The Dallas School Girls Pt. 02: Georgia


When my wife first mentioned what she called, The Dallas School Girls, I thought of them as simply a clique of women, and one gay man, all in their 60s who had stayed close friends since middle school. I met most of them at parties or dinners. They were all smart, successful, and quite beautiful.

It wasn’t until after my wife passed away that I learned the real secret of the Dallas School Girls. -Emmerson

Jan looked simply amazing. Even bored waiting in the airport baggage claim she got me hard looking at her; wearing a “Houston Texans” t-shirt, with the red and blue longhorns curling around her breasts and blue denim jeans that melted to her full, round ass, I could barely walk by the time I got to her. She seemed very excited, rubbing the bulge at the front of my jeans and whispering how she was going to suck my cock the minute we got in the car.

Which she did! Before I could put my seatbelt on, she had my pants open and was gobbling my cock. When I asked what would happen if a security guard caught us, quite exasperated, Jan said, “Then I’ll blow them, too, until they go away!”

I shut up and enjoyed it, hoping that if security did arrive, it would be a female officer.

But security did not bother us and Jan had a delightful oral orgasm and I had three. As she wiped her mouth, she said, “That should hold me.”

I chose not to ask what she meant by that.

The hotel the girls had chosen was like a resort; with a golf course, a giant pool, sauna and several private cottages scattered throughout the grounds. When we pulled up, Jan made no move to park or even get out of the car.

“Aren’t you coming in?”

She gave me a soft kiss that tasted of cum. “It’s not my turn, Lover.”

I got my bag from the trunk and gave her a kiss before walking inside.

The lobby was expansive and lavishly appointed. I walked up to the registration desk and gave Matthew my name. “Yes, sir. Staying with us for it looks like two weeks. The lady has already checked in.” Lady? One of the Dallas School Girls must have gotten here first; most likely the one who put the room on her credit card. “Here is the second key.” He pointed with two fingers toward a large glass door at the far end of the lobby. “Luminosa Villa. Just out the door and left at the pool. Phillip will take your bags.”

As I followed Phillip he decided to make small talk with just a hint of a southern accent. “Two weeks? What ya gonna do for two whole weeks? As if I didn’t know.”

“Just visiting friends,”

“Well, if all your friends are as pretty as the woman I helped in your room a little bit ago, you’re one lucky fellow. Even if she’s the only friend, I would…”

“Thank you Phillip,” I thought it best to cut him off before learning what he would “do” with my “friend.”

As I approached, I saw Luminosa Villa was a stand-alone cottage surrounded by acacia and cactus. One entire wall was floor-to-ceiling windows, intended to provide a spectacular view of the 18th hole of the resort’s golf course. At the moment, all the curtains and shades were closed.

When I unlocked the door and stepped from the bright sunlight into the dimly lit room, I paused at the door, allowing my eyes time to adjust. The living room was bigger than my garage, appointed in a Mediterranean style with dark copper pillows on a gold upholstered sofa. “Is that you, Pilllip?” A woman’s voice called out from the bedroom. “Be a dear. And bring me some water. You’ll find a straw in my purse on the kitchen counter.”

A straw? I was intrigued.

As I filled a glass at the kitchen sink, I did a quick snoop in the bright gold purse. I found a flexi-straw and the hotel receipt. A memory dawned on me when I saw the name Georgia. Jan had told me her friend Georgia had a thing for blindfolds and soft bondage. I quickly took off my clothes, picking up the glass and padded on bare feet into the bedroom.

The Mediterranean theme continued in here. The huge four-poster bed held a dark copper drape that matched the pillows on the sofa. But it also held Georgia. Her arms and legs were spread wide, each tied about a foot up on a corner post, so her limbs were off the gold bedcover. Her hair was shining gold and her face seemed lovely, but it was hard to tell in the dim light. And the top half covered by a blindfold. I walked to the bed and held the straw to her lips.

“Thank you, Phillip.”

I crossed the room and opened the curtains. Georgia yelled, “What are you doing? Phillip, I had you close the curtains for a reason. We don’t want every perverted golfer at the resort drooling at our window, do we?”

The late afternoon sun shone on her large, bare breasts, turning her huge areola a deep copper. Her thick blonde pubic hair, spread open by the leg ties, sparkled with moisture. Her waist was thick and her tummy was soft and begging to be kissed.

She was awfully mad at Phillip. “I said shut the curtains, Phillip. Now!” I walked back to stand alongside the bed. I leaned over escort gaziantep bayanlar her scrumptious body, inhaling her perfume, both floral and vaginal. My cock was growing at the sight and smells of the woman who had a man tie her, naked and blindfolded, to the bed to await another man she’d never met. I don’t know what Phillip thought he would “do with my friend,” but it was nothing compared to what I intended to do.

I purposely scratched the straw against the glass. “Oh yes, Philip, more please.” I touched the straw to her lips, but when she opened her mouth, I moved the straw away just ever so slightly. She strained forward sticking out her tongue to find the straw. I moved it just to one side and she turned her head and strained at the ties. “Don’t tease me, Phillip. I can’t suck it when you do that. Hold it still and let me suck it!”

I could not have asked for a better cue. I moved the glass and straw, placing the tip of my dick on her tongue. It took a second, but she pulled back. “Oh no, Phillip. No more of that. I already told you; once for helping me get tied up. But that’s all.”

I squeezed my shaft just behind the head and a large dollop of pre-cum oozed from the slit. I held the head over her tongue and angled it down. “No, I said…oh my,” her tongue had discovered the slick fluid. Georgia sighed, “You found my weakness, sweet Phillip. I do love cum.” She opened her mouth, swallowing my cock as I pushed forward.

When my swollen head hit the back of her throat, she coughed and sputtered. “You’re not Phillip! Much bigger than Phillip. Much bigger than …” I pushed myself back into her mouth. This time she didn’t choke, let alone complain. She started to hum as she relaxed, taking great joy in sucking me. “Mmm. So big. You’re Jan’s friend, aren’t you?” When I didn’t reply she squirmed at the ties. “Untie me. I like to see who I’m sucking.”

I took my cock from her mouth. “NO! I didn’t mean I wanted to stop! Come back here.”

I sucked her left nipple. “Oh, yes,” I moved my head to the side without touching her. She arched her tits out. “Where are you?” I bit the side of her breast. “FUCK yes! Now stop that!”

I flicked my finger across her engorged clit. “OH GOD! Where are you? Suck my other tit next!” I leaned low to kiss her right earlobe. She giggled, “That tickles!”

I crouched down next to the bed, putting my face next to her shoulder, without touching her or the bed to give away my position. I kissed the side of her neck, softly opening my lips and my teeth.

“Oh baby yessss,” she crooned. I closed my mouth, letting my teeth drag across her skin as I sucked hard at the last moment, I bit down with just my front teeth almost guaranteeing a bruise.


I stood, quietly stroking my cock.

Georgia cocked her head, straining to hear. “So quiet. What are you doing?”

I lifted on knee to rest on the bed. Putting a hand behind her head, I guided her forward as I arched up. When she felt my cock at her lips, she opened her mouth and started sucking me again. “I love how you taste.” She slid her mouth down my shaft until her nose was buried in my pubic hair, “I love how you smell. Now I know why Jan loves you. Clean and masculine and…” I pulled my cock back, enjoying her tongue circling my head and caressing my shaft. “God yes.”

I pulled back so only my head was inside her lips. I reached down letting my finger tips graze her pubic hair. With the other hand I squeezed my cock, forcing more pre-cum to the surface. She licked it off and swallowed hungrily. “More.” She whimpered, “Give me more cum.”

I reached between her legs, rubbing over her clit as my fingers found her pussy. I started sliding in and out of her mouth as my fingers fucked her cunt at the same slow speed.

“Nnaaargh” Georgia groaned, thrashing her arms and humping her hips, but helpless to do anything but shout to the heavens, “Yes! Fuck me! My cunt. My face! More cum!”

I curled my fingers up, triggering her g-spot. She thrust and bucked, screaming around my cock. I felt her cum flow around my hand as I continued to massage the entire area in that front four inches of her pussy.

Georgia was gobbling my cock. I pulled it out suddenly, she pulled at the ties, straining to get my dick back in her mouth. “More cum, baby. More cum.” As her head pushed forward and her tongue reached out, I shoved my fingers from her cunt to her mouth. Her eyes went wide, then narrowed as she started sucking her pussy juice from her fingers. “More cum,” she whimpered.

As I stepped back, studying the slipknots of the ties, wondering if that was Phillip’s idea or the instructions of an experienced bondage queen who knew it could come in handy in an emergency. I grabbed the loose end at her right hand and pulled. The soft tie fell away, and Georgia stretched her arm and flexed her fingers. She was reaching for the blindfold when I grabbed her wrist. eskort bayan gaziantep I brought her hand to my face.

“Mmm. Sexy stubble. That’s nice.”

I licked her palm and sucked her fingers, getting them quite wet before I slid them down her labia and into her wet cunt. She moaned as I pressed her palm against her mons and her fingers deep inside.

She rocked her hips up to her hand. “Why did you make me masturbate when you could do it just as… oh fuck.” I had flicked her clit as I pushed her fingers deeper. She was doing most of the work herself now. I thought of a safe cracker, working entirely by touch.

Her cries rose and her body tightened. I pressed her hand over her cunt as cum flowed from her, gathering at her hand.

Still holding her hand in place, I leaned over her and kissed her mouth. Georgia moaned into the kiss as I continued to rub her cunt. Then I lifted her hand, warm and drenched in her cum, and wrapped it around my hard cock.

She squealed and started stroking me, smearing her thick cum along my shaft and around the head. I was fucking her hand, pulling myself back into her fist, feeling her twist her fingers around the head before thrusting back trough.

She broke the kiss, “Yes, baby. Your cock feels so good. I can almost see the veins swirling along the shaft and the head, swollen big and purple as you shove it through my fingers. I want to suck you I want to … she lifted her thumb, dragging it along the sensitive ridge. “FUCK GEORGIA!”

“Ah, he can talk. Hi, I’m Georgia.” She took her hand from my dick, licking my cum from the fingers before continuing to stroke me, forcing more cum onto her and me. “According the lottery chart, I’m your first during your stay. If there is anything I can do.”

“AW FUCK ME SO GOOD!” I pounded her hand until I came again, grabbing her hand to my cock head, filling her grip with cum.

I yanked the hand to her face, smearing it across her mouth and nose. “More cum. More cum,” I started chanting. “More cum. More cum.” I moved my mouth closer to hers, licking my fingers as she joined the chant with a smile. “More cum. More cum,” and I kissed her with my tongue and face covered in my sperm.

Georgia started laughing. I was the low, gentle, laugh of a mother who has been caught misbehaving by her kids. Her hand had been in my cookie jar and she was trying to hide it by licking off the crumbs.

I moved my kisses lower, sucking one nipple than the other. I kissed around her huge breasts, not missing an inch. Her hand was in my hair, pushing me lower.

As I neared the hairline of her pubes, I cloud smell the rich fragrance of her sex. I started to drool as I licked though her soft curls.

Just as Georgia started to sigh and moan, I stood up.

She grunted “What. The. Actual. Fuck?”

I untied her other arm. As she massaged the circulation back, I reminded her, “The blind fold was your idea. It will be more fun, if you leave it on.

I dropped down between her ankles and started sucking her toes. One big toe, my tongue slipped around it, sucking hard as I inhaled the musky goodness of her sexy feet. I opened my mouth to two toes, licking and sucking, then three. I pressed my thumb against the ball of her foot, discouraging any ticklishness, careful to get my tongue between them all.

Then my mouth is around all five toes. I looked up at Georgia expecting to see admiration for my accomplishments. Instead I see mocking boredom. I lifted my head. “I know one off the Dallas School Girls likes toe sex.” I was only half joking.

“That’s Jill,” Georgia smirked, “and it’s your toes in her sex!”

“Ah, thank you, in the meantime,” I crept between her legs, sliding my mouth onto her cunt and sucking her clit. Both hands grabbed my hair, pulling me tight to her pussy. I took a deep breath in, letting her up-close smell fire my lust.

“Ah, baby. This is what I waited for. Eat me like she did. Lick my cunt like nothing else matters.

Suck my clit until I’m screaming to cum!.”

No pressure.

I found myself struggling to remember what my wife liked when I kissed her pussy. I’m swept up in the memory of her smell and sweet taste. How she would shift her hips just enough to bring her clit where she wanted it. Her sounds, small yips and loud grunts as she progressed to her orgasm.

Georgia was groaning and shouting. “YES, BABY. GOD YES.”

And I remembered that I didn’t have to concentrate or think about what I was doing when I ate my wife. I just listened to her sounds, became aware of her movements, followed my instincts and enjoyed myself.

I think that last thing is very important. I truly enjoyed eating pussy; the sight of her flesh so delicate yet so demanding; her smells were fresh and piquant and unique to her, yet familiar from previous women I had been with. And her response!

During penetration, my wife would inevitably shout FUCK once as her orgasm gaziantep bayan eskort hit, then release a loud scream that rose and fell as the intensity took her over, then released her.

During oral, she would moan softly as I licked her wrinkled lips. Her sound would change to soft gasps when she was ready for attention to her clit. When I started to suck her sensitive button, she groaned and started narrating; “Ah yes, I can feel your tongue fucking my cunt, etc.” Her dirty talk was very arousing.

Because my wife was so naturally dry, using my fingers was often uncomfortable for her. This was evidently not the case with Georgia. “GOD BABY YOU’VE GOT ME SO WET! I CAN FEEL IT RUNNING DOWN MY CRACK AND ACROSS MY ASS! USE YOUR FINGERS, BABY. FUCK ME WHILE YOU EAT ME!”

That is some top-rate narrating. I slid one, then two fingers into her wet pussy. They went in easily, reaching deep and touching everywhere. She shouted, jerking her hips on my fingers.

“OH GOD, YES. So close you’re going to make me cum, baby.”

“That, my little Georgia peach,” I said, my tongue licking on her clit, “is what I plan,” my fingers curled upward, dragging the full length across the front of her vagina, ” to do!” I bit down in her clit, tugging it into my mouth.


Her pussy burst with a flood of fluids, pouring across my face as I kept teasing her with my fingers and swallowing her cum.

Her spasms relaxed and her jerking hips slowed. She dropped her arms above her head, satisfied. “Oh, baby, you are amazing. Georgia Peach. How did you know?”

“Just following my instincts.” I stroked my cock as I admired her prone body; hair a mess, face covered in sweat, arms outstretched, tits heaving, cum oozing from her pulsing cunt.

I untied her feet. She bent her knees, opening her pussy wider to my gaze.

“I don’t know if you have a whole day in you, baby, but I am glad I was the first.”

I knelt between her legs, “You sound like you think we’re done.”

She slowly lifted the blindfold, squinting in the bright sunlight.

“You have beautiful eyes, Georgia,” I had to say.

She simply stared at my dick, hard and quite long in my hand “Oh. Not done?”

My cock was fully erect, standing straight up from my pubic hair.

“You thought this game you all are playing stopped where my wife stopped? When you cum In my mouth?” I was stroking myself with a loose ring of fingers. “Don’t think for a second she wouldn’t have fucked you if she could. She loved to fuck. She lived to fuck.” I laid on top of Georgia, inhaling the scent of sweat and cum.”We could stop now, if you ask me to,” she pushed my cock through her pubic hair to rest at the entrance to her cunt. “But we’re not done.”

“Do you want to stop, Georgia Peach?”

“Please, no.” she whimpered, “Don’t stop.”

“I’m glad.” I pushed in slowly as my large head spread her lips. Georgia slid two fingers on either side of her clit, gently squeezing the little button.

I felt her cunt contract around my shaft. My cock flexed and it was all I could do to not cum. I kissed Georgia and she kissed me back, lacing her fingers in my hair.

“Oooh, faster baby. I’m still getting over the last one. Fuck me hard and fast and I’ll cum in no time.”

“Is that the goal?” I smiled.

“My time with you is almost up. I don’t want to leave without feeling your hot cum in my cunt. Fuck me.”

I sped up, driving my cock deeper and harder. Her legs wrapped around my ass and she was pulling me down, forcing me into her, slamming my pubic bone against her clit.


Her cunt gripped me as I kept fucking her, feeling my climax building. Georgia grabbed my hair and pulled me into a deep tongue kiss. She hissed through gritted teeth. “I want to fuck you forever. No one else!”

That did it. I lunged into her and fired load after load of cum into her dripping pussy. Her fingernails clawed my back and her teeth closed around my earlobe. I didn’t care. She felt magnificent pounding my cock.

Too soon my body started to rebel at the continued assault. “Stop, please Georgia. Gotta stop.”

We both relaxed and I gave small kisses to her wonderful tits before I rolled off onto the bed.

Georgia stretched her arms, then her legs, running where the ties had been. “You are,” she kissed my limp dick, “too much fun.” She sighed and laid her head on my chest. “Is there anything you won’t do to make a woman happy? I feel like we did it all.”

I shrugged.

“What? What did we not do?”

“Well, ass-play.”

“Anal? You do anal?! I can’t get my husband to kiss my ass cheeks, let alone my ass!”

“My wife used to fuck my ass with her favorite dildo, just so she could lick it clean.” Georgia gasped. “And there she is in your mind: my wife, nude, kneeling behind me, her mouth buried in my ass as she reached around and jerked this big cock.” I looked into her eyes. “I’d love to lick your ass Georgia.”

“Oh, sure. Now you tell me. Now that it’s time ti be getting dressed!”

She sighed and looked at me. “You know, I meant it. I would be content fucking only you for the rest of my life. My husband might object, though.”

“Ya think? He doesn’t object to you being with me today?”

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