father had just spanked her ass as she left the kitchen, the look on her face made it seem like it was all fun and games. Lucas found it odd but chose not to comment. Every family dynamic is different, who was he to say what is weird?

“Sorry about that.” Victoria apologised with a smile, “Seems he wants to open his gift right away. But hey, it’ll properly make him open up a bit more.”

Lucas chuckled awkwardly, but she had a point. He would open up more once he had a drink or two in him. “How you doing, Hun? Not too awkward for you?”

“Nah, it’s fine.” Lucas lied, he felt awkward as all hell. “Just enjoying the scenery.”

He pointed to all the photos of Victoria around the room. Proudly displayed like any parent would, it seems the whole ‘Daddy’s girl’ thing went both ways.

“Good.” Victoria chirped as she kissed him, “And don’t worry, we won’t hang around too long. Once you break the ice, we’ll have a quick dinner and then we can leave. In and out, easy-peasy.”

Lucas could tell that there was nothing easy about this dinner. “Then you can make all the ‘Daddy’ jokes that you want.”

Lucas chuckled with her as the two shared another kiss. Lucas was hoping for a longer kiss but Victoria pulled away with excitement as her Father entered the room.

“Look who’s back. Finally here to ‘grace us with his presence.'” She chuckled sarcastically, her Father just grunted in response.

“Daddy, Why don’t you take a seat in your chair?” She pulled away from Lucas and sat on the arm of the single couch chair, waiting expectantly as her Father sat down.

“There you go. Let me sit on your lap.”

Without waiting for a response, she landed down on the older man’s lap. Her Father welcomed her onto his lap, his drink in one hand as his arm pulled her into an embrace.

Lucas watched as Victoria, a grown woman, sat in her Father’s lap, giggling like a child. It was such a strange sight to witness, if she were a child he wouldn’t of bat an eye, but seeing an adult sitting in another man’s lap looked almost intimate, along with the way his hand rested on her stomach. Lucas could no longer see his face behind Victoria’s hair but thinking back, he swore he saw some black lipstick residue on the older man’s lip.

Lucas shook the thought from his head. It was a ridiculous notion to think about. What kind of relationship did they have that allowed them to act so… comfortable around each other?

“Babe, don’t look at me like that.” Victoria whined, less embarrassed, more playful, “I always sit on Daddy’s lap.”

She seemed rather proud of that fact as her Father placed his cup on the small table next to his chair.

“See this, Daddy? He keeps giving me this look, like ‘I’m’ the weird one.” Victoria leaned back to one side to look at her Father, as her hair shifted to expose his face, it almost looked like he was in the middle of smelling her hair. Lucas cautiously watched on with the strange behaviour. “All because he just doesn’t understand-“

Victoria stopped mid-sentence to let out a soft moan. Her Father now had both hands on her body and one hand had softly yet firmly gripped the open skin on her lower thigh. Lucas was pretty damn sure that Fathers did not grab their daughters like that. He moved to speak up but Victoria spoke first.

“Ah. Daddy…” She softly moaned, a hint of embarrassment in her voice. “You’re rubbing my legs.”

Her Father grunted in response but didn’t move his hand. Instead, his second hand made its way to her other leg. “Yes… My thighs…”

Lucas was at a loss for words. He watched in disbelief as Victoria’s Father massaged her thighs, working towards her inner thigh.

“Geeze, Daddy.” Victoria continued, grabbing a hand and gently pulling it away. She was making very little effort to fight back. “Do you have to do this right now?”

The removed hand returned to her waist, instead of moving back down, the hand moved up to cup Victoria’s breast. Lucas was expecting her to yell, get angry or try standing up but the woman just let out another moan as she melted further into her Daddy’s lap.

“You’re always so handsy.” She giggled as the older man squeezed at her breast.

Lucas let out a confused sound, his face in complete shock at the sight before him.

Victoria finally acknowledged her boyfriend, turning her head to him as her Father continued to fondle her body.

“I’m sorry Babe.” She said with the same level of embarrassment someone might use to apologise for having an over-excited dog.

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