The Story of Vicky

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How I became Vicky is a lifelong story that turned out to be nothing I could have ever imagined it would. You see, I have always been the ladies’ man, I thought, and loved the feeling of a girl all dressed up in satins and lace. I also have always been very cocky and somewhat full of myself. I have always been able to make a living, or at least get by, with doing handyman type work. I haven’t had to work a normal 9 to 5 job or have a boss tell me what to do.

I also haven’t been in a long relationship because I was somewhat of a jerk when it came to woman. I use to hit on as many women as I could and every once in awhile get lucky. But after a few times out with me, they either figure out that I am a jerk or expect me to pay my fair share of the way and I don’t really make enough money for me, let alone them.

I like to find the ones that will put out and pay for everything and I do find one occasionally. That is, after they have a few drinks, usually.

That is, until I met my Lady Ms Angela. She now has me doing things that I never would have dreamed about, let alone ever thought I could do. It all started when I meet her while I was doing some plumbing work at the office where she works for a lawyer in town. I was doing a job for Ms. Neil by replacing some tile work she wanted in the bathroom. I noticed how sexy she was for an older lady the first time I saw her, but I figured she wouldn’t have anything to do with me.

I also noticed her secretary, Angela Jones, and realized that since she was more likely to give me a chance. It didn’t take me long to pull out a few of my best pick up lines on her but she blew me off. Every time I walked by her I would say something about her looking good and how I could show her a good time.

After a few tries though I gave up, especially after I figured she wouldn’t give me a shot. She made that very clear when I asked for her number and she told me not a chance in hell. So I was ready to move on to the next victim, but before I did, I called her a stuck up bitch. I finished up the tile job the next day and to my surprise, before I collected my money, Angela told me she would like to make it up to me by having a drink across the street at bar she went to.

Well, maybe there was a chance after all and I jumped at it. I finished cleaning up and we went across the street where I started all over again with new pick up lines. We had a couple of drinks and she asked me if I might want to go to her place for a few more.

Well, I’ve never turned that down before and now I was even more hopeful that I was going to get lucky tonight. After we arrived at her place she fixed me a drink and she told me to sit next to her on the couch and relax a bit. Now I don’t really remember what happened next but whatever it was it was more than just a few drinks.

I awoke in my truck with a lady cop knocking on the window with a gun in my face.

I was taken to jail and booked for rape before I could even remember where or what went on before I had woke up. I was there in jail still trying to figure it all out when Ms. Neil showed up and said she would put up my bail but there would be conditions. I had a few questions of my own but she told me to sit there and shut up. I was then informed that Angela was admitted in the emergency room last night and a rape kit had produced my DNA. I was facing 15 years without much chance of a defense since I had no alibi and my DNA was in the kit. First off, with a woman judge, a woman lawyer, and a rape kit in hand, it was pretty much a done deal already.

I had to choose then and there what kind of future I wanted. I tried to protest but she slapped me and said that I had to either agree to be released into Angela’s custody, where I would sign a contract to obey her, or face a very much longer prison term then I could ever handle.

My head was spinning and I couldn’t figure out what was happening, but I did manage to blurt out that I was not going to go along with any of this and didn’t do a thing. Ms. Neil looked at me and said that was okay too because guys like me should be in prison anyway. She went on to tell me that she has seen my kind before and couldn’t stand a man who disrespected women the way I did. She then turned to the phone on the wall and told the guard I was ready to go back to my cell. The door opened up and I realized that this was real.

So I yelled at her, “OK, WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO?”

She then dismissed the guard and told me to have a seat. She said that tomorrow I would go in front of the judge and file a plea agreement.

The next morning, after a shower and shave, I was ordered to get cuffed and lead down to the court room where Angela was seating and female judge was residing. There was a female prosecutor and only Ms. Neil was in attendance. The judge stated that this was a very unusual case in that Angela didn’t want me to go to prison and if I was to be released into her custody that I would be on very thin ice.

I would have to do as she said Betturkey at all times, or she would lock me up for the maximum sentence she could by law. I was to be on probation and if Angela ever decided to return me or if I got out of hand then she wouldn’t hesitate to lock me up.

She asked me if I agreed and after I said yes, she had me sign a contract to that effect. I was then taken back to the room with the table and phone. Soon I was joined by Ms. Neil. She had me sign some more papers and then she left and Angela walked in. She was dressed very sexy in her dress and looked very attractive but also had a serious look that scared me to death. She asked me if I understood my place now and what was expected of me.

I began by saying I didn’t remember anything that had went on that night. That is when she put her finger over my mouth and said that maybe she should explain it to me.

She told me that she drugged me that night and got my DNA but no one would suspect that. She also told me that now I was going to do what she said no matter how much I thought about saying no.

I now belonged to her and my fate was in her hands. She would break me of my male chauvinistic ways by making me her very own little slave. I was to call her Ma’am or Ms. Angela at all times and I was to do as told without hesitation.

“Do you understand?” And yes was my reply, when out of the blue I was slapped and knocked down to the floor.

“Yes, Ma’am should be your answer!” she said.

I quickly replied with the response she was looking for. She then put a bag on the table and told me that since I had so little respect for women that she felt it was up to her to change my way of thinking… and while she was at it get a slave girl in the process.

“A slave girl,” I said when she kicked me in the groin and then in the gut. “Yes, a slave girl, and you call me Ma’am when you speak to me.”

“Yes Ma’am, but please don’t kick me again.”

“I will discipline you when and how I see fit, or you will be sent to prison faster than you can say bitch. “Now get up and take off your clothes and put this on.”

It was a chastity device called a CB-3000. I had no idea how it worked but it took her no time at all to have my cock locked in its new cage.

“From now on you will not be able to have an orgasm, let alone touch yourself for pleasure, unless I allow it.” She then emptied the bag and out fell a skirt, blouse, panties, bra, hose and some heels.

Not wanting her to hit me again, I put on the clothes. She then had me sit down while she applied make up to my face, and nails and polish to my fingers. She then pulled a collar and a lead out of her pocket and attached them around my neck. She told me that I was going to go to my new home where I would learn to do as told, and never bother any women again without permission from her first, of course.

I would no longer be a man but owned property to do with as she wished. I also would no longer have a male name.

“I think for now on your name will be Vicky.”

Now that Angela had me dressed as a girl, locked in chastity, and at the end of the leash attached to my collar, she led me out of the court house and down a hallway to my new life.

My new life not only as a girl, but as her slave, bound and dressed as she wanted, to do who knows what, whenever and whatever she wished. I was still in shock at everything that was happening to me, but realized that being dressed in hose and the way it felt against my skin was very stimulating. I also found it hard to keep up with her while in heels, but with her dragging me by my collar and leash, I was forced to manage.

She led me to a door at the back of the building where she had parked her car. She then informed me that before we went to my new home that she would need to take care of some business first, like stopping by my place to see what should be kept and what should be thrown out. We would be stopping by the mall to do a little shopping and I would get a better makeover from her friend Suzie.

She also told me that she would remove the leash if I promised to be on my best behavior but would reattach it in a heartbeat if I needed it.

Things were happening so fast that I could do nothing but go along with it. I was just so shocked and in a daze that I was barely comprehending any of this. She opened my door and I hesitated at the curb, but with a little help from Angela’s foot to my ass I got in on the passenger side of the car. She slammed the door and went around and got in herself. She took off and headed away towards the highway, not saying a word the whole time.

We started to drive down the highway until we reached the exit to my old neighborhood when I realized that people were looking at me as we drove by them. I was hoping none of them were people that might recognize me dressed like this.

Then she turned down my street and my heart began to sink to the pit of my stomach.

As we went Betturkey Giriş straight to my apartment I finally spoke and asked, “Where are we going?”

She just laughed a little at my question and said we were going to check out my place first.

As we arrived at my home I was very puzzled and inquired, “How did you know where I live?” Again she laughed and said,

“You can’t be that stupid, are you?” She then pulled up in front of my apartment and stopped.

We were sitting there for a minute when I realized that she was getting out and coming over to my side of the car.

She opened my door and said, “Let’s go, we don’t have all day!” I didn’t want to move but she reminded me that “If you don’t go along with this the leash can go back on or worse yet, you could be returned to jail to do your time.”

Still not wanting anyone to notice me, I quickly got out of the car and hurried to the door, where I started to go in before we ran into anyone. That is when she grabbed me by the hair and stopped me in my tracks.

“When we are walking together you are to be behind me. You will only get in front of me in order to hold and open the door for me to go in first.” With that said, I went to the door and waited for her to go in. “Which one of these is yours?” she asked.

I told her the one on the right at the top of the stairs and she proceeded to go straight there. When we arrived at the door she removed my keys from her purse, unlocked the door and waited for me to open it for her.

She walked in and immediately said, “This place is a mess! You will need a lot of training on housekeeping, I see.” Now, I thought that she was being a little harsh because it might not be as clean as her place was but it was clean by my standards. She took a walk through my apartment to check it out for who knows what while I waited by the door.

It didn’t take her long to come back and say, “You won’t need anything from here. This stuff is all garbage.”

I had spent years collecting my stuff, such as sports stuff, electronics and some clothes. She then asked, “Where is the office to this place?” when I told her that

“It was all good stuff.” I quickly told her the office was on the bottom floor.

She walked past me and headed down the steps. I quickly locked the door and followed her to the office, but noticed my land lord was already down at the bottom of the steps, looking up under my skirt as I tried to manage the steps. Ms. Angela then introduced herself and they chatted a bit inside his place, behind closed doors, while I was left standing nervously just outside.

After a few minutes they returned and Angela told me that Mr. Myers had agreed to allow me to break my lease if I allowed him to dispose of all my trash.

I again protested, “It’s not trash, it might not be much but it’s not junk.” She then reached over and slapped me hard across the face.

That got a smile out of Mr. Myers and he said, “I will take care of everything for you Ms. Jones.”

With that, she grabbed me by the ear and rushed me back to the door as we headed toward the car. After we made it outside, she still had a hold of my ear as she led me to the driver’s side so I could open her door for her as she got in.

I then went around to my side and took one last look at my old home and Mr. Myers waving and laughing as I got in.

After leaving my old apartment and feeling really embarrassed, I thought it couldn’t get much worse.

That is, until she said, “Now that’s out of the way, time for the fun part.” I was getting the feeling this was not going to be as much fun for me as it was for her.

We headed back to the highway and towards her neighborhood, but before going to her place we turned into the mall parking lot. My heart sank into my stomach and I felt sick as she parked the car.

She got a pen and paper out of her purse, wrote something down and put it back. She then got out and came around to my side and opened the door. Looking a little upset with my hesitation, she quickly snatched a hold of my ear, dragging me out of the car. “Come on and get a move on, we don’t have all day!” With that she grabbed me by the elbow and led me to the entrance of the mall.

I felt like everyone there was staring at me but I was too embarrassed to look up to find out. She was almost going so fast that I thought I would fall down while trying to walk in those heels, but I managed to keep up

We were headed into the center of the mall when she took a right turn into a Hot Topic store, headed straight for the shoe section. She sat me down and went to talk with the sales girl, who began to laugh at me as Angela spoke to her. They finished talking and the lady came back with a couple of boxes in tow.

“These should fit him, I mean her, pretty good if the size is right that you said.” She knelt down and removed the shoes I had on and replaced them with hers. “Ms. Jones, these seem to fit perfectly,” the girl Betturkey Güncel Giriş said while smirking at me. She went over to the stack of boxes and selected another pair, a pair of heels with locks on the ankles to keep them on so I couldn’t remove them even if I wanted too.

They too also fit and Angela told her that she would buy all of them, and that I would wear the ones that I had on. She took the keys to the shoes and put them on a key chain with my chastity key.

I sat there ashamed as they went to the counter to finalize the purchase. Angela returned and handed me the bag and told me to thank the young girl. I replied, “Thank you, Ma’am,” to her, which apparently amused her.

We headed back out into the main lobby of the mall. Angela handed me the keys and the note she’d written, saying,

“Now I have some running to do myself, but I want you to go to ‘Galaxy of Beauty’ and give the keys and note to Suzie. I want you to ask the lady at the counter if maybe she could help you and make you as girly as possible.” She also warned me, “YOU HAD BETTER DO AS TOLD AND BE ON YOUR BEST BEHAVIOR, IF YOU KNOW WHAT’S GOOD FOR YOU!”

With that she left me standing there, horrified and all alone. Now was my chance to make a run for it, but where was I going to go dressed like this? I quickly headed to the salon she’d told me and went straight up to the counter. I asked the girl if Suzie was there and if they could make me as girly as possible.

As soon as I began talking, everyone turned to look at the guy dressed like a girl with the deep voice. Then a lady came up to me as the others laughed and stared.

“Hello, I’m Suzie and I’ve been expecting you,” she said.

She told me to follow her and we went to a room in the back. Closing the door, she told me that she would take care of me and do the best she could to help me out.

“Take off all your clothes, Vicky, so we can get started,” she said. I was speechless and wasn’t sure what to think, so I just handed her the note and keys and started to get undressed. I removed my blouse, bra, and then my skirt. She bent down and undid my locks on my shoes. She then helped me balance as I removed them. Standing there in front of a very cute lady in nothing but hose, panties and a chastity device, I froze.

“Well, silly, you need to finish removing your undies so I can unlock your chastity device. How else am I going to give you a full wax treatment with them on?” she said.

Now, there was no way I wanted to do that, but she insisted that I hurry along or she would have to report to Angela that I was misbehaving. I striped the rest off and she unlocked me from my cage and helped me remove it. When I was set free from my cage it was a total relief and I instantly became hard.

Suzie laughed and I said, “With a cock that small it is probably best that Angela is keeping me as a girl instead of her stud.”

“Well, since you seem to be so horny maybe you wouldn’t mind servicing me before we begin the painful part,” Suzie said with a smile.

She sat on the edge of the table and pointed to the ground between her legs. I knew what she wanted and went at it like I had done before as a man. After a few minutes she began to rock back and forth, moaning her pleasure. She then began to pull my hair as she rode my tongue until she exploded all over my face.

After she finished she got up and said, “Now we can begin, but first we need to do something about that erection you have there.” After servicing her I was fully erect. She reached over to her glass on the counter, grabbed some ice and applied it to my balls until I deflated back down to nothing.

“Now lay down on the table, Vicky, while I go get Amy to help.”

I did as told and told her, “Yes Ma’am,” in a soft whisper, not really wanting to go along with this and very disappointed at the feeling of being used and vulnerable.

She quickly returned with a tray and another girl who was very much overweight. She too thought my predicament was pretty funny. The two of them began to cover my entire body with wax.

When they were finished, Suzie told me, “Now this is going to hurt, but I expect you to be a good girl and hold still.” Then out of the blue she pressed a paper on my balls and with a quick yank removed all the wax and hair in one fast tug. I sat straight up and yelled out in agony.

“I told you it was going to hurt,” she replied. She then told Amy that if she would like she could straddle my face to hold me down and muffle my screams at the same time.

“Vicky is very good at servicing a lady with his tongue,” she said.

With that Amy slid me up the table until she could ride my face and slide her panties off. After she was ready, Suzie began again. It hurt so bad I started to cry out but Amy made sure that with every scream I just buried myself in her hole farther then I liked.

In between yanks of my hair Amy told me to lick her deeper and harder. She had three or four orgasms by the time I was smooth all over.

Amy climbed off and the two of them helped me up. They finished me off with a razor to get the rest of the hair they had missed with the wax. After they rubbed me down with lotion, Suzie grabbed me by the balls and put my chastity device back on.

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