The Semen Eater


All characters are over 18


Opening gambit…


My twin sister, Amanda, or Mandy as I like to call her, thought she’d get one over on me.

As I was floating on my raft, she cried out.

“Oh no! I can’t hold it.”

I looked up just in time to see her grimace, squeeze her legs together, and appear to poop. I started to worry she was sick, when all of a sudden she shoved her hand inside her bikini bottoms and pulled out a muck of soft brown poop.

“Mandy, are you…”

I hadn’t got the words out when she lifted the mess to her face, smelled it, made a face indicating grossness, balled up the mass, looked up as if seeing me for the first time, and threw it at me.

I knew immediately, she was punking me; starting early on April 1st.

I ducked, let it hit the water, grabbed it and shoved it in my mouth.

“Ummm,” I declared. “Young girl poop; my favorite.”

Of course it was chocolate, probably a melted Hershey’s bar.

“You got more back there?” I asked pointing to her butt.

She folded her arms in exasperation and sat back down on her lounge chair.


I brought out a pitcher of lemonade and two glasses.

“You want a glass?”

“Sure. Thanks Mark.” Then, pausing for a second, “How’d you know that wasn’t poo?”

After handing her the filled glass, I responded.

“It’s April 1st, fool. I figured you’d get an early start.”

“Oh. Are you going to punk me?”

“I would if I could think of something to do you’d get tricked by, but so far I’m at a loss.”

She smirked, then raised her glass to her lips.

“Hey, Mandy bandy. Wanna see a picture of my dick?”

“I’ve seen your dick.”

I cocked my head inquisitively.

“We share a bathroom, remember?”

“Oh. Right…”

She went back to sipping her lemonade.

“Then you wanna see a picture of my dick stirring a pitcher of lemonade?”

She spit the lemonade out of her mouth so fast, I thought she was going to choke as she got up and started for the house.

“Relax, I didn’t do something like that.”

“I don’t trust you. I’m going to brush my teeth.”

“Mandy, I…”

Too late. She was already running through the patio door.

A little while later…

I took the pitcher and glasses inside, put the lemonade in the fridge, and started to my room.

To get there, I had to pass Mandy’s bedroom door. As it was slightly ajar, I started to go in when I heard her say: “I sent him a picture of my pussy.”

Whoa. Who’s she talking to, and to whom did she send a picture of her pussy? Her boyfriend?

I had to know. Then —

“Listen Addie (oh, her girlfriend Adrianna), you can’t tell anyone.”

I waited.

“Okay. I’m jumping in the shower. See ya at school tomorrow.”

I waited a bit more, until I heard the shower start. A minute later I heard the shower door open and close. Now!

I quickly moved into her room, saw her phone on the bed, grabbed it, and opened her text history. There it was. “Robbie. See attached pic”.

I opened the pic and saw a picture of our cat.

“Gotcha’ fool.”


Mandy was standing in the doorway of the bathroom, wearing her robe and dry as desert sand. I looked at her and shrugged.

“I heard you shut the fridge and knew you’d be coming down the hallway.”

“Were you even on the phone to Addie?”


“Where’s Robbie?”

“Upstate; with his folks.”

“When’s he coming back?”

“Two days before homecoming, you dolt. We’re king and queen.”

And there it was — the opening.

“Too bad he won’t be here sooner. He could help you get rid of that giant pimple on your chin.”

“I know, Mark. What am I gonna do? I can’t go to the dance as homecoming queen with a giant growth on my face.”

“It’s not that bad.”

“Yes it…wait a minute. What did you mean Robbie could help me with it?”

“You could blow him a few times.”

“Fuck you. Don’t be gross. I’m not giving Robbie a blowjob.”

“It gaziantep escort bayan works.”

“What works.”

“Eating semen.”

“Ewwww. I don’t even want to think about it.”

“You mean you’ve never blown Robbie?”

“Hell no. Does Bibi blow you?”

“Of course. Often (I was telling a partial truth about my girlfriend’s proclivity for oral sex). Why do you think her skin is so perfect?”


“So. Let me get this straight. You’ve been 18 since January, and you’ve never given a blowjob?”



“Hell no.”

“Nothing sexual? Do you guys even kiss?”

“Of course we kiss.”


“Well, I let him play with my boobs.”

“Jesus Mandy, his balls must be blue as a dark night sky.”

“Ha, ha. I let him get off.”


“Hey, that’s personal.”

“I told you about Bibi and me.”

“Do you fuck her?”

“Of course. And the way you say it makes it sound like I’m the aggressor. But it’s not that way.”

“What do you mean?”

“We fuck each other.”

“What does that mean?”

“Sometimes,” I paused thinking of all the Kama Sutra positions we’d tried. “Sometimes, she mounts me and sometimes I mount her.”


“Doggy doofus.”

“Oh yeah. I knew that.”

“I bet.”

“So, does she like sex?”

“Are you kidding? If we could, we’d rut morning, noon, and night.”

“You make it sound so romantic,” Mandy said curling her lip in disdain.

“Hey. From what you’ve told me, your relationship with Robbie is as unromantic as it can get.”

“What do you mean?”

“Mandy, let’s be real. You let the poor guy play with your boobs, you don’t suck him off, you don’t have intercourse. Just what’s the deal?”

“I jack him off! Okay?” Mandy exclaimed loudly.

“Well. At least there’s that.”

“And I promised I’d give him a blowjob after prom.”

“Wow, really? You’re gonna make him wait another 4 or 5 weeks, knowing in the back of his mind, you’re gonna suck his dick sometime in the future. That’s cruel, it’s bargaining, and it’s as unromantic as you can get. No wonder he left town.”

“Ha, ha.”

“Listen, okay. If he were here now, and you knew eating semen could you’re your complexion, would you do it?”

“No. Not a chance.”

“Why not? You’re gonna do it in five weeks anyway.”

“Who said I was gonna swallow?”

“Are you kidding. No guy likes a blowjob that’s only halfway done.”

“Does Bibi swallow yours?”

“Of course. And even when we fuck, she likes me to finish in her mouth.”

“Oh my god. That’s so gross. She tastes her own, you know…”

“Pussy juices?”

“Yeah. That’s what I meant.”

“God, you’re such a prude. I thought you were more open than that.”

“What made you think that?”

“I don’t know. The way you wear the skimpiest bikinis out at the pool. The way you puff your boobs up, when you sunbathe.”

“You mean, you look at my boobs?”

“Of course, I look. I’m a guy.”

“But, I’m your sister.”

“Yeah. The sister with the killer rack.”

“I’m never going to the pool again.”

“Don’t be so uptight. Of course you’ll go to the pool again. Just don’t get in the water until that giant alien growth on your chin leaves town.”

“Damn it. I hate pimples.”

“You never get them.”

“I know. The one time I get one, it’s five days before homecoming.”

“Call Robbie. Tell him he has to get back. It’s an emergency.”

“Why? So I can eat his stuff?”

“Yup. It’s the only way you’ll get rid of that chin squatter in time.”

“That’s just something you made up. Hey, I bet you even told Bibi that so she’d let you do those things to her mouth.”

“Actually, she told me about it.”



“Wait right here then come to my room in 10 minutes.”


“Just do it,” I said as I walked out her bedroom door and down the hall to my room.

The bait was on escort gaziantep bayan the hook and the hook was in the water.

Ten minutes later, Mandy knocked on my door jamb.

“Come in and sit next to me.”

“Okay. But don’t be showin me no blowjob porn.”

“Just sit.”

When she was seated, I opened my first file. It was all the e-mails from Bibi over the two years we’d been dating.

I showed Mandy the one where Bibi told me about semen being good for complexions.

Mandy just looked at me, and then back to the screen.

Then I showed her the one from the University where the study on ingesting semen had been posted, and pointed out the woman’s quote about eating semen at least three times per week.

I showed her the news reports quoting the university posting, after which I showed her the articles about semen and urine being used in cosmetics and perfumes.

She grabbed my mouse and clicked back through the articles reading them each a second time.

“I never imagined,” she whispered.

“Go call Robbie.”

Like a zombie, she rose, and left the room.

A few hours later, after dinner and after mom and dad had gone to bed; I went to go to the bathroom before I hit the sack.

Mandy was standing staring at the mirror. I knew the pimple bothered her.

“It will go away.”

“Not in time.”

“Okay. So do you think you’ll be the first homecoming queen that had a blemish?”

“A blemish Mark. This fucker’s as big as a small truck.”

“Ha, ha. No it’s not. It’s hardly noticeable,” I lied.

“Right,” she sniffed.

I put my arm around her shoulder, and watched her close her eyes, hoping, I’m sure, that when she opened them again, the beast would be gone. She did, but it wasn’t.

“Just go to bed Mandy. Nothing’s going to change, except your eyes will be all puffy in the morning.”

I went to my room to watch some porn before hitting the sack. All the sex talk with my sister had my blood boiling and my balls full. I even considered Skyping my girlfriend so she could talk dirty while I shot a wad, but knew too many people can eavesdrop and tape too many things in this world of no more secrets.

I’d been stroking for about twenty minutes, when I heard a gasp behind me. I covered my cock and swiveled my chair around. Mandy came straight to the point.

“Okay. Here’s the deal. I can’t reach Robbie, your girlfriend’s out of town, and we both have needs. You need to get off, and I need semen. The fact I have to blow you to get it is the most unsettling thought, but I want this fucking parasite that’s hitched a ride on my chin outta here in the next four nights.”

I stared at her dumbfounded.

“I mean it. And if you ever tell anyone, I’ll come in here in the middle of the night and castrate you.”

I couldn’t speak. The April fools joke I’d been playing was backfiring on me. I had to think.


“Wait, Mandy. What if that stuff’s a lie?”

“I checked further. Cosmetics and perfume manufacturers really do use semen and urine. The news ran that university’s study. And to top it off, I looked at a bunch of blowjob porn tonight, and you know what?”


“The girls that swallow all have beautiful complexions.”

“That’s not proof.”

“It’s proof enough for me. So, unless you want to waste that load you were building up, uncover, sit back, and tell me what to do.”

Mandy dropped to her knees between my legs.

I couldn’t move.

“What? I’m not pretty enough?”

Again, I was suffering speech paralysis.

“Here then,” she said lifting her t-shirt over her head revealing the two most perfect boobs I’d ever seen.

“You like?”

I uncovered my steel hard cock.

“Yeah. I thought so.”

I reached down to cup a breast, but she slapped my hand away.

“Not until you tell me what to do.”

“Don’t worry. As it’s your first time, anything you start with I can guide from there. But don’t try to take too much gaziantep bayan escort at first.”

“You’ve got a seriously fat cock.”


“Oh, what? It’s fat, and I’m going to have to go slow, so when you’re ready to shoot your stuff let me know, so I can get prepared.”

“I’m ready.”

“Okay, then what do I do?”

“No, Mandy. I’m ready now.”

She still didn’t get it.

“Open your mouth wide and start swallowing.”

“But your dick is…”

I came like a fire hose straight into her mouth.

“Suck it quick.”

She just barely got the head in between her lips when a second giant glob shot straight across her tongue and into the back of her mouth.

“Swallow, start swallowing fast.”

She looked at me, eyes big as saucers.

“Swallow,” I hissed.

She started swallowing and I kept cunming.

“Faster,” I commanded.

She closed her eyes, and started gulping like a dehydrated dog.

“That’s better, now just suck gently and swallow bigger amounts as I finish.”

For the next minute, she sucked the rest out of me, never spilling a drop. It wasn’t a blowjob so much as her just acting as a receptacle for my goo. I realized I’d been holding my breath and finally exhaled.

When she heard me, she opened her eyes.

“Now very slowly and very, very gently, start pushing my cock out of your mouth using your tongue. But go slow.”

She did.

Finally, my cock left her mouth; she swallowed a couple more times and looked at me with the strangest expression. I was in too much of a relaxed state to understand the gravity of having just dumped a load in my sister’s gullet. But I knew something profound was about to happen between us.

“That wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be,” she offered.

I closed me eyes.

“I take it you liked it.”

I nodded.

“Good. When can I get more?”

My eyes shot open.

“What. That lady quoted in the university study said she takes a load three times a week to keep her complexion youthful and free of blemishes. I only have four more days before homecoming, so you better help me out.”

Help you out, I wondered.

“How many times a day do you and Bibi have sex?”

“Three or four, depending.”

“Okay then. I’m going to set my alarm for 3 am and again for 6 in the morning. Then, at school, I’ll meet you at the car for lunch, only I’ll be the only one eating.”

I still hadn’t recovered.

“Then tomorrow after school, and again before bedtime, I’ll do it again, and we’ll repeat for the next 3 days.”


“No buts, Mark. This has to work. Oh yeah. Do you think giving me a facial will help?”

“I don’t know.”

“Okay, then at my 3 am “feeding”, you’ll shoot all over my mouth and chin and I’ll sleep with it as a masque.”

“You’re serious about this.”

“In for a penny, in for a pound, Mark. This has to work.”

So, for the next three days, she swallowed my load four times each day and took a masque at her 3 am session. Somehow it worked.

When she accepted the crown from the previous year’s homecoming queen she was radiant. Her blemish had all but receded to the point of almost disappearing. A little extra makeup did the trick.

After prom, Robbie had the biggest shit-eatin grin on his face. I knew why.

Three months later, right before her period, Mandy came into my room. She’d been doing that since the first session worked so well, and she thought the way the semen worked on her hormones was not only beneficial, but it kept her from being a grouch.

“Whip it out stud.”

I smiled and dropped trou.

“Fuck, you really do have a fat cock.”

I shrugged.

“I asked Bibi about you,” she said as she licked the head with her tongue.

I frowned inquisitively.

“I asked her if you had a big dick and if she swallowed.”

She went on. “I told her I understood there was a study at some university that proved eating semen was beneficial.” She paused.

I waited for the shoe to drop.

“She told me about the time you and she investigated that and how you’d proved it was a hoax. Let’s see, that was a couple months before you punked me.”


“Oh, but don’t worry. I believe in mind over matter. And, since I think it works, it actually works,” she informed as she took the head of my cock all the way into her throat.

Women and vanity. Go figure…

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