Stay at Home Ch. 04


Chapter 6

“Bill, before you get too involved, will you help me get things set up in the bonus room? I want to make sure everything is ready for later. We should also talk about what we plan to do. We can just see what happens, or plan our show,” Kim said.

“What do you mean by plan our show?” I said.

“Let’s get things set up, and I’ll show you want I mean. Many broadcasters just grant requests, but most of them set goals for the number of credits for them to do something,” Kim said.

We went upstairs and into the bonus room. While Bill got an HDMI cable out of a drawer, Kim went to our bedroom. She came back with a small leather bag and placed it on the coffee table. My sister and I watched as Kim and Bill connected a notebook computer to the flat-screen television.

Kim plugged in her HD webcam and booted the computer. A moment later, her desktop displayed on the television. She logged into the webcam site and selected a room. We watched a couple as they played with each other. Kim switched to another room where there was a girl with two men.

We sat on the couch, watching the threesome having sex. Kim pulled her computer closer and switched to the profile she’s created.

“Okay, we need to create a profile for us. We want something to entice the viewers to watch our broadcast,” Kim said. “The first thing we should do is pick the names we want to use.”

“I suggest we use names that will be easy for us to remember. Bill can be Bob, Matt can be Mike, Kim can be Kelly, and I’ll use Cindy,” Carol said.

“Should we take pictures so the viewers can identify us?” I said.

“Pictures are a great idea.” Kim laughed, “Okay, everyone strip.”

We removed our clothing. Kim adjusted the camera so she could get a full-body shot of each of us. She put the photos in our profile and added our fictitious names above each one. When Kim typed ‘eight-inch cock’ below my name, we all laughed. She listed Bill’s cock as seven-inches, causing him to nod his head.

“It looks like I grew a half an inch,” Bill said.

Reaching into her brother’s lap, Kim started stroking Bill’s cock. “I’ll stretch it for you,” Kim said.

Kim added her breast size, thirty-four C, and Carol’s size, thirty-six D, under their pictures.

“We should watch a few different broadcasters to get an idea of what we might want to do,” Carol said.

“Give me a few minutes to complete our profile, then we’ll check out a few rooms,” Kim said.

Bill, Carol, and I watched Kim as she added a few additional things to our profile. She switched to the list of couple’s rooms, selecting one with two men and one woman. We watched the girl as she knelt and played with the men’s cocks.

We watched several broadcasters, making comments and getting ideas for what we wanted to do. Kim changed to another camera, and we watched a man and a woman, both of them dressed, chatting with the viewers.

“This couple asks for credits for each item of clothing they remove. I think we should do the same thing tonight. It will be fun seeing how the viewers react and tip,” Kim said.

“We’re not doing this for the money, are we?” Bill said.

“I am. The more the viewers tip, the more credits they buy. That’s how I make my money,” Kim said.

“So, you are doing this for the money,” I said.

“I’m doing it to suck and fuck you, my brother, and Carol. The money is a bonus,” Kim said.

“I’m good with it now I know you have your priorities straight,” Carol said.

Switching to our profile, Kim started creating a menu of the things we’d do and the number of credits required for each one. We decided to charge fifty credits for each article of clothing a viewer asked us to remove. When we started listing sex acts, the price went up.

“I think we’re all set for now. We can make adjustments as we go if we want to,” Kim said.

A couple of hours later, we went downstairs and out to the pool. We hadn’t bothered to dress, so we just jumped into the pool. Kim swam over to me, put her arms around my neck, and kissed me.

“Are you okay with what we have planned for tonight?” Kim said.

“Why wouldn’t I be? I think it sounds like fun,” I said as I ran my hands down Kim’s back and gripped her ass.

“Matt, I really like you. I’m afraid you’ll think I’m a perverted hussy and won’t want anything to do with me after this virus crap is over,” Kim said, her voice almost a whisper.

I lifted Kim’s face to mine and kissed her. She relaxed in my arms as my tongue sought hers. Breaking our kiss, I looked into her eyes and smiled.

“I am fond of you too, Kim. I’ve never met a woman like you before. Do I think you’re a pervert? Yes, but no more of a pervert than I am. Your carefree attitude regarding sex is just one thing that attracts you to me. You’re smart, funny, and honest, not to mention beautiful.

“I’ve done a lot of thinking since we met. If you want to know the truth, I sort of wish this COVID thing never ends so we can stay together. I’ve never had a serious relationship, escort gaziantep ucuz bayan but I feel what we have could develop into something. At least I hope so,” I said.

Tears streamed from Kim’s eyes. Holding me around my neck, she jumped up and wrapped her legs around my waist. She started peppering my face with kisses while sobbing.

“Matt, I can’t think of anything in the world that would make me happier than being with you. When this quarantine thing ends, I’ll go to Boston with you, if you’ll have me. I’ll follow you anywhere,” Kim said. She kissed me for a moment. “Matt, I’m in love with you.”

Holding Kim in my arms, I smiled and said, “I love you too, Kim. As far as going back to Boston with me, I can’t think of much that would make me happier.” I kissed Kim.

“Is this going to change anything? I’m thinking about the things we do with Bill and Carol,” Kim said.

“Why would it? What the four of us do is what brought us together. Watching my sexy girlfriend fuck her brother turns me on. Watching you and Carol going at it gets me going too. Kim, I don’t think we should change the things we like because we’re in love,” I said.

Giggling, Kim said, “We’re in lust too. How did I get so lucky to find the perfect man?”

“I think we’re lucky to have found each other. After all, how many girls have a man who likes getting pegged with a strap-on?” I said as I laughed.

Kim unwrapped her legs from around my body. Hugging me, she moved one of her hands to my ass and pressed a finger against my anus. I let out a soft moan as Kim wiggled her finger into my rectum.

“I think my sweetie likes having something up his ass,” Kim said. I nodded as she fingered me. “Have you ever thought about having a real cock in your ass? Would you try it?”

“Baby, if it would make you happy, I would do almost anything. However, I draw the line as kissing a man. You can ask me to do anything you want as long as it doesn’t include swapping spit with a male,” I said.

Kim laughed and said, “So, you don’t mind swapping cum, but you wouldn’t kiss a man?”

“Yup. I’m not homophobic, but the idea of kissing a dude doesn’t do anything for me. In fact, it’s definitely a turn-off,” I said.

Bill and Carol came over to where Kim and I stood. My sister looked at us and then smiled. “Is everything okay?” Carol said.

“Yes, in fact, everything is near perfect,” Kim said.

Bill chuckled and said, “I think my little sister is falling in love.”

Shaking her head, Kim said, “No, your little sister has fallen in love.”

Carol looked at me, smiling when I nodded. “Kim and I agree this doesn’t change anything regarding the four of us. I still plan to fuck my big sister, and she plans to fuck her brother. Our unique relationship is one of the things binding us,” I said.

“We should eat dinner and get ready for tonight,” Carol said.

The four of us left the pool and went to shower. We headed to the house to prepare our evening meal. While working together in the kitchen, Kim and Carol discussed their wardrobe for the show later.

After we ate, we headed to our rooms to get dressed. Kim rummaged around in her things and then left the room. She returned a few minutes later, carrying a few items in her hand.

“Most of my sexy things are still packed in boxes in the garage,” Kim said as she held up the lingerie.

Sitting on our bed, I watched Kim put on the matching ensemble. Her matching red bra, panties, and garter looked great on her. She sat next to me while rolling her stockings up her legs, then fastening the lace tops to the clips on the suspenders.

“Are you going to dress?” Kim said.

“Yes, but I want to watch you for a moment,” I replied. “You look so sexy!”

While Kim buttoned her sheer blouse, I put on a pair of black boxer briefs. She nodded, stepped close, and rubbed my crotch.

“Nice bulge,” Kim said. “You should wear an undershirt too. The more you have on, the more credits it will take to get you naked.”

Chuckling, I pulled a tank-style tee-shirt on. I put on a short-sleeve shirt and buttoned it before stepping into a pair of slacks. Once we finished dressing, Kim and I want to the bonus room. I noticed my sister wore a see-through blouse and a skirt as Kim did. Bill wore a shirt and slacks.

“Are we ready for this?” Carol said.

I moved behind my sister and put my arms around Carol. Placing my hands on her breasts, I said, “I’m as ready as I’m going to be. Let the show begin.”

Bill poured four shots of tequila and cut up a lemon. Standing at the bar, we salted the back of our hands and licked the salt. After downing our drinks, we all bit into a lemon slice. Bill refilled the glasses, and I helped him carry them to the coffee table. Kim turned on the computer and brought up our broadcast room.

Sitting on the couch, we waited for viewers to locate us. Kim held the wireless keyboard on her lap so she could respond escort gaziantep ukraynalı bayan to the chat and requests. After a few minutes, we heard the tip chime. Using my sister’s fake name, Cindy, the viewer asked her to remove her blouse.

Giggling, Carol said, “Well, here we go.” She stood up and began slowly unbuttoning her blouse. Carol swayed as she tried to act sexy. Tossing her shirt away, she posed in her black bra.

Ad the chat window filled with requests for us to have sex, Kim replied, telling the viewers we might do what they want after all of us were naked. When the next tip came in, Kim removed her blouse.

Bill poured us shots, and we downed them. Kim started proding the viewers, teasing them by pulling one of the cups of her bra away and exposing her nipple. Carol laughed and did the same.

It took almost an hour for the room to fill and the requests to come faster. We complied, each of us removing our clothes when someone sent a tip. Bill and I were down to our shorts, and the girls were only wearing their stockings and garters. Kim changed the tip menu, listing sex acts and the number of credits required.

A viewer requested Kim to kiss Carol. The two girls moved together and embraced in a heated kiss. The tips began flowing as the viewers asked for more action.

Carol knelt on the floor, pulled my boxer briefs down, and started sucking my cock. A moment later, Kim was next to my sister, sucking Bill’s dick.

For the next half-hour, we changed partners, complying with the tipper’s requests. We took a break to have a drink and read the chats.

“One of the viewers wants to see anal sex,” Kim said.

“Bend over, I’ll fuck your sexy ass,” I said.

Kim told the viewer how many credits were required. A moment later, the chime went off as the tipper met the request. I grabbed the bottle of lube, greased Kim’s anus, then my cock. She leaned over, placing her hands on the coffee table as I moved behind her. Using my fingers, I opened her rectum, then slipped my cock into her ass. Kim shoved back as I buried my dick in her bowels.

I fucked Kim’s ass for a few minutes before extracting my cock. She turned around, kissed me, and told me to go wash my cock. When I returned, I saw Carol wearing a strap-on dildo. She used her fingers to lube and prep Bill’s rectum.

“It looks like my brother is going to get pegged,” Kim said to me.

Carol looked up, smiled, and said, “It won’t be the first time.”

Once Carol was finished lubing my brother-in-law’s ass, she led him to the couch. She had him bend over in front of the camera, gripped the dildo, and pressed it into his rectum. Bill groaned as the phallic object penetrated him.

“Pump that thing in my ass, baby,” Bill said as he leaned forward with his hands on his knees.

Kim moved behind Carol and put a hand between my sister’s legs. She let out a moan as Kim started playing with her pussy and ass. She smiled at me as she continued fingering Carol.

I decided to get into the act and stepped in front of Bill. Reaching out, I wrapped my fingers around his cock, stroking him in time with my sister’s thrusts. The four of us could hear tip chime, but we ignored it.

“Someone offered a thousand credits if you’ll suck Bill’s cock,” Kim said.

Glancing at Kim, I said, “Tell them to send the credits.”

Using one hand, Kim used the keyboard to reply. When the chime went off, I knelt in front of Bill. Looking up, I smiled before taking his cock into my mouth. I slowly bobbed my head, letting his dick fill my mouth. When I cradled his scrotum in my hand, Bill let out a moan.

Kim and Carol stopped what they were doing and move so they could watch me blow my brother-in-law. Kim knelt next to me, encouraging me as I sucked Bill’s hard cock. Carol crawled between her husband’s legs and took my dick in her mouth.

I could hear the chime going off as I bobbed my head on Bill’s cock. Kim removed my hand from her brother’s scrotum, replacing it with hers.

“You’re so fucking hot, Matt. Are you going to let my brother come in your mouth,” Kim said.

I shrugged my shoulders, removed my mouth from Bill’s cock, and said, “If he wants me to.”

Chuckling, Bill put his hands on the side of my head, pulling me back to his cock. Moaning, I resumed blowing him. Carol stopped sucking me, crawled next to Kim, and stroked Bill’s ass. She wet her finger and placed it between his butt cheeks, causing him to groan.

As Carol fingered her husband’s anus, he started fucking my mouth. Kim egged us on, telling Bill and me how sexy it was to watch me suck her brother’s cock. Kim stroked my ass and fondled my balls, then she shoved two fingers into my rectum.

When Kim started stroking my cock, I heard Bill say, “Don’t make him come, Kim.”

A few minutes later, I felt Bill’s cock pulse as he shot his semen into my mouth. Kim told me not to swallow her brother’s cum so we could share it. When escort gaziantep üniversiteli bayan Bill stopped coming, he removed his cock from my mouth.

Kim grabbed me around the neck, pulled my mouth to hers, and we swapped her brother’s salty spend. She rolled me onto my back and continued kissing me. I felt a mouth on my cock, looked down, and saw Bill kneeling between my legs. He bobbed his head, taking most of my dick into his mouth.

Sitting back, Kim and Carol watched Bill sucking my cock. He cradled my balls, massaging them as he slowly bobbed his head up and down. When I asked if he wanted me to come in his mouth, Bill nodded without removing my cock.

My sister took her husband’s free hand, applied lube to his fingers, and chuckled. “Finger Matt’s asshole, baby.”

I let out a groan as Bill worked two fingers into my rectum. He stroked my ass and moaned around my cock. When I felt my cock swell, I told Bill I was close. He shoved his fingers deeper into my ass and sucked as I shot semen into his mouth.

Bill held my cock in his mouth for a moment after I finished ejaculating. He removed his fingers from my ass, sat up, and swallowed.

“You greedy fucker. I wanted to share Matt’s cum with you,” Carol said.

Bill laughed, hugged Carol, and said, “Oh, well, I guess I’ll have to suck Matt’s cock again.”

“Was giving my brother a blow job what you thought it would be?” Carol said.

Bill put his arm around Carol’s shoulders, pulling her to his side. “Baby, it was better than I had imagined it would be. I’ve finally been able to answer a question about my sexuality that’s been haunting me for several years. Since you started pegging me and having me suck your dildos, I’ve wondered what it would be like with a man.”

Kim caressed my cock as she said, “I think my brother wants to get his ass fucked. How do you feel about anal sex with Bill, sweetie?”

“Kim, at this point, I can’t think of much I wouldn’t try. I liked it when you fucked my ass with your strap-on. A real cock might even be better,” I said.

“Should I tell our viewers we’re taking a break? We can take showers and recoup before round two,” Kim said.

Bill laughed and said, “Don’t you ever get enough sex, Kim?”

Kim shook her head. “I can’t get enough sex with my sweetie. If you are too wiped out, you can watch me suck and fuck Matt and Carol.”

“I’m sure my hubby will rise to the challenge,” Carol said.

Kim posted a message letting the viewers know we’d be back if a few minutes. We headed for Carol and Bill’s bedroom and went into their bathroom. While the shower stall was large, it was crowded with the four of us in it. We laughed as we maneuvered in and out of the warm spray while rubbing our soapy hands over one another.

We finished in the shower and got out to dry. I rubbed a towel over Kim’s body, then she did the same for me. My sister and brother-in-law did the same thing for each other. Refreshed, we went back to the bonus room.

“I’m fixing drinks. Who wants one?” Bill said while standing at the bar.

Carol, Kim, and I stood on the opposite side of the bar, watching Bill pour tequila into glassed. We salted the backs of our hands, licked it off, and drank. After biting out lemon slices, Bill refilled our glasses.

We moved to the couch and into view of the camera. It only took a few moments for the chat window to fill with requests. I put my arms around Kim’s waist, pulling her onto my lap. She leaned back, wiggling as I covered her breasts with my hands.

Taking Kim’s chin in my hand, I turned her head and kissed her. She returned the kiss, opening her mouth to accept my tongue. As our kissing intensified, she swiveled on my legs, sitting side-saddle. I ran one hand over her body, cupping her breast.

When Kim spread her legs, took my wrist, and moved my hand to her pussy, I rubbed her for a moment, then slipped two fingers into her. She rocked her hips for a moment, then started playing with my cock.

My sister pulled my hand away from Kim’s crotch, replacing it with her mouth. I opened my eyes, glanced down, and watched Carol licking Kim.

Kim pulled her head back, looking into my eyes. As we smiled at each other, her brother pressed his cock against Kim’s lips. She opened her mouth, letting Bill push his dick into her.

Reaching up, I held Bill’s balls in the palm of my hand, flexing my fingers as he fucked Kim’s mouth. Moving my head closer, I licked his cock when he pulled back. A moment later, I had Bill’s dick in my mouth.

While Kim and I blew Bill, Carol moved us so she could suck my cock and lick Kim’s pussy. The four of us ignored the chat requests as our sexual passion rose. My sister sat up, leaned against the armrest of the couch, and splayed her legs. Kim guided my head between Carol’s legs, telling me to eat her pussy.

Kneeling on the couch, I buried my head between my sister’s legs. She held my head as I probed her pussy with my tongue and fingers. I felt fingers wrap around my cock, milking me. The next thing I knew, someone was licking my anus.

When I started lifting my head to see who was rimming my ass, Carol held my head in place.

“Don’t move, Matt. Keep eating my pussy,” Carol said.

I increased my efforts as I flicked my tongue against my sister’s clit. Removing my fingers from her pussy, I began rubbing Carol’s puckered anus. She wiggled and tried to get my digits up her ass.

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