The Family that Plays Together Ch. 01


Betty and I had been having problems for about a year now. After graduating from college, starting a business, having two kids and getting them off to college we found ourselves distant and removed from each other. Betty spent more time alone and frequently went out “with the girls” for recreation at night.

I’m not proud of it, but I’ve cheated on Betty twice while out of town. Neither event was satisfactory. I don’t think Betty knows, but who knows what goes on in the mind of a woman? I sometimes wonder if Betty has done the same while I was gone, or maybe when she was out running errands or being with “the girls.”

I’m thirty-eight years old, six three, two hundred ten pounds and early graying hair. I work out, run and while I don’t have a six pack, I don’t have a dad bod. Betty is forty, five eight, one hundred and thirty-five pounds and fiery red hair. Like me she stays in shape and her 36 C breasts don’t sag, neither does her great butt.

Our kids are Carol and Ben. Carol is twenty, Ben is nineteen. Both are vibrant, active and intelligent kids. Carol takes after her mom being a red head, five feet nine inches tall with a great body, 36 B breasts and incredibly muscular legs earned from years of soccer, lacrosse and swimming. Ben is nearly as tall as me with wide shoulders, sandy blonde hair, arms and legs built up by constant weight lifting and running associated with his football and rugby careers. Betty and I are very proud of them, and many of our recent conversations centered around what effect our relationship would have on their futures.

Our counselor suggested that we go to a neutral location and spend some time as a family. We could use the time to decide if we still loved each other, if the kids would be okay, and if we really wanted to break up or make another effort to work things out. The counselor stressed that Betty and I should listen to what the kids had to say and consider their thoughts in our ultimate decision.

That’s how we ended up at this beach house on a remote end of Carrier Beach. Our nearest neighbor was a half a mile away. The beach house came with a hot tub, sauna, sun room and pool. It was truly a luxury location. As I finished unpacking, I could see Carol and Ben already checking out the amenities. I watched them from a second-floor window lost in the love and affection I felt for my kids.

“We sure did a great job with them,” I heard from behind me. I nodded as Betty came into the room. “Whatever we’ve done wrong, we’ve done at least two things right.”

“Lots more than two things,” I replied. “But they surely are the best.”

“I’m going for a walk on the beach,” she said.

“Do you want company?” I asked.

“Not this time,” came the reply.


I heard her footsteps leaving the room. While my stomach was tied up in knots from the stress and unknown of the situation, I tried to stay calm. We came here to figure things out. Whichever way it went, we’d decide as a family. I decided to head to town and pick up some provisions. Anything to keep my mind and hands busy.

Most of the afternoon was taken up going to the grocery store, the liquor store, various specialty and boutique stores. The sun was still above the horizon, but heading down as I pulled into the driveway. I grabbed a couple of bags and headed inside. As I entered, I could hear the kids thumping around upstairs. I put down the bags and headed up to get some help unloading the car.

There are three bedrooms and two bathrooms on the second floor of this house. Perfect for a family of four. The noise came from the farthest bedroom, the one Carol chose. The door was ajar and I stepped confidently towards it.

Just as I was about to grab the door knob to open the door all the way, my eye caught a reflection in the mirror above the dresser. I stopped and looked closer. Surely I was just imagining what I thought I saw. My mind said there were two people moving together in the bed. That couldn’t be right, the only two people here were Carol and Ben. I looked closer and saw Ben, his back arched and his eyes closed, pounding away at the woman beneath him.

“Good for you son!” I thought. It hadn’t taken him long to find a companion for the week. I smiled with fatherly pride at the success he achieved. My prurient interests took over and I stepped back from the door to watch my son hammer his partner. Moans and gasps ricocheted around the room as Ben serviced his woman.

I stepped back slightly to make sure I wouldn’t be noticed. The couple were approaching their climax. The girl’s moaning turned into guttural commands.

“Fuck me Ben, all the way in, beat my pussy with your cock!”

Suddenly I was light headed, my knees wobbled and shook. The voice was Carol’s! My son was fucking my daughter! And, my daughter loved escort haberleri it!

As the volume rose to a crescendo I regained my composure, pushed open the door and stepped into the room.

“What the hell is going on here?” I bellowed.

Ben froze mid-thrust. Carol sat up, bending at the waist and looked over her left shoulder to see me. Her face, red from exertion slowly turned white.

“UH, HUH, UH,” came from Ben. Carol was mute.

“Am I really seeing what I’m seeing?” I shouted. “Is my son really fucking his sister? What the hell kind of perverts are you two? Is this what we are spending tens of thousands of dollars on college for? What the fuck?”

Ben’s head dropped and he began to disengage himself from his sister’s body. Carol grabbed for the sheets and covered herself as much as possible, turning away from me at the same time.

I sensed a presence behind me and turned to see Betty standing in the hallway. Apparently she came in shortly after me. I looked at her with anguish in my eyes.

“All right, you two get dressed and meet your mother and I down stairs,” I said. Reaching behind me I slammed the bedroom door.

Betty and I trooped down the stairs to the living room and took seats opposite each other. After a pause Betty opened her mouth, then shut it. Clearly in shock she tried again.

“Did we see what I thought we saw?” I asked. “Were they really doing each other?”

“Don, let’s keep an open mind here,” said Betty. “They may have a perfectly legitimate reason, or maybe we didn’t see what we thought we saw.”

“C’mon Betty,” I said. “I know what I saw, and heard.”

“Don’t forget that I was there too,” said Betty. “Let’s see what they have to say about this. We need to keep an open mind.”

We sat there lost in our own thoughts for what seemed like a long time. I reviewed my life with the kids, beat myself up for how they turned out and where I had gone wrong. I could only guess what Betty was thinking.

We heard footsteps on the stairs. Ben and Carol entered the living room and sat side by side in the two cane chairs. Neither of them would look us in the eyes.

“All right,” I began. “Now that your mother and I are over the shock, explain yourselves.”

Ben looked at Carol.

“Mom, Dad, Ben and I love each other. Not just in the brother sister way, but in the spiritual, physical and emotional way that you two love each other.” Carol raised her head slightly. “We’re sorry you had to find out this way.”

“We’ve know this for about two years,” continued Ben. “Carol and I just feel right together. We know each other better than anyone else can know us. We’ve never had an argument, never felt angry at each other. It’s just a completely loving and supportive relationship.”

“And Ben gives me the support I need, and the out that I want at times, to turn down these idiots my own age.” Carol drew a deep breath. “And Ben is the person I’ve known longest in my life, other than you two of course.”

Betty and I looked at each other. She started to open her mouth to say something, but Ben interrupted.

“You know,” said Ben. “Throughout most of human history, brothers, sisters, cousins, moms and dads have married each other. It’s not the norm, I’ll admit, but it’s not unusual either.”

“So maybe we should all just drop to the floor and have a family orgy?” I said sarcastically. “Is that what you two are advocating?”

“Dad, I’d love that,” said Carol. “I’ve dreamed of making love to you for years.”

“Since we’re all being so honest,” began Betty, “I think you should know that Ben and I have been lovers for the past nine or ten months. When you are gone, when we go out together, we share a physical love as well as a maternal love. Just recently, Carol has decided to join us. We’re hoping that you can see that this is a loving relationship, and a natural outgrowth of our love for each other. You can see that can’t you?”

I sat there stunned. How could this be true? How could my family have gone so far off the rails without me ever knowing it? I was numb. I was shocked. I was confused, frightened and amazed. Betty came and knelt down by my chair.

“Really Don, this is a good thing,” she said. “It’s safer for the kids, a natural outgrowth of our love, and something that is not that unusual around the world.”

She held eye contact with me. I felt her hands on my thighs and the heat of her palms through my shorts. My cock stirred slightly, but I ignored it as I wallowed in my confusion. Betty’s hands moved up my thighs across my groin, hesitating on my tingling cock, then unzipped my shorts.

I gasped. My wife was undressing me in front of my kids! I tried to think, tried to come up with some plan of action. The gaziantep escort haberleri thinking process went out the window as Carol knelt on the other side of me and pulled my tee shirt up and out of my shorts. Her hands roamed my belly, tickled the hair on my chest and settled on my nipples. He head went under the fabric and her lips fastened on my nipples, licking, sucking and nipping on first one, then the other.

Meanwhile, Betty had my shorts open and was pulling them down my thighs. My cock sprang forward and up, flipping a small drop of pre-come through the air, landing on Betty’s upper lip. Still holding eye contact, she wiped her lip with her tongue and smiled.

“I think you are starting to understand,” she said. Her eyes held mine as she moved forward and down. Her eyes disappeared and I felt humid moisture engulf the head of my cock. I could feel her generating saliva in her mouth before driving her head down my shaft. I instinctively thrust my hips higher and further into her mouth. She accommodated me easily, opening her throat and burying her nose in my pubic hair. Her tongue swirled around my shaft as she bobbed up and down. She dragged her teeth on the edge of the cock head several times, causing me to jump and writhe.

Carol took my hand and placed it firmly on her crotch. I recoiled at first, but she took my hand and held it firmly. I could feel the heat emanating through her shorts, warming my fingers and heightening my arousal. Within seconds, my fingers sought her warmth on their own. She unzipped the shorts, stood and dropped the clothes to the floor in a bundle. Her panties exhibited a large wet spot as she shucked them.

“Play with me, Dad. Make me feel good too,” she said.

My hands sought her slit on their own. I had no control. I soon felt my fingers sliding through her highly lubricated outer lips. As I slid my fingers, Carol gasped and caught her breath. Her hips slid towards me and I soon heard a soft moan coming from my daughter’s mouth. I slid one finger into her soggy canal and placed my thumb on her clit. She jumped at contact, then ground down on my hand trapping it between her thighs.

Betty had really gotten into it. Every time she took me into her throat she moaned a little. Every time she slid up to breathe her hands involuntarily flexed on my shaft, squeezing the bulging veins and causing the head of my cock to fully engorge as if it were a water balloon with too much liquid. Taking a break she enthusiastically began swabbing my cock with her tongue. Up and down, around and around, she worked my cock like an ice cream cone. Suddenly she pulled away.

“On the couch,” she said. “We need a little more room.”

The spell was broken momentarily. All of my thoughts and doubts came rushing back. What the hell was I doing? My wife was giving a fabulous blow job while I fingered my daughter! And where was Ben? I looked around and saw him watching intently from his seat. His hand was slowly caressing his dick through his shorts. I started to speak, but Betty pushed me back to the couch, engulfed my cock in her mouth again and returned to her happy task. Within seconds I was delirious again.

My eyes were closed as I concentrated on Betty’s ministrations. Because of that, I didn’t see Carol moving to the head of the couch and straddle me. Her steaming pussy hovered directly over my nose and mouth. The scent of her juices beckoned me to place my tongue between her lower lips and slide up and down, just as my fingers had done moments earlier. Carol moaned with pleasure. I placed my hands instinctively on her hips and pulled her to my mouth. Now I could do my job.

I started by reaching my tongue as far down as I could. I was able to barely touch the tissue between her vagina and rectum. As my tongue made contact, Carol bucked up and back. She quickly dropped down and my tongue found her slit again. This time I worked myself up her slit, then down, then up. Each traverse brought a moan from my daughter. At some point I saw her grasp the hem of her tee shirt and whip it off, over her head, freeing her breasts to the air. Her nipples instantly stood erect and bounced in time with her gyrations. She threw her head back and gasped for air.

Betty took a firm hold of my cock and swung up on the couch to straddle my legs. Her mouth never missed a beat nor broke contact with my cock throughout the entire move. Now she knelt over my cock driving the head over her front teeth and up the top of her mouth before taking it into her throat again. The feeling was incredible: hard, then soft, then constricted, finally enveloped by her lips. Over and over again it went. Up and down, round and round. I closed my eyes trying to maintain my composure and not blow my load down her escort gaziantep haberleri throat just yet. I concentrated on savaging Carol’s clit with licks and bites. I could hear her yelping as waves of sensation flowed over her. Carol was getting close. I could feel her pussy tightening up and quivering around my tongue. Without warning, her scream erupted and a wave of her juices cascaded over my tongue and face. Involuntary humping movements overtook her hips and she gripped my chest in a painful fist. For a seemingly endless period she shuddered and gasped as I hit her clit again and again prolonging and intensifying her orgasm. Finally she could handle no more and fell forward over her mother and away from my face.

I took two gasping breaths of the cool air, unfiltered by my daughter’s thighs. Betty was still gobbling my dick like it was the last one on earth. As I looked up, I saw Ben kneeling behind her. Based on the movements, I could tell he was pounding Betty’s pussy like jackhammer. He reached forward and grabbed a handful of her hair, pulling sharply. For the first time she lost contact with my cock and her mouth opened in ecstasy. Saliva coursed down her chin and on to her breasts which were swaying wildly. As her eyes glazed over, Ben released her hair and delivered a resounding slap to her ass. With a huge grin she grabbed my cock again and resumed her assault.

Carol popped up behind Ben. He looked over his shoulder with a grin. Carol placed her hands around his neck and began to squeeze. Ben face reddened, then the veins on his neck began to pop out. Ben grew crimson as Carol continued to squeeze. Ben’s thrusts grew ever more frantic as his breath shortened and no replacement air was coming in. He fought for air with his dick. Betty transmitted his intensity to her mouth. My cock was beyond control.

As my cock began firing rope after rope of seaman into Betty’s mouth, Ben sent his load into Betty’s pussy. It was all too much for Betty who screamed at the top of her lungs as her body spasmed uncontrollably. He head jerked up and down as her arms shook at her sides. Saliva and sperm coursed down her chin and onto her chest. Carol looked into Ben’s half closed eyes and released her grip. Ben fell backwards out of my sight line. Betty collapsed onto my chest gasping and panting for air.

Carol left Ben’s side and moved to her mother’s shoulder. Gently lifting she helped Betty off of me and into a chair to recover. Then, with a wanton look on her face Carol turned to me.

“Got anything left Dad?” she asked me.

I looked at her in amazement. I was reeling with confusion and astonishment and here was my daughter intimating that she wanted to fuck me. Despite my recent activity, I could feel my cock stirring. Two in a row was something I hadn’t experienced in years.

“Wow, Dad, it looks like you’re getting ready to go again,” said Carol.

She reached out and grasped my stiffening cock in her hand. Taking the head between her lips, she encouraged my growth with licks, and nips, sucking intermittently until I was at full display. She threw her leg across my body and held herself above the point of my prick. With a deep breath, she lowered herself onto my cock. I steadied myself as she took me into her velvet chamber. Rivers of sweet juice coated my cock and pooled on my abdomen, slowly leaking to the couch below.

With closed eyes, Carol took more of my cock into her, impaling herself on my dick. Her eyes closed, her mouth opened and small groans escaped. Instinctively I thrust up, seating my cock fully into her. A smile crossed her lips as she began riding me. Slowly at first, then with increasing speed, she rode me. Soon she was sliding up and down my pole like a piston. My cock stayed hard, filling me with pride and awe at the abilities of a middle aged dad. I could see that she was getting close so I reached forward and pinched her nipples, hard. That was all it took. Carol screamed with joy as waves of pleasure coursed across her face. Her orgasm took control of her body tossing it like a Styrofoam cup in a raging sea. Finally she collapsed on my chest, the second family member to hold that place today.

I realized that my cock wasn’t going anywhere just yet. Gently, I rolled Carol onto her back and slid a cushion under her sweet butt. I slid my arms under her legs and positioned them over my shoulders. Finally, I placed my hands on the cushion above her shoulders and began to drive my cock into her. Her sodden pussy lay open before me and I took advantage it. I seated my cock fully into her. I felt the head of my dick bang into her cervix bringing small moans from her. Again and again I drove my dick into her welcoming pussy. I could feel my urgency rising with each thrust. Carol reached around and pressed her finger against the opening of my ass. She couldn’t reach enough to enter, but the feeling of her finger there drove me over the edge. I arched my back, sank home on my deepest thrust yet, and howled with pleasure as my cock pulsed with my orgasm. I froze as my body took over and sublimated my mind into a world of pure, hedonistic, pleasure. I barely heard Carol screaming in pleasure into my ear.

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