The Librarian

Big Dick

There’s this pretty librarian at the town library who is always there, quiet and promising. Her name is Lillith Washington. She wears round spectacles that slip down her nose most of the time, and she never wears any other body adornments besides the chain that connects to the eye glasses, which hold them in place when she puts them around her neck. She’s not so slim, but not fat. She’s pleasantly curvy, and a little on the plump side. She has an hour glass figure, which she hides under a white blouse, a crème colored sweater which goes down past her hips and the curve of her behind, and always wears a long A-line willowy skirt, which touches her ankles. There wasn’t a required uniform at the library, so I assume that she enjoyed what she wore.

One time at the library’s Halloween Bash, she came dressed as a nurse, tight short skirt, tight collared top, with a nurse bonnet and a stethoscope. She shocked everyone there with her daring costume, since she’s never shown up in anything other than a blouse, sweater and skirt. Lillith has reddish brown hair, which is wavy and goes down to her back. Some days, Lillith wears her hair in a simple braid that falls down her back, or in a bun at the nape of her neck. Any other day she’ll hold it back with bobby pins and let it cascade down her back. She has dark blue eyes, almost the color of slate, and pale white skin, sprinkled with freckles. Her lips are a soft coral color, and her bottom lip is full and pouty.

I first noticed Ms. Washington when I moved to Tobacco Valley, a small town in Northern Connecticut. I’m an art curator, and I was hired at the town library, for its’ new art museum, connecting to the library. As a man, it took a while to notice the unattractive face, the somewhat frumpy body, but when I did, I was in for a surprise.

“Excuse me, Miss…?” I asked, what was her name? I had met her when I was hired, she was at every staff meeting and here nearly every day.

“Miss Washington,” she said in her polite way, her voice squeaking up a pitch at the end of her surname. Her arms were full of books, and her glasses were teetering dangerously close to falling off her nose.

“Miss Washington,” I amended, “I was wondering if you could help me with the copier? I’m afraid it’s being temperamental again.” Not a bad body, I thought, she could lose a few, be a knockout. I gazed up and down her figure, pausing at the blouse that was being tugged down by the books she carried. I could see a valley of cleavage, and the white lace of straining bra cups. Not a bad body at all.

“Oh,” she said, eyes darting from side to side, she shifted the books slightly. “I have to bring these books down to the reference area….” She trailed off. “If you could, uh, wait a moment,” she said skittishly. She seemed to have some trouble bringing the words together.

“Why don’t I help you?” I asked with a smile, taking the books out of her arms and resting them under one of mine. She stood flustered and stuttering a moment before she nodded and walked ahead of me, heading towards the reference area. I walked behind her, watching her quick jerky pace, which made her behind jiggle nicely. I smiled, tilted my head a little and held back a whistle of approval. “It’s such a small library,” I began, “I hardly ever get to see you.”

“Oh,” she began. I rolled my eyes toward the heavens, here she goes. “I, uh, I’m always in my office, well unless, that is, I’m sorting books, or working the front desk. Saturdays,” she mumbled on, “Saturdays I’m normally in the children’s section, reading books.” She rambled on her schedule and I was thankful when we reached the desk, I dropped the books with a snap onto the desk, starling her from her ramblings.

“You sound very busy,” I said with a smile. She’s as skittish as a rabbit, I thought. “It must be horrible for your social life.”

“I enjoy it here,” she said quietly. She took a deep breath and the buttons on her blouse strained when her breasts pressed against the front of it.

“That’s good,” I nearly rolled my eyes again. “Could you help me with the Uzun porno copier now?”

“Oh, of course,” she said, stepping ahead of me and walking toward the faculty copy machine. Again I let my eyes drift towards her swaying ass, and smiled to myself. Well, if Miss Washington was hopeless, her walk and sway wasn’t. When we entered the room, the copier was making its buzzing noise, signaling a problem and its’ annoyance.

“It’s too bad were so pressed for money that we can’t afford a new one,” I said in a small talk way.

“Yes,” she muttered, going through the procedure of typing in codes and trying to calm the screeching machine. I stepped closer and leaned down to peer over her shoulder. Her soft wavy hair, unbound today, brushed against my cheek and I took in the scent of her light perfume. Slight, flowery, and fragrant it clung closely to her, didn’t drift or hang in the air when she left the room. Taking in a breath, he leaned closer to get a better whiff of scent. She started, jerking her head around and smacking it into his. On an oath, he rubbed his forehead and looked down at her. She was staring at my mouth.

“S-sorry,” she said softly.

“My fault,” I said smoothly, smiling despite my throbbing head. “I have a skull like a rock, are you alright?”

“Y-yes,” she replied, never taking her eyes off my lips. “Just a little bump.”

“I think you’ll be alright,” I smiled. What was she thinking? I asked myself.

“Yes,” she murmured, and then she slowly ran her tongue across her bottom lip. Ah, I thought, the skittish little librarian was thinking like that. Well, two can play this game.

“I was wondering,” I said quietly, “when I was in here earlier, how many people have snuck away here to…” I trailed off watching her eyes widen slightly, “be alone.”

“Staff relationships are,” she licked her lips and took a breath, “strictly against the rules.”

“Yes, but I wonder how many people have come here to have sex,” I murmured. We were both standing close to each other, and I took a step closer.

“I, that is, I don’t know,” she mumbled, and her eyes darted up from my mouth to my eyes. I ran my hands up her arms and grasped her shoulders.

“Well, if no one has, we’ll be the first,” I said. I pulled her against me and kissed her. To my surprise, she stood motionless, doing nothing. I tried to coax a kiss out of her by running my tongue across her lower lip before venturing inside her hot, velvety mouth. She stood there, stiff as a board, while I kissed her, or tried to. “Kiss me back,” I said when I pulled away.

“I,” she stuttered a moment, “that is, I..” she trailed off. She moved away abruptly, mumbling something about the copier being fixed, and scurried out of the room. I stood there shell shocked, just for a few moments, before I calmly put my fist through the wall.

Days later, after Miss Washington managed to avoid me, I finally cornered her in a quiet corner of the large library. There was no one around, since the library was closed and the majority of the staff had left. In a shelved in area, except for a small exit, I stepped in after I saw her scurry into her little rabbit hole with an armful of books. She was wearing another one of her billowy skirts, a long sweater and this time her hair was pinned back into a tight little bun. Her skirt flittered around her ankles where she stood on the latter, placing books into their proper places.

“Miss Washington,” I said, getting a little start out of her. She had clouded my brain for the past few days, I had no idea how much of a virgin someone could be until I kissed her. Got you now, I thought to myself.

“Y-yes?” she said, looking down at me, her glasses slipped down an inch on her nose.

“I haven’t seen you for a few days,” I said, standing at the bottom of the latter.

“Well, uh, I’ve been busy,” she said, briefly looking at him and then turning back to the book cases. I stepped onto the first step of the latter, the second, and then the third. She looked down at me, puzzled. “W-what Öğrenci porno are you doing?”

“Coming to see you,” I said quietly. I finally stood on the last step before where she stood, and took the books from her arms, dropping them, and then placing my hands on the railing of the latter. I had her pinned.

“Uh, Mister, uh, Mister Lish,” she stammered.

“Phil,” I said, leaning closer to her.

“Phil,” she began.

“Lillith,” I said.


“Kiss me back,” I said before I kissed her. She stood there a moment, her hands grabbing my upper arms and digging her nails in, and then she tilted her head slightly, and opened for me. I let the kiss linger before I slid my hand up her calf, her knee, and then her thigh.

“What are you doing?” She asked when she pulled away.

“Lillith,” I said, almost chastising, “Don’t you know?” She gave me a perplexed look before my hand slid up to the junction of her thighs, she was wet and scorching. I slipped my fingers inside her cotton panties, and ran my finger over her sopping wet lips. Her eyes were wide and she stared at me and she shuddered slightly. I withdrew my hand and brought my finger to my lips, and tasted. “Sweet,” I murmured, and held my finger up to her lips. “Taste.” She stared a moment, then slid her tongue out, against my finger, tasting herself. “Very sweet,” I said. She nodded, wide eyed and shocked. “I need a better taste though,” I said smiling. “Why sip from the cup when you can drink from the fountain?” Her head cocked slightly and she stared at me as I stepped down a few steps on the latter. I slid my hands up her hips and pulled the skirt down, helped her step out of it, and then out of her white cotton panties. Her lips bulged, and her hair looked trimmed, and perfectly groomed. I looked up at her, “Do you do anything down here?” I asked.

“I, I, no. No I don’t,” she said. “It’s always been short, and well, like someone designed it.”

“It’s lovely,” I murmured, pushing her back so she sat on the latter. “Do you know what I’m about to do?”

“I, uh, no, no,” she stuttered. “I’ve never…”

“I can tell,” I said, saw the slight temper flash in her eyes. “It’s an honor. I’ve never been with a virgin before.” I amended quickly. It was true, this was as new to me as it was to her. Normally I would have taken her already, but I figured out from after our kiss, she’d never before. I thought she was simply not interested, but then I figured it out, all the stuttering and skittishness was nervousness. I wasn’t going to ask, I wasn’t going to play around, and I wasn’t and sure as hell couldn’t ignore her; so I am going to take. “I want you Lillith. Bad.” I slid my finger inside her lips and brushed her clitoris, causing her knees to shake. I looked up at her, smiled, and then spread her legs wider, placing them over the sides of the railing. Spread wide now, I took one finger and stuck it inside her tight hole. She was wet and hot, and her smell permeated the air. I leaned down and brushed my lips against her erect clitoris, and then scraped my teeth against it. She cried out and tried to close her legs, but I pushed them back to their places. I stuck my finger deep inside and moved in and out, rhythmically moving faster. She gasped, and ended it with a slight moan. I closed my lips around her clitoris and lapped at it with my tongue, rubbing my tongue against it and holding it captive with my lips. She moaned again, loudly and instinctively lifted her hips. I ground my mouth harder against her. I continued finger-fucking her, the faster I moved my fingers, the faster I moved my tongue. I felt her walls tighten around my finger and stuck another one in, moving faster, and then another. As I did this, I none too gently closed my teeth around her clitoris, and pressing my tongue against it hummed. I felt her convulse, and her juices flow onto my hand and I continued to finger her until she calmed. Releasing her abused clitoris, I lapped up her cum and looked up at her. She was red in the face, with sweat on her forehead, and her hands were clenched to her breasts.

“Sweet as nectar,” I murmured, standing up over her, and began unbuttoning her blouse.

“I,” she began, “I, uh.”

“It’s better, my dear, if we leave it to moans and sighs,” I said, pulling the blouse off. Her face flushed a brighter red and she stared at me. Her white bra was tight, and held back her huge breasts. “Why women try to hide these, I’ll never know.” I removed her bra, lifted her, and sat on the latter with her straddling me. She stared down at me, too stunned for words, with her legs around my waist and her hands on my shoulders.

“It’s going to hurt,” I said quietly, nibbling at her throat.

“What is?” she asked, distracted.

“The first time,” he said, moving down to her breasts. He nipped at the coral crown, ran his teeth over it, and then he sucked it into his mouth. She arched against him, forcing the huge breast to smush against his face, nearly covering it. I feasted on her breasts and the moved to the other one, taking the nipple into my mouth and suckling. She moaned and sighed, while I continued torturing myself by moving so slow. Running my hands up her sides, I cupped her breasts and squeezed, pushing my index and thumb fingers into pressure points. “You’ll feel a sensation rush to your crotch,” I murmured, massaging my fingers into the points and kissing the valley between her breasts. She murmured my name and arched against me again, bringing her cunt closer to my crotch. Smiling, I grabbed her hips and ground my pelvis against her, torturing myself and delighting her. She cried out, thrust her hips forward and grabbed for my belt. Laughing, I let myself be teased as her fingertips brushed over my erection while she undid my belt. If I wasn’t hard as a rock before, I sure as hell was now. Her little gasp of shock delighted me, and I placed my hands over hers and directed them over my cock. She smoothed her hands over it and circled it with her fingers, testing, and then measuring. Her right hand left my erection to test my sac, weighing it, squeezing it. Pre-cum oozed at the tip and she pressed a finger to wipe it off, and then brought it to her lips. She tasted, then, glancing quickly at me, wiped her finger and brought it to my lips.

“It’s like me,” she said, remembering. I tensed and my cock gave a little involuntary jerk.

“Men don’t taste their own cum, sweety,” I murmured.

“Taste,” she said, a little harsher now, and slipped her finger in my mouth, and then proceeded to kiss me. I tasted myself from her finger, and on her tongue, and it was incredibly erotic. I brought my hand down to her wet lips and began to finger her again, while kissing her. I brought her to the beginning of her climax, moved my hand, lifted her by her hips, and entered her. She broke away from the kiss, crying out as I broke her hymen, and as pain burst through the pleasure. She leaned against me only because I held her close when she tried to get away, kissing her forehead, and rubbing her back.

“It’s alright,” I murmured, “it only happens the first time.” I felt her shoulders give a little jerk on a sob, and lifted her chin. Her face was tear streaked, and I wiped her face. “It’ll feel like before, when I had my face down there, I promise.” She nodded and sniffled, and I felt her clench her muscles tight against me. I lifted her slowly, and testing, I slid back in, in by aching inch until I was as deep as I could get without her being in pain. I continued this slow rhythm until she started to pant and moan, and finally she began thrusting against me, until I was all the way in her again, pressed deep. She bucked against me and ground her pelvis against mine, moaning and thrashing. I heard her swift intake of breath, her broken cry, and then felt her tighten against me and she flooded me with her juices and climaxed. Feeling her tighten and thrash harder I climaxed as well, emptying myself into her until I was spent.

Minutes later, as we leaned against each other, panting and sighing, she lifted her head to peer down at me. Our cum was mixed and soaking my pants and her thighs where we were still joined. “I wonder,” she murmured.

“What?” I asked, watching her.

“Just how many people have come in her to be alone?” she asked, smiling wickedly.

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